CHECKLIST Year (Tick “ √ ” in the relevant box) 1. Application Form with passport-sized photograph is completed and in order. 2. Certified true copy of Bachelor Degree Study Offer Letter from University is enclosed. (For Part B) 3. Certified true copies of current Bachelor Degree Results (for completed year/s or semester/s) are enclosed. (For Part B) 4. Certified true copies of past Academic Testimonials and Certificates are enclosed. (For Part C) 5. Certified true copies of Extra-Curricular Activities Testimonials and Certificates are enclosed. (For Part D) 6. Certified true copies of Scholarship / Sponsorship / Loan Offer Letter ( if any) is enclosed. (For Part I) Please affix latest passport-sized photograph here 2012 Closing Date KL-HR-CE-F19 28/09/2012 Information Source Pertaining Scholarship Universities

Sony EMCS (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (183842-X)

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Conditions of Offer
● For Public Universities: This scholarship is ONLY valid for Malaysian Citizens pursuing Bachelor Degree in Engineering Degree Mechanical, Software, Electrical and Electronics), Business Studies (Human Resources, Administration, Economics, Accounting & Finance) and IT / Computer Science. ● Students will be bonded and must be willing to serve Sony EMCS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd for a specified period upon completion of studies.

Once the above checklist are completed and arranged in order, please address it to : HUMAN RESOURCE DIVISION Attention to : Miss Rina Wai Sony EMCS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Lot 5, Jalan Kemajuan, Bangi Industrial Estate, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan Email :
*Note: Please indicate "SCHOLARSHIP" on the top left corner of the envelope when submitting the application.

A. Personal Details Full Name: Tel No.: E-mail: New IC No.: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Race: Religion: Marital Status: Permanent Address: Tel No.: Mailing Address: Tel No.: B. Current Course of Study (University Courses) - Bachelor Degree Name of University : Course of study (Bachelor Degree) : Majoring in : Intake Date : Grade Point Average (CPA) : Month (mm) Year (yyyy) First Year 1st Semester: 2nd Semester: / 4.00 Scale / 4.00 Scale Second Year 1st Semester: 2nd Semester: Current Year of Study : Duration of Course : Expected Date of Completion : First Years Month (mm) Year (yyyy) / 4.00 Scale / 4.00 Scale Second Third Postcode: Postcode: Malay Islam Single Chinese Buddhist Married Indian Christian Divorced (DD/MM/YYYY) Age: Others: Hindu Widowed Others: (H) (H/P) Gender: Male Female

Latest Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) : / 4.00 Scale *Certified true copies of Bachelor Degree Offer Letter and university results should be attached. Kindly produce the ORIGINAL documents when you are invited for an interview. C. Past Academic Achievements i. Education Year (Recent on top) Name of School / Institution / College / Universities Start ( mm / yy ) End ( mm / yy ) Achievement (Dip / Cert, STPM & etc) Results (CGPA / Grade / Aggregates & etc) Major HR Use only Original Certificate verification Verified by:

(Chop & Sign) *Certified true copies of testimonials and certificates should be attached. Kindly produce the ORIGINAL documents when you are invited for an interview.

Parents (Please produce a copy of the latest EA form / salary slips / Pension Card & etc when you are invited for an interview. please ' √ ' : Amount : Name of relative : Company : *Please attach certified true copy of scholarship / sponsorship / loan offer letter. Academic Achievements ( ~ continue ) ii. Family Particulars i.Zone . * eg : Country / State / District / Zone / University / College / School ** eg : International / Inter . Siblings (including those already married) Name Age Married (Yes / No) Occupation Company Name and Address Monthly Gross Income *Certified true copies of testimonials and certificates should be attached. please state : ______________________________________________________ Do you have any previous cases of hysteria? If yes. Education Results Certificate / Diploma Result Year : Subjects Grade Subjects STPM / A Level Result Year : Grade Subjects SPM / O Level Result Year : Grade G. please state : ______________________________________________________ Do you have any legal / criminal records and / or pending court cases? If yes. Linguistic Ability Ability Language Spoken Read Written F.State / Inter . Bank Account Passbook Holder/s : : : 1. Kindly produce the ORIGINAL documents when you are invited for an interview. 2. please state : ______________________________________________________ Are you on any kind of medication / drugs? If yes. the said penalty will be borne solely by me.) Name Father : Mother : Guardian 1 (if applicable) : Guardian 2 (if applicable) : Age Contact Number Occupation Company Name and Address Monthly Gross Income Weight (KG) : Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No Overall CGPA (if applicable) Overall CGPA (if applicable) Grade/Aggregates (if applicable) ii. Health Height (cm) : Do you have any disease / physical disabilities since birth / accident related? If yes. please complete the followings : Do you have any relatives working in Sony? Relationship : Department : JPA : MARA : (please state:_______________________) Bond Period : Year (s) Please enclose certified true copies of certificates. K. testimonials & etc. Applicant's Signature: Date: . reserves the right to terminate my scholarship immediately if I was found to have produced any false and/or incomplete information for the purpose of scholarship. hereby declare that the information given in this application form is complete and true.College / Inter . Declaration I.University / Inter . D. Others Information Are you currently holding any scholarship / sponsorship / loan? If Yes.C. Bhd. Sony EMCS (Malaysia) Sdn. Information Communication Technology (ICT) Skills Skills 1) 2) 3) Years Proficiency 4) 5) 6) Skills Years Proficiency Proficiency Rating : 01=Beginner 02=Intermediate 03=Advanced Malay English Ability Rating : 01=Poor To 10=Fluent J.School E. Extra-Curricular Activities : Clubs / Societies Year (Recent on top) From ( mm / yy ) To ( mm / yy ) Name of society / club Position Held and Responsibility Extra-Curricular Activities : Sports / Games Year (Recent on top) From ( mm / yy ) To ( mm / yy ) Type of Sports / Games / Debate / etc Representing* Levels** I. please state : ______________________________________________________ H. RM PTPTN : Others : / Year If Yes. Account Number Bank Account No. In the event the company is imposed any penalty by any authority for failure to declare the required information.