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Movie Promo Pitchbook

9.16.12 // C. Brown

Treatment: Form + Content


Sell us your idea, top to bottom. Think it through. Big idea, Tone, Form + Content, Emotion, Action, Story, Impression

Jean-Luc Godard, arguably the most radical of the New Wave filmmakers in the 60s, is an artist whose imaginative typographic title sequences, intertitles, still and animated imagery inspires me as a designer. Breathless was one of Godard’s first films and possibly his most influential. At the time, the film attracted much attention for its bold visual style and the innovative use of jump cuts. The story is about a young petty criminal (Jean-Paul Belmondo) who models himself on the film persona of Humphrey Bogart. He falls for a beautiful American girl (Jean Seberg) who is studying journalism in Paris while selling the New York Herald Tribune. He plans to make a getaway with her for Italy, but she becomes aware that he is a fugitive and betrays him. My goal is to encapsulate the fundamental aesthetics of Godard’s movies, while slightly modernizing it’s visual language. Without negotiating what makes his work so unique and timeless, I will styllistically echo Godard’s intertitles, which usually look more like “title cards” from the silent film era. As a backdrop for the titling, I will incorporate simple geometric shapes, which reveal within them grainy, silhouette versions of the two iconic characters from the film.

Style, Palette, Imagery, Analogy

The palette will be limited to 4 colors with a black backdrop. Reminiscent of Godard’s favorite palette of red, white, and blue - with a slight revision in the brightness of the palette & hints of yellow. Alongside titling thats influenced by Godard, simple shapes will partially unveil characters from the film. WHAT DOES IT MOVE LIKE?
Animation, Camera, Edit, Analogy

The pacing of the titling will mimic Godard’s jump cut editing style that was introduced in Breathless. The backdrop of shapes however will move more smoothly and patiently like the pacing of the dialogue in the film. WHAT DOES IT SOUND LIKE?
Music, Sound Design, Mood, Tone

Most of Godard’s movies use a few simple melodies to tie much of the film together. I will use a piece by Martial Solac that was created for Breathless. I believe this piece reflects both the romantic as well as chaotic aspects of the film.

Reference: Style

Breakdown: Concept


Theft Minimal Black & White Jagged Cigarette Getaway Dragnet Beautiful

Jump Cuts Classic Cinema Lust Recklessness Cinematography New Wave Death Humphry Bogart

Love Ego Raw Simple Cool Rebellious Paris Sexy




A movie promotional that incorporates Godard’s signature intertitles, minimal palette, and simple beauty.

Storyboard: A

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