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[E-Zone HRM Limited]

[Role of HRM in the corporate world of Bangladesh]

SUBMITTED TO: Laila Zaman, Lecturer, Department of Business Administration East West University

Department of Business Administration East West University 43, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212 Date of Submission: Dec 13, 2010


Jisan Jahan Hasibul Hasan 1-10-180 Dipu Sangkar Biswas 2-10-194 Kazi Istiaque Ahamed 10-208 Name: Id Number:


LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL________________________________________
Laila Zaman Lecturer, Department of Business Administration East West University Subject: Application for submitting a report on E-HRM Ltd. Dear Madam: We have prepared a report on E-Zone HRM Limited. that you authorized us to prepare for the partial fulfillment of our HRM course requirement. We have tried our best to follow your guidelines in every aspect of preparing this report. We have collected what we believed to be the most relevant information to make this report as consistent as possible. We enjoyed preparing this report because it provided us an opportunity to increase our understanding about the role of HR consulting firm in developing modern HR practices in the corporate world of Bangladesh. We feel certain that this experience will help us in our professional life. We appreciate this opportunity to prepare this report. We will be happy to answer any question on this subject.

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,

Name Dipu Sangkar Biswas Kazi Istiaque Ahmed Hasibul Hasan Jishan Jahan

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Making this report is not so easy if any body did not help us. We are very lucky that we have got so much help from our instructor LZ, Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, East West University. So at first we sincerely thank to our instructor for her co-operation with us.

Secondly, our special thanks to E-Zone HRM Ltd. and their employees who has helped us by providing their available information about their organization.


Executive Summary:
E-Zone HR limited is one of the best consulting firms in our country who is directly providing services to corporate world of Bangladesh. This organization is contributing in our Bangladeshi corporate world. Actually this organization is providing services like system analysis expertise in configuration, human resources and payroll legal requirements, and Programming skills. By preparing this report we have learn a lot about this E-Zone HR Ltd. We are going shoe all of these in a listed format:
1. What are HR consulting firm and its history in our country?

2. What is E-Zone HR Ltd? 3. What is history of E-Zone HR Ltd? 4. What is mission, vision and core strategy of E-Zone HR Ltd? 5. What is its strength? 6. What types of services it provides? 7. What are levels for which they recruit employer? 8. Who are clients and work area of E-Zone HR limited? 9. What about their outsourcing?
10. What types of service they provide in corporate world of Bangladesh?

Origin of this report___________________________________________

As a student of the department of Business Administration of East West University, Bangladesh, we were required to meet the requirements of Project work as a part of the subject HRM, to serve this purpose has given us the chance to make ourselves familiar with the HR consulting firms of Bangladesh, behavior and other aspects. In addition, we are very much thankful to the company for their willingness to help us and we are supposed to conduct a research and submit it in the form of a report in accordance with the academic requisition. This report is proposed and assigned by our course instructor Laila Zaman (Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, East West University)

Methodology is defined as the branch of philosophy that analyzes the principles and procedures of inquiry in a particular discipline. However, this study is a Non-intervention Study, a type in which the researcher just observes and analyses researchable objects or situations but does not intervene. Thus we have closely observed all the works and procedures related to controlling function and tried to analyze them from our own point of view and from companys personnels point of view by interviewed them. All necessary and relevant information and data have been collected thorough following ways:

Sources of Information______________________________________________
To carry out the proposed study the data have been collected from two sources:


Primary source : Primary source include interacting with employees and face-to-face interviews with the personals.


Secondary source: We used mainly the Internet as our secondary source of the data. We visited the companys website, brochure, and other research reports.

Background of the study_________________________________________

Organizational Leaders are constantly making decisions to help improve the performance of their companies. Often, that discussion leads to goals for the future. Thats where and when HR consultants come in. E-Zone HRM Ltd (a concern of E-Zone Group) is a human resource consulting firm that provides one-stop HR solutions to its clients. They specialize in delivering innovative and value added services that promote revenue growth and cost containment. E - Z O N E E x e c u t i v e s a r e e x p e r t s i n l e a d i n g , c h a n g i n g a n d d e v e l o p i n g h i g h - p e r f o r m i n g organizations. They are able to leverage on the expertise of their executives to provide result-oriented consulting services to their clients At EZone, they deliver consulting solutions that EMPOWER people and organizations to do the following: Operate efficiently Hire and Retain the Right People Drive Growth
Establish leadership in the market through learning At E-Zone they take the

long term view believing that success is based on exceeding their clients' expectations in both service and advice. Their success and reputation are based on the foundation the and result of their of providing quality, to timely and are professional services. Their rapid growth and r e p u t a t i o n commitment in quality, thoroughness


combination with superior screening and

identification techniques.

