2012 ASEAN

“Molding the ASEAN
November 12 - 16, 2012
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


Framework and Reasoning
Due to the increasing trend in globalization connection, every region of the world is linked
together like never before. This has caused a chain of changes across national boundaries
economically, politically, socially and culturally. In addition, new complex problems have also
arisen in which one nation could not hope to solve alone. These problems are the
phenomenon caused by globalization which constantly pushes the nations towards one
another in cooperation.
In the context of Thailand’s relationship with the world, we cannot deny that intraregional
relationship is of great importance especially the Association of South East Asian Nations or
ASEAN which comprises of ten nations; Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia,
Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma. Efforts in forming ASEAN began
in the year 1961 but progress came to a stop for a time until the signing of the “Bangkok
Declaration”. Over 40 years have passed and in the year 2008 the ASEAN nations have
signed the ASEAN Charter which serves as a “Constitution” for the ten nations in reaching
their vision of “One Vision, One Identity, One Community”. This had led to all ASEAN
developments being under the same rules and regulation. Section 1 of the ASEAN Charter
states the various ASEAN missions most notably number 14, “To develop ASEAN’s
character through realization of cultural diversity and regional heritage” and number 15, “To
sustain its unity and aggressive role in driving relationships and cooperation amongst
ASEAN members and non-members along with presenting a transparent and open image”.
From the signing of the ASEAN Charter, the development of one market for the entire region
within seven years will lead to the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in
the year 2015 so as to facilitate the free movement of goods, services, investments, and labor.
This would ultimately lead to crucial changes and effect the people of the South East Asian
region in every point such as livelihood, jobs, labor, etc. These goals will be met only with
the cooperation of all members of the society most importantly the education institution

both domestically and internationally in accord to its founder who wished for the institution to provide knowledge and lay the foundation for Thai education. Chulalongkorn University is fully aware of its position as a leader in education and is prepared for changes. Our graduates meet international demand to building and meeting the academic needs that would further develop and solve problems in Thai society. From ASEAN’s mission. Chulalongkorn University’s vision and CU Academic Expo 2012 framework. exchange and spread knowledge and projects of Chulalongkorn University students and professors for all in ASEAN to see. they would also learn about each other’s culture and build upon the ASEAN relationship at the student level. Thus. For 70 years Chulalongkorn University strives to produce the best people to develop the nation and with the vision for Chulalongkorn University to become the Pillar of the Kingdom through new graduates. To initiate debate and exchange of knowledge and ideas in various fields related to ASEAN amongst students and other members of the program which would lead into ways to solve problems for ASEAN in the future. analysis and ideas regarding the ASEAN Mind. The year 2012 would prove a special opportunity for Chulalongkorn University in CU Academic Expo 2012 with the motto “Pillar of Wisdom -. education develops people and the nation and prepares them for the changes to come.Developing the Country in the Footsteps of His Majesty The King”. both domestic and international. it is crucial for Thailand as an important member in ASEAN and Chulalongkorn University as the Pillar of the Kingdom to support the nation towards the AEC by offering a venue for international exchanges and debate in academic matters for students. CU Academic Expo 2012 would also be an opportunity to present. research and academic works accepted on the international scale. To grant opportunities for students and others in the seminar to experience cultures and ideas from various nations which would build upon their vision and develop their academic knowledge . This project was started as a people-to-people initiative which is a small unit of people which eventually grew in size to encourage students. As time passes. visions. In addition.which holds the task of imparting knowledge and developing visions for our country’s coming generations. to exchange knowledge. 2. Aim of Program 1. in 2012 the ASEAN Student Forum was formed.

