Children of God.

Season 4A, Episode 89 "The Review Board"

Written by: Tom Scilipoti

An Emerald City Production

INT/EXT. MRS.CICERO’S CAR - NIGHT Tommy, still pretty drunk--redfaced, buzzed eyes, slightly slurred speech and still rocking his undersized JC Band polo, rides home with his mother shortly after receiving three demerits and a consequent suspension from JCS. MRS.CICERO I really thought your friends were too smart and mature to try n’ pull shit like this. (BEAT) You’ve made us very disappointed Thomas. TOMMY I mean yeah no doubt, we were stupid. But I nailed all my lines and Adam really didn’t do me any favors by forgetting all of his and riding a bike off stage in the middle of a Jewel cover. MRS.CICERO You realize you might get kicked out school for this, right? TOMMY I should know the disciplinary policy by now so of course I’m aware of it. I honestly don’t think I will but the school does like to treat underage drinking like a mortal sin nowadays. MRS.CICERO You shouldnt’ve been dumb enough to a) come to school drunk and b) get caught! My God Thomas, you still reek of booze. TOMMY Yeah I definitely should’ve went middle school dance crazy on the cologne and chewed a bunch of altoids but MRS.CICERO Or how bout not getting wasted before coming onto school property? TOMMY That too but it really didn’t affect my performance. Mrs. Cicero winces in frustration.

2. MRS.CICERO So what happened? You and Adam decide to get a little tipsy on the drive to practice? TOMMY No we picked up Dorsey. Parked in his neighborhood. Shot a 1/5 of Soco then participated in a voluntary extra cirricular activity sure to generate revenue and big laughs for our school. MRS.CICERO Well maybe not anymore. TOMMY Yeah I was a big part of the laugh track but, just so you know, when I’m selling a story to the Dean of students that’ll keep my boys from burning with me, don’t come in with a grand inquisition that opens with, “What really happened Tom? Who else came drunk with you? We don’t even have any wine in the house!” MRS.CICERO Sorry, I’m not used to dealing with situations like this. TOMMY Obviously not. And we do have wine in the house, it’s in the wine rack that’s been in our dining room for easily the last five years. We do? MRS.CICERO

TOMMY Yes and that’s where I got the big glass of wine I had with a light dinner, in case Big Brother asks again which I’m sure he will. MRS.CICERO Ok. I’m sorry I didn’t play it cool but maybe I was feeling a little panicked after getting a late phone call from your principal.

3. TOMMY Understandable but please be mindful, in case it happens again which I hope it doesn’t, of the two most important rules when it comes to getting pinched, “Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.” MRS.CICERO Sounds pretty mafioso. TOMMY It’s from Goodfellas. MRS.CICERO I’m still really pissed off at you but that was pretty lame when they made you clear out your locker. MRS.CICERO (CONT’D) “Tom, clear out your stuff and if we choose not to expel you, you can put it back.” TOMMY I’ll be sharp and sober at my review board. Then, when I get my locker back, I can proudly decorate it with the Team Up pledge. MRS.CICERO I like everything except the last part. You gotta change your silly ways Thomas if and when they decide to let you back in. TOMMY (Paaby voice) Maybe. ROLL OPENING CREDITS. Then a COMMERCIAL BREAK. ACT I. INT. BUONVITA HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Adam comes home from a long night at Variety Show practice. His parents are dozing off with the “Shawshank Redemption” at a light volume. Hey. ADAM

4. MRS. BUONVITA Hey Adam. How was practice? ADAM It was alright (BEAT) except for Tom getting suspended from school at all. Whaaaatt!! MRS. BUONVITA

ADAM Yeah, he came to school after a few glasses of wine and got pinched. MR.BUONVITA That doesn’t sound like Tom. I hope you’re joking. ADAM I wouldn’t joke around with you guys about some thing like that. Tom got suspended tonight. You have my word. MR.BUONVITA That’s not good news at all. MRS.BUONVITA Is he okay? ADAM I mean, he might get kicked out of school. I hope he doesn’t but you never know. MR. BUONVITA Be sure to tell Tom that we still love him and will be praying for him. MRS. BUONVITA Extra hard. ADAM I will. I’m sure it’ll help. INT. CICERO HOUSE - KITCHEN Tommy and his mother step into the kitchen. Mr. Cicero is seated and sipping on some tea.

