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Tiltproof Incorporated

Payment Processor Reconciliation for ePassporte

Document No. Effective Date Revision Date Approval

5.10.2 06/21/2007 GN

1.0 Purpose:

This document establishes how to handle payment processor reconciliation for ePassporte.

2.0 Persons Affected:

1) Cashier Team Leads 2) Supervisors

3.0 Forms, Checklists, Flowchart: 4.0 Policy:

1) Printable version: \\tpfs1nw\workflow$\HANDBOOK-CASHIER TL AND ABOVE\Print Versions\Cashier TL and Above Handbook\5.10.2 ePassporte.doc

A) Contact Information 1) The merchant account is <>. 2) Pearl Chu and Shaliza Somani are the account managers. They can be reached at 416-703-7200x 406. Include David Quach <> on all important payment processor related emails (i.e. processor policy inquiries, replenishment requests). 3) EPassporte will not divulge contact information if requested. If ePassporte user information is required you may email ePassporte and they will confirm if their information is consistent with information provided by Full Tilt Poker. 4) Processor Account Lookup has been unreliable at times in regards to ePassporte transactions. The ePassporte account may have been used on our site however PAL may show no transactions. 5) If a players transaction history does not show the ePassporte account used to deposit, the transfer ix may be used to locate the ePassporte account on the merchant site. Enter the transfer ix next to User1.

5.0 Procedure:

A) Deposit Transaction Search 1) Go to < > 2) Login with the User ID and Password

Tiltproof Incorporated 3) 4) 5) 6) Select EPPURCHASE ACCOUNT Select MANAGE TRANSACTIONS Change Transaction Type from Pending to All Enter ePassporte account name next to User ID: Or enter the appropriate Transfer IX next to User1: 7) Select Search B) ProcessingFailed Deposits 1) Open the Deposit queue in WAT 2) It is important to check the status of the transaction and that User1 matches the Transfer IX

a) Verified Enter the ePassporte Credit ID as Auth Code 1 Enter the ePassporte Debit ID as Auth Code 2 Notate EPASS DEP: Verified by processor. Select Accept Deposit b) Rejected or Dropped Fail the transaction in WAT Notate EPASS DEP: Rejected/Dropped by processor.

c) Not Found on ePassporte Site Fail the transaction in WAT Notate EPASS DEP: not found on processor

d) Pending If in the right hand column it gives action choices (None (default), Verify, Reject), you may select Verify (if there is no reason to fail the transaction in WAT) Select Submit at the bottom of page Accept the transaction in WAT as per Verified Status instructions above. e) If an error message appears when attempting to verify in the Pending state Select Reject Select Submit at the bottom of the page Fail transaction in WAT as per Rejected Status instructions

Tiltproof Incorporated above C) Pending Deposits on ePassporte 1) Go to < > 2) Login with the User ID and Password 3) Select EPPURCHASE ACCOUNT 4) Select MANAGE TRANSACTIONS 5) Copy the Transfer Ix of the pending deposit. 6) In WAT, paste and search the Transfer Ix. 7) The transaction in WAT will determine the action to be taken on the ePassporte site: a) Successful in WAT Select Verify on ePassporte Select Submit b) Declined in WAT Select Reject on ePassporte Select Submit 8) If no transfer ix can be found for the transaction in WAT, reject the transaction a) Leave a note for the depositor in the text field Full Tilt is unable to locate the player name
associated with this transaction. Please email <> Attn: Tiffany with your screen name and the details of this transaction to assist you in making a deposit.

Email the details of this to Trini at <> in case she is later contacted regarding the funds for the rejected transaction (paste these details into the email prior to completing the transaction as it disappears from the ePassporte page). 10) Select Reject and select Submit at the bottom of page

D) Withdrawal Transaction Search 1) Login with User ID and Password 2) Select MY ACCOUNT 3) Select Send Money 4) Select SEARCH FOR PREVIOUS TRANSFERS. 5) Enter ePassporte account name next to User ID: 6) Select Search a) Withdrawals will be listed by date and amount. b) If there are several transactions on same date for same amount and it is necessary to differentiate, please email ePassporte from the operations box to verify transactions. E) ProcessingFailed Withdrawals 1) Look up the withdrawals on the ePassorte site 2) If the transaction is found a) Enter the Transfer Ix or the word ePassoprte in each of the authcode boxes in WAT.

Tiltproof Incorporated b) Select Accept Transaction 3) If the transaction is not found, fail the transaction in WAT. a) Select the Decline tab. b) Select a Reason Code Presently there is only Other. c) Enter a Transaction Note that withdrawal was declined. d) Select Decline Withdrawal. 4) If the withdrawal failed another one must be initiated manually. See part F. 5) Email the player wd.manual from Kana to let them know there was an error in their first transaction and we have resubmitted it. F) Manual Withdrawals 1) Find the player in WAT 2) Select W/D from the Player Shortcuts section.

3) Enter the amount of the withdrawal. 4) Select a Reason Code Presently there is only Other. 5) In the Note box explain why the withdrawal request is being manually initiated. 6) Double check the amount entered and the player ID. 7) Select Submit. G) Contacting the Processor 1) Send reversal status and confirmation inquiries to <> or <> from the <> email address. a) If the email bounces back, send it from your Tiltproof address, cc operations, and specify in body to reply to <>. BCC: <> on reversal and inquiry requests.

Tiltproof Incorporated Include David Quach <> on all important payment processor related emails (i.e. processor policy inquiries, replenishment requests).

6.0 Definitions:

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