Contents Introduction-What the M aster told me 1. Adolf Hitler was an initiate 2. How was Adolf Hitler in reality? 3. How it could have been 4. The Astral Body 5. I dreamed of Stalin 6. He knew he was going to lose 7. Hitler is alive 8. M y search in the Antarctic and Himalayas 9. The Hollow Earth 10. The Phantom of the Poles 11. Admiral Richard Byrd 12. Flying Saucers 13. The Prophecy of Joseph Lanz 14. The M irror of Princess Papan 15. The Astral Tube 16. The Losers 17. Ezra Pound 18. Hyperborea and Atlantis 19. Where are the Hyperboreans now? 20. They came from other worlds 21. Are all M en really M en? 22. The fascination for the unknown 23. The White Gods 24. The Federal System of the Druids and the SS 25. Chromozones 26. A different concept of Reincarnation 27. Who is Ezra Pound? 28. The Gods of God 29. The Synchronism of the path towards real change 30. The Entrance to the Sacred Peak 31. The Initiations in Noya 32. The mutation change in Ageitos 33. I was looking for Celts and found Germans 34. The Family House 35. The Blue Blood of the Hyperboreans 36. The Templars 37. The Templars and Adolf Hitler 38. Esoteric Fundamentals 39. The Superman 40. The Secret of the Templars 41. The infancy of Hitler and the Order of Thule 42. Why was the Temple Order created? 43. The History of M oses 44. Blood , the motor of Imagination 45. The War begins in Egypt 46. The Jewish Gods: Jehovah, Marx, Freud 47. The Two Swastikas 48. The Templars attempted to reestablish Divine Nobility 49. Can the Hebrew stop being a Jew and be a Hebrew? 50. The Law of the Pendulum 51. What is Esoteric Hitlerism? 52. The war is of M en but of Gods 53. The Dance of Shiva

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Three fundamental positions of Esoteric Hitlerism-the Symbol The Initiation of Agartha The Second Fundamental: the Initiation of Shamballah When Krishna danced in the Churches The Other Grail The Unknown Psychology The Secret Directors of the SS Hitler, “The Great Priest of the West” Social Organisation based upon different Initiations Three distinct concepts of Power Science and Technology-Hitler had the Atomic Bomb What caused the destruction of the Templars? Esoteric Hitlerism The Six M illion Victims: the materialisation of the collective Jewish consciousness The Exodus and the Return of the Swastika Rudolf Hess and his remarkable statements The centre of the Telepathic Forces Black M agic and the disappearance of Atlantis White M agic and a New Earth The Coming Ages The Polar Origins of the Vedas

INTRODUCTION What the master told me It seems as if the years had not passed by but they have. I don’t feel as if I have gotten any older. Slowly but surely, I am writing these books as if someone has been guiding me. But its time to make public information that I have known for the last thirty years. It is about the last World War, World War II. This war signals the end of the times both in heaven and on earth. When the war ended thirty two years ago, it was easy to talk about what one thought, there existed freedom of speech. Today the atmosphere is dense, we are being strangled by the chains of the victors and the light of the earth has faded away. No one will dare say what they knew or could talk about up until five years after the close of the 2nd World War. Children born in these modern times have weak spirits, they are prejudiced by Communist indoctrination in the schools, by the constant communist propaganda from the public media, from the influx of drugs, from the constant preachings of ’universal love’ , the ’flowers’, the final music of Lemuria, so-called terroism coming from every corner. All this comes without any light from the Gods. In the absence of light from our common sense, or from our subconscious, or from our superconciousness we have no contact with the light of truth and in the middle of so much communist propaganda and access to only communist literature our children become dumb. For those who are considered politically incorrect, or are political prisoners, or are victims of some kind of torture from this communist world I give this revelation. ADOLF HITLER WAS AN INITIATE Not in heaven or in earth did I ever contemplate coming into contact with my master nor did I expect to get initiated but I did. After becoming initiated I have never left the path even though it was difficult at times. It is the ‘Order of the Warrior‘. M y loyalty is to my M aster for life and even in the afterlife. It was our M aster who put us on Hitler’s side during the Great War. The M aster told me “Hitler is an initiate, you can communicate with him on the astral plane”. I have no idea who are Hitler’s guides but I have decided to help him. Adolf Hitler has an unbreakable will and he will follow any

order given to him. I have been in contact with him. The other day he told me that he has a mission to trigger destiny, to give the planet Earth the impulse necessary for its transfiguration and he was the vehicle used for such a purpose. When he was initiated he was infused with ’Vril Power’, the energy of Hvareno or Farr which gives him the power over all the elements. For that reason we must all help him. The next war will be between the Gods and the Demons. The war will be in heaven, the results of the war will be seen on Earth. Each one of us must help him in our own way. I print a magazine called ’The New Age’ and in this magazine I try to educate the people. Twenty years after World War II the Nuremburg records were opened to the historians. What a surprise they found! The real secrets of course will not be revealed to the public. It was confirmed that the M aster existed. When the book ’The Return of the Witches’ by Luis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier was first published it created great curiosity and dismay even to the Communists. At that time I was ambassador to Yugoslavia .The Secretary General of the Chilean Socialist Party, Raul Ampuero, friend of Barreto, the ‘Jason‘ of the ‘Nonexistante Flower‘ talked to me about the book in Belgrade and informed me that the book mentioned ‘Esoteric Hitlerism‘. A while later the Rector of the Chilean University, Eugenio Gonzalez, a selected spirit, profound and even minded, also a socialist, talked to me about the book, ’The Return of the Witches’. I reminded him that twenty years ago in my magazine I had already provided the information that this book is providing now. How was it possible that I knew this information twenty years ago? The master has always been right. He informed me 5 years before what the destiny of my country, Chile, would be. Chile would fall into misery but would slowly come out of misery and become one with the most prosperous nations in America. At the moment of misery it is hard to see a land of plenty but my master has never said anything that didn’t come true. Confirmed by the astros and destiny, we can never give up our positions or retreat when the Cosmic War of the Worlds begins. To the war I owe my initiation, to my M aster I owe my knowledge of Esoteric Hitlerism. M y master never changed his mind. If he would have changed his mind I would obey. But he didn’t. He never told us we were wrong. When they opened the Nuremburg files, French writers began to publish books in the same style as the ’Return of the Witches’ but they were full of lies and half truths. They were never translated to other languages other than Spanish. The Anglo Saxons ignored the truth because they did not want anyone to suspect. We cannot count on the Germans because the enemies foot is right on their throats. They are being indoctrinated constantly forcing the new German generations to forget their past, their history, their traditions.. We cannot count on the Italians because they will never be free of the Vatican. Everyone is being pushed toward M arxism and Communism, this is the real ’son of man’. HOW WAS ADOLF HITLER IN REALITY Adolf Hitler is one of the strangest people in the history of our Earth. If there is doubt whether Jesus Christ was actually born or not , there is also doubt whether Hitler died or not. There is nothing in contemporary history outside of the Jewish Bible which confirms the birth of Christ and the people in the Bible who said that Jesus existed never had seen him personally. On the other hand there exists countless eyewitness accounts of people who have seen Adolf Hitler and who have actually touched him. To those who have seen him in movie theatres, they all describe him as someone from another planet. During my 10 years in India I have seen yogis, mystics, magicians, men who

don’t seem too normal but they all look human. Even my master looks human,’too much human’. Adolf Hitler is not human. He is way above the human race. Adolf Hitler is not from Earth. My first impression of Hitler occurred many years ago while looking in a glass window of a store on a street in Santiago, Chile. I was looking at a photo of Adolf Hitler. M y first reaction was to turn away but if you keep looking at his photo he will be transfigured. Those who knew Adolf Hitler such as Otto Slorzeny, Leon Degrelle, Hanna Reitch, all gave contradictory impressions of him proving that no one really knew Hitler (except for Rudolph Hess). Adolf Hitler appeared differently to different people always hiding his secret. Except for my M aster who was able to see him on the astral plane where no one can hide the truth. M y master’s description of Hitler was person with a will of iron, he was a light ray from another world with sufficient energy to transform the world. Hitler was a naturalist, a vegetarian, and he refrained from sex. We could compare his relations with Eva Braun the same as the relations between Jesus and M agdalena. The spiritual wife of Adolf Hitler was not Eva Braun, but someone else the same as the first wife of Adam was not Eve, but Lilith. In each case the second woman brought corruption and treason. It is known that the stars and cosmos abandoned Napolean when he abandoned Josefina. There is a universal cosmic law that there can only be one spiritual wife for each master or cosmic heroe. If he abandons that spiritual wife the cosmos will abandon him. HOW IT COULD HAVE BEEN At the start of the war my master told me ’I have seen Hitler’s armies invade England. They arrived at the royal palace and they arrested the King.’ This event was written in the Akashic records. Therefore it should have happened. It was cosmic destiny. Why did it not happen? Today we know that Hitler ordered his generals not to attack the British soldiers trapped at Dunkirk trying to retreat back to their mainland. Who convinced Hitler to change the course of history? In the book ’Unknown War’ by Skozerny Admiral Canaris was a traitor. Admiral Canaris was in charge of counter espionage of the German Armed Forces who influenced Adolf Hitler through the son of Haushofer who in turn influenced Rudolph Hess. The argument used not to invade England was the ‘Hyperborean legend.’ ’England was Aryan, part of the Hyperborean continent, the land of M erlin, of the grail, knights of the Roundtable, the Alchemist John Dee, the land of angels, the land of the sacred Thule. Hecatee de Abdera, 400 years earlier referred to the British Isles as Hyperborea and Stonehenge the temple that was erected to the God Apolo, who visited Hyperborea every 19 years when the stars completed their revolution. England was the maritime power of the White Race and Germany was the land power of the White Race. Therefore Adolf Hitler sent Rudolph Hess , an initiate, to England to make a sacred pact. THE AS TRAL BODY This means that a person has received the energy and influence of the cosmos. This is a separate body that does not unite with the spirit. It is part of the initiation. M asters and initiates can project their astral bodies outside of their physical bodies and ‘materialize’. Therefore some people can live double lives while the rest of us live only single lives. To the common man , conciousness goes through the sequence of ’reincarnation’ and the ‘wheel of eternal returning through a process of death and rebirth. To the Tulko (Tibetan doctrine), conciousness is everywhere including parallel worlds. M y master has seen Hitler in his ‘Astral body’. Hitler has seen my master also. My master told me he met him on top of a mountain at

. It was too late because Germany failed to invade England and too early because Germany could not fight a war on two fronts. I remember one night after the attack on Russia I was walking along a street with my uncle.a house made of rock. it was more like a vision. It was the M asonic Lodge. continue on your journey”. the Red Cross. . The second time was at the close of the war and he was sitting with his advisors discussing the Vatican. Our Fuhrer also thought so. Thule. M y uncle was against Hitler. A fact that many people do not know is that Stalin lived for some time in Rome with the Jesuits.’ M y uncle had told me that he became a member of the M asonic Lodge. He said that with such conviction that I knew he found out that information from some other source. the return of Asgard. Germany was trying to recreate the Great Polar Circle of the Swastika . the Catholic Church. the Rotaries. I DREAMED OF S TALIN The night of the invasion of Russia I had a dream. The only thing Germany requested was the return of their colonies in Africa. irreversible decision was made which included international M asonic lodges. This happened during the period when Germany invaded France I would meditate together with my master to contemplate the meaning of Hitler’s words. a poet. For some reason this wasn’t the right time for such a great miracle. A fatal. When you try to do this you lose your identity with your race including your spirit.. The next thing we heard was that Rudolph Hess flew to England and Germany attacked Communist Russia. I was impressed. all through the Caucasus M ountains. his blood. He said it was necessary.. The pact that Germany had with Russia was too much for German leaders to bare. I insist that the timing for Hitler. the democratic countries and the capitalistic countries. I dreamt twice of Stalin during the war. the Socialist movement. Lenin. I saw Stalin standing on a balcony with his hand making a gesture to the crowd below as if he was a minister. the founder of the Bavarian Iluminati. This is where a world pact was made with world Jewry against Hitler. I repeat nothing more”. used the tactics he learned from the Iluminati during the Russian revolution. M y uncle had a rebellious spirit and didn’t like to take orders. This was accomplished because of the evil intervention of extraterrestrials which promote world slavery known as the ‘New World Order. the Protestant church. “You will be able to see the return of the colonies but nothing more. On another occasion my master suddenly found himself standing right in front of Hitler and Hitler told him. It was against the ideals of a racial socialist state. Skorzeny approved Hitler’s decision. What happened? Why did Hitler disobey the destiny written in the stars? Once I talked to Skorzeny on this subject of attacking Russia. As most conversations were about we were discussing the war. Germany prepared for the great crusade towards the east. He had told me that if I played my cards right I could be part of this victory. He tried to change his cosmic ID. I knew he needed help. Suddenly he told me that Hitler is the only person in the world who knows that he has lost the war. Today we know that Rudolph Hess made an offer to England that Germany would withdraw from all occupied territories to the west. was either too late or too early. the Communist movement. that England would be preserved intact. and she would retain her maritime superiority. Hitler then made a gesture to my master saying. another disciple of the Iluminati. Vicente Huidrobo. Weisshaupt. M y master peeked through the window and saw Hitler. Hitler had lost in face of such great odds. On many occasions I do not need to see the facts or be present to know what happened. also studied with the Jesuits.”traveler. It was a symbol of the return to the great Solar Age and the end of Kaliyuga.