5. MR. CICERO So, what’s the verdict? MRS.CICERO Three day suspension and possible expulsion. MR.CICERO Expulsion!?!? TOMMY Plus three Saturday detentions, twelve after schools, supervised free mods and likely additional sanctions, if they decide to let me back into the school they once gave me a scholarship to attend. MR. CICERO What you did was stupid, Thomas. There’s no denying that. But at Curley, if somebody came to a dance drunk, they made em sweep the cafeteria or go around and collect trash. They didn’t try n’ crucify em. TOMMY That’s the Team Up era JCS for you. Tommy turns in the direction of the wine rack in the dining room near by and walks toward it. Hey mom. TOMMY (CONT’D)

Tommy points to the wine rack. TOMMY (CONT’D) What’s that? Looks a rack with five bottles of wine in it. Hey Carlo. MRS. CICERO

Mrs. Cicero points at her son. MRS.CICERO Who’s that? Oh it’s our son who came to school all liquored up and got his drunk ass suspended from school.

6. TOMMY I’m going to bed. MRS.CICERO Good idea. Sleep it off. Tommy flares his arms in frustration. TOMMY Wake me up around Mod 11, hopefully I won’t still be all liquored up by then. INT. JCS - HOMEROOM - DAY A small group of students huddle around while Dorsey tells a story. DORSEY Mrs.Bustle is soooo sketch dude. Glad I skeeerted under her radar last night. But with Tommy, they were like (police sirens) wee-ooo, wee-ooo, code red, underage drinker in the building. HALLWAYS Kroos walks up to Dave as he grabs some books out of his locker. KROOS You heard about fish right? DAVE Yeah I heard he was blacked out and drove his bike off the stage during a sketch. HOMEROOM Buonvita stands while relaying a story to some classmates nearby. BUONVITA Dean Pursey was like “what’s in the Budweiser box Mr. Buonvita?” I was like “bocce balls”, he was like “we’ll see.” Good thing I knew what was about to go down before it went down. Ya feel me? BLAIR’S ROOM

7. Mr. Blair stands outside his homeroom as Nick gives him some bad news. NICK Three day suspension plus review board. BLAIR Damn, that’s messed up. This school wouldn’t be the same without him. I’m gonna call Mehauer, try n get on that board. HALLWAY Kelsey Wynn and Lexy De Boer walk to their homerooms and overhear Ruth Agnesi talking to a few other dorks. AGNESI I got the inside scoop, he’ll be expelled. It’s about time this school showed zero tolerance when it comes to underage drinking. Kelsey and Lexy turn to each other and looked shocked, saddened. INT. CICERO HOUSE - TOMMY’S ROOM - DAY Tommy wakes up around 12:30, no longer drunk but pretty hungover from his lethargy, reddish eyes and flushed face. KITCHEN Tommy looks very depressed as he pours some ice water, takes a big slug, then looks at the note on the kitchen table. It reads, “Tom, hope you lost your buzz :) Your father and I are working all day. We still love you of course but please, please be smart from here on out. There’s chicken in the fridge. -Mom “ FAMILY ROOM Tommy lays on a little white sofa with an extremely depressed disposition and a pensive gaze. BEGIN IMAGINATIVE SEQUENCE: INT. JCS - REVIEW BOARD ROOM - THUNDERSTORM - DAY Tommy is seated alongside a group of stone cold serious administrators.

