14 JULY 2011 To: The SPIO under the RTI Act 2005 Secretary (VAT) Chandigarh From: Sh.

Jiwan Kumar Sood (Partner) M/s Partap Cycle Industries VRN: 03631033387 Sewak Pura, Kalsian Street, Ludhiana. Dear Sir / Madam, Application for Information under Section 6 of the RTI Act 2005 I, a law abiding citizen of India and seek some information related to my VAT Refund under the RTI Act, 2005: Brief Details of the Matter Enclosed is a photocopy of my VAT Refund for the period 01-01-2008 to 3103-2008 approved and issued on 15-09-2009 against application dated 03-10-2008. In the mentioned refund application, I had claimed a refund of Rupees 85895/whereas only Rupees 63885/- was allowed and that too without any interest. In this connection, please provide me the following information under the RTI Act 2005: Information Sought 1. The name, designation, office address and Office telephone number of ALL the officers who have seen and processed my VAT Refund Application. 2. The period of days for which my VAT Refund Application was pending with

each of the officer mentioned above.


The certified copies of official remarks / reports / file noting made by each

officer as mentioned in point 1. 4. The certified copy of any instructions received from any higher authority of the

VAT Department or any other “Competent Authority” to delay or reject the refund claim made by me. 5. Please inform me the reasons through a certified copy of order that why my

refund was rejected to the tune of Rupees 22,010/-. 6. Please inform me the reasons why no interest was paid for the delay in issuing

of my approved refund amount. Further, I am willing to pay any additional charges as determined by the SPIO under the RTI Act and communicated to me with detailed calculations which have been used for demanding the extra amount to be charged. Please find enclosed herewith an IPO No. 89E 620795 for Rupees 10/- as the payment towards Application Fee for this RTI Application. We are pleased to clarify any other point(s) as may desired in the matter. Thanking You,

(Jiwan Kr. Sood)

Enclosure: 1. IPO for Rs 10/2. Ref. Voucher

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