as he writes in his book ’Beasts. or Wotan. was also an architect. and with M ongolia and with India. Anyone who goes to Hitlers home in Berchtesgaden will feel the difference immediately. to regain Hyperborea and to return to the Golden Age.. the subterranean India. In 1926 Tibetan and Hindu colonies were established in M unich and Berlin. Odin. There must be a good reason for this. It is also believed that the Tibetans are the guardians to the secret entrances to the subterranean world of Agartha and Shamballah where our great Hyperborean Leaders live. Hitler decided to give up this war in order to win on a higher level. This produces . the Grail’s Castle. They want something much bigger In retrospect to what my Uncle thought about Hitler. Today Tibetans and M ongolians are slaves to the external world after the loss of the 2nd World War. It was the Tibetans who revealed the truth to the world about the evil Jews. to bring this World War to a Cosmic level between Gods and Demons. We must remember that ‘Esoteric Hitlerism’ also called this home Grailsburg. Hitler’s mountain home had many underground tunnels. When I visited Adolf Hitler’s home in the Alps I could feel a vibration that connected me instantly to the Himalayan M ountains. means the heroic death of a warrier. They were Hitlers loyal servants maintaining the secrecy of these worlds. and access to the submerged Hyperborean world. Hitler lost the war on purpose in order to return triumphant in the final times .Its something like what happened to Hitler because he disobeyed a Cosmic direction. The India I am talking about is not he same India you know. or in other words. between fire and ice with rivers full of blood. M en. Hitler now raises the bar and many followers might not have the strength. The Gods know they cannot die and they admire the courage of heroes who do not know that they cannot die and they volunteer their lives for a dream. and Gods’. therefore either Hitler or the Gods want vengeance. What I am talking about is the underground India. To unmask the real enemy. The master. the relations were indirect. Hitler would have won the war here on Earth if he invaded England. between light and darkness. Therefore we must fight without giving up trying to open the eyes of those who cannot see about the metaphysical reasons for war. The Teutonic Knights and the Baltic Barons tried to find their way back to the Swastika the same as Ungern Von Sternberg. Therefore. The truth is Shamballah actually means KAM BALA (KBL) which is the center for ‘Esoteric Hitlerism‘. On this physical plane he could not count on people who did not truly believe in racial purity. He knew he would lose the war here on a physical level so he has brought the war to the new level. It was too late to reach our dream on Earth. No doubt this place was picked by ‘Esoteric Hitlerism‘. The Tibetans and M ongolians provided all communications. There exists geography and geometry which is still secret developed during Hitler’s Third Reich which purported to come in contact with the underground portals in Egypt. entrance. They would automatically be recruited by the Demonic forces. Adolf Hitler did not have direct relations with the Tibetans or Mongolians. There is an impenetrable mystery of the relationship between Hitler and Tibet. In the last battle at Berlin both Tibetans and Hindus fought side by side with the SS. Is there anything more beautiful? This is the sacrifice most appreciated by divinity. the new cosmic coordinates of destiny after the attack on Russia affected the universe. But he did not invade England and England betrayed Hitler. HE KNEW HE WAS GOING TO LOS E Never the less. Adolf Hitler. The blood of our fallen heroes get more blessing from God than those with wisdom or who constantly pray to God.

Now I can explain my own adventures. M y master then saw a feminine spirit. M erner M asor published a book in 1971 titled ‘ Last Name Hitler. M any years later my master revealed a secret to me. Otto Skorzeny revealed in his books the intense interrogations he was put under by the North Americans and the sequence of the questioning was always the same. It was a beautiful luminous spirit. Erwing Giesing . He saw him face to face. It was a fatal blow. and Central Asia. a country without a soul. that separated from its land where it was born.It was during this period that my master heard a voice that said “ Can you see how that woman having such all pervading power failed to get vengence”? Who was this voice talking about? The next day the voice said “ The heavens have permitted Hitler to make a surprise attack”’ Not much later we heard the news that the German offensive was victorious at Ardennes using the SS and the last available forces that Hitler had. It will not change. Adolf Hitler disappeared without a trace and so did Eva Braun. and Hitler’s underground hideaway was filled with flames and bullets. an impenetrable fortress for our Fuehrer. But he lost both countries during the Russian summer. Where is this paradise? After the close of the war Stalin communicated to the United States that Hitler did not die in Berlin in his bunker and that he was still alive. He has changed and his mustache is long. Hitler then turned around and disappeared into the semidarkness. the so-called oasis of warm waters in the middle of ice and the entrance to the subterranean worlds. HITLER IS ALIVE The energy of Hitler and Germany was so strong it nearly did win the war. materialists. M y master says that it was the collective spirit of Germany which has been lost. Dr. they look like fat ghosts. “Where did you take Hitler?” “Where is he hiding?” . India. Today’s Germany is different. The body they excavated and removed from the ruins and moved to M oscow was not that of Hitler. During the war at the end of 1943 Admiral Doemitz made a public statement to the effect that the German submarines group feels proud in discovering an underground paradise. Once again my master heard the voice “ They were a victim of their own mental creations”. Berlin fell. First Name Adolf’ confirms that the remains of Hitler was never found. celestial music was played for the already fallen heroes but Hitler did not die there. With this victory Hitler almost changed destiny again. Hitler investigated Tibet. Twenty five years later Lev Besymesky published a book titled ’Hitlers Death’ with photographs and radiographs of Hitler’s skeletal remains. He did not die in Berlin. Because of Germany’s attack on Russia two crucial months were lost. my trip to Antarctica between 1947-1948 trying to find Hitler. Then came the Normandy invasions and the invasions in Italy. During the Apocalypse. He escaped far away. Leon Degrelli informed me that all was lost because the German tanks had no fuel and they failed to see fuel that was left behind in the snow by the North American troops. White. which in fact did not match with Hitler’s dental x-rays of Dr. I have not revealed this secret for many years and for good reason. The Russians never found the remains of Hitler. M y master saw him underground. M y master also saw Stalin and Stalin told him “We cannot go on any longer we are up to our necks in water” but destiny is destiny. Hitler is alive.great blessings on the astral plane. Should Hitler help M ussolini in Greece or Yugoslavia? In two months he conquered both countries. For many years Hitler had information about South America and he sent Paul Rohrbach to investigate.

The resurrection of Hitler also occurs in the poles and from underground. which is one and the same. Therefore anything is possible because ancient legends repeat themselves over and over and materialize themselves over and over. Therefore the Hyperborean theory of the resurrection of a heroe was transferred to the inverted Thule of the South Pole. In my book ‘Who calls the Ice’ I talk in detail about my trip to Antarctica looking for that oasis and of course . THE HOLLOW EARTH Before entering into the arguments and theories of those who believe in the hollow earth I would like to say that I see this as a ‘reincarnation’ of an old legend or idea and the scientific explanations only take second place. Therefore no ancient legend can be negated. All the ‘initiates’ are saying the same thing. The same year that I traveled to Antarctica. and we cannot negate the existence of flying saucers. the Wheel of destiny. We cannot negate the survival of Hitler. The warm waters of the Antarctic. This book centralizes on the theme of supreme ambiguity where anything is possible. There is nothing they can do to stop destiny and they were paralyzed in 1945. the reasoning behind it all. the power. the polar opening to the center of the Earth. MY S EARCH IN THE ANTARCTIC AND THE HIMALAYAS I can now reveal this information because the modern world of democracy and Communism. I am also a prisoner of ancient legends. In my book ’The Snake of Paradise’ I relate my travels to the Himalayas looking for the Ashram of the Sidas. when the laurel will flourish. a Hungarian. The Earth curves inward at the two pole extremes whereas if anyone goes farther than 83 degrees latitude they will find themselves inside the planet. The flying saucers are also related to all of this. This is the magic. not even the theory of a ‘hollow Earth‘. Today I know that all these things exist and they are all connected to one star. the morning star. called Lucifer. looking for the secret entrance to the hollow Earth Admiral Richard Byrd of North America went to the North Pole or the true north as we put it. of our own mental creations. that whatever happens in Heaven also happens on Earth. Like all ancient legends this theory is also directly related to the ancient Hyperborean legends where everything occurs at the poles and where we find our solar heroes. We must realize that a lot of symbolism is used to represent beliefs and doctrines thereby demonstrating a duality of spheres. This is how I have been living lately. The man just suddenly disappeared! The ‘Order’ has also disappeared.A book that was published in Buenos Aires in 1946 by the pen name Ladislao Szabo. This is where plasma gets its power. also underground within M ount Kailas. and materializes on the Earth plane. where the M asters of my M aster reside. We must wait for the return of the Heavenly Armies. The force of gravity is contained in 800 . a victim maybe. One day a man came up to me and told me that the ‘Order’ has connections and influence over recent and past history of the world. into thin air! M y ‘M aster’ has also disappeared! Everything now seems just like nothing more than a dream. We cannot negate these things because they are all had their origin in ancient legends. But all his activities were kept secret. already know this information anyway. pursuing a dream. Captain Ritshcer belonged to the German Air Force. related how Hitler was secretly transported to Antarctica in a convoy of German submarines to where Captain Alfred Ritshcer discovered in 1938 an oasis of warm waters in the Queen M aud territories.

in the book ’The Golden Secret’ . In that book he says that the Earth’s crust is 800 miles thick and the hollow Earth is 6. Even if the compass continues to mark the north as you continue forward it is not a true reading. Erasmo. their compasses would go haywire. The cities of Agartha and Shambala exist there. The first people to start writing about the Hollow Earth were North American authors Darwin. he has been rejuvenated. This is because you have entered the opening and the compass continues to mark magnetic north which is at the border of the opening. a miracle. north and south the land begins to curve inward. Otherwise we will continue into the hollow earth and investigate a new universe. the same happens with a pilot. The openings at the poles have a circle of 1. A sailor of the seas knows he is navigating the globe in a circle but he all he sees is a direct line. After reaching latitudes 75 to 76 degrees. After 800 miles there is only air and the hollow Earth. (Agartha means not-accessible in Sanskrit). M y master has told me that the ‘Temple of the Order’ is found in the Hollow Earth and has a permanent beautiful white light that is not produced by electricity. Hitler still lives. and rivers inhabited by a superior race that moved there in ancient remote times directly related to the Hyperborean legends. seas. THE PHANTOM OF THE POLES In 1906 William Reed wrote the book ’The Phantom of the Poles’.miles of crust beneath the surface of the earth. then he better turn back towards the border of the openings until the compass begins to work again. When you pass the latitude indicated the compass turns upward. This superior race maintains contact with selected people on the surface of the Earth. The Eskimos have a song about the people from the interior of the Earth and say that they are terrible. and Esoteric Hitlerism go there for their instructions. When an explorer has found the opening then he has found the magnetic north pole. authentic Rosicrucians. The magnetic north pole was believed to be along the Arctic Islands but the Soviets have defined magnetic north as a line a 1. In the arctic the ghost ship Wafeln entered and exited) Gypsies and Eskimos were not permitted to enter. Reed maintains that the so-called poles are a fantasy because the Earth has openings on each end of the planet. The Earth is not a sphere. Hitler receives his instructions from them. The climate inside the Earth is fair temperature all year round. In the center of the Earth there is a sun. Once you enter the hollow earth you don’t realize it because even though you are in a an inverted position you feel as if you are on top of land. The Druids knew of the Hollow Earth. This is because the force of gravity emanates from the crust of the earth. It gives the impression of eternity. forests. M r. It is smaller than the sun we know of . They permitted Admiral Doenitz with his sailors to enter navigating under the polar cap into secret passageways. If an explorer wants to know where north is or where south is after passing the latitudes mentioned. Since there is less force of gravity in the interior of the Earth the people grow much taller and they live much longer. mountains.400 miles. There technology is light years ahead of ours . When explorers tried to find the north pole. heaven itself. recharged. All the spiritual leaders of the Templars.400 miles in diameter. The true north pole is in midair which is a fantasy. On the surface the pole would be the same as magnetic north close to the polar opening. ( In the Antarctic the Carleuche entered and exited. The surface on the inside of the Earth has continents. Is this possible? Would we be allowed to encroach upon another . In reality the poles are in the muddle of the air at the center of the openings found on each end of the Earth.000 miles long ringing the opening at the pole.

and human life. The icebergs freeze in the rivers inside the openings then float out into the ocean.civilization? The Aurora Borealis is the reflection of the sun from the interior of the Earth. the hotter it gets. This is why the planets Venus. It was Admiral Byrd’s expedition which inspired me to go to Antarctica. and the centrifugal forces pulls the greatest mass outwards.The center sun is found 2. This mass forms the outer crust of the planet. This is why we have fresh water icebergs in the ocean. The rays emanate from the openings at the poles. If the outer crust is 800 miles thick then the molten lava would be 7000 miles in diameter and 21. The source point of all volcanoes is also found within the outer crust of the earth. If there is any doubt about the force of gravity as to the possibility that one would automatically be drawn into the center Gardner reaffirms that the force of gravity comes from the outer crust of the earth and not the center of the earth. The rotation of the planets. This same force of gravity will keep you firmly on the ground once you are inside the hollow earth. M arshall B. friend of Byrd to me under very special circumstances. much more.900 miles into the center of the hollow earth. If the planet was originally just a ball of fire of fused metals. vegetation. The author. On December 2. Gardner. The common myth is that the planet earth is a solid sphere and at the center is boiling hot iron or lava. A central sun is formed on the inside of the hollow planet. If the earth was a solid sphere it would have to weigh much. The old myth is that the closer you get to the center of the earth. As we can see the largest planets in our solar system are also the farthest away from our sun. animal life. Another North American writer published a book in 1920 titled ’Journey to the center of the Earth’. This means that these planets are being thrown farther out by their centrifugal force because of their mass. Admiral Byrd’s secret was revealed by Raymond Bernard PHD. M ars. After 80 miles the temperature starts descending. continents.700 miles into the interior of the earth in 1947 entering through the north pole. Forget this myth. . They are also hollow inside.000 miles in circumference. Forget this myth. The greatest mass is found at the center line of the planet which we call equatorial lines or the equator. The interior of the earth has a subtropical climate. The surface of the earth is 197 million square miles and it is estimated that the earth weighs approximately six sixtillion tons. sea. What produces the intense heat is radium and radioactivity. Admiral Byrd flew 1. The temperature only increases until you reach 80 miles down into the crust. They hardly touch the outer border of the opening before they go off in a different direction. Admiral Byrd did find the opening. therefore many of the discoveries made on the surface of the earth of certain vegetation or animals originally came from the interior of the earth ADMIRAL RICHARD BYRD M ilitary and civilian flights across the poles do not see the openings because they think this is a geographic location and not some fantasy opening within a certain circumference. The fire would continue to burn on the inside while the centrifugal forces would cause the mass to cool and form the outer crust . argues that the central sun inside the planet is part of the original creation of the planet and that this a principle upon which the universe was created. 1946 Admiral Byrd sailed towards Antarctica with an armada ready for a major . and M ercury shine at their poles. All the rocks and stone of earth contain some radium and some radioactivity. This internal fire would become a sun providing light to plant life. This is the greatest factor in proving that the earth is hollow. Admiral Byrd saw land. He couldn’t wait to go back and once again see such a paradise.