8. MR.PERSEY Tom we realize you’ve done a lot for the school and love going here but unfortunately you’ve left us no choice but to expel you. Buonvita looks in front the window to see a big tear stream down Tommy’s face a la the expulsion scene in Rushmore. INT. FALLSTON HIGH SCHOOL - HALLWAY - DAY Tommy walks through the halls of the public school he’s districted to. Messy, old, unkempt building. Students everywhere, dressed in street clothes and mostly sloppy. Tony strolls through the hall in sunglasses, smiles and flashes a surfer sign. INT. CICERO HOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY Tommy opens a letter from Gettysburg College with “REJECTED” in red. INT. PYZIK HOUSE - ALEX’S ROOM -NIGHT A holocaust skinny and extremely depressed 15 year old Alex Pyzik cuts his wrist and signs a suicide note to Sherry with his blood. EXT. ROCK STATE PARK - CLIFF - NIGHT Tommy dressed in attire that is in sync with the JC dress code jumps off a cliff, hangs in the air, smashes his face into the ground, instantly killing him and spreading blood everywhere. INT. ST.FRANCIS OF ASSISI CHURCH - DAY Kroos, Wiley, Buonvita and Tony carry Tom’s casket through a full church to “On Eagles Wings” as everyone tears up and his mother, dressed in black, cries hysterically. END IMAGINATIVE SEQUENCE. Tommy, still on the couch, starts to really ball his eyes out. TOMMY (V.O) Never ever had I ever, felt truly suicidal thoughts circulating with furious intensity throughout the whole of my mind, body, and soul until this eerily persuasive moment in mid-November of my 17th year.

9. Tommy stops crying and looks very pensive, as if he were seriously contemplating performing a tragic deed to completely put him out of his misery. TOMMY (V.O) (CONT’D) This was not the first time I contemplated leaving this often cruel and uncompromising world but when the thought of an exit strategy last emerged, ten years prior, it was only because I missed my maternal grandfather so much, heard so many great things about the kingdom of heaven and, with the insatiable curiosity and wonder of a small child, longed to experience it first hand alongside my grandfather. Tommy wipes the tears off his eyes, gets up off the couch, and heads toward his door. COMMERCIAL BREAK ACT II. INT. JCS - MRS. TROTSKY’S ROOM - DAY The last bell has rung, Mrs. Trotsky is at her desk, grading some research papers. The phone rings. She quickly answers. MRS. TROTSKY Hello this is Greta. MR.MEHAUER Hey Greta, Pete Mehauer. MRS. TROTSKY Hi Peter. What’s happening? MR.MEHAUER Just calling to let you know that you’ve been selected for your very first disciplinary review board duty at JCS. MRS. TROTSKY Well it’s certainly an honor Mr.Mehauer and an obligation that I will indeed take very seriously.

10. MR.MEHAUER As I’d expect you would. Won’t give you all the details right now, but the panel will meet Saturday afternoon in the board room and a case summary will be in your mail box tomorrow morning. MRS. TROTSKY I’ll be sure to read it thoroughly. Any thing else I can help you with? MR.O’MALLEY Just keep doing the excellent job you’ve been doing ever since I hired you. MRS. TROTSKY It’ll take a smart, consistent effort but I’ve never been one to aim for B’s and C’s. Excellent. PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE Mr.Mehauer sits at his ample desk. Assistant principals Mr. Onawa and Mr.Waddums sit in comfy chairs close by. MR. MEHAUER Both of you have plenty of experience as administrators in disciplinary review board type situations and I’m confident in both of your abilities to be firm but fair with the lad, so I’ll let you wiley veterans duke it out. Mr.Waddums turns to Onawa. MR.WADDUMS Got any big plans for Saturday? MR.ONOWA Was planning on going kayaking with my daughters but MR.WADDUMS Keep your plans. You took the last case. My turn. MR.ONOWA Very well then. MR.MEHAUER

11. Mr.Mehauer grabs a small folder and passes it to Mr.Waddums. On the front, it reads, “Disciplinary File. Thomas Cicero.” INT. CICERO HOUSE - TOMMY’S ROOM - NIGHT Tommy is at his desk, pen racing, sentences flowing as he composes a document with “IN MY DEFENSE” at the top. Three pages full of ink sit to the left of the current page which is filling up very quickly. Tommy finishes the page, tosses it in the stack, and starts a new one. Tony enters. Yoooo. TONY

TOMMY What’s up Loc? TONY Sucks you got suspended dude. We might be going to the same school now haha. TOMMY Not if I dial up the gnar for this review board. Tony points to the pages on his brother’s desk. TONY What’s that? TOMMY Oh just a little ten thousand word essay about why I deserve to stay at JC. Tony simulates smoking a bowl. TOMMY (CONT’D) Nah dude. I can’t. TONY Mom and dad won’t be back till like nine. Take a break. TOMMY Loc, I need to be very sober right now. Trust me.

