It is near Beverly Hills. A Student Union. shopping and sporting events. Indoor sports facilities are excellent. with many outdoor fields and facilities. ranging from visits to Disneyland and Universal Studios to great . cafeteria. Hollywood. Stateof-the-art science and media labs are complemented by a recently renovated library. Computer labs and terminals are widely available. Malibu and Los Angeles International Airport. and snack bars allow students to meet and socialize easily. such as the Olympic swimming pool.Location and Campus Santa Monica College is proud of its world-class facilities. Modern performing arts facilities attract crowds from the student body and the community. orchestras. Find out more at www. There is much to do in the area. The city of Santa Monica is famous for its beautiful beaches and perfect year-round weather.santamonica.

than from any other school. Recognized as one of the best Community Colleges in California and the nation. CSU or private universities for the final two years of university study. Large numbers also transfer to the California State University (CSU) system. and to the best public and private schools in California and throughout the US. More students transfer from the College to the University of California system. including UCLA. does not result in the awarding of an Associates in Arts degree but enables students who successfully complete the prescribed courses to apply for a transfer to UC. SMC is a Green Campus Transfer This program in these fields of study (majors). In some instances students may complete additional course work and receive an AA degree as well.College Profile Founded in 1929. # 1 In Transfers . SMC provides the first two years of American university education. SMC is a California State public institution regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Level 2 Accounting Interior Architectural Design – Interior Architectural Design I – Interior Architectural Design II Journalism Kinesiology Physical Education Liberal Arts Art Art History Broadcasting – Broadcast Programming and Production – Broadcast Sales and Management Business – Business Administration – Entrepreneurship – General Business – International Business – Management / Leadership – Marketing – Merchandising Music – General Music – Applied Music Nursing – RN (71 units) Office Technology – General Office – Legal Administrative Assistant PhotographyPhysical Education/Kinesiology/ Physiological Sciences Respiratory Therapy Speech Theatre Arts Women’s Studies Computer Information Systems – Computer Business Applications – Website Software Specialist Computer Science – Computer Programming – Computer Science – Database Applications Developer – Web Programmer Cosmetology Dance Early Childhood Education – Intervention Education – Intervention Assistant – Intervention Teacher Fashion Design and Merchandising – Fashion Design – Fashion Merchandising Film Studies General Science Graphic Design .Available Majors Academy of Entertainment & Technology – Animation – Digital Media.

Visit their website at www.smc. Students wanting to apply for the IEP must submit all of the documents required for general admission with the exception of an English proficiency test score. the Health Services Center staff serves as advocates for student self-care and empowers students to make informed health care decisions. developing your academic skills. visit www. Our officers are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment by working closely with all college stakeholders. Police The mission of the Santa Monica College Police Department is to provide law visit the Center for Students with Disabilities website at http://www. English language courses begin at SMC on the same dates as the regular student courses. The Health Center is staffed by registered nurses. and making the most of your opportunities at SMC.smc. parking and traffic control services to the large school community. listening and To keep up-to-date on all of SMC’s support programs.Intensive English Program Students without any of the required language proficiency test scores can apply for admission to SMC and attend the Intensive English Program (IEP) on campus.asp?$1=173 Center for Students with Disabilities Santa Monica College is committed to the belief that students with disabilities should have equal opportunity to participate in all the academic and extracurricular activities of the college. local law enforcement Our award-winning student services division is one of the largest in California.) For more information. Services are available to students who have permanent disabilities. Health Center The SMC Health Services Center provides primary health care services to Santa Monica College students. with over 25 programs to assist you in making career choices. Confidentiality is always respected and ensured with all services. intermediate or advanced levels of instruction. Student Services Santa Monica College provides the support and services to help you achieve success. health assistants and clinical psychologists. investigation. or temporary disabilities (such as to a student who has a broken arm and needs a note taker for a few weeks.asp?$1=165 . The classes are designed to prepare students to begin their college/university level courses with minimum levels of English as a second language. Visit their website at: http://www. Students are initially assessed according to their English language proficiency and placed in beginning. Students successfully completing the IEP (1-3 semesters/sessions) will be recommended to begin their academic studies at SMC without the TOEFL/IELTS or other test scores. crime prevention. security. writing. and the community at large in a collaborative effort to prevent crime and ensure the safety of everyone on campus. .smc. Through health education. providing the academic counseling and support you need to assist you in meeting your transfer and career goals. prevention of illness and referrals for needed services. The course consists of 20 contact hours per week of non-credit instruction in reading.

edu/apps/pub.asp?$1=268 . and ESL. Visit thier website: http://www. These services are designed to improve student success and include both individual and small group tutoring sessions with knowledgeable and experienced tutors. Psychological Services Psychological Services provides a broad range of services.Free Tutoring Santa Monica College offers free tutoring services to all enrolled SMC students. Science. Reading. to enhance the personal well-being. Counseling Services International counselors are available to help you meet your academic goals. English / Humanities.asp?Q=103&B=1 .edu/apps/ including brief individual psychotherapy. psycho-social development.smc.asp?%241=176 . Visit them at http://www. They assist students every step of the way in planning their course schedules. crisis intervention. as a means to promote student retention and graduation from SMC. Modern Languages. Visit their website: http://www.smc. and referral services.smc. and guide them through the process of obtaining degrees and certificates or transferring to universities. . They will help you understand American classroom culture and how to make the most of your academic experience. and academic advancement of a diverse student population. Tutoring is available for Math.

