Wheat Halwa

Dr.Chef Damu

Carrot Halwa
INGREDIENTS Carrot Sugar Cardamom Cashew nuts Ghee Milk 1/2kg 300 gms 6(powdered) 5 nuts 3 tsp 100 ml

INGREDIENTS Samba Wheat Ghee Cardamom Sugar Cashew nuts


300 gms 400 gms 4 nos 3 times of the milk extracted from the wheat 20 nos

Halwa Special

METHOD: v Peel the carrot and grate them onely. v Heat ghee in a frying pan, add the cashews and after it is roasted and turns slightly golden, add the cardamom powder and the milk. v When the milk is boiled add the carrot and stir in low heat until the carrot is well cooked. v Then add the sugar stirring constantly in low heat and cook until the mixture becomes a non-sticky paste v The most popular dessert out of Punjab and Delhi – now popular all over the country.

METHOD: v Soak wheat overnight. Grind in grinder adding water occasionally. v Place a piece of cloth inside a sieve and pour the ground wheat on it and collect the oltered milk in a vessel. (<ou may grind the same wheat again once or twice until the entire milk is extracted.) v Leave the extracted milk for one hour. The thick milk will settle down and water liquid will stay on top. Remove the dilute portion by puring it out. Measure the quantity of this milk. v The amount of sugar should be three times that of this milk. Make sugar syrup by heating sugar and water in the ratio 1:1 until it becomes a thick liquid. v Pour the milk in the syrup and keep stirring. Boil water separately. When the mix becomes thick, add water in steps of 1 cup every time the mix becomes thick until the halwa is well cooked. Add ghee and keep stirring. v When the ghee begins to separate, add cardamom powder and remove from pame. Pour this in a large plate. v Roast a few cashew nuts in ghee and decorate.