While preparing this report we faced some problems such as:
We did not get full cooperation from the HR consulting firms We could not talk directly with an HR consultant for their expensive charge We could not access all the required information from the HR consulting firms Internet searches did not produce much relevant information

HR consulting firms:
HR consulting firms are available around the world and are designed to meet several needs unique to human resource services. Human resources (HR) consulting is typically divided into four primary areas: system implementation, recruitment, business process evaluation, and Compensation management. HR consulting firms are typically used by large organizations that have a dedicated human resources department. In general, firms with fewer than 250 employees do not have the size required to necessitate the services of this type of firm. The primary goal of all HR consulting firms is to fill a short-term gap in the services provided by the companys internal human resources department. Consultants are typically certified human resources specialists with expertise in different aspects of this profession. When selecting any consulting firm, it is standard practice to request the resumes of the consultants that will be

assigned to the project. Review the resumes carefully to determine the level of education and experience that each team member possesses. System implementation is a large part of the work done by HR consulting firms. There are two types of systems used for HR: enterprise resource planning (ERP) or payroll/human resources system. ERP implantation requires a specific skill set, including expertise in configuration, system analysis, human resources and payroll legal requirements, and Programming skills. A standalone payroll system also requires training in system implementation, but lacks the complexity of an ERP implementation. Recruitment services can range from short-term labor needs to executive search committees. The overall need filled by this type of firm is to manage the job posting and application review process. Typically a recruitment firm will conduct the initial review and interview with potential candidates. A short list is then presented to the client, who will hold second- and third-level interviews with the recruiter. Upon selection of a successful candidate, the recruitment firm receives its payment for services rendered Business process evaluation is a growing area of business for HR consulting firms. In order to provide this service, the consultants must have a strong educational background in human resources and be familiar with all the local labor laws, reporting requirements, and other regulations. Experience in industry is also necessary to understand the gap between ideal solutions and practical needs. HISTORY OF HR CONSULTING FIRM

In the ever-changing landscape of Human Resources consulting, where the industry itself as a whole is probably entering its adolescent phase, there seems to be a strong trend emerging. As with any evolving process, there are some notable pros and cons associated with it. As a cottage industry, in the 1980s some personnel pioneers entered the high-risk/high-reward career of HR consulting. A well-qualified, energetic and driven HR professional may have ventured out of their corporate environment to sell HR services such as training, organizational development, recruiting, benefits or compensation and generalist skills, to small, medium and large firms in need of temporary or project-based expertise. There were a handful of small boutique firms that an individual could choose to partner with, but by and large, the industry was just emerging on the scene. Companies of all sizes began to realize that there was help and assistance available, from a growing number of very qualified HR practitioners and small, but growing, HR consulting firms. At 90s, many HR professionals ventured out of their corporate HR jobs to join the ranks of the HR consulting world. Business was booming! Companies now had many choices when they realized an HR project need; including individual contributors (independents), boutique consulting firms, and larger staffing organizations that had entered the HR consulting space. The economy of Bangladesh is a developing one and as a result of this a large number of jobs are available in Bangladesh. Placement consultants or recruitment agencies in Bangladesh have grown largely over a period of time because of the large number of companies opening up its branches in Bangladesh. All these placement consultants in Bangladesh look for qualified and skilled candidates by putting up advertisements in national and international newspapers as well as in the websites. The placement agencies not only recruit people but also help in market research, training, consulting etc.

E-Zone HRM Limited

We have worked on E-zone HRM Ltd. It is a reputed HR consulting firm in Bangladesh. We have collected our information through internet, and all the information given is true.

