A story based on the poem Children learn what they live I was born crippled, and my father looked

at me with sympathy but my mother said, that I was the most beautiful treasure she ever had. She also said to my father that I was the most precious gift she ever received. She thanked God for giving her a son that needs extra love and care. As I grow up, my father still cannot accept that he had a crippled son. Every day when he looked at me all I saw were cold eyes looking at me with sympathy. And I feel sorry for myself for I cannot give him a son that he wanted that would run for him at the door whenever he come home from work. And playing with him basketball or simply throwing and catching a ball. He also cannot witness my first step that parents would be so thrilled to see the first step of their child. But my mother accepts and loved me for who I am. She told me that even though father didn’t hug me like other father and son do. He loved me, but I loved him more than he loved me. During at the park I heard some people criticize me because of my disabilities; my mother would hear them whisper of sympathy. But she looked at them and smiles and carries me far away from them. Because of what I heard people discriminating me. I blamed myself for being crippled. I blame myself for I cannot give my parents a perfect child. Because of that incident at the park I feel shame and refuse to go whenever mom tells me to go to the park. And I feel guilty for myself of whatever suffering I bought to my mother for carrying me always whenever I wanted to go. The one reason that I don’t want to go to the park is that I am jealous to see how my father play along with other children while I’m on the bench watching , I fell envious at them and discontented of another well – being. I often had an ill – will to others that I pray that I wish that child would be crippled instead of me. I feel ridicule when other children laughed at my situations. And I feel shy cover5ed my feet with the blanket and feared that other who would see me would also laughed at me. Because of their unfriendliness I burst into emotion and learn to fight, I once throw a stone at the boys head and see a blood oozing from his head. The mother of that child was so mad to the other children that she thought other children did it instead of me. But my mother taught me honest is the best policy, so I told the truth and said sorry and told that it was a self – defense. I want to be honest so I could be true in everything I do. I was 7 years old when my mom enrolled me ion school. I was afraid that people may reject me and encounter what I had experienced in the park. But I had a very kind and considerate teacher. She is very generous and always in disposition to do good. She has a very soft face and smile. She is very kind to me, and helps me to stand and carry me to the toilet. She considered our sense of individuality and

I gain confidence acting in the stage in front of many people not afraid to show my disabilities. I treated my friends equal. I feel and learn that the world is a nice place to live Instead of hiding myself in the closet. I got this talent from my father who’s an actor but decided to retire and put up our own business. It was my first time father hugged me. Whom have worth and value and have place on earth. that they had a trust in me that I could do it. Because of the reassurance of love that my parents give me always. And at last I appreciate myself as unique individual. . Our school had acknowledge my extravagant acting that I appreciate it so much and learn that it is good to have a goal. We are all unique combinations of talents and traits that never existed before and will never exist again in quite same package. My mother and father cried and hugged me so tight. When I was a child I like to act in front of the mirror and portray something like I was in the theater stage. I withdrawn back of what I said before that I don’t like myself as me but now I like myself and I know that I could do something far more than a normal child could do. She told us that no human being is exactly like another. I could slowly walk with unbalanced motion. which I did not hesitate to refuse. and we are all the same creature created by God equally. That I acted very well in the stage. I became generous that I gave my old toys to the charity. my mother and father praised me. And I feel pity for her. but this is not the hindrance of my success. So I wanted to pursue my studies in acting. Because of my teacher treating us fair. that they will accept me for who I am. As years passed I saw my mother endurance of taking care of me and bringing me to school every day. Because of the other children friendliness to me. Because of my generosity. I appreciate everything around me. despite of my disability.belongingness. and that they believe in me that I could do it.. I have faith in me and all those around me. I begin to feel guilty of being just and practice impartiality. I may be physically disabled. I could now appreciate the beauty of nature that before I had never seen. Because of that. Because I already had friends and I experienced of sharing and exchanging or baon. which provoke me to take my first step and at last! I could stand with a little shaking of my knees. My teacher found out this talent and encourages me to join the drama club. that I appreciate it very much. I was so happy to them that they even respect me as me. Because of my teacher and parents’ encouragement. my patience of practicing had being forth. With the approval of my parents and teacher. And from that day I begin to respect other because we all have difference in appearance.

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