Pine Isalnd. He claimed that the flying saucers do not come from other worlds but come from a country from the surface of this Earth. Ever since 1947 there has been a close watch on the Antarctic continent of 14 million square miles. then complete silence. The national ‘blackouts’ of electricity that occur all across the globe without reason are warnings caused by these civilizations that they mean what they say. fuel ships Capacan and Canisted. the year of Geophysics. men died. The allies never believed that Hitler died at the end of the war. then his sudden death. According to Ray Palmer the flying saucers come from within the Earth and they began to appear in 1945 at the close of the Second World War. They appeared as a warning to all the countries to stop the use of atomic weapons. cargo ships Yankey and M errick. In an article published in 1959 he claimed that the Flying Saucers came from the Earth. I also went to the Antarctic at the end of 1947 and the beginning of 1948 but I lacked the proper technical equipment to get me to the opening or to the warm waters so much talked about but I did receive ample input from my psychic antennas. Who was the enemy? Admiral Byrd stated that the poles stood between them and the enemy. the submarine Sennet. the ice cutter North Wind. editor of the North American magazine ‘Flying Saucers‘. Admiral Byrd was definitely after someone in the Antarctic. Isn’t it curious that the whole world came to an agreement 1959 . it must have been a catastrophe. In the book ‘Return of the Witches’ which brought the first information that Hitler’s administration was interested in the hollow Earth. Later we heard of his expedition inside the north pole. The ships were M ount Olympus. After this article was printed the magazine was never seen again. . the aircraft carrier Phillipine Sea. the destroyers Browsen and Henderson . It is here we should ask if Admiral Doenitz. Who was the enemy? Admiral Byrd apparently dropped a bomb into the opening of the south pole because it was like throwing a rock into a beehive. According to Palmer all the governments know this to be true but they want to keep it a secret from the public. who was the Secretary of State under Hitler before his disappearance was tortured and forced to reveal Hitlers hiding place. The flying saucers began appearing in 1945 but the greatest concentration of flying saucers was in the Antarctic. There was no doubt that this was a military operation and not an expedition. The SS made the first experiments in radar in the Northern Sea and with this radar they found the ‘paradise‘ for our Fuhrer FLYING S AUCERS Very important statements were made by Ray Palmer. He made that statement on the 7th of June 1947 in Santiago De Chile. It looked like the Normandy invasion all over again. He challenged a top secret. He went limping back to the United States.war. to place Antarctica off limits to atomic testing? While I was the Chilean Ambassador to India the Indian representation to the United Nations rejected twice the proposal to make Antarctica an international territory. ships froze. Another aircraft carrier named Currituck. The highly evolved civilizations from within the earth will not permit an atomic contamination of our planet. Suddenly his planes were missing. I feel I had a part in this. a Jew who belonged to the intelligence service of the allies during the Nuremberg trials found out about Hitler through the interrogations of SS men. At the same time Armed Forces from other nations were all arriving at Antarctica. Capitana. Palmer agrees with Reed and Gardner on the Hollow Earth theory. Jacques Bergier.

“Every 700 years humanity advances one step said Hitler. “Twelve years after the initiation you will receive the first secret as to what this sign means. This is called the war of fire and ice.. Antonio Ribera. Hitler already had the Atomic bomb in Germany during the Second World War but Skorzeny confessed that Hitler did not want to use it..In the summer of 1976 a new expedition was organized to explore Antarctica by 10 nations. The project failed and the project was suspended as soon as it started. you will be the supreme being of the universe. the center of the Gods. which will give you the magic powers you need to accomplish your mission.“ “Until that time you must pass the test of fire and iron within your own body before you may start to recruit disciples and appear in light” “You will fight the forces of evil. These flying saucers will be piloted by all the fallen heroes in the final battle. After learning all the minor and major mysteries you will be selected to learn the 12 degrees of becoming a superman. Hitler swore that the last battle will be his for the taking. This they do have. M any UFO investigators believe this. he will show his enemies the power of fire and they will serve him and they will bring more violence to earth than a thousand lightning bolts. Joseph Lanz had prophesized the life of Hitler. claims that the flying saucers belong to the Nazis and they come from the Antarctic. The legend says that “the Aces will return to conquer the City of Asgard in the Caucasions. they will be marked by 12 revolving black crosses that illuminate the night of all time”. called the ‘Ross Ice Shell Project’. But it is very possible that they might have bases in outer space. “Behind Gotterdemmurung. He was the founder of the Order of the New Temple. this knowledge will be your armor. the supreme being. Raymond Bernard expanded upon Palmers claims and said that he has had contact with some of the people of the flying objects and they look like Germans and they speak German . Could it be that his spirit guides would not permit him to use it? The North Americans had stolen the atomic bomb technology from Germany.. From the city of the revolving cross you will be a giant on top of a mountain”. the Elbruz“. Space satelites don’t work while passing over the Antarctic neither do NASA flight missions except for the space photographing of the openings at each end of the earth. Every 700 years there is a fire offensive. Bernard claims that these people say that they are from another planet only to mislead everyone from the truth. He will be the Supreme Being of the world and we will have 1000 years of law and order. Then Lanz finished his prophecy: “The Supreme Commander will go on a great trip.” Having the power of Odin.and they will return to the magic mountain. Something happened. . Every 6000 years we enter the ice offensive. The Swastika represents fire. What they intended to do was to drill down under the ice for a quarter mile in the Sea of Ross to see if they could find a continent or if there was just water. All they said was that they would restart the project at some future date. the Golden Eagle will . The principal Hispanic author of flying saucers. A German who lives in Chile confesses that the flying saucer was invented at the close of the war by the Germans. The son will have constructed an eagle made of gold and at the exact Sixth Age of our Supreme God he will be escorted to the doors of the Celestial City. Nothing works in the Antarctic. They will be guided by a great white horse. THE PROPHECY OF JOS EPH LANZ Joseph Lanz was the person who initiated Hitler during the ‘secret years’ in Vienna..

Peru. in Egypt. It is said that John Dee could communicate with extraterrestrials from Hyperborea. They all lived in Thule. satellite pictures will not show the topography of our Earth. There is one in Tibet. M ount Kalias. those masters who received the ‘initiation’ Hyperborea joined the others inside the Earth. They are firmly situated on top of subterranean worlds connected by tunnels and temples. maybe Venus. Through these portals UFO’s and flying saucers travel to distant galaxies. If we were beings from outer space we would say that no one lives on this planet. from Asar. and the Andes M ountains where I actually have seen the giants. If we fly up into the atmosphere 200 miles. He said that according to mathematical calculations the Earth was not a solid . He tried to convince Queen Isabel of England to takeover Greenland because this land gave access to a parallel universe.” THE MIRROR OF THE PRINCES S PAPAN There are supposedly various entrances to the subterranean world. Through these dimensions one can enter and exit analog worlds.the pre-Egyptian age. Through these portals disappear the masters. only one shows Earth as an inhabited planet. the polar caps. and from distant stars. Brazil. Fortunate are those who are able to see them. They came to earth from other planets. in Guatemala. the M orning Star. so what we are really looking at the from the desert is the top of a mountain. This window to other dimensions can also be found in Kenya.return from the subterranean world. THE AS TRAL TUBE The openings at the poles are not only openings into the interior of the Earth but they are also a window to other invisible and parallel worlds. in the Gobi Desert. but a series of spheres superimposed which made it possible to communicate between themselves. I suspect that was the mirror of Princess Papan where she could see the White Gods. and from Venus. What this means is that what you actually see is very little in comparison to what you would find below them. M any more are there who have been initiated. some ancient Age. inside the Earth. the Hyperboreos.000 photos of Earth taken by NASA. This is because the flying saucer materialized from a parallel world. Walls of ice protected this world of masters and supermen. John Dee received these revelations by concentrating on a black sphere that today is in the British M useum. . When the first catastrophe occurred on the planet Earth. The angels according to Dee could pass from the present into the past or into the future. The legendary masters come first followed by the return of the White Gods and they know the thoughts and emotions of all men. the paradise of Edda. in northern Chile. I have thought a lot about John Dee’s mirror in the British M useum. they went to live in the inside of the Earth. from the Walhalla of Odin and Walkirias where the priests reside. the polar regions . the fourth and the fifth dimension. Out of 250. Therefore the UFO’s are always present but we cannot see them. an extraordinary Alchemist and English mathematician during the 16th century said that the Earth was not round but concentric at the polar caps. There are also cities and worlds with inhabitants and more subterranean tunnels John Dee. When the continent of Atlantida disappeared. The Sphinx and the pyramids are called the ’icebergs of the desert’. What we would find underneath are cities abandoned for ages. From this high of an altitude the astronauts have been able to see lost continents The original inhabitants of this Earth were the White Gods of Hyperborea. From these dimensions come beings from other planets. Those who have seen UFO’s or flying saucers know that the flying saucer knew the thoughts in their minds. there is one under the great Sphinx. old remote cities.

and high civilizations. the Order of Odin. Through these portals is where miracles happen. The entrance is there but it is impossible to see or recognize. The ‘New World Order’ will be impotent against the power of the interior world. They are the flowers of existence and become more real than all the flowers of the world. Through these portals one can travel astronomical distances. the Norwegian Knut Hamson. The superior race does not believe in sin. All that exists is a brief rest at death. the origin of masters. Therefore if an entrance is closed during a cycle a person psychologically would not be able to find the entrance. Because warriors live forever. Jehovah on the other hand meant the Creator of the earth which was considered evil. One has to travel more than 1. Here no one can change during a conflict. Now I know why my master told me to be on Hitlers side during the war. one planet. The French poet. After the war both these men were interned in mental institutions. But they are scared of the ’Last battalion’. For underneath the seas there exists a Golden Ribbon that connects all beings of the same race to one spirit. They try to keep it secret so that the people will not know and raise up and destroy their conspiracy. You will not be able to visit them without their permission. Through these portals the UFO’s and flying saucers cannot disintegrate.Africa and in the ‘Bermuda Triangle’. They all wrote the things that I am writing now and they paid dearly. The signs are always present. They were the North Americans Ezra Pound and the Nobel prize winner. Raymond Bernard has said that the superior race affirms that Jesus Christ never existed and that the Jewish Bible is only a concoction of lies. and they will recuperate everything that has been lost.500 miles inside the Earth to find the cities of Agartha. or Wotan . If they weren’t we would have had an atomic war a long time ago . This book is about the Golden Ribbon. the Age of iron. The civilizations inside the Earth are superior to the inhabitants of the surface. beasts. THE LOS ERS In the great war (World War II) there were two authors of international fame who were on the side of the traditional Aura. and they know what our destiny is. All of our legends have a universal value because their existence is on a cosmic level. and their giant inhabitants. The plan of ‘The New World Order’ is total destruction and dominion over the planets so that they can finally install their ’Mesias’. The civilizations inside the Earth consider the inhabitants of the surface barbarians. Shambala. You must know the proper signs to get through. Robert Brasillach. Souls such as Hitler travel here on rays of light from Lucifer (planet Venus) to evolutionize mankind. The superior race believes in Hyperborean magic. a few of us will be saved and this will mark the finish of the Dark Ages of Kaliyuga. Through these portals my master communicated with Hitler. In the south of our planet will rise the blue spirit of the polar race of all the ‘initiates’ and they will get vengeance. These legends compose our ancient science They disappear and reappear. In the current cycle all the entrances and exits are located at the South Pole. The ’exits’ to the parallel worlds and the ‘entrances’ to the interior of the Earth vary according to cosmic and planetary cycles. . avatars. Where the greatest discoveries were made. the false King of the World. the entrance to the center of the Earth. In opposite of what we believe today the old civilizations of thought named the morning star Lucifer. No matter what happens it will be catastrophic. angels. the Aura Chain. also paid for displaying his courage. and it goes through all the continents and they are all connected since the beginning of time. Hyperborea is now in the South Pole.

What we must look for is not the fourth but the fifth. They received their powers from Vril energy. Hyperborea and Venus? According to Jurgen Spanuth. Of course today these fascists do not include communists or M arxists. two. three. He was against his own country which was based upon usury. Therefore the fourth element is actually the third. from the North Pole. and one was Red. the philosopher’s stone. eliminate income taxes. The women were beautiful and they had magic powers which permitted them to communicate with other worlds. Later he was interned in a mental institution in the United States where he stayed for 13 years. One was Black. where is the fourth?” Also in the ’M ontsegur’ four knights escaped with the treasure of the Grail. The SS had plans to build great cities throughout Europe. HYPERBOREA AND ATLANTIS In Plato’s ’Critias and Timeo’ there is a story of three sisters who guarded the Garden of Hesperides. land of the giants. Where is the fourth? In the process of Alchemistry the yellow color appears between white and red and in reality it is actually white or red in a state of indecision. For these reasons Ezra Pound was on the side of the Germans and the Italians. Iceland. Today no reference is made as to the real intent of the Fascists and the Nazis and now they call any dictator or authoritative governments “fascists”. The Greek philosopher Plato once said “anything great to be built is surrounded by danger” and Heidegger said” anyone who thinks big makes big mistakes”. Atlantis was actually a peninsula which extended out from Hyperborea. The Germans lost the war. their hair were of a pale golden color . He felt that these countries provided the best solutions to metaphysical questions and could purify the Earth.EZRA POUND Ezra Pound supported the Italian Fascists and the German Nazis during the Second World War because they offered an economic system unparalleled by other countries. one was White. The colors of black. From here the legends speak of Hyperborea. The white skin of these beings were almost blue. the missing continent. What happened to the blue race? The blue beings from Thule. and he was put behind bars. Ezra Pound lost the war. and they lived in cities constructed of materials clear as glass. From there extended Thule North and South America. white and red are used in Alchemistry. Alchemistry was used in Atlantis. In ’Timithy’ the frase is used “one. but only the names of three knights are known. of supermen. they had the best technology and were pioneers in science. and to build a spiritual government based on antiquity. Atlantis is at the bottom of the North Sea and it disappeared 1300 years before our age. the color the kings used in their sacred ceremonies in Atlantis. ‘Anteo’. Greenland and Spitzberger were actually parts of the continent Hyperborea. Plato said that Atlantis reached the other side of the ocean. who wrote the book ’Atlantis’ . the Holy grail. Hyperborea was connected to all the continents and it was situated in the Arctic before the Earth became transformed during the Second Glacier Period. This garden was located in Atlantis. where we find today North and South America. There are documents that prove that the SS belonged to the ‘Order of the Templars’ In their secret meetings they had ‘Esoteric initiations’. According to the legend Hercules went to steal golden apples from the Garden of Hesperides and he had to fight against the giant. Some people think that Atlantis was actually part of Hyperborea on the same continent This continent existed throughout various glacier periods as evidenced through the discovery of ice walls which were built 4500 years before our . What color represents the fifth element? It probably is blue.

