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Server Work Assessment

Unparalled visibility and usefulness measurement of data processing activity
Enterprise data centers and commercial hosting providers routinely struggle with capacity planning, consolidation initiatives, and energy efficiency programs due to lack of clarity of what business value is truly being delivered from the IT kit. Traditional methods for measuring the value of data processing assets are based upon utilization readings however these measurements only show that something is happening; not whether what is happening is valuable.


Measuring utilization is misleading
Server power reporting
Server utilization measurements show only that the system is active. This does not show whether the activity is due to valueproducing business computing, as opposed to background administrative, errant, or stuck processes. The 1E Useful Work measurement, in contrast, is able to discern all data processing activity and classify each process as either useful to your business or non-useful. This gives unparalleled visibility into the data processing activity across the server estate, enabling high levels of cost savings, capacity planning, and asset value realization.

Server Utilization Reading: “Lights are on!”

Server Utilization Reading: “Nobody is home!”

Uniquely Different
Directly Measure Usefulness of Data Processing Activity
1E’s “Server Work Assessment” is designed to deliver clarity to this problem through real-time, empirically-based measurements of useful data processing activity on every server of the estate. Not only in real time, but trends and performance over time are delivered so that intelligent data center management decisions, rooted in actual empirical data about the applications serving the business, can be made.running at all times yet saves power and reduces cooling costs.

Server Work Assessment Value
9 Actual measurements of useful and nonuseful data processing activity on each individual server; physical or virtual. 9 Empirical data that can be used for consolidation planning or capacity planning. Invaluable information for data center consolidation projects and virtualization initiatives. 9 Analysis of reduction of physical servers immediately possible in your data center, or demonstration of reserve capacity at existing capital deployment levels. 9 Analysis and identification of virtual sprawl, for resource reclamation. 9 Time-of-day data processing statistics that can be used for capacity planning and energy efficiency. 9 Reveals infrastructure change possibilities for strategic planning and project positioning.

Example outcomes
Reduces cost and server numbers Reveals opportunity for reduction in number of physical servers immediately possible in the data center as well as cost reduction in terms of space, power, cooling, software licensing, software maintenance, hardware maintenance, operations support. Controls virtual sprawl Identifies opportunities to consolidate VMs and reclamation of capacity as well as shows opportunity to rightsize assignment of VMs to physical servers. Reveals opportunity for reducing numbers of physical servers by reassigning VMs on lightly utilized servers. Energy savings and carbon reduction Shows energy savings possible through implementation of 1E Drowsy Server energy optimization service. Utility bills reduced through lower energy use and demand. Timeof-day data processing statistics for capacity optimization and energy efficiency. Strategic Enablement Reveals infrastructure change possibilities for strategic planning and project positioning. Rightsizes VM licensing Optimizes software license spend by comparing “used” to “contracted” licensing. Enables IT service metering Creates a metric of business use of IT assets. Measures useful and non-useful data processing activity on each individual server. Reduces risk in DR planning projects Empirical identification of productive business load avoids cost of future data center facilities and services through increased accuracy of capacity estimates. Reduces risk through increased visibility into current state environment. Reduces risk in data center consolidations and reclocation projects Cost avoidance of future data center facilities and services through increased accuracy of capacity estimates. Decommission waste prior to DR planning and reduce risk via increased visibility of current environment.

4.7 million servers are not doing any useful work, wasting nearly £13.5bn per year on hardware, maintenance and management, with an extra £2.4bn wasted on energy.

“We think it is correct that managers want to reduce power consumption without turning off servers. 1E is likely to be a serious player in this sector.”


CSC gained complete visibility of the energy consumption of their servers. 11% of pilot servers were unproductive more than 75% of the time and 22% were wasting energy more than 85% of the time.

1E – IT Efficiency made simple
1E is the pioneer and global leader in Efficient IT solutions. 1E’s mission is to identify unused IT, help remove it and optimize everything else. 1E Efficient IT solutions help reduce servers, network bandwidth constraints, software licenses and energy consumption. To date, 1E has helped more than 1,600 customers make £900m in efficiency savings. This includes £500m in energy costs alone and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 5.8 million tonnes

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