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Did you know SAP has one of the world's most powerful workflow engines built into its core basis system? SAP Workflow is a set of tools used to design, develop and implement workflows in SAP based on events that occur on various business objects. Based on an object oriented concept of Objects (Business Objects / Classes ) SAP Workflow can fully automate all Enterprise workflow requirements. SAP Workflow can be used when working with different Applications or Programs : Mobility , Webdynpro ABAP , CRM , SRM , BSP , SCM & many different modules. BASIC SAP GUI NAVIGATION
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Workflow terminology Use of workflow and workflow templates Difference between mail & workitem Basic Customizing settings in the SAP Business Workflow system Inboxes:    Possible inboxes for work items Defining substitutes Processing work items

AGENTS  Agent Assignment  Possible Agents , Responsible Agents , Excluded Agents  Recipient  Actual Agents  Assigning Multiple Agents Per Work Item  Deadline & Notification Agents Agent Assignment Using Organizational Structure  The Basic Organizational Plan
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Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Contact: 040-64608866,

Email: 8050856224 Page 2 .  The Extended Organizational Plan  Doing Without an Organizational Plan Agent Assignment Using TASK Group BUILDING AND USING WORKFLOW            Defining workflows using the Workflow Builder Binding Matrix Enhancing business objects with the Business Object Builder Defining business process steps: task definition Data definition and containers Dynamic agent determination at runtime Triggering workflows with events Triggering events in the system Deadline monitoring Workflow Wizards Options for ad-hoc processing WORKFLOW PROGRAMMING    Business Object Builder: defining and implementing your own BOR objects Data flow and new containers Agent determination rules      Rule Basics Testing & Simulating Rules Responsibility Rules with multiple criteria and Secondary priorities Agent Determination using SAP Organizational Data Function Modules as rules   Programming exits at step and workflow level Event generation by programming    Check function modules Receiver type function modules Receiver function modules  Runtime system:    Structure Performance Administration Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Contact: 8050856640.

USER Methods:  Synchronous methods  Asynchronous methods  Foreground Methods  Background Methods  Secondary Methods  Before Methods  After Methods  ABAP CLASSES : OO-ABAP IN WORKFLOW Preqrequisite :( OO ABAP)         Definition and implementation of ABAP-OO classes for use in the workflow Definition of attributes Definition of methods and error handling Definition of events Triggering ABAP-OO events Using ABAP-OO classes in workflow processes Difference between ABAP Classes & Business Objects UTILITY Classes in Workflow Creating Utility Class  Workflow Interface IF_WORKFLOW : BI_PERSISTENT .com 8050856640. 8050856224 Page 3   Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Contact: 040-64608866. Events  Common Business Object Types Used with Many Workflow Scenarios  SELFITEM  WF_TASK  SYSTEM  USR01 . Methods .technology@gmail.BUSINESS OBJECTS     Creating Custom Business Objects Extending BO Types Via Delegation Debugging background methods in Workflow Business Object Components  Adding Interface  Creating Key Fields . BI_OBJECT  Using Utility Class in a TASK  Functional Methods  Deadline monitoring using Utility Classes Business Classes in Workflow  Difference between Utility & Business Classes  Implementing& Usage of Local Persistent Object Reference Email: bandis. .

8050856224 Page 4 Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Contact: 040-64608866. . Modeled Escalations Modeled Deadline Escalations  Notify recipients Via EMAIL that a Deadline Missed  Skip Work Item If Deadline Missed Scheduling background Job for Deadline Monitoring Binding Blocks & Local Workflow Ad-hoc Features & Review Work Item EVENTS AND BUSINESS INTERFAECS          Introduction to events Event linkage Table & Search For Events Evaluation and Maintenance of Type Linkages with Process Flow Triggering Events Start Conditions For workflows Terminating Event Workflow Header Events Parked Events . Event Queues Raising Events From Business Application       Raising Events Via Classes Raising Events Via Status Changes Raising Events Via Change Documents Raising Events Via Message Control Raising Events Via HR Info type Raising Events Via BTE Email: bandis. CX_BO_APPLICATION classes ADVANCED WORKFLOW DESIGN TECHNIQUES  Step Conditions    Step Condition : Create Work Item Step Condition : Complete Work Item Step Condition : Completion Execution         Parallel Processing  Implement Table Driven Dynamic Parallel Processing  Implement a FORK Reusing Workflows as Sub Workflow Deadline Reactions : Standard Escalations .com   Implementing ABAP class objects Event handling using class CL_SWF_EVT_EVENT Handling Exceptions using CX_BO.

This one example will make sure any development in workflow you can complete easily without any trouble. This is a complete custom application Business Scenario with Standard Object type and delegation of subtype using deadline monitoring Macro creation & use at design time and runtime. Macro Reporting Email: 8050856640. Binding Matrix. suppressing possible step outcomes with custom object type. . building relationships between different object types.   First we learn handling Business Scenario with standard object Type for Business Partner Creation Business scenario handling terminating events. asynchronous method.  Raising Events Via calling a workflow API Raising Events Via Implicit Enhancement Points WORKFLOW DIAGNOSTICS  Diagnosis Logs      Workflow Log Diagnosis Transaction Event Trace RFC Log Debugging Workflow WORKFLOW ADMINISTRATION   Error Resolution Techniques To Resolve Runtime Errors  Basic Settings For Error Monitoring  Finding & Fixing Work Items  Diagnosis Of Workflows with Error  Work Item Selection & Work Item Frequency  Work Item Display : Standard & Technical View Resolving Agent Determination Errors  Fixing work Item With No Agents Or Wrong Agents  Preventing Agent Determination Problems From Recurring  Resolve Buffering Errors PRACTICAL EXAMPLES DONE IN CLASS ROOM .technology@gmail. 8050856224 Page 5     Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Contact: 040-64608866.

CS . Talk with faculty . SRM .Interact with our previous batch students in FACEBOOK to know bandis technology workflow standards . Web flow connector settings Compiled By: Srinivasulu Bandi Contact: 040-64608866. Workflow with BRF+ Note : To know which is the best institute for workflow .technology@gmail. you can reach me bandis. Remember u can attend only 2 demos 2. Adv. Configuration . I have 4 years experience in workflow I have developed many workflows for SAP Mobility . Anytime any day if you feel that our teaching standards is low . CRM . Regards : Bandis Technology  . you can take your money back . Standard settings for workitems related UWL in backend. 3. but during this time what I learned will try my best to deliver . Attend the demos in different institutes. PS . UWL validations 7. TM . We have build this course in such a way that you should be able to do any workflow requirement in real time & crack any interview . Real Time Workflow Project Scenario on Sales Pricing: This project topic Covers all real time based Development . MM . sometime when you do online course. To know who offers what . To know how far you will benefit . Email: bandis.I am not 100% best .facebook. Wake up before it’s too late .com/groups/workflowbandistechnology/ 3. Negative & Positive Testing ADVANCE TOPICS : Prerequisite :( OO ABAP & WEBDYNPRO ABAP) 1. Customizing the Workflow Template using XML generation in Portal 8. See the course curriculum and industry demand . Webdynpro ABAP Application using different Workflow APIs 4. or not the same as expected on day 1 or day 2 or day3 etc. 9. http://www. Net weaver Portal Integration And settings For UWL 6. Configuration using portal wizard 10. do the following 1. Workflow with UWL 2. SD . 2. Realize the importance of workflow. the faculty is a student who himself learned workflow and 8050856224 Page 6 . How BANDIS Technology is different from other institutes 1. Inbound & Outbound Plug configuration for UWL 5.

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