THEY CAME FROM OTHER WORLDS . In the age of Piscis the world falls into the well of profane knowledge. Pythagoras. The poles would become one in a perfect axis the same as when the First Age began on this planet where man could live to be a thousand years old. Thule was the capital of Hyperborea. By this time the divine knowledge disappeared. They were only small colonies. astronomy. The only thing we have left is the ‘Golden Ribbon’. was a Hyperborean. There exist legends that Irish monks and Vikings explored some of the northern islands and found them deserted. who would be received by the Supreme Lord at the end of the Sixth Age. and Europe. It is here we remember the secret of the celestial city of the four masters with its entrance of 12 revolving black crosses. Greenland. they practiced Alchemistry. are they all gone? Have they returned to the planet from which they came? To another constellation closer than the Black Sun that reflects green rays in their flying saucers which can travel faster than thought itself? We do know that some of theses survivors remained here on Earth to help guide selected Earthlings with their great powers. Apollo and Lucifer were Hyperboreans. the Fabulous. In the age of Piscis Apollo and Lucifer were chained to the ice in the North Pole. where their flying machines needed no pilot or steering mechanism . WHERE ARE THE HYPERBOREANS NOW? The legend continues that the Hyperboreans migrated first to the Gobi then to India. In hyperborea every fifth woman born within a family had magic powers. It is said that some of the Hyperborean descendents still live in Iceland and Greenland and also the Island of the Dead. Today the use of current philosophical teachings. According the legends Hyperborea can only be accessed by a secret tunnel through the ice which runs right up to the Euphrates. The number 5 symbolizes Hyperborea. It is said that the teacher of the philosopher. The real astral science. In the sacred texts of the Hyperboreans the White gods would one day come out from within the earth and return to the stars in the eagle of gold on a white horse. They also migrated to the Caucasion mountains. the real cosmic knowledge. They formed the cities of Agartha and Shamballah within the hollow earth. (Dead island). product of Vril Power. As its told by Joseph Lanz. Lucifer is the carrier of knowledge and light. According to ancient Indian lore these flying machines were fueled by sound which captured the thoughts and emotions of man. The sun left our world and all extraterrestial knowledge vanished. falling into a world of technology . The initiation into the Golden Ribbon teaches us that Hyperboreans came from heaven. with no contact to the transcendental world. But not on the surface of the Earth but from inside the earth. and the secret sciences. What happened to the survivors of Huperborea? To those who fled to Iceland. They were Gods and semi-gods. the polar cap. On Viking Island they had an advanced civilization. Iceland is filled with Solar magnetism and special terrain close to Ogigia. where they could travel faster than a thought. astrology. The rest of us would be judged at the end of the Dark Ages and the beginning of the Golden Age. has been lost. All the extra terrestrial power that the Hyperboreans possessed. and science correspond to a different reality. It was Apollo and Lucifer whom initiated the secret of the golden apples in the Garden of Atlantis . Every nineteen years they left Greece to live in Hyperborea rejuvenated and feeling fresh. when the axis of the earth is changed through a catastrophe.age. They came very close to our original inhabitants.

The ancient science. All we have left is that golden cloud. The descendents of the semi-gods are called sons of the widow. A fallen angel falls in love with a woman here from earth and creates a race of semi-gods. During the 26.000 years we see all kinds of natural disasters. wise men . The semi-divine race are those of Earth who have intermixed racially with others or with Hyperboreans. The Gods have brought the grail. When the world is no more our myths and legends will go on living. Who were the first to come here and teach the inhabitants? Without a doubt it was the Gods. Thule Hyperborea and Atlantis existed at the same time. This all happens because Lucifer and Apollo were tortured and made victims of defamation. the age of Iron. they might be offspring of a Hyperborean walking among earthlings. masters. of the blue-white race of the north pole. The Golden Ribbon. Our current science speaks of the precision of our equinoxes. based on rationalism. They have lost a space war. the ignorant and a few other who knew the truth survived. a temple. When the Gods purified the Earth by covering it with water only the mountain sheep herders. The radiant door is open to an invisible world. With the increase in speed of the rotation of the earth the water covered the extremes of our planet and Thule disappeared. the superior technology based on transcendental magic we have lost. This causes the water to rush towards the equator and increases the speed of the planet rotation at its center line (equator). they were the guardians of . a summer. They were all initiated into the great occult mysteries.without a soul. They are the polar race and they are the supreme guide of humanity. and legends and myths become reality. ARE ALL MEN REALLY MEN? We must realize that the men of earth are divided by races and they are distinctly different from one another. therefore for us there is a door to nothing. It makes no difference how long man has been living on the face of the earth.000 years the polar caps experiences either a spring. Thule was not a nation. The centrifugal force of the earth is increased. Those who live on the face of the earth we have our legends. it was a town. They were all given extraterrestial knowledge. fallen angels remain here on earth to keep all the treasures under their custody. All the myths and legends attest to this fact. This is a sign. Because of the equinoxes every 26. All knowledge has come from the outside. and a glacial winter. All the great masters existed during this time. we go even lower. All that was saved were the legends and myths. Today we see things happening so fast when before it would take 20 years to produce some of the phenomenon we see today. One great wave that passed during the night destroyed Atlantis. Within the center of the earth they live the traditions. The Hyperborean Thule existed during the polar summer. the ice melts. In the next stage of Kaliyuga. The land on the opposite side of ocean was elevated miles above the water level. and the water runs towards the equator. When the centrifugal force of earth increases it speeds up time. In Hyperborea they maintained the purity of the blue blood. After that the angel leaves. you will soon learn of its credibility. The divine race are the Hyperboreans because they are pure and have never intermixed with other races. Therefore not all men on earth are really earthlings. and divine souls. an autumn. In the polar summer. a place for magicians. In the glacial winter the glacial ice gets extremely packed and heavy increasing the weight on that end of the earth. Would Osiris-Lucifer be the angel? The woman is left a widow. and our traditions. our myths. For those who have doubts about Esoteric Hitlerism. the treasures.

The construction of Stonehenge created cosmic music and it is magical in nature. if we could have been taught by Hyperboreans. or the Druids we could avoid all natural disasters and probably be able to contact the Hyperboreans in the Antarctic.the morning star. As we can see Jews are Semitic in nature even though they appear White. Today the South Pole is the current active exit point. Has anyone ever thought why the Indian God Krishna. and they are the creators of civilizations. and finally he becomes a Hyperborean. a group of missionaries were sent throughout the known world to teach the survivors. In those place they are being transformed. This science gives us knowledge of the interior workings of our planet and this technology turn us into magicians because nobody else understands what the principles behind it is. There they live where there is little oxygen and their blood is blue. As a result they reestablished an Esoteric organization to maintain this knowledge alive. THE WHITE GODS In the polar caps exist the exits towards other universes and outer space. In any event we do not know today if this was a wise move or an error or if it was before its time. That the Third Reich tried to establish contact with the Hyperboreans. If you believe the latter then you will be permitted to enter into the door leading an incredible world of knowledge. It is ‘Stone music’ which changes the nature of things. M any groups have tried to recover this science. If we had the knowledge of the ancient city of Atlantis. with Agartha. The Earth is a living being. First they were taught how to calm the raging waters of the rivers and sea. Each part of the Earth has its own magnetism and special vibration which influences the people that live there. They tried to confirm every piece of Nordic legend and literature. They enter and exit by using the figure eight. great sages. The Hyperboreans who came from other planets settled at the North Pole. The science resembles using acupuncture on the face of the earth. with Shambala. wise men. known as the White Gods to inhabitants of the earth taught their leaders and wise men and some were sent to Thule for additional instruction. of real magic. The Whites on the other hand seem to be decreasing in number. only using the currents of the earth. first he becomes a Druid. This new science had nothing to do with magnetism or electricity. THE FAS CINATION FOR THE UNKNOWN When they opened the files of the Nuremburg trial and investigations they found out something that I knew for 30 years. Apparently the Druids recovered this science. Venus. That is because they belong to an initiated group of powerful magicians. After the disappearance of Atlantis they constructed buildings that could change the course of tidal waves using secrets of this planet. appears as blue? In the ancient Americas Hyperboreans. connecting point to great astral currents. From the polar caps you can see the morning star. then he becomes an Atlantean . When these rocks become wet from moon water it permits an initiate to change from one level to another. M aybe it was to lose in the age of Piscis to render respect to the God of Piscis in order to be victorious in the age of Acuarius. The Druids inherited the science of the Hyperboreans and Stonehenge was there temple. We no longer have this science today. Then they taught the people how to construct buildings using stone. When Atlantis disappeared. The science of the megaliths has to do with the vibrations of stone and rock in different centers of the earth. The Chinese are multiplying rapidly because they mate with other Chinese. The Hyperboreans do not stay long in other regions of the planet because they do not want to change. Druid means wise and to see means you are a .

Out of 1 million men who belonged to the Waffen SS. A Druid would talk at the beginning of the meeting and he would talk at the end the meeting. Julius Ceasar talked of the Druids. It took twenty years of training to become a druid and you had to go through four degrees. very tall. The SS attempted to establish federated states which would be run spiritually by the ’Black Order’ . At the close of the Great War in the Central Offices of the SS they published the ’Declaration of Charlottenburg’ as an answer to ’The Declaration of San Francisco’ . The Druid symbol is the 4 leaf clover which many today believe is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The Celts arrived later. English. This is where the ‘Knights of the Grail’ originated from. The Hyperboreans are the fifth caste system called Hamsa. they did not use arms. Hyperborea. of a Federated Europe and the Third Reich. in the center of the swastika.The Druids are not Celts. Builder 4. The number four is the number of the druid and the number of the Celts. Hollanders. They could change the climate at will. Belguns. It is history that the most fierce battle to defend Hitler’s bunker at the end of the war were the French who . Hindus. The Cross with a rose is a symbol of the Rosicrucians. Businessman 3. This is the grail. They had the power to move and levitate heavy objects and they could cure people. Croatians. The rose transforms into a swastika by spinning around and this is the symbol of the Hyperboreans. and Tibetans. In the Hyperborean initiation the number four is not used only the number five. The number five is found in the center of the four leaf clover. Russians. and immortality conquered in the last battle. It means those without a caste. Julias Ceasar said that in one battle the Druids did not move just like statues and they were all in deep concentration and the arrows went right through them as if nothing had happened. The Celtic kings had federations which would unite at a central meeting place where they would balance the differences between the states. The Druids however did give great importance to military formations and taught the Celts the tactics of war. Four is not the number of the polar Hyperboreans. rebirth. Checoslavakians. The four arms rotate but the center does not. they were warriers. They were the guardians of the Holy Grail. The four leaf clover in reality is a revolving swastika which forms the figure 8 which is a sign of eternity. blonde. They believed in reincarnation . the total man. Norwegians. the divine. French. The Druids taught the Celts the caste system dividing society up into four castes 1. The ‘Declaration of San Francisco’ was published by the allies as propaganda to promote democratic principles. The Druids were magicians with the powers of Atlantis and Hyperborea. sworn to protect their homeland both in life and after death. Americans. It is to mention that the dialect used today by the people of northern Italy and southern Switzerland is of the ancient Celts. Everything was carried out more or less as Plato describes it in his description of Atlantis. and they didn’t kill animal or man. In the crusade against Communist Bolshevism was all of Europe and part of other continents. more than six hundred thousand were not Germans or from Germany. The Druids themselves did not fight. Warrier . perfection. In the SS there were Spaniards. and their Nordic heritage. THE FEDERAL S YS TEM OF THE DRUIDS AND THE S S The Romans destroyed the Celts and the M ongols destroyed the Aryans of Iran. Theirs is the number five. Swedish. When the Celts arrived the Druids were already there. Their leader was the Fuhrer. The number five symbolizes the interior man. Agriculture 2. separated from there homeland. The Declaration from the SS was for a New World Order. For the Chinese the number five means transcendental and they were conscious of the existence of Hyperborea. Italians. The Germanic tribes also loved there freedom. He said they were White. Thule was located in the center.magician.

and the Ukranian problem. This is where our memories reside. This is where life starts. M iguel Ezquerra refused the award with emotional gratitude and stated “ As long as I live I will continue to be a Spaniard”. and the sixth sense will become more intense. The SS wanted to strengthen the order. They would also eliminate with one stroke the problems with the Vascos. Spain. the Nordic countries. the Irish. CHROMOZOMES M ini memories are the source of all thought of each race.. and Caucasion troops were under the command of the Russian General. in the tides and waves. Those who do not preserve their race will lose all spirituality. Can you imagine the amount of energy and force that lay dormant on the European Continent? In Germany. Ruso Vlassov. M iguel Ezquerra was the Commandant of the Spaniard division of the SS. and in wells”.Life or death’. the power over the universes. No one dared to put him in a mental institution. in the wind. and the use of Vril Power. The Russian. knowledge. exploitation of ethnic differences. When the local war finally turned into a World War the truth about the SS vanished and it was replaced by the propaganda of the victors. the Croatian problem. In the book titled ’Berlin. I will not see that day but I am happy for the German people because they will see the British and Germans together. They would eliminate the one thing the Communists use to infiltrate and destroy countries. not just by language. the Danish would go. the German nationality. race and town. in gas. extraterrestrials. knowing fully what their destiny would be. and much more. just one Army. the Armenian problem. In August of 1941 one month after the attack on the Soviet Union. It is the genes that makeup the cathedral of our heritage. The documents of the SS revealed that they elected either Vienna or Prague to be the capital of the Federated Europe . Ukranian. and they would form part of the Reich. and have it tailored to be in the style of the Knights of the Templars and Teutonics. an acid. all knowledge. France. in carbon. We must realize that the United States is nothing compared to the possibility of just one SS in Europe. Chromosome means color and form. Vril Power enters through the third eye and permits you to communicate with divine souls. At the close of the war these men were delivered to the Bolsheviks by the Americans. just one administration representing all European countries.belonged to the SS Chalemagnes division. He had over two hundred thousand men fighting side by side with the Germans. That is why we should preserve our color. Once established they could expand across continents building new civilizations . we must remember Hyperborea for the last Thule. We all have memories of the past of our race in a strict hereditary line and is transmitted from family to family. under the code name of ’Red Beard’ Adolf Hitler declared that “the forces of energy of the future are in the water. A DIFFERENT CONCEPT OF REINCARNATION . Italy. Those who preserve their race will receive spirituality. From the 8th to the 11th of September Hitler continues to speak “ If I could make the people understand what the East means to our future. England. The chromosome constitutes the nucleus of the cell which has DNA. Goebbels stated “ Those men you see fighting with complete disregard for death are Spaniards”. Hitler awarded the Ezquerra the highest German award in his bunker. they fought to the finish in Berlin. The Aryans need to preserve our memory. the Norwegians would go there. It is history that Eamon de Valera sent a telegram giving his condolences to the disappearance of Hitler.” The plan of the SS after the war was to create a Federated West according to ethnic characteristics.