30-12.3.30-14. students and professors’ work in CU Academic Expo 2012 to members of the program Tentative Schedule Date Time Activities Note 12 Nov 2012 All Day Arrival and Hotel check-in 13 Nov 2012 Day Bangkok sightseeing Dress Code: Casual (No shorts. To foster relationship between Chulalongkorn University and its university network both domestically and internationally in ASEAN on the student level 5.30 Country Presentation 10.00-13. To bring out students’ ideas and opinions and to spread them to the public as a way to further develop the nation in the future 4.30 Activity 14 Nov 2012 . To present information regarding Chulalongkorn University. no sleeveless top) Night Welcome Party Dress Code: To Be Announced 08.30 ASEAN MIND Calling 14.30 Arrival and Registration for “Forum Workshop and Group Activities” 08.30-09.00 Opening Ceremony 09.00-10.30 Lunch 13.00 Integration Calling 12.30-15.00-08.

00 Networking Session 08.00-16.30 Arrival and Registration for “Forum Workshop and Group Activities” 08.30-15.30 Lunch 13.00 Activity 09.00 Impact of ASEAN MIND 15.00-11.30-17.30-18.00-12.00 Mechanism to Achieve ASEAN MIND 11.00-08.This schedule is subjected to further adjustments.00 Pathway to Achieve ASEAN MIND Speech 12.00 Closing Night Party Day Chulalongkorn University Campus Tour Chulalongkorn University Academic Expo tour Note: . One Fate 16.Date 15 Nov 2012 16 Nov 2012 Time Activities 15.30 ASEAN MIND? And why do we need it? 17.30-17.00-16. Note Dress Code: To Be Announced .00-13.00 ASEAN MIND in Action 16.30-09.30 ASEAN: One Community.

Possess leadership skill and/or proved to be an initiator Additional Required Document Applicant is required to submit 400-600 words proposal essay about yourself to explain any extenuating circumstances that you feel could add value to your application.Have basic knowledge about ASEAN .5 or higher . You may also want to explain your personality or unique aspects of your academic background or valued experiences you may have had.. participants are to be informed that clothing which allows flexible movements is preferred. .Good English communication skill (forum will be conducted in English) .GPAX of 2.Undergraduate students .Due to wide ranges of activity. Qualifications for Delegates .Please note that certain clothing will not be allowed on the 13th of November due to restricted attires in some tourist attractions. .

Application Form Delegate to 2012 ASEAN Student Forum I. please submit before 26 September 2012. Note: Successful applicants who are selected to enroll ASF have to pay the participation fee of US$100. sightseeing. Twitter. The payment information will be sent after the successful applicants are announced. However. seminar. the airfare is excluded. Personal Information O Mr. etc. ________________________________ E-mail _________________________________ Social Network contact (Facebook. This fee covers the cost of accommodation.Please submit the application form to co.com before 5 October 2012 For applicant who wishes to apply for scholarship.) . O Ms.conchulavi55@gmail. activities and parties. (capital letters) ___________________________________________________ Surname _________________________________ Nickname_________________________ Birthdate _________________________________ Age _____________________________ University__________________________________________________________________ Faculty _____________________________________Years of Study ___________________ Tel.

What has inspired you to apply for 2012 ASEAN Student Forum? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ . In your opinion.___________________________________________________________________________ II Criterion English speaking skill O Excellent O Very good O Good O Fair O Poor Other languages (languages in ASEAN region are preferable) ___________________________________________________________________________ III Please answer the questions below briefly: 1. what is the “ASEAN Mind”? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 2.

__________________ _________________ _________________ ________________ _ 3. How would you implement knowledge you gain from this forum? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 4. After the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). what would be the impact to all ASEAN citizens? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Scholarship Application Form Delegate to 2012 ASEAN Student Forum (Optional) This application is for applicants who are interested in attending the 2012 ASEAN Student Forum and will need financial aid to assist with the registration fees. Applicants must answer the following questions no more than 10 sentences: 1. Why do you want to attend the ASEAN Student Forum 2012? .

What are your expectations from participating the ASF? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Why do you think that you should be granted this scholarship? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

applicants who fail to obtain scholarship will have opportunity to be delegate as well as regular applicants. Please note that. . counselor or supervisor and submit the letter with the application form. How will you pass on your takeaways (knowledge and experience) from ASF to your friends and family? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Applicants who wish to apply for scholarship must also submit a recommendation letter from their teacher.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.