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Mr. Shinde & his group from Shahuwadi, Tal- Shahuwadi. Dist- Kolhapur, requested me to inspect the lease area of village Einwadi Tal- Shahuwadi, Dist - Kolhapur. Total lease area is 71.20 Hect of village Einwadi. As a sequel I have inspect the area of following Gat Nos. 70,

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is inspected on 8/07/2012 withMr. Parashuram Shinde & Mr.



accompanied me during inspection work.




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A village Einwadi is located in survey of India toposheet No 474116 atL at N-16".54' 73" 5l' 42.A" village Einwadi School Location. From Kolhapur city it is accessible via. Malkapur town & village Einwadi side. The inspected area is located nearby Hindalco Mines


Dhangarwadi. Location to Hindalco mines to einwadi applied area is near to this mine area. Total distance from Kolhapur to einwadi approx. 70 Km.

as per

The inspected area which is recommended per grant of mining lease includes private land 7/12.

73 to 74 is boundary of Hindalco mine discuss with Mr. The area is located on Eastern & North Eastern lslopes of part Einwadi plateau is rising up to elevation l0ll meters. It is complex product of weathering a desalt in hot & moist climate. The lava flows have a capping of laterite to bauxite which is fine grained. Gat nos. Total mineral bearing areais 30% of 71. The traverses were taken in the area.e. At several places spheroidal weathering is clearly seen. During course of field investigations very big boulder are noticed in the area. The plateau is very few Hector. The Bauxite boulders are occurring in20a/o of the ffiea & remaining is l0% of plateau thickness of plateau is l0 Meters. It is seen that bauxite occurring at Dhangarwadi plateau is very good grade of bauxite. The basalt is exposed in valley section and sub plateau area. It is highly porous rock & it shows every gradation from femrginous to aluminous laterite to bauxite (HigfoGrade). & . in the inspected area. FIELD INVESTIGATION: *. Shinde. Plateau clearly indicating that much of bauxite occurring on top of the plateau had been separated and transported on Northern slope and Eastern slopes i.3rea and other area is slope. It is commonly observed that the rolled boulder of bauxite & aluminous are embedded in soil. From field observation of recommended atea and area in Eastern of Hindalco Mines i.Ecocerne to Upper cretaceous. .2Hect. From megascopic observation it is seen that Bauxite occurring in the area is of medium to high grade & most of the Bauxite is of high grade. Aluminums laterite Basalt -Recent ..e. An escarpment up to height l0 meter is found on Northem part of lease area. The basalt is dark gray colored hard compact medium to coarse grained in texture consists of Fe-Mg minerals.Pleistocene Laterite. running mines at Dhangarwadi plateau. Other gat nos are totally slope area.REGIONAL GEOLOGY OF THE AREA: The applied area is plateau area & is covered by copping of lateritic to bauxite & sub plateau area is covered by Lateritic soil with boulder of reddish colored lateritic & soil with slopy area stratigraphic sequence of the surrounding area is as followsSoil Bauxite.

SUMMARY& CONCLUSION: A inspected area is represented by partly plateau & mostly float bauxite.984 million tones. Total reserves are The surveyed area of calculated are about 3.2 Hectare.124 Million tones.2) of bauxite the reserves of bauxite are to the order of l.l4 million tones. Therefore 30Yo area is minerals bearing laterite boulders are occurring in 5Yoto 7Yo million tines.Shahuwadi Dist. Taking into consideration size of boulders of bauxite area extent of mineralslised zone & specific gravity (2.124 is plateau. CONCLUSION: uil)age Einwadi Tal. In addition to these reserves of low Sade bauxite containing 35 to 40 %o AlzO3 are estimated to the order of 1. Total 3. Solue M frindroltumor [i' r* M. The area is extensively lAo/o admeasuringT l.Sc Geology Gaologi$ {bnsultontl .Kdhapur is sub dySeau area and covered by mostly bauxite to laterite & floated area is 20 %o of boulders. Boulders (Laterite) 2 to 5 meters thickness. The bauxite float is exposed in 20% of area inspected & of area of area.