It is not based on evolution rather it is based on involution. The same thing has happened with man today. M an did not descend from the monkey. then it was because my heritage was from the Celts. my perfect note. God’s concept of supreme love is not found in any Jewish Bible. Yeats who was a member of the group ’The Golden Dawn’ which in turn was connected to the ‘Thule Society’ of M unich. M any times we have premonitions of the future because in our memories we have lived these scenes over and over. We already know because we have already lived it time after time. In one of his writings he said “We need a European religion. The purpose of reincarnation is for one to return to one’s homeland. He worked in England for various years as secretary of the poet W. involution.What kind of reincarnation did the Druids believe in? M ost of us have heard or read of the theory of reincarnation where one returns to individuality. Christianity has been infected by Jews. This is also part of my Polar initiation. part of man itself. or based on the theory of evolution. the monkey descended from man as a degenerative change. All this is in our memory banks in the cells of our blood. he is a degenerative form of the divine world. This concept of reincarnation is completely the opposite. Therefore what we see is the result of the complete breakdown of morals where vice and corruption has become king. life after life. The physical earth today is nothing more than a degenerative form of a spiritual earth. or the Visigoths and because I was born at the South Pole. over and over. cosmic disasters. all based on the theory of so-called karma. where Nazism was born. to ones own divinity. Rudolf Hess was a member of the Thule society and when he made his flight to England he was to meet members of the ’Golden Dawn’ in Scotland. the disappearance of Thule. your place of origin. The reincarnation is repetitive attempts to repeat the same history over and over until you find your own perfection. the God-man. the disappearance of Atlantis. and we have. We also have in our memory banks the memories of all the natural disasters that occurred on Earth. Germany.” THE GODS OF GOD In Spain the Visigoths had blue eyes and blond hair and many of them preserved the tradition of the ’Path of the Star’ on their way north by various mystery routes The Visigoths were a great people. The people we meet seems like we have met them before. If I am able to remember the marvelous city of the golden apples with fruits and animals that talked with man because they were our friends. B. This is the memory we have with our own God.. This is my reincarnation of my melody. WHO IS EZRA POUND? Ezra Pound was an author of literature. Jehova was an egg thrown at the nest of Europe. There is no connection between Jehova and God. Part of the initiation is to reactivate your memory banks in proportion to your free will as a warrior to reveal and remember Hyperborea . But there existed an ancient Earth and there exists an interior of the earth where nature is completely different and will return once the earth becomes transfigured. The memory inside your chromosomes make it an obsession . either going up or down a zoological ladder. and everything that will happen in the future. Ezra Pound was famous for bringing to us the Chinese Astrology and the science of I-Ching. Once you find that perfection you are immortal. going back into an animal or progressing until we become angels. although he is also known for his literature. They adopted the name . What we really believe inside ourselves Christianity has not been able to destroy. or the Druids. based on the theory of Darwin.

the German culture. mystically. The path to the star is the path to the planet Venus known as Lucifer. as a result . the planet of ELELLA. The Chilean race are decendents of the Visigoths. Inside the Church of San M ilagro (St. the Chilean race of today has Nordic blood. and everything of nature. and from M ount Asturias. The Visigoths were wise men. the morning star. to his place of extraterrestial origin. I climbed the sacred peak. it is an esoteric path that uses land points that change once we become familiar with laws and principles of cosmology and alchemistry.of God. Chile. is a country of the Lone Star. this is the transcendental change.a Visigoth name. you are a true magician THE ENTRANCE TO THE S ACRED PEAK I arrived at Santiago de Compostela on the 21st of June. True spiritualism comes from the Celtic culture. and legs. When I reached the top I was met by a young person who led me to a cave and he told me that I could enter the interior of the earth through this cave. with a cup in his hand. Visigoth means ’the wise Goths’. which is in reality a German name. showing all the possible changes and involutions. The man represented symbols. There has been mass immigration of Germans to Chile during the last one hundred years. with a Sanskrit history which in translation means ’The great Hyperborean forefathers’. there are no limits. A man suddenly appeared in the form of a swastika. The Chileans have been at war for over four hundred years with the Spaniards. to that star. Hyperborea. The grail is green with the colors of a ray passing through a black sun. This marks the path to the sacred peak. The Visigoths were Aryans. M iracle) is a grail and it is said that the other grail is in San Juan de la Pena where the words ’Parcifal and Wagner’ are inscribed. The convent was built in the fifth century. today. schematics. Lucifer. should be able to reintegrate alchemically. The Vascos also came to Chile and incorporated into our society to the point where they no longer remember their original language. which is semi-divine. Their language consisted of magic signs and runes. remembered the magic runes. that don’t start with him nor do they end with him. of the Hyperboreans who have inverted to the South Pole. and receive divine visions. They are lines of force. their land of origen? Hyperborea. trees. Without knowing it that day they were going to open the ’sacred door of the temple’ which is done once every five years when the sun is direct line with the summer solstice. But before coming to this place you should stop at the Convent Benedictino de Samos. To go through these mountains and secret passages one has time to meditate. To drink out of that grail is to drink the blood of the Blue Race. THE S YNCRONIS M OF THE PATH TOWARDS REAL CHANGE The ancient path towards that shining star is not any Christian or Jewish religion. These formula-signs are atomic numbers which . which vibrate on an atomic scale and produces power over stone. During that time inter-racial relations have taken place. Once you are initiated into Hyperborea. of the planet Venus called Lucifer. the heavens and other cosmic spheres. which exist in all the caves of the earth. Therefore. arms. This was a shame because the Vascos were not supposed to forget their language. Venus . this is the place where many were initiated. prepare for change. At this place a spritual person related to the Hyperborean race. He had a head. THE INTIATIONS IN NOYA I continued on to Noya and at their cementary I contemplated the strange signs . There God was Wotan or Odin. the Aryan culture.

The tension in those rocks marks the beginning. The Visigoths. no Celts. Between two currents a mantra is produced. France. Paul Bochet wrote much about the Druids. But if you hear two three currents of water you build a megalithic monument with two or three supports (needles) and then connect them with a stone slab on the top. Many churches have been built upon these sacred grounds and this means that there exists an invisible church where one can enter the invisible world I WAS LOOKING FOR CELTS AND I FOUND GERMANS I came to Compostela following that path to the star. Germany but none of them knew of the ancient secrets which lay below these rocks. In these subterranean hydraulic currents you place a needle. The professor of History and Archeology of the University of Santiago de Compostela explained it to me.. The total is eight. or like those who put needles into dolls to injure some person. He wrote of how they constructed megaliths. Visigoth traditions. which one can hear on the path .We call it the ‘law of the circulation of blood through the first Astral Earth‘. This is the number of the Templar’s M onument. and in the names of our women. Three rocks hold up the roof . This in turn will convert into a ’M agic Love’ . According to the historian the German traditions are found in our folklore. The Druids knew the secrets of the invisible magnetic currents that flow within the earth. this is the door to the other side. Four rocks support the other three. I found people from Vasco country. a semi-divine race. But before the Visigoths the Nordics and the Celts did come here and they were guided by the Hyperboreans. will recreate him over and over. It is here that one receives the secret. This area is all German tradition. between the material world and the Astral plane. present in stone. the river of the other earth. If you can only hear one current of subterranean water you put a megalithic stone in the form of needle (wide on one end and pointed on the other) into the ground . This is cosmic music. just like acupuncture. as we proceed towards the goal of an initiate. in the architectural construction of our buildings. This is shocking knowing that my mother came from Spain and not Germany. the contact point between the visible world and the invisible world. called black magic. If one lets his instinct guide him he will be lifted to new heights guided by the Star. Here you will find no Jews. Meditating every afternoon in the forests. this vibration is called ‘moon water’. The divine man. the forefathers of my mother but what I found was Germans. THE FAMILY HOUS E The glorious memory can get lost in appearances but it will return with the initiation into the Golden Ribbon. In the fifth century the Visigoths came to civilize the rest of the world. between two worlds of vibration. This is the key to create a magnetic circle. the memory of our blood heritage. To confirm this my mother’s name is Bertha.means that even if the man disappears. Then you will hear the music of underground water flowing. These keys are still there to be used by anyone who wants to use them. THE MUTATION CHANGE IN AGEITOS It is 36 miles to Ageitos through a pine forest. I went to Galicia looking for ancient Celtic remnants. Now I understand many of our local songs.Everything we forget in the age of Piscis will be remembered in the age of Acuarios. the Super man. Before the arrival of the Celts.. the vibration of the sign. the same as the mother of Charlamagne. The memory locked away in our chromosomes will awaken the entire family. creators of a great civilization.

destroyed the Celts.to the star. the other represents Demons. they were some type of . under the ice of the Antarctic. When these aspirants to the SS passed tests and periods of service. became famous. But after the World War II. under the rocks of the Andes today. Blood represents mystery. ancient memories of our chromosomes of our extraterrestrial forefathers . Philosophy on the other hand. Jung was not heard of and the Jew.. are open to compromise. Jung talked of the Aryan collective unconscious and the Jewish collective unconscious. and those who did not return to the underground cities of Agartha and Shamballa had to mix with a disillusioned world In a book written by Joachin Fest titled ’Leaders of the Third Reich’ he related what he saw one day when Himmler and other leaders of the SS were in deep concentration and they wanted to mentally transmit information to a person in an adjoining room. without a soul . we will have results as a matter of consequence. How can we think that Hitler’s ideas were wrong when we accept the fact that the Jews don’t mix with other races? The Jewish religion does not permit Jews to mix with other races. Jung’s teachings. the great memory. one solar family. they then became members of the ‘Black Order’. the oasis of the South Pole. There existed only one brotherhood of fire warriors. In today’s world of the Kaliyuga Age where we are entering the catastrophic involution stage hardly anyone would understand Dr. Why? Because in the preservation of their blood heritage they maintain the pact with their particular God. and the insctiption ’M ein Ehre heist treue’ ( My honor is loyalty). descendents of the North Pole. M any of my books were not allowed to be printed because I mentioned the great works of Dr. a swastika. TEMPLARS The M ystery of the White Gods of the Antarctic The mystery of the white gods is that they came from the Antarctic and they walked among the men of earth and they were spirit guides and then they would return. The SS were always working towards a united Europe. Tiberious of Rome destroyed the Druids. Jung was falsely accused of being a Nazi sympathizer and even today people are prejudiced against his literary works. it is not just a biological blood that circulates through our veins. Jung. This is what caused Hitler to invade the Soviet Union. Hitler’s words were “ All political systems and theories for intrinsic reasons. Jung was a greater Psychiatrist than Freud. How many people would understand our metaphysical roots after being indoctrinated so long in communism? When we talk of preserving our blood heritage. They were immortal. he referred to the same thing but one represents Gods. They then would receive a new dagger with the Rune sign of the SS. Because of this Dr. He told M ussolini “ I have just liberated my mental torture from the pact that I had with Stalin”. Future SS members were to be selected from Hitler’s Youth Corps. When Dr. These boys would ascend grade by grade in the Templars. but in astral light.. Dr. cannot be compromised”. Freud. Dr. Hitler’s famous words” The spiritual race lasts much longer than the natural race. Neither the Third Reich nor the Jews consider their blood heritage lightly. There is only one initiated family.” THE BLUE BLOOD OF THE HYPERBOREANS For all of the initiates of the M orning Star their real blood is astral and blue. These boys possessed a dagger with a swastika with the inscription ’blut und ehre’ (blood and honor). It is because of this that the Nazis under Hitler wanted to preserve their blood heritage. All of Freudian’s teachings are Communist in nature. Because we have not reached that elite state we must be content with what we have for the time being.

which in turn was retained by the Templars. The Vikings colonized America in the year 967. human beings. There are various landing strips in South America made in the designs of Runes where it is believed that extraterrestrial ships landed there. This is the spiritual massacre. Before them was the Druids and the Celts. and later by Esoteric Hitlerism. They were made in laboratories for the purpose of involution. The first Viking to colonize Amerca was Ullman. After this came Christianity and we lost the secrets of our ancestry. Beings left here millions of years ago either voluntarily or by coincidence from other worlds and parallel worlds have descended to the level of animals. They were looking for places to live and settle. We are in the age of ignorance. THE TEMPLARS AND ADOLF HITLER In the age of Pisces is when the spirit guides of men leave this earth. We are endowed with love because of our identity with our race. a degenerative form of their divine ascendancy. equal to the rest of us. animalism. and ultimately love is destroyed. They were called messengers of the green light (the esmerald of Venus) from behind the Black Sun. The memory banks of our chromosomes are destroyed . Everything seems to go downhill in a never ending spiral towards degeneracy. in the jungles of the Amazon. In Chile there are various sites where Viking Runes and other signs are found. Even . With the sinking of Atlantis in the Northern Sea some of the survivors of Hyperborea such as the Vikings are an example of involution. our identity is destroyed. The process of involution is like a nightmare. The reestablishment of the Order seems to be impossible because this is a hostile world. The different colors of the races have to do with cosmic alchemistry and is intimately related to aura. the animals. These giants also settled in Ecuador. Our legend is that Giants settled in Chile when a huge continent disappeared. When Hyperborea disappeared the spirit guides returned to a subterranean world never to return again. People who love their race must hide behind a simulation to abide by this world’s rules. Today the opening to this underworld is in the Andes mountains. They must have gone beneath the surface of the earth. After the Vikings came the Normands and the Irish. But they were expelled by Ramses the II in the Egyptian region but they were able to settle in the Americas.The White Nordics descendents of Hyperborea retained the sacred Swastika which was retained by the Vikings. The swastika symbolizes the return to our forefathers of the land of giants.incorruptible ghost and they could travel to the Thule at the South Pole. Religious fanatics forced our White Gods to disappear through the pages of history. Once this is destroyed everything is destroyed.. In the actual process of race mixing today it will be very difficult if not impossible to overcome the process of degeneration. the Polar Sun of midnight and they were the ancestors of the Hyperboreans. They were of a white milk color. which is what is needed to return to our home of Atlantis. when the semi-divine Gods had relations with the robotic peoples. The Vikings also claim that their forefathers came from Thule. maybe even vegetables and even lower vibrations of energy. According the sage Plato. Today these people are called humanity. The aborigine races such as the Indians were manufactured in Atlantean laboratories. The Spaniards came after the Normands and the Irish. According to legend extraterrestrials came here from the planet Venus. There are stories that they are from the white race but there is no way of knowing. Race-mixing destroys all the colors and auras and ends up creating monsters . the castastrophe that destroyed Atlantis was race-mixing. the world of the White Gods. The M ayas claim that their forefathers came from Thule.