12. TONY Alright. Well I guess I’ll be blazing dank ass BC buds alone then. Good luck with your pervasive essay. Exit Tony. TOMMY Thanks bro. Tommy resumes writing. INT. JC - AUDITORIUM - NIGHT Variety show practice is about to begin. Mrs.Bustle and Mr.Sionprescu address the fifty something crowd for a quick, preliminary meeting as per usual. MR.SIONPRESCU The acts are really finding their shape and I appreciate the hard work, time and energy that each and every one of you have poured into this show. MRS.BUSTLE We open in one week people. One week. This should go without saying Bounvita, Dorsey laugh and talk amongst themselves. MRS.BUSTLE (CONT’D) But in case anyone in the peanut gallery wants to keep playing around and not take this show seriously, I have an announcement. Recess is over and if you don’t get your fannies off the playground and back into the classroom, you’ll be a member of the audience next Tuesday. MR.SIONPRESCU Okay guys, we’re gonna start today with “Like a Prayer” as it’ll our opening act for the Class of 2003 Senior variety show. The the crew of hot seniors girls who comprise the sketch cheer. Mrs.Bustle glares at Mr.Si and her body language presses for him to say a little more.

13. MR.SIONPRESCU (CONT’D) (reluctantly, with a lack of enthusiasm) But before we begin, Mrs.Bustle has one further announcement to make. Mrs.Bustle scoffs before speaking. MRS.BUSTLE As of tonight’s practice, the fake “What Ifs” and “Saved by the Wednesday One Hour Late Bell” sketches have been cancelled tentatively upon further review. An uproar from the “peanut gallery” immediately ensues. Sounds of “What!!”, “Noooo waaayy!, “That’s bunk” pour in from the angry crowd. MRS.BUSTLE (CONT’D) The future of these sketches is in serious jeopardy but you will be informed of our final decision by the end of the week. However, as of today they’re off. Dorsey stands up and shouts at Mrs.Bustle. DORSEY You ma’am are clearly spun!!! MRS.BUSTLE Excuse me!?!? DORSEY You can’t just cancel our sketches because our writer had a little wine with dinner last night! MRS.BUSTLE I’m not gonna discuss this issue any further. And it’s not the peanut gallery’s decision to make. DORSEY Who died and made you chief of fun police? MRS.BUSTLE That’s it Mr. Dorsey. Any more dissent from you and it’s adios for you young man.

14. DORSEY Good I was just about to roll out right after you cancelled my sketch, but have fun on your power trip Mrs.Bustle and be sure to bring us all back some goodies from your extended stay in the Soviet Union. Hey. Hey! MRS.BUSTLE

Dorsey turns his back to his teacher and summons Raymer. DORSEY Come on Raymer, our All-American show’s been hijacked by Al-Qaeda. Let’s bounce. MRS.BUSTLE Expect your detention in homeroom tomorrow, Mr.Dorsey. Dorsey and Raymer roll out. CLAFF Mrs.Bustle, I’m not trying to be out of line but I don’t think it’s fair to the rest of us for you to cancel the sketches because of one person who’s not even here right now! Sugarman’ll fill in for Tommy. SUGARMAN You just tell me where to sign. MRS.BUSTLE I’m sorry what part of, “the sketches have been canceled pending further review” did not get through to you guys? COMMERCIAL BREAK. ACT III INT. CICERO HOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY Tommy and has father sit at the kitchen table and eat some cereal. Mrs.Cicero is by the stove boiling some water. MRS.CICERO A little Earl Grey Thomas?



