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NSE (Please sign BSE (Please sign

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Received Policies and Procedure as per SEBI circular, MIRSD/SE/cir-19/2009 dated December 3, 2009.

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Documentary evidence of financial details for clients trading in Derivative Segment. Please furnish any one of the following

 Copy of ITR acknowledgement.  Copy of Annual Accounts.  Networth Certificate.  Bank Account Statement for last six months.  Copy of Demat Holding.  Latest Salary Slip and Form 16 copy.
Client Code : _____________________ Client Name : _____________________ 1

for my/our convenience. I/We confirm you that I will bring to your notice any dispute arising from the statement of account or settlement so made in writing within 7 working days from the date of receipt of funds /securities or statement of account or statement related to it. I/We request in writing full or part payment/delivery thereof. I/We hereby authorize you to maintain my/our account as my/our running account with you. I/We confirm that I/We shall inform and request in writing to your Registered Office at Chennai by Speed post/Registered Post before initiating any other action/complaint against you. any credit balance in my/our account (s). may please be retained in your own account or your DP beneficiary account itself and marked against my/our account(s). as the case may be at your registered office at Chennai. delivery charges. It is my/our request to you that unless and until. I/We agree that no interest will be payable to me/us on the amounts or securities so retained with you and I/We hereby authorize you to debit my/our account necessary DP charges. Interest Rate Futures etc. loan debit or whatever reason.. Chennai. 4. Aryan Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. 2. pledge. Currency.) in which I/We have or may have dealings with you. instead of settlement to settlement clearance of dues to me/us. and adjusted towards impending margins. 5. I/We request you to settle my fund and securities account . I/We authorize you as under: 1.  Once in every calendar Quarter or  Once in a calendar Month or such higher period as allowed by SEBI / Stock Exchange time to time except for the funds given towards collaterals/margin in form of Bank Guarantee and/or Fixed Deposit Receipt. These Standing Instructions are applicable to all Exchanges/Segments (Capital/Cash market. After that. dues or further purchase/sale positions that. be it security deposit/margin/trading/other account. and on my/our own. I/We shall have no right to dispute the transaction. and or any shares/deliveries with you by way of purchase. 3. I/We may undertake. In case. I/We am/are aware that you are required to issue monies /securities due to me/us within one working day of the pay-out from the Exchange. In order to facilitate operations. Thank you. 2 . you may retain the requisite securities/funds towards such obligations and may also retain the funds expected to be required to meet margin obligations for next 5 trading days calculated in the manner specified by the exchanges. I/We have an outstanding obligation on the settlement date. Derivatives. Dear Sir. If any payment/delivery requested by me/us is not received by me/us upon request on or after the due date.. funds and/or securities ever and agree that you shall not be liable for any incidental loss/damage caused due to retention of funds and/or securities. (Ref: Trading Account No ______________) Date : _________________ I/We are dealing through you as a client in Capital Market and/or Future & Option segment and/or Currency segment and/or Interest Rate future Segment and in order to facilitate ease of operations and upfront requirement of margin for trade.NON-MANDATORY RUNNING ACCOUNT AUTHORISATION To. I/We confirm that this letter is valid for a period of one year and shall be renewed by me/us yearly and I/We can revoke the above mentioned authority anytime by giving 15 working days notice in writing. margin.

Yours faithfully. 6  _________________ (Signature of the Client) 3 .

Further. Chennai. I/We further undertake to pay fee / charges as may be levied by ARYAN from time to time. CLIENT CODE : Mobile Number on which Messages are to be sent Date : _________________ +91 (Please write only the mobile number without prefixing country code or zero) Email ID : (Please write only ONE valid Email Id for communication – this should be the same email id already provided to us for receiving digitally certified documents/contracts) Thank you. I/We have read and understood the terms and conditions mentioned above and agree to abide by them and any amendments thereto made by ARYAN from time to time. Fees: ARYAN reserves the right to charge such fees from time to time as it deems fit for providing this service to the CLIENT after providing notice via SMS or Email or letter at the time of introduction or change of fee. ARYAN does not warranty the confidentiality or security of the SMS alerts transmitted through a service provider. ARYAN shall bear no responsibility or liability consequent to providing this service or shortcomings thereof. I/We provide the following information for the purpose of REGISTRATION / MODIFICATION (Please strike out what is not applicable). Disclaimer: ARYAN shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the CLIENT’s personal information is kept confidential. 7 3 . ARYAN will not be liable for any unauthorized use or access to the information and / or SMS alert sent on the mobile phone number of the Client or fraudulent. I/We consent to ARYAN providing to the service provider such information pertaining to Ledger Balance / Short Delivery Intimation / Payout Position /other relevant information in my/our account as necessary for the purposes of generating SMS alerts by the service provider. to be sent to said mobile number. duplicate or erroneous use / misuse of such information by any third party. (Sub: Registration / Modification Form for receiving SMS alerts for Account No ______________) I/We wish to avail the SMS Alerts facility provided by the ARYAN on my/our mobile number provided in the registration form subject to the terms and conditions mentioned below. This being an additional service provided by ARYAN in the interest of the client. Aryan Share & Stock Brokers Ltd..NON MANDATORY SMS REGISTRATION / MODIFICATION FORM To. ARYAN makes no warranty or representation of any kind in relation to the system and the network or their function or their performance or for any delay or loss or damage whenever and howsoever suffered or incurred by the Client or by any person resulting from or in connection with availing of SMS alerts facility. Yours faithfully. Dear Sir. ARYAN gives no warranty with respect to the quality of the service provided by the service provider.

