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21st September, Friday. Vol-2.


I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.

Top Headlines: Parties divided on PM candidate. Differences over leadership of new government likely to delay finalization of new roadmap. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Former King Gyanendra Shah arrived in Pokhara today afternoon on a weeklong visit to religious sites in Gandaki and Dhaulagiri. Political parties have called bandh to protest visit. (Source: The Himalayan Times) NRB Board on Thursday declared Crystal Finance Company crisis ridden after the companys financial health deteriorated as a result of insider lending. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) National Cooperative Bank (NCB) has established Cooperatives Credit Information Bureau to keep records of the credit history of borrowers from cooperatives in a bid to discourage a single member from taking loans from multiple cooperatives. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Central Banks plan to introduce a base rate in the banking sector has faced opposition, as new banks have objected to the plan saying such a system would not create a level playing field to them. (Source: Republica) PM Bhattarai directs government agencies to revive closed Public enterprises. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) NRB asks traders to stop giving loans. Banking law provides only financial institutions the right to do so. (Source: The Himalayan Times) NRB has introduced the AGM clearance and Dividend working procedures for commercial banks that spells out the conditions and provisions regarding dividend declarations. (Source: The Himalayan Times) Government approves Rs.50 million sugar loans to National Trading Limited for importing sugar for the upcoming festivals Dashain, Tihar and Chhat. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Department of Money Laundering Investigation to file cases related to IC misappropriation through ATMs. (Source: The Himalayan Times) Government to stop issuing night bus permits for hill roads. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Country sees 7 percent drop in new investment commitment. Department of Industry show that total new investment including foreign and domestic, reached just Rs.84.42 billion during FY 2011/12. (Source: Republica)

- Ken Venturi

As of 4th Ashwin, 2069 Index NEPSE Sensitive Float Sen. Float NEPSE Sub-Indices Banking Trading Hotels Dev. Bank Hydropower Finance Insurance Manu.& Pro. Others Current Points Change %Change

420.44 108.05 31.44 27.63

-1.35 -0.4 -0.188 -0.206

Current Points Change

-0.32 % -0.37 % -0.59 % -0.74 %


366.42 171.68 582.11 250.38 836.08 256.82 658.8 730.1 704.92

-3.68 -0.59 1.32 0.41 -0.95 -0.14 -2.44 -7.94 7.05

-0.99 % -0.34 % 0.23 % 0.16 % -0.11 % -0.05 % -0.37 % -1.07 % 1.01 %

Market Summary
Total Turnover Rs: Total Traded Shares Total Transactions Total Scrips Traded

113,294,649 524,862 1331 94

Total Market Capitalization Rs: 397,873.99 Millions

Floated Market Capitalization Rs:

73,376.10 Millions

Hallmark Gold
Rs. 61,003/Tola

Tejabi Gold
Rs. 60,752/Tola

Rs. 1,210/Tola

International Business: EU-China annual summit gets off on sour note. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) China factory contracts for 11th straight month in September. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Richest Americans net worth jumps to $1.7 trillion. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Facebook to charge merchants to run offers. Google to pass Facebook in display ads: eMarketer. (Source: Republica) General News: Nepals first credit rating agency ICRA Nepal has received the final approval to start operations from the regulator SEBON. (Source: The Himalayan Times) Kanchan Development Bank enters its 4th years of operation. (Source: Arthik Abhiyan) Share Certificate: Bageshwari Development Bank Limited is distributing auctioned share certificate to its shareholders from 5th Ashwin 2069. (Source: Sourya National Daily) Citizen Investment Trust is distributing 35 percent bonus share certificate to its shareholders from 7th Ashwin 2069. (Source: Gorkhapatra)

Source: As of 4th Ashwin, 2069

Current and Upcoming IPOs:

Bright Development Bank Limited

Open Date
14th Bhadra, 2069

Close Date
18th Bhadr a, 2069 10th Aswin, 2069

Close Date (Max)

15th Aswin, 2069

Issue Manager
Growmore Merchant Banker Ltd NCM Merchant Banking Ltd and CIT Growmore Merchant Banker NCM Merchant and CIT

Reliance Finance Limited

7th Aswin, 2069

21st Aswin, 2069

Kakrebihar Bikas Bank Limited International Development Bank

11th Aswin 2069 14th Aswin 2069

15th Aswin 2069 17th Aswin 2069

25th Aswin 2069 28th Aswin 2069

Innovative Development Bank Limited

11th Aswin, 2069

15th Aswin, 2069

25th Aswin, 2069

NMB Capital Limited

Cash Dividend/ Bonus Share: BOD meeting of Rastriya Beema Sanstha has proposed to distribute 39 percent bonus share for fiscal year 2003-04, 39 percent bonus share for fiscal year 20034-05 and 15 percent bonus share for fiscal year 2005-06 to its shareholders. (Source: The Himalayan Times) BOD meeting of Metro Development Bank Limited has proposed to distribute 10 percent cash dividend and 6 percent bonus share to its shareholder subject to approval from NRB and its upcoming AGM. (Source: Arthik Abhiyan) AGM/Special AGM: National Hydro Power Company has cancelled its AGM schedule to be held on 5th Ashwin 2069. (Source: Karobar Daily)

Venture capital (VC) is financial capital provided to earlystage, high-potential, high risk, growth startup companies. The venture capital fund makes money by owning equity in the companies it invests in, which usually have a novel technology or business model in high technology industries, such as biotechnology, IT, software, etc. The typical venture capital investment occurs after the seed funding round as growth funding round (also referred to as Series A round) in the interest of generating a return through an eventual realization event, such as an IPO or trade sale of the company.