Tommy takes a moment to go over his essay. MR.CICERO Just remember to be respectful and genuine Thomas. The power is in their hands so don’t give them any additional reasons not to vote in your favor. Mrs. Cicero pours boiling water into a tea cup. TOMMY Yeah I also wanna be really clear about my love of JC and desire to stay. Maddy Cadbury didn’t show it and that’s why the board voted to let her go. Mrs. Cicero opens a cabinet and grabs an herbal remedy. MR.CICERO Good call. Be yourself but not too combative and self-righteous. Mrs. Cicero drops a few doses of the remedy in Tommy’s tea. Right. TOMMY

Mrs.Cicero brings Tommy his tea along with a big ice cube. MRS.CICERO Careful it’s hot. Thanks. TOMMY

Tommy drops an ice cube in his tea. Mrs.Cicero puts her hands on her son’s shoulder. MRS.CICERO We love you so much and I have a good feeling you’ll be back at JC on Monday. Mrs.Cicero kisses Tommy on the cheek. Tommy starts to drink his tea.

16. INT. JCS - DAY GUIDANCE HALL Mr. Percey walks alongside a moderately nervous Tommy en route to the board room. BOARD ROOM Tommy steps in to see seminar style seating and four members of the JCS faculty. Some familiar faces, others not so much. Mr. Percey directs Tommy to his seat which is closest to his although there is pretty ample spacing. To Tom’s upper right are two English teachers, neither of whom he had as teachers. Closest is Mrs. Trotsky who sits with a very intense and stone cold serious disposition as if she were on the jury for a murder case. On Mrs.Trotsky’s right hand side is a slightly heavy set but calm and content-looking veteran AP American Lit Teacher. She is MRS. SHWISHER. To Tommy’s upper left is Mr. Dorsey who looks disinterested and like he’d much rather be playing golf on this Saturday afternoon. Facing Tommy is Mr.Waddums who looks serious enough but not currently out for blood. MR.PERSEY Okay let’s begin. So Tom what’s gonna happen is the board’s gonna ask you some questions based primarily on the disciplinary file they were given. Most particularly the questions will revolve your recent violation of the school’s drug and alcohol policy as well as the Smoothie King incident from September. Tommy looks visibly perturbed but holds his tongue. MR.PERSEY (CONT’D) But before we start with our questioning, is there anything you’d like to say first on your behalf? TOMMY There sure is.

17. Tommy stands, reaches into his pocket, unfolds his lengthy essay, and begins to read it aloud. TOMMY (CONT’D) Over the last four years, JC has been like a second home to me. I’ve made friendships sure to last a lifetime. I’ve developed mutually enriching relationships with many of my classmates, teachers, coaches, even custodians like Big Larry, Waldo, “Sweetness” and Joe. Mrs. Shwisher nods her head in approval. TOMMY (CONT’D) I’ve served the school diligently through extra cirriculars including but not limited to: The SAC, Forensics, soccer, track, rugby, newspaper and the Italian Club which I cofounded, in addition to maintaining a 3.7 GPA unweighted and consistently filling the hallways and classrooms with enthusiasm, laughter, and other amicable vibes along the way. Mrs. Trotsky is not swayed and maintains her stern disposition. TOMMY (CONT’D) There’s no doubt that I made a critical mistake and regret my juvenile behavior deeply but expelling me from JCS on account of it would be a grave injustice to both myself and the school for several reasons. Mr. Dorsey nods off slightly. TOMMY (CONT’D) One, although I received a healthy academic scholarship to attend JC, my parents still have made many financial sacrifices to send me here. Mr. Waddums nods in agreement.

18. TOMMY (CONT’D) To dismiss me for the sake of sending a zero tolerance message throughout the school would essentially strip their labors of their value, dignity, and meaning in addition to alienating a proud JC Saint with the potential to make it big and not forgot about the school nor experience that shaped his sharp, keen, comedically rich sense of humor. LATER TOMMY (CONT’D) Five, forgiveness is a fundamental tenant of Christianity. Not practicing it here makes the school look cold, hypocritical, and more Fascist than Roman Catholic. Mrs.Trotsky shakes her head in disapproval. TOMMY (CONT’D) Six, I’m not trying to sound arrogant but it’s a fact that if I were to get tossed from JC, belly laughter in this school would go down by at least 23% easy. Seven, MR.PERSEY Tom, let me cut you off there. I’m sure the rest of your letter is very well-written and important to you but I think we’ve heard enough. I’ll begin with our inquiry. You know Tom we could still forgive you and send you on the bus to Bel Air or Fallston. How so? TOMMY