 __________________ (Signature of the Client) 4 .

he/she/they will not receive the same in Physical Form (Hard Copy). or cheques.. without first verifying and obtaining such verification in writing from ASSBL’s Head office. which are not crossed Account Payee or cheques which have not been filled completely. Any consequences arising from this non-submission of proof. Failing the same. ASSBL shall not be responsible/accountable/liable to the same. ASSBL has not authorised any person /agent/representative/franchisee/dealer/sub-broker/ broker/or any other entity to accept deposits for interest or any other return whatsoever on its behalf. Hence. To ensure uninterrupted continuation of trading limits/exposure.IMPORTANT OPERATING GUIDELINES. In case. client is advised to strike the same without affixing the signatures. No other person like employee/representative/franchisee/dealer/staff/branch business associate of ASSBL in any capacity is authorized to issue cash receipt and any cash receipts issued by any of these entities shall be treated as invalid and not binding on ASSBL. the client gives cheques from any another bank account belonging to him or issue Demand Draft / Payorder. if the client does not wish to sign voluntary clauses in the agreement or optional authority letter or standing instruction letter. should the same of misused by any one including representative/franchisee/dealer/sub-broker/staff/employee/branch associate of ASSBL. 5) ASSBL does not accept any cash payments at any of its through secured User name and Password (which will be provided by member after the Trading account gets opened) to use the back-office facilities like Contracts/Ledger/Holding 4) Aryan Share & Stock Brokers LTD (ASSBL) has not authorized any person/agent/representative/franchisee/dealer/subbroker/broker/staff/employee/business associate or any other entity on its behalf. 9) The client shall not deal with any person or party who claim to represent ASSBL as its agent/representative/franchisee/dealer/sub-broker/ broker/or any other entity on its behalf. ASSBL accepts only security deposits/margin deposits from clients for the purpose of providing share and derivatives trading exposure limit as per the rules and regulations of Exchange/SEBI. In case. to undertake any Portfolio Management Schemes or any such Schemes for assured/un-assured returns or otherwise. ASSBL has not authorized any person/agent/representative/franchisee/dealer/sub-broker/staff/employee/branch business associate or any other entity on its behalf. electronically. the client issue the Cheques/DDs in favor of any other name or any abbreviated name of the company. Client has also understood that. Also. 1) It is understood that client has read the CRF and Member-Client Agreement completely before affixing the signatures. 8) ASSBL does not accept interest bearing deposits or any other deposits from public and is prohibited by SEBI and its own Memorandum and Article of Association from doing so. clients who hand over any cash (strictly prohibited) to any person/agent/representative/franchisee/dealer/subbroker/staff/employee/branch business associate associates of ASSBL at the Head Office or any of the branches/offices do so solely at their own risk and without any liability to ASSBL. In case. then in that event. 7) The Cheques/funds transfers should be issued by the client only from the pre-specified bank account of the client already intimated to ASSBL. 10) ASSBL does not induce Clients to trade (buy or sell shares or derivatives) directly or through any agent/representative/franchisee/dealer/sub-broker/staff/employee/business associates. Also any securities towards margin or selling obligation of the client will be delivered to ASSBL Demat account only. ASSBL shall not be held responsible otherwise. 24 hours prior ( or 48 hours prior in case of other bank accounts of ASSBL) to Exchange pay-in schedule for the relevant trading day. Clients are advised to read the signboards before commencing business at the office and contact the Head Office.. so that funds are credited into ASSBL’s clearing bank account. in case of any doubts prior to commencing business.” only or fund transfer to ASSBL’s Client Bank account. if the same is transferred to any other account. should the same be misused by anyone including representative/franchisee/dealer/sub-broker/staff/employee/branch associate of ASSBL. in case. credit will not be given by ASSBL to the client account. 11) All of ASSBL ‘s Offices/Branches display ASSBL ’s Disclaimer. ASSBL shall not be responsible/accountable/liable for the same. These security/margin deposits carry no interest returns or assured returns and ASSBL shall not pay any interest or assure returns at any point in time. 2) Clients are advised to fill in all the details in CRF and Member-Client Agreement. 3) Further. Therefore. client is aware that he/she/they have access to Member’s Website (assbl. please pay your funds obligation to ASSBL before the start of trading next day. in whatsoever manner. 6) Clients must make payments only in the form of A/c Payee Crossed Cheque issued in favor of “Aryan Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. Further. ASSBL will undertake Portfolio Management only after entering in to a separate written agreement with the client specific to Portfolio Management. client will be solely responsible for the same. and the Exchange specified sign board showing the address and the contact persons at the Head Office and the name of the branch manager /sub-broker as well as the address of the branch. TERMS AND CONDITIONS The client is hereby cautioned and he/she/they also hereby confirm that he/she/they have understood the following. SEBI Registration Certificates. 12) Please pay to ASSBL. In case. client understands that non-receipt of bounced mail notification by the member shall amount to delivery of the all documents at the e-mail ID of the client. Also. if he/she/ they have signed Authority Letter to receive all necessary documents like Daily Contracts/ Statement of Ledger/ Margin statement etc. to accept cash. 4 . ASSBL does not undertake any Portfolio Management at present and will do so only after obtaining approval from SEBI/Exchange and relevant authorities should it desire to do so in future. necessary supporting documents to be provided immediately ascertaining that Cheques/Demand Draft / Pay-order has been issued from his account only.