The book got wet and it began to rot and I had to copy it on paper. Jewish in nature. There cannot be any heroes. For these warriors. of the sun. Democracy makes the mediocre look great. to be an individualist. to reawaken the memories locked away in our cells and chromosomes. a mystic knighhood. For a mother all the children are equal and same .The following words from a Holland author sets an example of what we mean. plants. animals. you only get censored information or half truths. Therefore our reincarnations are degenerating into beasts. and to be a hero. once again reminding the world of our origin. I saved the book from the flood. even when saving you and your mother. This is why they destroy everything related to out forefathers or taught to us by our forefathers. This way we will never lose our soul. We know we are the enemies of all foreigners because we tell the truth. spiders. a definite explosion. dogs. believes in equality. ES OTERIC FUNDAMENTALS The SS believed that if we could return to our original cultures and traditions we could once again awaken the creative force and create that magic energy necessary to start our journey back to our homeland. Esoteric Hitlerism means to reach the highest levels of Hyperborean initiations and to go up the secret degrees of the SS so that one day there will be a great resurrection. animals. There cannot be anyone ‘different’. to be Nordic. a spiral downwards. THE S UPER MAN We must understand that this world is currently not in evolution but in involution. If we don’t have the power to resist everything is lost. internal discipline. copy it again on fresh paper and make sure that your sons do the same and their sons. Adolf Hitler brought hope to the world by bringing back the Sacred Swastika. The day you inherit this book. of their race. Adolf Hitler was the guest of honor. Each and every fallen creature has inert energy. the meaning of the Swastika. even your generic name. This is the direct path towards slavery. M an did not come from the monkey but rather the monkey comes from the man as a degenerative progression.. to stop the spiral of degeneracy and work our way back up to salvation. Under communism our sacrifice today is supposed to be for better tomorrow which of course never comes. This is the principle of Communism. etc. But they all cannot be heroes. everything is standardized and reproaches anything great. The SS practiced yoga and they had initiations. it murders creativity. birds. of the community. A hero would be considered the black sheep of the family. the real combat was in their interior using yoga. This . even between metals. M any do not win the battles and fall by the wayside.” Another passage by another author says “ In the name of our forefathers and our freedom never stop looking and reading the pages of this book. “Listen my son keep this book with your body and soul.though the Templars were stronger they could not use force to impose those they wanted to help. The feminine conception is of the moon. It contains all the history of our people and our forefathers. The same is taught by the Christian religion. Battles are being fought everyday between what we call men.” Our sons and the young people of future generations will have no hope whatsoever unless they learn the secrets of Esoteric Hitlerism. They know we are the survivors of our forefathers. we impart justice. and we preach duty to principle and good morals. The masculine conception is to be viril. Because only through Esoteric Hitlerism will anyone learn of the Golden Ribbon. of our duty to find our way back. of Hyperborea. Everything has to be bureaucratic Its horrible. so that they may reincarnate on a higher level and not on a degenerate level. originality and true godliness.

The initiation into the Golden Ribbon teaches us that Thule of Hyperborea is the sacred center of revelation. the first sanctuary of intiations. he died in the year 546. It is even possible that Lanz initiated Hitler during this period. It is believed that his order inspired the Druids.energy is what will give the heroe. which is a mystic symbol. The cross is a star symbol known by the philosophers Pytagoras and Plato. Joseph Lanz was there for a year. and Haushofer. Dietrich Eckhart. we begin to rise up above involution. He also printed a magazine titled ’Ostara’ with the German God of spring light. the animal world is the horizontal descendent. the Superman. Heilingenkreus. they do negate the man on the cross as an earthly thing not even to be considered. north. In a convent in Austria. The Templars do not negate the Cross. The English historian. home of the Hyperboreans. Shamballah. Saint Benito was the founder of the Benedictino Order. THE S ECRET OF THE TEMPLARS The Templars discovered that Christ is a solar entity and was never within a human body nor was he crucified on earth. the capital of Hyperborea was Celtic which is derived from the word ’thu-al’ . the image of light at the pole where divine sages live. He began to speak of Thule.. the north pole. The Swastika Initiation Part of the initiation is to go on a symbolic trip from a land point walking in the form of a swastika until we reach the mystical point. This is a mystic law which the SS will use to their advantage at the appropriate time. But it was in M unich where Hitler came into contact with Rudolph Hess. the spirit of the Druids which were working inside the convents and the first of these is Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. It is believed that Hitler was a constant reader of the magazine ’Ostara’. Before reaching that point one must pass by the Caucasion Asgards (Stalingrad). The Rosicrucians teach that when the rose appears in the middle of the cross. The Thule Society also had a dagger in their symbol which resembles the symbol of the SS. M any believe that these people were also initiated into the Thule Society but Haushofer was not a member of the Thule Society he was a member of the Vril Society founder of which was Von Sebottendorf. his victory. In this way the spirit is crucified to involution. Rosenberg. Joseph Lanz then decided to live the life of a monk and he changed his name to George Lanz Von Liebenfels. the extreme point of expedition. in M ayerling the monk Joseph Lanz was sent to study the archives of the convent Benedictino de Lambach in the same town where Hitler lived as a boy and where the swastika was reborn. The entomology of Thule . THE INFANCY OF HITLER AND THE ORDER OF THULE How was this extraordinary order of the temple? The initiation of knights? Who inspired Hitler in the beginning and who guided him along the later years? No doubt it was the Hyperborean guides. of the Hyperboreans. They said that “the spirit is crucified in the four worlds” The mineral and vegetable worlds are the vertical descendents. of the the city of Agartha. of midnight. Here we must note that Hitler in his lightning conquests during the great war were in the form of a swastika making his way north towards Stalingrad. We are forced to find a way to cosmic conciousness . one of Germany‘s most famous astrologers. In the year 1900 he created a new temple order in Vienna and he wrote various books. This society was formed in M unich in 1918 Both the Thule Society and the Vril Society had the swastika as their symbol. Those Christians who believe in this Christ are the true Christians of the Greek Hermetic Cross and not the Jewish Christians or Judeo-Christian faiths. Sir Basil Liddel Hart . All the military strategy of Hitler from the Blitzkreig over France to the attack on Ardennes has been considered a brilliant strategist.

considered Hitler one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. M oses then goes up the M ount. The Order started in the first centuries of the age of Piscis as a necessity to maintain contact with ancient sacred Gods. the least intellectually and morally capacitated. an Egyptian. Christianity. Therefore the knights of the Temple were ancient orders of the Irish Celts. They were helping the monks to save all their valuable documents and treasures hoping to save the monastery from destruction. It was the Irish monk. The Egyptian pharaohs lost the knowledge of how to reawaken their bodies at the precise moment after the final days of involution. The gold represents alchemistry and the rock Philosophy. ten in all. half animal. THE HIS TORY OF MOS ES The Jewish Bible says that M oses had an Arc made of gold and inside the Arc was some rocks. and Islam) have destroyed the true history of our earth. WHY WAS THE TEMPLE ORDER CREATED? At the final days of the war the Germans were defending a convent founded by Saint Benito. M oses was an Egyptian priest who was assassinated. Pharoah means ’of iron’ . The proof of what I am saying lies in the fact that the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt was destroyed and along with it the history of extraterrestrials and prior civilizations to Egypt. M oses did not respect the Cosmic Law of Racial preservation and he married an Ethiopian. They have falsified the Hebrew traditions. The Knights Templars are unique in that they reproduce Hermetic and Gnostic signs. brings the tablets down to the base of the mount and finds the Hebrews adoring a gold calf. of Atlantis. No doubt the whole history of M oses in the Jewish Bible is a sham. The order continued to exist in the year 1128 by Saint Bernard and continued to exist for many more centuries. The Levites guarded the Arc and they were dressed in white. M oses. Nevertheless. The order then passed on to Saint Bernard. Saint Colombano born in the year 540. Then M oses goes back up the M ount either writes or finds new tablets and again descends the M ount. the tribe of Judi. Gold and rocks are symbols of Alchemistry. it was reduced to ashes by bombs. He then established a school of initiation into AtlantisHyperborean esoteric knowledge. refused to give up the precious knowledge held within that country and for that he was assassinated. The Semitic religions (Judaism. This same monastery was destroyed once before in the 14 century. educated by the Druids. The fact that the Arc was stolen means that they lost their powers because of something they did wrong.. only one survived in the desert. Of all the Jewish tribes. The Jews did there best to cover up and erase Egyptian history. it was supposed to have some kind of magical powers called ’Urim and Turrim’. It was not M oses . But some of that great history survived and was saved in subterranean worlds. Moses breaks the tablets therefore we do not know what the tablets said. and this is where there racial obsession and criminal tendencies spring from. who contributed the Celtic spirit to the temple order. of Egypt. This all occurred during the iron age. The tribe of Judea which was the most primitive tribe in existence at that moment in time falsified all the history of the world including the history of Israel. They were half man. is met by some divine power. They have destroyed all history of extraterrestrials and millions of years of civilizations on this planet down to about six thousand years of history which only demonstrate a primitive existence. The Arc was stolen in Egypt. That is why gypsies are called pharaohs because they made jewelry out of metals. And it is from here that the Egyptian Pharoahs were taught and then sent out to setup their Egyptian dynasties.

the fifth Book of M oses. the holy city of Hyperborea. When the Jewish scribe Esdra swore his allegiance to the new Reformed Jew pact. the M orning Star. I will repeat Hitlers words “The spiritual race lasts longer than the natural race. and in that book which no one has ever heard of before. The Jewish people are not a people. Any Jewish man or woman who did not abide strictly by these rules were punished. their incubated Dracula. This ethnic creation has no parallel in world history. The hate between the Aryans and the Jews stem from the fact that the Jews have distorted the truth. which means. According to the Jewish God and according to Ezekial. Jehova. All the tribes except one died. one altar. manufactured from top to bottom by Rabbis initiated in the blood religion. In the year 622 during the reconstruction of Salomons Temple. They are semi-gods and therefore they must be conscious of their race and preserve their race. Hitler on the other hand. Hyperborea. From here as we know our world history transformed from many thousands of years to only six thousand years. The Jews on the other hand will only perpetuate hate and vengance. When the Egyptians finally threw out the Hyskos (Semitic tribes) the Semitics had stolen the Holy Grail from the Aryans and left Egypt to go into the desert with the Judean tribes. FROM EGYPT BEGINS THE WAR When the Aryans were forced to abandon Egypt because of the invasion of the Hyskos (Semitic tribes)) a few were left behind and put into prison by the Hebrews. BLOOD. wants to be venerated. This is what has changed the course of history. Blood is a spiritual hermetic concept. have made themselves the supreme race. For the Jews to accomplish their mission they must suck the blood out of life and change the sun to the color of blood. Now there is only one God. They are the authors of the Talmud. Atlantis. they make themselves the selected people of earth. distorted the concept of God and the divine. destroyed all Aryan history. when in fact they are offspring of half man. All sacred Hebrew books and texts were revised and changed and now the Jews were called ’Reformed Jews’. All of a sudden this God has become a jealous God. half animal. the Hebrew people cried . Thirteen thousand six hundred laws governs the life of a Jew from dusk until dawn. They are the real authors of Jewish law. The Hebrews knew nothing of these traditions. Law. Six hundred years before our time everything changed. The original Hebrew was a pagan believer in a sun God and David and Solomon were Hebrew poets.who brought the law to the Hebrews but 120 scribes led by Nehemia and Esdra. It is the astral soul manifested in human bodies. when in reality it is Thule. their God will always be generous to them. Today people think that Jerusalem is the Holy City of God mentioned in the Jewish Bible. invented a posteriori. They add that it is their duty to exterminate the people of all other nations and that Jerusalem is the only place where their God. None of the prophets of Israel would have become a ‘Reformed Jew‘. the Jewish people are glorified. and they prohibit race-mixing. extraterrestrials from Venus. our heritage. and one Rabbi. tried to create a spiritual race. But this is only the beginning of . the Judi tribe. the Jews supposedly find the Book Deuteronomy. our divine forefathers. our previous great civilizations. THE MOTOR OF IMAGINATION Blood was the first fluid made out of magnetic light. it is a blood community. based on a criminal God created from their own minds for the purpose of enslaving mankind. Lost were all our history of extraterrestrials .” The Aryans are the offspring of angels. The divine purpose for preserving a bloodline in Aryans is to reawaken the memory banks of our DNA so that we may overcome the process of involution by remembering our origin. Now since the Jewish people are sacred they were not made to do any work or any honest work to make a living.