MR.PERSEY Well we could say, “you know Tom, you made a mistake but we forgive you. We just can’t let you back in.” TOMMY Seems like a pretty rigid notion of forgiveness if you ask me. “ (MORE)

19. TOMMY (CONT'D) Tom, we’ve found it in our hearts to forgive your wrongdoing but we don’t have the heart to let you stay in your second home nor keep you from being a cautionary tale for our new, Neo-McCarthian agenda.” MR.PERSEY I disagree but let’s open up the panel for some questions. Mrs.Trotsky raises her hand. Mrs. Persey points at her. MRS. TROTSKY Yes. Could you please explain this Smoothie King incident to us, particularly your rationale in harassing a small business owner as well as her customers and capturing it on film? TOMMY Gladly. My friend Ryan called me up, said “dude I got my video camera, let’s do something funny.” Smoothie King is notorious for their inflated prices and there’s not much to do in Bel Air so I thought it would be comedic to do a little interview in the vein of the Daily or Tom Green Show. MRS. TROTSKY It says here that you were harassing customers. Wouldn’t call that comedic. TOMMY If asking two customers one question a piece. “Is your entire allowance worth one extra large smoothie?” and “What’s your favorite rip-off?” is harassment, consider me a charter member of the paparazzi. MRS. TROTSKY Why do you and your friends find it necessary to have laughs at the expense of others?

20. TOMMY Because we’re kids. Because a little laughter doesn’t break bones even if it’s not completely wholesome or G-rated. Because we’ve been exposed to so much comedy and realize that at least fifty three percent of all laughs are indeed at the expense of others. WADDUMS Were you drunk the night you made the video? No sir. TOMMY

WADDUMS How do we know? TOMMY Mr. Persey, you saw the video and doing so cut my punishment in half. Did I seem intoxicated that night? PERSEY No Tom you didn’t seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. DORSEY So what happened the night of Variety show incident? TOMMY Ate a very light dinner. Was feeling extra stressed on account of my upcoming research paper and AP Calculus test. Poured myself a pretty large glass of wine. Drank it but didn’t drive. My buddy picked me up and took me to JC, I killed all my lines but I smelled like alcohol and admitted to drinking before the show when questioned. Mr.Dorsey pretends to take down notes. TROTSKY So you knowingly consumed an alcoholic beverage? TOMMY That’s correct.

21. TROTSKY What about that commitment to your team that you signed? TOMMY The Team Up pledge? Yes. TROTSKY

TOMMY Ok well first of all, I made my commitment to my team where it mattered most...on the field! I never gave less than 110 percent, never shied away from a tackle, always showed an unwavering will to win, and my coaches rewarded my gritty play by naming me the team’s unsung hero. Secondly, Tommy surveys the room with his eyes. TOMMY (CONT’D) Signing the team up pledge was essentially an offer I couldn’t refuse. WADDUMS Well now Tom, we gave all the students-athletes a choice in the matter. Signing the pledge was completely voluntary. TOMMY Or so the administration has convinced themselves. Yes, I could’ve either signed the pledge and been permitted to play a sport in my senior year that’s been my all-time favorite since I was four, for the program and school I once played multiple games for before Xrays showed I had a broken foot or I could’ve not signed the pledge, instantly shown up on the school’s radar and been forced to be a spectator as my father and my best friends competed for the MIAA “A” conference crown. The notion of having a “choice” in the matter was an illusion from my perspective and most of teammates’ as well.