and T-shirts. The Bookstore will place special orders for certain books and other materials.300 seat library offers a magnificent and comfortable study environment along with the tools and technology needed to learn in an information-rich society. and instructional resources in all formats. paper. a magnificent 3-level study atrium. binders. Check out our new Online Bookstore! http://www. blank computer disks. campus sweat. The bookstore holds events where they will buy back many of the textbooks purchased for classes at the College.smc. SMC’s library offers continuous instruction on developing search strategies and finding the best resources. pens and pencils. The Student Union includes two cafeteria-style restaurants that each serve many tasty hot and cold selections. There is a salad bar and two smaller coffee shops also located in the Student Union. A third coffee shop is located near the plaza where students can enjoy the California sunshine and the company of friends at an outdoor seating area. Staffed by professional librarians. BookStore The Santa Monica College Bookstore provides a number of useful and convenient items for students including new and used textbooks. The library computers have access to thousands of journals and databases with the full texts of articles—and even books—that can be searched electronically. .edu/bookstore/ Library SMC’s 1. and many art and drafting materials. The library features wire and wireless technology. current fiction and nonfiction.Campus Food Services Santa Monica College offers a variety of fresh and healthy food choices throughout the day.

We also offer varsity competition in men’s and women’s basketball. the Corsair Newspaper (Journalism & Reporting) and the Associated Students Government. soccer. from music recitals to performances to visiting lecturers to nationally acclaimed traveling exhibits. and women’s soccer. recreational activities. men’s football. and softball. heritages. water polo. tennis. cycling. and providing opportunities for them to develop new friendships. The goal of IEC is to enhance the international student experience both inside and outside the classroom by acclimating our students to the campus and local community. social events. The SMC Associated Students add to student life by offering weekly noon-time and evening programs open to all students. rock climbing. Tune in to KCRW to listen to an eclectic mix of music. city tours of Santa Monica and the surrounding area. weight training. . table tennis.Student Life Santa Monica College offers more than 75 special programs each semester. or even surfing. SMC students are encouraged to become active in the assortment of campus student groups including the International Student Club. (Link to www. International Education Center Activities Program Throughout the year. the International Education Center (IEC) organizes and sponsors an array of events to promote cultural diversity and an awareness of international issues. and stay involved! Clubs for International Students International Student forum The International Student Forum is one of the on-campus clubs. KCRW Public Radio Station KCRW is a community service of Santa Monica College. and tastes of different countries. Many students form great relationships through participation in the club. volleyball. aquatics. to find your own interests. Student life at SMC is a great way to make friends. swimming.) Sports SMC’s Physical Education program offers a great selection of team and individuals sports. and crosscountry. develop a connection with the community. swimming. Its primary purpose is to share cultures.smc. This social club plans weekend activities. and physical fitness classes—there’s something for everyone! Whether it’s basketball. International Coffee Hour. Asian Pacific Islanders. boxing. golf.kcrw. track. softball. touch football. you can stay active at SMC. yoga. volleyball. This public radio station is a leading NPR affiliate. and much more. news and arts fitness training.npr. Alpha Gamma Sigma (Honors Club). stay successful. The IEC sponsors International Education Week. and on-campus meetings where students have the opportunity to meet people from various countries. tennis. and often become our SMC leaders. Check out and to www.

Global Citizenship Program Santa Monica College – a diverse and dynamic community of individuals from around the world – is committed to promoting global citizenship among its students. staff and community. Visit the airport website for information about economical airport shuttle services as well as taxi and limousine transportation options.lawa. special events. environmental challenges and intercultural relationships. The Big Blue Bus will take you where you want to go in Santa Monica. SMC provides its community with a variety of For LAX Ground Transportation info: http://www. lectures.bigbluebus. and other educational opportunities to explore international and global issues. When You Arrive Transportation Your transportation needs begin when you arrive at Los Angeles International Airport. faculty. Once you have arrived and settled . To support its commitment to the development of global citizenship. It’s free with your SMC Student ID card! www.

You can find more information. The International Education Center has planned a day filled with opportunities to meet important campus representatives as well as to connect with other students new to the SMC community. including study guides. . on the Assessment Center website at http://www. You will receive more information about signing up for a seminar during the admissions process. All new students take an English or ESL and a mathematics test that helps the counselor recommend appropriate level classes for you.Check-In You will receive check-in instructions in your admission packet.asp?Q=5. Information Seminar Assessment Assessment is an essential tool for evaluating the educational skill levels of students and assisting students in their selection of courses that lead to achieving their educational goals.smc. You should plan to come meet us at the International Education Center right away when you arrive so that we can welcome you and answer all of your You will learn about campus resources and about steps to success at SMC.

Your counselor will recommend courses that will help you meet your goals as efficiently as possible. you will be ready to register for your classes on-line through your Corsair Connect account. Registration When you have completed all of the above orientation activities. .Counseling Once you have attended the Information Seminar and completed your assessment. IEC staff are available to help you every step of the way. you will meet with a counselor to review your assessment results and discuss your academic goals.

People want to know about different cultures. SMC professors taught me every single small step to succeed in my future. It’s more diverse. The classes I took allowed me to really focus on what I’m interested in and showed me what my strengths are. People like to learn.Testimonials from our Students See Elana’s Testimonial See Andrew’s Testimonial “Santa Monica College has really prepared me to transition to a four year institution. It didn’t make me afraid.” Chaiki Takewaua – Japan . I’m prepared to transfer to UCLA or UC Berkeley…I’m confident that Santa Monica College has prepared me for transfer.” Aylisha Xu – South Africa “I like SMC a lot. I’m very brave right now because people encouraged me. It makes me more motivated to be here because I don’t feel I’m alone. People want to learn.

Thanks for your interest! Now. you can Send an email or Fill out an application Find us on Facebook Visit our Home page on the web Visit our International Students Homepage Santa Monica College • 1900 Pico Boulevard Santa Monica. CA 90405 USA • (310) 434-4000 .