but because there has been a division of power. There is no such thing as an evil swastika. possessive. that Communism is the greatest thing under the sun. the Andes . Even before the Templars the Druids tried to reestablish the divine order. There can be no new prophets. neither before him or after him. Jehova will not permit other Gods before him because he is jealous. nobody knew the truth. it is to preserve ones own power or unless it was a tournament or some kind of game. and angels that can appear here on Earth. The swastika represents metaphysical concepts which were symbolized by runes. And of course their great Jew.The Jews also say that before the Jew. Freud. and the sign of the White Gods. or saints. The Jews began to practice Black M agic. even extraterrestrials. Sometimes they come into conflict including war but not for spiritual reasons exclusively. a blood pact. there is no happiness because there is no contact with the cosmos which permit us to breathe. In Communist countries even the plants and vegetation are sad. In the cup of the Grail is preserved the miracle of our divine extraterrestrial heritage. and wants only exclusivity. where they become possessed by demons promoting sex between man and beast. There is no reencarnation. and the distortion of truth. a pagan. There can be no other truth than what this God says. According to the Jewish bible before Christ arrived everyone was a dirty. division. One should read the article written by Henry Ford titled ’The Jewish Kahilla’ THE TWO S WAS TIKAS Is has been said after the world war that Hitler implemented an evil swastika because it rotated in the opposite direction that the earth rotated. The Aryans have pagan Gods. In the cup of the Grail is also the green stone. It is the sign of astral kundalini. On the other hand the Jewish God is an exclusive God. Therefore our mission is to penetrate into the mysteries of the ‘Golden Ribbon’ and learn Esoteric Hitlerism which will reveal the truth. initiation into the Aryan mysteries. Or from the religions of India which originated from Aryan religions. nor can there be any resurrection of any Gods. THE JEWIS H GODS -JEHOVA. FREUD Tell me who your Gods are and I will tell you who you are. the morning star. Quite the contrary.the hate and the wars to continue. Venus-Lucifer. avatars. and even the Rosicrucians. The Jews are the masters of fraud. the blood of the Hyperborean king. Nothing could be better than Communism. This is the effect of Kaliyuga. Hitler knew he would lose the war but he did the one . The reason Hitler chose the swastika was for metaphysical reasons. The Emerald. For an Aryan. who said that all mental aberrations were caused by sex. the Psychiatrist. It is the sign of the Himalayan M ountains. The initiation consisted of drinking from a sacred cup the blue blood of the blue race from Hyperborea. Where there exists exclusivity. sinful pagan. lack of unity. our semi divine origin. The pagan Gods live and let live. The same goes for the Christian God which is completely different from Aryan traditions. MARX. lies. THE TEMPLARS ATTEMPTED TO REES TABLIS H DIVINE NOBILITY The divine nobility of the Visigoths was transmitted by the blood of extraterrestrials which currently flow in our physical as well as our astral veins. of the Visigoths. The same colors as appear Krishna and Siva. The swastika represents our Aryan ancestors. But in this spiral of involution they all lost. of the world. Karl M arx. he has many Gods therefore he has many ancestors. Of course this is bogus and crazy.

in the Green Ray. WHAT IS ES OTERIC HITLERIS M? When someone is submerged in a myth. The Jew does not have to practice black magic. They continually accuse the Germans of genocide even today in their schools and make everyone of a Judeo-Christian religion feel guilty. the Gestapo. The confusion as to the SS before and after the war was due to the fact that SS also controlled the political police . We have no idea how low this cycle of involution will go without a major confrontation. just one Fuhrer. just one people.thing that the war was all about. magicians. With Hitlers racism having been finished this served as a perfect instrument for Judaism to promote race-mixing to make everyone impure like them. The accumulated forces of energy brought from inside this Earth guided by invisible leaders and all our dead heroes will be revived. But the semi-divine peoples of earth (Aryans) with the help of the Hyperboreans can once again enter the Golden Age. Where do we go from here? We know how complicated it is to talk about these issues. the only place where their Jehova wants to be revered. That is why we will have another World War and it will be by warriors who have been initiated and it will mark the beginning of the Golden Age. CAN THE HEBREW S TOP BEING A JEW AND BE A HEBREW? To the young Jew who does not want to be a Jew there is hope. This is a fatal movement. great strong spiritual leaders and warriors. The swastika is the key to divinity. But these are the issues that are bringing us to the end of the age of Kaliyuga. Jerusalem. If he purifies his blood from the animal blood even if it takes many lives it is possible to once again become a Hebrew and then on to higher spheres of life. just one Reich. at this point that person is possessed by the cosmic forces of history. If we don’t stop it what might happen? If we permit the destruction of our planet then how are we to find our way back to enlightenment? We need supermen for the job. Therefore it was the Jews who started the war between the Gods and the Demons and not Hitler. He unmasked the Jews. Today more and more people are aware of the evilness of the Jews therefore in this respect. especially the Germans . has made them more loyal to their God and they have won the promised land. On one side was Hitler. in the symbols. Everything that has happened since the close of the Second World War has made the Jews stronger. According to the philosopher Plato the disappearance of Atlantis was due to racial mixing. This cycle is ending and a new cycle will start. The Jew on the other hand has infected the world with the notion that the non-Jews are guilty of the ‘original sin’ and they must ‘always feel guilty‘. The real genocide however occurred to the Germans. We have waited for many years the start of the initiation of our young people into the mysteries of the ’Golden Ribbon ’ and Esoteric Hitlerism. a branch of the SS. But the SS we refer to here in this book is that every . We should not permit this involution to go on any further. The prophets were not considered anti-Jewish when they called Jehovah the Devil!. a legend. They were both based on bloodline but the earth animal-man for some reason rejected Hitlers’ racism but accepted the Jews racism. THE LAW OF THE PENDULUM It is a cosmic law that a pendulum travels the same exact distance to the other side that it traveled on this side. not to the Jews. Hitler won. On the other side was Judaism.

White Gods. Visnu. Each of these gods have a function of equal importance and one feeds off the other. Remember this earth cannot survive the Kaliyuga Age without the help of divine men and beings on this earth. They will take direct action in the combat. then the gods. Therefore there is a spiritual change which comes first on the astral level then a physical change on this earth. the same as in the last World War. The SS had created an order to flourish after the war which was to be separate of the totalitarian state. A geographical point on the astral earth. It will have a cosmic resonance and not even our imaginations can’t conceive of a war with immortals. It is not the hour. These things are hard for earth people to understand. The immortals don’t die even if they make believe they die. THIS WAR IS NOT OF MEN BUT OF GODS When we reach the final days of this age where the situation is so critical as we know it is. Not every member of the SS was a member of the Nazi Party.member of the SS was a spiritual initiate. Jews. It is a grave mistake for the Jews to appropriate the land of the Palestinians then to say that this land is the promised land. When the mystic SS killed someone they were killing demons. the god of preservation. the god of creation. take an active part in the battle and they will be seen by many. the demons. the god of destruction. where the exact point exists to exit the earth to other planets of our origin. The pendulum is now on the Jews side and it has not swung the other way yet. are only symbols within our own beings that guide our evolution. Germany. This act on an astral level has . bloodlines. A Russian author once said “ There is no terror that cannot be transformed into a luminous solution with even greater energy”. There are those who believe that these myths are purely symbolic and that everything we have talked about so far such as the hollow earth.’ THE DANCE OF S IVA In the Hindu religion there is the trinity of Brahma. Today we are living the dance of Siva where civilization is returning to the dark ages. Krishna advises the warrior Arjuna to do his duty and comply with his destiny and to kill his enemies even if they are not his enemies because they are already dead in the Krishnas eyes. Hindu Astrology also confirms that we are living in the age of the dance of Siva. women with magical powers. Agartha. white men. the myths. In the Hindu Bible. Because after the destruction comes new creation. Today the Jews are killing Palestinians because they are killing the enemies of their particular God. But even you can reach understanding through the ’Golden Ribbon. Both are necessary. the promised land of Hyperborea. The philosopher Heideggar was a member of the Nazi Party and remained a Nazi until his death in 1976. A prayer by a Hindu author once said ’ O M y God let there be a great and terrible war because I know that through a war we will find eternal life’. fair temperature. Between all three gods a spirit is formed. Through death comes life. In these meetings everything was discussed. separate from any other organization or political party. THREE FUNDAMENTAL POS ITIONS OF ES OTERIC HITLERIS M THE S YMBOLIC Once Germany was conquered in the Second World War the Jews had won their promised land. Esoteric Hitlerism contends that the Jews have falsified a myth that belongs to the Aryans. Since we must return according to laws of spiritual evolution and thru the preservation of our race and we will do this by the power of ‘Vril’. The cause of death can only be understood within the spirit. the Grail. the Polar Thule. and Siva. Shamballah. the legends.

Therefore the land of Thule exists . One is initiated a warrior. The Gods only give their blessing to those who do not falter in complying with their mission. The earth. At the same time especially at this most critical time on our planet. S ECOND FUNDAMENTAL-THE INTIATION OF S HAMBALLAH The Hermetic Law declares that whatever happens in heaven happens on earth. the Celts. the Germanic tribes. Atlantis exists and we can recuperate our lost cities. “ The gods don’t love they demand the impossible”. Those who are initiated warriors are born here on Earth to fight and struggle to bring about the New Solar Age.caused a catastrophe for the future of the people on Earth. At this point in time of the age of involution the spirit guides are not coming to the physical earth and they expect us to communicate with them to receive instructions and divine messages. He had to comply with destiny. In Shamballah one is taught how to use the power of Vril which brings about an automatic transfiguration. The third fundamental is that the Earth is a living being. Hitler left in a flying saucer in 1945. This is the chore for the great Hyperboran spirit guides. These warriors make up the great Golden Ribbon through time to guarantee that the planet earth is not abandoned by the spirits. Fulfilling the prophecy of Enoch in the legend. The spirit guides work incessantly both in the astral earth and on the physical earth to fulfill their missions knowing that we are suffering from this age of involution. They must help on both the astral level and on the earth level. The Jews have stolen the Golden Apple from the Aryan Gods and the Aryan Gods will have their vengeance. On the 26th of April 1942 Hitler declared the following. Hitler knew this and he was ordered to fight to the end by the spirit guides knowing he would lose. prepare for a new era because in the final war the battle will be won by the Germans” and during the firefight an SS soldier asked Hitler “and who are we supposed to fight for?” and Hitler responded “For him who will come later”. True divine spirit guides are necessary. bringing our earth back to divinity from whence we started. is not immortal unless he makes contact with the spirit world consciously. The same as man the earth has a an ‘Etheric body ’ which we refer to as the ’other Earth’. which we call the parallel earth. the Hindu Aryans. therefore all myths and legends become reality. Isn’t it extraordinary to know that the SS talked of the hollow earth and they searched the secrets of how to enter? As we have said both the North and South Pole are entry points into the hollow earth and the exit points to the astral Earth. just like man. To overcome involution. Hitler already knew that in the Astral world the armies were getting ready for the final days and that he was chosen to lead these armies. To recreate those magic moments of the Druids. This is what our Templars sought with the help of spirit guides. The third vision is of Hyperborea before the separation between Agartha and . the difference is in rates of vibratory energy where things happen quickly in heaven because of its high vibratory nature whereas on Earth everything happens slowly because of the slow vibratory energy. THE INITIATION OF AGARTHA The spirit guides from the astral world explain that the Second World War was only the first part of the great World War and that Hitler was supposed to lose the first part or first battle. At the end of the war Hitler declared in Berlin “ For a people to resist as have the German people. Within the Etheric body we find the Hyperborean Thule. One has to be very careful that he is communicating with divine spirits and not semi-divine spirits. and the cities of Agartha and Shamballah and they are inside the Earth.

and to be brave. They were building a human pyramide to the magic Grail. The Templars had no respect for nobility or rich people only in the best people. He knew that people who were born after Hitler was gone would also be drawn to him. both invisible and visible and it was maintained secret the same as the templars. The secret of stone placed in astral magnetic points creates astral music across the globe . The same was true of the SS where in their nightly ceremonies. reawakened this esoteric knowledge of the Templars within the Black Order and had the same knowledge. obedient. I visited Skorzeny just before his death and I inquired as to why he said Hitler was not interested in esoteric teachings. Therefore the SS. Skorzeny said that he wrote the book for those who never knew Hitler but were drawn to him. the Hindi-Aryan churches. When people dance at these holy points it creates magnetic vibrations and magic becomes possible. This was the ‘collective unconscious’ effect. Therefore we believe that organizations after the disappearance of the Templars were looking for a different grail. a new spirit extended all through the west . HITLER “ THE GREAT PRIES T OF THE WES T” It’s a mistake to think that the real M asters of the SS and of Esoteric . strong. They have established centers of communication with the higher civilizations in the center of the earth. Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. THE UNKNOWN PS YCHOLOGY In the book written by the German Otto Skorzeny. Now we find in the megaliths. and the SS. WHEN KRIS HNA DANCED IN THE CHURCHES With the order of the temple. built by the giant peoples that lived here are in astral magnet points All the great spiritual monuments across the globe are complete. To maintain contact with the higher civilizations within the earth and to receive their instructions. loyal. to be poor. THE S ECRET DIRECTORS OF THE S S The directors of the SS were people who were not seen in public. they had no uniforms. THE OTHER GRAIL The legend of the Grail disappeared with the disappearance of the Templars. they had only one mission. a member of the Waffen SS . Before the 14th century the people would dance in a circle with the spiritual leader in the center. they swore to be faithful. In the three hundred years that the Templars operated in Europe they eliminated hunger and disease.Shamballah of the North and South Pole. to continually improve. It was prohibited for a Templar to become enriched on an individual basis. character. Skorzeny described in his book how he was against the esoteric teachings of the SS and that Hitler was not interested in Esoteric teachings. they were not members of the Nazi party. The Temple order accumulated riches for the benefit of the people and to create a better civilization. Therfore our Earth has been spiritualized and the spiritual earth has been contacted by the Druids. The repeated foot stomping on sacred ground made contact with the astral world and communication was possible. I immediately suspected something was wrong. titled ‘The Unknown War’ he documents the treason of the high command of the German Armed Forces and how it was infiltrated by Soviet and Allied spies from all over the world.the Templars. Only the Order could become enriched. In today’s churches there is no magic and no communication with the astral world. There motto was ’You will be king as long as you remain just and fair’.