22. MRS.SHIWSHER Any history of alcoholism in your family? TOMMY My mom has six brothers, half have had battles with alcoholism. Two were able to eventually lay off the sauce, one is still a pretty big alkey. My dad’s oldest sister is an alcoholic in addition to being on a heavy diet of psych meds. But no real problems with alcohol in my nuclear family. MRS.TROTSKY You mentioned you’re involved with a lot of extra cirriculars around school. TOMMY Yes I am. Or at least I was before last Tuesday. MRS.TROTSKY What kind of message do you think your recent actions sends to some of those younger students who may look up to you? TOMMY Um well I think it shows them that while I’m very charismatic, clever, enthusiastic and amicable that I am not in fact the second person in human history to go through life without never ever making a mistake. Tommy gives Mrs. Trotsky a confident, slightly tough glare. COMMERCIAL BREAK. ACT IV SENIOR BENCH Tommy sits on the bench biding his time. Sandra Clafferty walks through the hall and spots him. Tooommm!! CLAFF

23. The two exchange a big hug. CLAFF (CONT’D) You’re here for review board? Uh-huh. TOMMY

CLAFF Just try not to get kicked out. We’ll all miss you too much. TOMMY I think I’ll be alright. How’s the show? CLAFF Well the Saved by the Bell sketch is finally back on, but it’s just not the same without you. Sugie’s playing DT and he’s funny but he can’t kill it like you did. TOMMY What about the Fake What If’s? CLAFF Buonvita’s refusing to do it without you. Good man. TOMMY

CLAFF So when’s your board meeting? TOMMY It’s done. My parents are in there now as is the second coming of Joe McCarthy. BOARD ROOM Same seating as Tommy’s meeting with Tommy’s parents in the spot he vacated. MRS.TROTSKY I just don’t know how we can be serious about enforcing our new drug and alcohol policies and let your son stay at James Carlyle.

24. MRS.CICERO Okay Tom messed up. That goes without saying. But let he who never had a freakin beer in high school throw the first stone. Mr. Persey acknowledges her point and keeps quiet. MRS.TROTSKY I have never used alcohol nor any drug to alter my consciousness in my lifetime so I can say, without being hyprocritical, that your son is simply a cancer to this school that needs to be removed. Mrs.Cicero slams down her hands and starts to make a charge at Mrs.Trotsky before her husband holds her back. MR.CICERO Take it easy Teres. Deep breaths. MRS.CICERO Well first of all, clearly you do not know my son at all. I’m not sure how long you’ve been at this school but if you actually knew Tom you’d realize that he’s the opposite of a cancer, he’s laughter-the best medicine. MRS.TROTSKY Laughter at the expense of others. MRS.CICERO Clearly you don’t make people laugh very often. And to make my second point, maybe if you guys concentrated less on parenting other people’s kids for them and more on preparing your students to go off on their own and excel in college, the people who keep you guys in business will actually get a return on their investment. MR.PERSEY Wow. Okay, Mr.Cicero anything you’d like add before we conclude our review hearing.

25. MR.CICERO Just that although my son can be sophomoric and march to the beat of his own drummer at times, he’s got a good heart, he’s an excellent student, he loves this school and doesn’t deserve to be reduced to a a mere pawn in JC’s new “abstinence only” agenda. FOYER Mr.Persey stands and speaks with Tommy and his parents. MR.PERSEY Okay so the board and I will discuss Tom’s case a little further then each of us will vote on whether we feel Tom should stay or leave JC. We’ll present that information to Mr. Mehauer and he’ll ultimately make the final decision regarding Tom’s status. TOMMY So essentially you guys are the popular vote and Mr.Mehauer is the electoral college? MR.PERSEY That’s one way of looking at, yes. Any further questions? The Cicero’s shake their heads “no”. MR.PERSEY (CONT’D) Okay. Expect a call from Mr. Mehauer between five and seven this evening. Good luck Tom. Mr.Persey and Tom exchange a firm handshake. INT/EXT. MR.CICERO’S VOLVO - DAY MRS.CICERO How did your meeting go? TOMMY I think it went well. I was persuasive in making my case although making a believer out of Mrs.Trotsky was a lost cause from the beginning.

