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Please fill separate questionnaire for all the credit cards you hold. b. You can tick mark the appropriate columns by copying and pasting the symbol ' (wherever requested).

1. Which bank Credit Card are you holding and since when? Please tick () where applicable.
Issuing Bank Name of the card Type of card (Visa/Master Card/Others) Period of holding < 1 year 1 - 3 years 3 - 5 years > 5 years


2. Were you explained the terms and conditions of the credit card before applying for the same? Please tick () the appropriate column.
Yes No

3. Are you aware of the following in relation to credit cards? Please tick () the appropriate column.
Terms Interest Rate Credit Limit Cash Advance Balance Transfer Annual Fee Joining Fee Completely aware Highly aware Moderately aware Somewhat aware Unaware

4. Why did you apply for a credit card? Please tick () if applicable.
Tick To add to your buying power To conduct cashless shopping To budget your expenditure To meet your unique needs Status symbol Cross selling by executives

5. Which marketing channel persuaded you to apply for this banks credit card? Please tick () if applicable.
Tick Personal Selling / Tele-calling Advertisements Recommendation of executives Word of mouth publicity (friend /relative) Print Media Electronic Media Sponsored by your organization Sales agents standing outside the ATMs Any other

6. What were the documents required while applying for the credit card? Please tick () if applicable.
List of documents Income Tax Returns Pay Slip/Salary Certificate Pan Card Copy of any existing credit card held by you Latest Statement of any other Credit Card held by you Permanent Address Proof Document Form 16 Others (Please specify) Yes / No

7. Which of the following factors/source of information you considered important while applying for a credit card? Please tick () the appropriate column as per the degree of importance.
Extremely important Profile of the Issuer Lower Interest Rate Higher credit limit Cash Advance limit Wide Acceptability Annual Fees Waiver Renewal Fees Waiver Utility Payments Attractive offers Insurance Benefits Reward Points Installment payment plan Balance Transfer Facility Higher grace period Limited lost card liability Important Neutral Un-important Did not consider

8. What were the features promised/proposed by the bank and what was actually delivered? Please tick () the appropriate column.
Features of the credit card Zero AMC Special offers on air and train tickets Credit Days Discount offers Cash Back on purchases 0% Fuel Surcharge Low interest rate on Balance Transfer Low interest rate on Installments payment mode Nil transaction fees on cash advance from same bank ATMs Reward points redemption Monthly Billing Statement Promised Delivered

9. How often and where do you use your credit card? Please tick () the appropriate column.
Frequently Airlines Bookings Railway Bookings Cash Withdrawals Shopping Entertainment Utilities Bill Payment Petrol Pump Insurance Hospitals Hotels Restaurants Any other Monthly Yearly Rarely Not using

10. Do you take care of the billing period while repaying the Total Amount Due on your credit card? Please tick () if applicable.
Frequency Always Mostly Rarely Never Tick

11. Please rank (on a scale of 1 to 6) the following modes of repayment of the credit card bill as per your preference.
Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mode of repayment of the bill Collection / Drop Box Option Online Payment Over the counter (Cash) Over the phone Standing Instructions Through ATMs Any other Rank

12. Please mark () your satisfaction level for the following services delivered by the credit card issuers.
Extremely satisfied Queries related to change in customer details Queries related to billing particulars Queries related to usage, benefits, etc. Grievance Handling Intimation of new offers / products Follow up for bill payment Satisfied Neutral Unsatisfied Extremely unsatisfied

13.Are you unsatisfied with any service provided by your credit card issuer? If yes, please specify: ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

14.Will you recommend this banks credit card to others? If yes, on what grounds: ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

Name Age City Email id : : : : Please tick () the appropriate columns below: Matriculate & below Under : Post graduate : Salaried House wife Upto 1 Lac : Above 5 Lacs Graduate Professional Self-employed Student 1 Lac - 2.5 Lacs 2.5 Lacs 5 Lacs Graduate Other Retired

Academic Qualification Occupation Income per annum (Rs.)

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