The warriors also had their own initiations . the real masters were somebody else as they can make themselves invisible and they continue their work and mysteries in another dimension. The monks were initiated in cathedrals. This is a society without any knowledge or wisdom. Those who worked in metals or construction had their initiations deep within the Earth. The SS could have reached this goal. This way robberies were avoided. The sign of the four leaf clover. Above all they had spiritual power. They were distinguished as artists. Only bad faith and ignorance reign. The Templars also did not pay tribute to the nobles. roads and cathedrals . Our lives would have been based upon tradition and the divine right of Hyperboreans.Hitlerism were made prisoners or that they were executed. they worked the land and cut the stone. Each was respected equally. The greatest enemies of the Templars were the Jews who loaned money based upon usury. The Japanese declared after an interview with Hitler that he was the “Great Priest of the West”. they made bridges. Each subdivision of the Templars and the Druids had their own initiation. Without a doubt Hitler was one of the last great avatars who tried to pull humanity out of the dark ages and into a golden era. and crooked politicians. Businessmen did not have to carry money as the templars gave them a check of sorts and they could cash in their checks at the end of their journey. which gave them the wisdom to find the invisible currents of the Earth. THREE DIS TINCT CONCEPTS OF POWER If the Templars would have continued to exist we would live in a much more different world today. One story makes Hitler a ’medium’ who fell under an evil spell and used his powers only for his own benefit. The Templars based their organization on the ancient Druids. S OCIAL ORGANIZATION BAS ED UPON DIFFERENT INITIATIONS It is said that the Templars were the first bankers in the history of the west. monks. they had magical laws. The villagers never had to pay taxes to the Templars when the Templars ruled the land. In that invisible circle unknown to the Templars. Thos who live during the Kaliyuga period belong to a society divided into classes and not in an initiation society which makes it impossible for them to understand the history of society based upon initiations which could not be based upon hate or jealousy because each initiation belonged to a specific type of wisdom and a degree of penetration into the magical universe. secret codes. or warriors who protected the common people. All we have is the burgeous. Each would finally reach the initiations of the stars closing the great circle. This is why it is absurd to try to prolong the Kaliyuga period where greed and hate reign. the SS. A lot has been written about Hitler. If he had enough time he could have re straightened out the planet and return the magnetic poles to their proper position. or their bosses is where they decide when the secret orders should disappear from the surface of the Earth because the people have degenerated too much and would not get any benefit from esoteric teachings. No class was superior to another . Those who worked in agriculture had their own secrets and their own initiations which was based upon cosmic laws. This is why the Templars do not defend themselves. The Druids were from the country. We know that the SS was working on a project to free Europe from having to pay taxes.” A radio report from Oslo at the disappearance of Hitler remarked “ A great person has gone who could not be understood by our current era”. distributed food and the riches without any personal benefit or profit. they want to maintain the purity of the Grail. the military. We would have a united world based upon . such as Himmler or Jacques De M olay.

it has the appearance of equality when in reality it produces the most severe cases of inequality and disgrace. No one governs nor is anyone governed. If the SS could have imposed their government there would have been no usury. They enjoy constant struggle and war against each other. Hyperborean initiation. magicians. Seven hundred years ago an attempt was made to save the Earth from its involution and to transfigure it. divine beings. The final and unavoidable result is collective atheism which is also rationalism. There is the Catholic initiation which corresponds to a lunar initiation which is ambiguous. or Divine M asters from other dimensions. It is believed that the SS also found the Holy Grail and they were able to decipher it. more on the same level as the Templars. If we analyze what the Germans or the SS accomplished in only six years it was nothing less than a miracle. One always prepares for death. a life in heaven where one commits sins then is forgiven. This concept is rationalism and democracy. If the Templars were still here today we would live in a more magical world where superhuman feats would be common place. This passing through the “valley of tears” . There is no earthly way to escape from this never ending spiral. This is the worst and darkest period of Earth history. and psychics who are in constant contact with extraterrestrial and cosmic forces. accepts injustice. The Germans had discovered a new technology (used in there flying saucer experiments) where they found it was not necessary to win the physical World War II. cosmic beings. This is an invisible government. a planet of lead. which intended to establish a divine order where the power was in “service” which can only be accomplished when in contact with extraterrestrials. S CIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Hitler and Germany had the atomic bomb but Hitler decided not to use it. no communism . In the Hyperborean concept of transcendental power there is a divine right to initiation within an order to be guided by masters. It is very probable that the atomic bomb used against Japan was actually of German origin.HITLER HAD THE ATOMIC BOMB The concept of the Druids and the Templars was the Solar initiation. Germany also had flying saucers. and no capitalism which are really one and the same and they help each other destroy the divine and the divinity resulting in nothing more than rationalism. Today there are three concepts of initiation which circulate in the veins of this planet. the animal-man with animal feelings constantly revolving in circles cutting off all spiritual connections to the universe and as a result has lost all power to connect with other dimensions.spirituality. the Dark Ages. The victors of the war stole many of Germany’s military secrets. The other concept is the power of democracy and humanism where real power is invisible and society is controlled by elements they have no knowledge of. A world without Gods. and does not correct what is wrong. They have lost the power of “vril”. and Gods. All of civilization is drowning as slaves of the cybernetic world becoming more and more human (demons) and less godly. The victory of inferior currents and the destruction of the Templars brought this world to humanism and rationalism. They found that it was necessary to lose that war to save the legend. WHAT CAUS ED THE DES TRUCTION OF THE TEMPLARS ? Christianity. the Roman Catholic Church. doubtful and maintains the imperfection of everything on Earth. the Jews and their religion have caused multiple conflicts of interest and greed contributing to the fall of the . from the symbolic north and at midnight.

Finding out the truth about ancient Hyperborea then covering it up with lies was the real crucifixion. But in the laws of physics and history the pendulum will swing back and the swastika will once again regain its rightful place . In reality the concentration camps that were supposed to have gas chambers were in Poland and the Soviet Union. they ate children for breakfast. Jealousy of the enormous treasures of the Templars was another reason . After the First World War. not even in their own defence. David Irving. Paul Rassinier died in 1966. questionable. We must remember that the Templars never used violence. It never happened. ’The true trial of Eichman’ published in 1962 and the ’ Drama of European Jews. and at the least. The English author of this fantastic lie about the Jews retracted this accusation in his memoirs. He participated in the French resistance and was caught by the Germans. These wise men also chose to lose this battle in order to win the final war. a 800 page book based on a 10 year investigation including recovered documents from Berlin. ‘ Ulises betrayed by his own’ published in 1960. Rassinier was a French Socialist. a complete lie. Of course with all the information media in the hands of the Jews today the populace will never know the truth. Rassinier wanted to reveal to the world the falsification by the Jews of the ’six million’ and the so-called ’gas-chambers’. and of course they had photos to prove that this was true. the propaganda was that the Germans cut open the breasts of French women . He was sent to the concentration camp at Buchanwald in 1943. His conclusion is that Hitler knew nothing of any Jewish extermination or the so-called :final Jewish solution”. And there is not one Jew over 60 who was not in a German concentration camp and survived to tell their story. He was liberated in 1945 and decorated with the medal of the Resistance. King Arthur’s roundtable will once again show the . ES OTERIC HITLERIS M One final word about the six million Jews that were killed in gas chambers. This falls in line with the fifth protocol of the “Protocols of Elders of Zion” of the Jews plan to take over the world. The Jews have made themselves victims of two generations of Germans and their offspring parrot the same lies. Today they claim six million Jews died. published in 1964.Templars. The star of David has six points therefore the invention of six million Jews killed by the Germans is nothing more than Black M agic being practiced by a collective people. If one is interested in more details of this falsified holocaust please read ‘The lies of Ulises’ by Paul Rassinier published in 1949 in Paris. which Germany had to pay with 6 million sterling pounds after the war never mentioning the part of Germany that was controlled by the Russian Bolsheviks is nothing more than an expression of the Jewish religion. not Germany and then the gas stories were highly contradictory. The swastika transports people to a metaphysical world or parallel world from this physical world. THE EXODUS AND THE RETURN OF THE S WAS TIKA The Swastika is a symbol of Esoteric Hitlerism. The Swastika is the symbol of Aryan origin and past Aryan civilizations going back many thousands of years. THE S IX MILLION VICTIMS : MATERIALIZATION OF THE COLLECTIVE JEWIS H CONS CIOUS NES S The invention of the six million Jews killed by genocide. etc. At the end of the Second World War the Jews that died did not even reach a million. There is not one Jew in the world who claims did not have someone in their family die in a German gas chamber. This proves that the Jews build there present and future on lies. etc. It is a symbol of the death of our Aryan Gods as we no longer reverence them. In 1977 a British historian. published a book titled “Hitlers War” .

see the cities in the center of the Earth. and England’s politicians were under the effect of a hypnotic drug administered from a distance . they found the jungle was empty even though the enemy was there. opposed the Communist Soviet Union. seems to confirm the arguments of Rudolph Hess about hypnosis at a distance. The same happened with the suicidal decisions of President Thiu of South Vietnam when he withdrew his armies without any reason within three weeks before a North Vietnamese Army that took over his country without firing a shot. the hallucination of the American public. He wrote a manuscript and he repeated this manuscript during the Nuremberg trials. Rudolf Hess also claimed that Hitler was under the influence of that hypnotic drug. become a wizard. A Spanish journalist who covered the Watergate scandal called the operation “ Operation Golda M eir”. with all the military operations launched by General Westmoreland utilizing the latest technology in Vietnam they were powerless. the radio. By generating the swastika of energy known as kundalini up through the spine and opening the third eye one can see the Gods. Everything Nixon did in his last days after Watergate was to his own destruction. The press. and politicians have all lost any contact with reality. Rudolf alleged that the people who ran the English prisons. ’The M ost Solitaire M an in the World’ that in all the time he was in contact with Rudolf Hess throughout the years in prison he demonstrated to be an intelligent man beyond the common man and he never was crazy or went crazy. Lieutenant Colonel K. the supreme center has become invisible to human sight and can only be seen through the third eye. Rudolf Hess under close examination was found to be of superior intelligence and passed every intelligence test ever given to him. M ao Tsu Sung of China iterated that the atomic bomb could do nothing to their country and The North Vietnames proved that they were superior to America’s war machine and technology. and established relations with China. The Gods of the losers of today will be the victors of tomorrow because they have already won in a parallel universe. We are currently going through the Dark Ages but at the end of the Dark Ages we will once again triumph. Some Russian ministers were sentenced to death because they were caught using this hypnotic drug on other politicians in that same country. In reality after the disappearance of the polar region . The same was said of him in Bernard Hutton’s book. RUDOLF HES S AND HIS REMARKABLE S TATEMENTS Before Rudolf Hess was transferred to Nuremburg for his trials from England’s prisons. hyperborean. the M an and his M ission’. The Zionist Jews have chosen a false land (Jerusalem) as the Supreme Center where their God wants to reside. The North American Prison Director. Who runs this center of telepathic hypnosis? Rudolf Hess alleged that it was the Cabalistic Jews. It was time for the Jews to stop him. ’Hess. People were controlled by strong . The Pentagon should scrutinize the events that took place there. President Nixon was too independent for the Jews because he stopped the Vietnam war. On the other hand. Furthermore. Although Rudolph Hess was shrugged off as just being crazy at the Nuremburg trials.swastika.. Bird wrote in his book. Recent events in World History have proven Rudolf Hess to be correct in his statements. television. Rudolph Hess further alleged that the reason he was being kept behind bars is because the Jews never forgave him for trying to stop a war that the Jews worked so hard to get started. THE CENTER OF THE TELEPATHIC FORCES The facts of Watergate. It would constantly rain even though the weather reports were said to be good for flying sorties.

The light of the M orning Star. the ‘Hamsa‘ . Tilak. This Black M agic is what caused the disappearance of Atlantis.mental forces from some point on Earth. “ The last batallion ” will enter into combat at a higher energy vibration when the destruction of our planet becomes inevitable. the men will become young and Hyperborea will be here once the new age begins. A break in the ozone layer will occur and the ultra violet rays will enter burning up land masses and converting them into desert. THE POLAR ORIGIN OF THE VEDAS According to the Hindu legends in the times when the city was visible on the surface of the Earth there was only one caste. This is known as ’Black M agic’ and the Gods we speak of here who will blind those who want to lose are the Gods of evil. The Prince of slavery will become the slave. But once again the city of Agartha will return to the surface. On the 13th of February 1945 in Berlin Hitler stated “ If I win this war it will be the end of the Jewish Empire and world control. What is important is who controls the dark side of this day and age. They will immediately enter into a parallel Earth leaving behind all ambitions and the three dimensional world to continue the war on another dimension. The Jews never forgave Stalin for entering into a non-aggression pact with Hitler and they got their revenge. THE COMING AGES The insistence of the Jews to confiscate Jerusalem as their spiritual center reflects their type of peace (shalom). if I lose the Jewish victory will be of short duration”. The author. Six thousand years ago the city moved within the Earth. In the book titled ‘The King of the World’ by Rene Guenon he wrote that the city of Agartha wasn’t always inside the Earth or inside of a mountain. BLACK MAGIC AND THE DIS APPEARANCE OF ATLANTIS At the end of each cycle everyone clearly sees that “ The Gods will blind those that want to lose” and we see the hypnotic effects of the evil forces of the dark side causing caos . In Stalin’s last days he alleges that Jewish doctors were trying to poison him. All changes in climate can be controlled and when the summer converts into winter and the winter converts into summer the Earth as we know it will exist no more. The same Black M agic which is being used today to destroy our planet was the same Black M agic which was used to destroy Atlantis. This may produce another disappearance of a continent just like Atlantis. commonly known as Demons. Once again we remember the words of Rudolpf Hess. always reaching their maximum strength at the end of each earthly cycle. In the beginning Agartha could be seen on the surface of the Earth. The Age of Iron where we witness major changes in the climate caused by diabolical arms invented by military nations controlled by the dark side. Rudolph Hess stated in Nuremburg. According to Colonel Bird. known as Venus or Lucifer will save all our heroes in the moment we think all is lost. the Prince of Slavery. WHITE MAGIC AND A NEW EARTH The initiates of Esoteric Hitlerism are incorporated into the Golden Circle which is above the force of gravity and the material world. wrote the book ’The Arctic Home of the . “ There is a superior power to Jewish power”. This word also means ’the perfect state’ before humanity fell into involution (reverse reincarnation) . People actually think that these phenomenons are natural occurrences? The Arctic ice will melt caused by atomic bombs causing a great flood over Canada and the United States. It makes no difference where this force comes from or how it is used . This power is White M agic.

Vedas’ explaining in detail the Polar origin of the Indian Vedic religion. . The power of “Vril: disappeared when the city of Agartha disappeared. This book was published in 1956. When the Golden Age returns so will Agartha and the Vril Power.When the city was visible and both the divine souls and semi-divine souls lived together using “Vril Power” and they could enter or leave the city.