26. Mrs.Cicero scoffs when Tommy mentions the name. MR. CICERO (laughing) I had to keep your mother from knocking her out. MRS.CICERO She was a royal bitch. How long has she been at JC? TOMMY Less than three months. MRS.CICERO Makes sense. They probably hired her straight out of Nazi camp. Tommy laughs. MR.CICERO I seriously doubt Mr. Mehauer’s gonna kick you out though. TOMMY Me neither but I still want to be in the Variety Show. (BEAT) What’s for dinner? MR.CICERO Gonna make a little gravy, cook up some spaghetti. TOMMY Sweeet. Hopefully it won’t be my last meal as James Carlyle Saint. INT. CICERO HOUSE - KITCHEN - DUSK Mr. Cicero boils some noodles as he adds an old family ingredient to some pasta sauce, a carrot. Tommy looks nervously at the clock which reads 6:15. LATER Mr. Cicero drains the noodles before mixing them with his homemade “gravy”. The clock reads 6:41. The phone rings. Tommy moves to the phone but his dad motions him away and answers it.



Tommy looks over at his father anxiously. MR.MEHAUER (V.O) Hey, Carlo. Pete Mehauer. Hey Pete. MR.CICERO

Mrs. Cicero stands nervously at her husband’s side. Tommy lips “speaker” MOS. Mr. Cicero holds up one finger. Right. MR.CICERO (CONT’D)

Mr.Cicero pauses before putting the phone on speaker. Right. MR.CICERO (CONT’D)

MR. MEHAUER (V.O) And with a vote of 4 to 1, the board recommended that Tommy be readmitted to James Carlyle. Mrs. Cicero celebrates quietly, Tommy holds up a finger. MR.MEHAUER (V.O) I agree that their decision is a just one and thus, Tommy may return to school on Monday. Tom pumps his fist in victory. His mother continues to celebrate. Mr. Cicero smiles brightly. MR. MEHAUER (V.O) However, Tom will not be permitted to participate in the Senior Variety Show. Tommy shakes his head, Mrs. Cicero shrugs it off. MR.MEHAUER (V.O) I think he should go, enjoy the show but we felt that it would not be a good idea for Tommy nor the show for him to be a part of the cast. Tommy shakes his head and flails his arms in displeasure.

28. MR. MEHAUER (V.O) Additionally, I’d like you guys to meet in my office after school tomorrow to discuss further sanctions revolving around Tommy’s rehabilitation. Mrs.Cicero looks over at her son with a frown skeptical of his perceived need for rehabilitation. MR.MEHAUER (V.O) Their completion will be necessary if Tom wishes to graduate from JC. But I’m confident that he will be diligent in serving his punishment as well as wise and mature enough to be on very good behavior the rest of the year. Any questions for me? MR.CICERO No sir. Thank you. MR.MEHAUER You’re welcome Carlo. See you Monday around three. MR.CICERO Sounds good Pete. See you then. Mr. Cicero hangs up the phone. MR.CICERO (CONT’D) Well there you go, Thomas. TOMMY Guess my dreams of Variety show glory are over. But I had a lot to with that. MRS. CICERO Just remember what Mr.Mehauer said, you basically need to be a saint the rest of the year. TOMMY No more detentions. I promise. MR. CICERO Supper’s ready. Give Anthony a call. LATER -

29. The Cicero family sits around the kitchen table for a nice, full, candlelit, pasta dinner. Tommy grabs two extra wine glasses and puts them on the table before taking his seat and sliding one to his brother. MRS.CICERO I guess you guys can have a little glass of wine. (BEAT) We’re Italian. Tony starts pouring his glass before his mother cuts him off. MRS.CICERO (CONT’D) That’s enough Ant Man. Tommy fills his glass then holds it up. A toast? TOMMY

Tommy points to his father as everyone holds up their glasses. MR.CICERO To learning valuable lessons from our mistakes. MRS.CICERO To being on our best behavior the rest of the school year. That goes for both you guys. Mrs.Cicero signals Tony to toast. TONY Umm, umm to family. Good. MRS.CICERO

TOMMY And to life, liberty and poetic justice for all. Salud! Everyone says “Cheers” in Italian, loud and proudly before touching glasses and drinking their wine. Close up on Tommy as he takes a healthy gulp of his wine. FADE OUT and ROLL CREDITS to “Rags to Riches” by Tony Bennett.


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