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Backstreet Festival 23-29 September 2012 Performances Programme:

Sunday 23 September 2012

Super Nova (Fire Show) Shoe Maker & the Devil (Childrens Performance)


Bubble Events

Cinema Rio Rooftop French Institute Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Middle Hall)

8 PM


Ivana BrliMaurani Fil darena

12 pm 8 pm

Monday 24 September 2012

Caf Sol (Dance-Musical) Kajelly El Wad Fi Alex (Musical Performance) Walk and Watch (Human Statutes)

Spain Like Jelly Egypt

French Institute Bibliotheca

9:30 pm


Bubble Events

Alexandrina (Plaza)

12 pm

Inside Time/Outside Space Tuesday 25 September 2012 Raqsit Shamis (Dance) LAU Laptop Orchestra Blok Show Bizarre! (Comedy Street Theatre) King Hamed and the Fearless Girl Arabian Fairytale (Children Performance) Wednesday 26 September 2012 First Step German Fairytale (Children Performance) Show Bizarre! (Comedy Street Theater) Dancing in the streets (Tap Dance) (Dance Installation)

Irne K Belgium Company El Funoun Palestine Dance Troupe Lebanese Lebanon American University Austria Theater Leela Schnawwl Theater

Russian Cultural Centre Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Great Hall) French Institute Riada School

5 pm

8 pm

9:30 pm 10 am 11:30 am


Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Middle Hall)

12 pm


Ibn Daniel


Theater Leela Ann Amendolagine & Livia

Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Plaza) El Cabina Space

3 pm


8 pm

Bettinelli Show Bizarre! (Comedy Street Theater) Show Bizarre! Thursday 27 September 2012 (Comedy Street Theater) Theatrical Rhythms (Musical Performance) Al Hezb El Comedy (Stand up and Sketch Comedy) The Transformers (Street Clowns) The Fastest Man on Earth (Street Dance) Windows (Performance) Egypt Egypt Saint Gabriel School Bibliotheca Austria Theater Leela Theatrical Rythms Al Hezb El Comedy Outa Hamra/ Red Tomato Phax Ahamada aka Slowmotion Phax 417 itg (International Theatre Group) Alexandrina (Plaza) Syria French Institute Teatro Eskendria Dekket El Daraweesh Cafe Atelier of Alexandria Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Middle Hall) 8 pm 3 pm 10 am 11:30 am


Theater Leela

9:30 pm

2 pm

Friday 28 September 2012


4 pm

Saturday 29 September 2012

Internationa l

8 pm

Training Programme:
Constraints & Liberties trough the Art of Puppetry Multimedia on Stage Construction - Deconstruction (Scenography in NonTraditional Spaces) Writing for Theatre Workshop: Reality vs. Fiction: The Transformation of the World by Writing a Play Street Dance Work in Progress

Eric de Sarria & Sarah Letouzey (France) Jean Luc Marchina (Switzerland) Hussein Baidoun (Lebanon)

Centre Rzodance Egypt El Madina for Performing and Digital Arts - Egypt Teatro Eskendria Atelier of Alexandria

24-29 September 24-29 September

9:30 5:00 9:30- 2:00

24-27 September

9:30 5:00

Eric Altorfer (Switzerland) Phax Ahmada (Sweden) Cedric Pinaterelli (Germany)

Goethe Institute

26-29 September

9:30 5:00

Goethe Institute Teatro Eskendria

24-25 September 28-29 September

9:30 -1:30 9:30 4:00

Dialogue Programme:
Roundtable Discussion Open SpacesClosed Spaces 26-27 September 2012 Swedish Institute in Alexandria (Closed Session- not open to public)

Partners and Sponsors:


Is the initiative of the international Association for Creaton and Training (I - a c t) and has been developed primarily through private funds with the kind support of the Culture Resource and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Egypt.

The space was supported through Culture Resources Egypt Spaces Initiative.

Special Thanks to:

Logistical Assistance - Bridge Initiative:

Addresses of the Venues:

Ateleir of Alexandria
6 Victor Bassili Street, Al Pharaana Al Azarita, Alexandria - Egypt. Tel: (+2)03 48 60 526

Bibliotheca Alexandrina
P.O. Box 138 - Chatby, Alexandria 21526, EGYPT. Tel: (+2)03 48 39 999

Centre Rzodanse Egypte

15 Rue Szostris, Al Attarine Opposite Banque du Caire 2nd floor, Alexandrie, Egypte. Tel : (+2)03 48 35 355

Cinema Rio
37, Fouad Street, Ramel Station, Alexandria, Egypt.

Dekket El Daraweesh Caf El Cabina Space

11th San Saba st. - Behind "Rialto" Movie Theater Mahatet El Raml, Alexandria, Egypt.

El Madina Space for Performing and Digital Arts

8 Talaat Harb Street, Alexandria, Egypt. Tel: (+2)03 48 75 818

French Institute
30 rue Nabi Daniel, Alexandrie, Egypte. Tel: (+2)03 39 22 503

Goethe Institute
10 El-Batlasa St. Al Azarita Tel: (+2)03 48 79 870

Russian Cultural Centre

5 el batalsa st. Azarita, Alexandria,

Swedish Institute in Alexandria

57, 26 July Avenue Mansheya Corniche , Alexandria, Egypt. Tel: (+2)0 3 4855113

Teatro Eskendria
25, Fouad Street, Ramel Station, Alexandria, Egypt. Tel: (+2)03 39 01 339