Values and Culture

MISSION Our mission is to provide prompt and efficient services to our clients with excellence and dedication in all aspects of human resources management by creating a sustained and mutually beneficial relationship, and by forging international alliances with similar firms. VISION To be an organization that: enhances achievement of our national and international clients goals and objectives acquires and maintains advanced level of competencies in its fields of activity provides opportunities for its people to achieve their career objectives upholds high ethical standards in conducting its affairs CORE STRATEGIES Accomplish task in WIN-WIN situation Work until customer satisfaction Striving for quality Always maintain deadline Dedicate team for individual assigned task Design/accomplish all HR tasks in line with recent market trends & company focused Always keep us update on recent HR developments Focusing on individual issue rather looking at holistically

Dedicated as HR services providers only Full time professionals with a wealth of experience in HR & managerial field with multinational background More than 50000 qualified CV in data bank Dedicated job portal- Web page- 24 hours online services Office space in prime location with modern facilities
Experience of working with varied types of corporate clients with multicultural background


E-Zone Business Consulting services encompass customized business strategy, and organizational development initiatives, providing uniquely powerful, innovative, and practical solutions to help companies successfully address their business challenges. These services are tailor-made to suit each client, leveraging our unique combination of market expertise, and relationships with key industry players. Change is the only constant in business. In order to effortlessly manage change, adequate preparation and effective strategy must be in place. E-Zone offers complete solution to effective change management as well as developing various HR documents. We achieve that through following activities:

Learning Solution
The mission of E-Zone Learning is to help companies maximize their potential through training and developing their workforce. They realized that it is becoming more and more of a challenge to remain competitive in the corporate market. For this reason mainly, they started to provide training solutions to both large and smaller companies. They ensure that their courses and training methods are relative and of the best quality. Their Learning Solutions are tailor-made to the needs of the organization. The lecturers are highly skilled and competent facilitators with many years of experience. Their emphasis has been to have highly interactive programs, video presentations, with case studies and learning through discussions.

Recruitment Solutions
Effective recruitment is more than just selection. The identification, attraction and assessment of talented staff are a significant and strategic issue for an organization currently facing all companies. They offer a professional and comprehensive service which stems from our understanding of The role The industry sector How best to attract candidates The priorities, limits and deadlines of our clients The employment market in general

Staff retention

E-ZONE is experienced in recruiting across all business functions, including general management, finance & accounts, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics, Sales & Marketing, Engineering. They have been effectively matching the right candidate with the right employer since inception in 2004. Following is a list of our core recruiting services: Top-level Career Placement Service Executive-level Recruiting Services Mid-level Recruiting Service Entry-Level Recruiting Service

Candidates are sourced from their internal database of over 80,000 CVs as well as through our extensive business network. The candidate will then be fully interviewed and briefed before you even see their CV. At E-Zone they take the long term view believing that success is based on exceeding our clients' expectations in both service and advice. Their aim is to streamline the recruitment process for clients providing them with suitable candidates to choose from. LIST OF THEIR EXISTING CLIENTS AND WORK AREA
Name of the company
Telecommunication Industry Airtel Telecom Pacific Telecom Bangladesh Ltd. Orasinvest Bangladesh Limited Ericsson AB Sony Ericsson International, Singapore TM International (BD) Limited Sheba Phone Worldtel Asian Tower Nokia Networks Recruitment Training, Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment, Contractual Staff Management Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment

Work Area

Civitech (Consultant of Orascom) ORG Telecom UTStarcom Banks Standard Chartered Bank Commercial Bank of Ceylon Bank Al-Falah Premier Bank One Bank National Bank Jamuna Bank

Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment

Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Training, Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Pharmaceuticals Industry

Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals Novartis Bangladesh Ltd. GlaxoSmithKline Square Pharmaceuticals The ACME Laboratories Incepta Pharmaceuticals Bayer Crop Science Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) ACI Godrej Agrovet Private Limited

Recruitment Recruitment, Contractual Staff Management Recruitment, Contractual Staff Management Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment

International NGOs DFID Save The Children, USA SouthAsia Enterprise Development Facility - SEDF Marie Stopes INGO Forum: Vision 2020 Survey of Health Insurance & Deferred Benefits Recruitment Recruitment, Developing File Management System, Training Recruitment, Training Recruitment, Contractual Staff Management

Sales & Marketing ISIS Foods Bangladesh Limited Bata Shoe Co. BD Ltd. Nestle Bangladesh Limited Coca Cola SABCO Tetrapak Asian Emerging Markets Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. Reckitt Benckiser Rahim Afrooz 3M Bangladesh Liasion Office Quantum Market Research Bangladesh Limited Malaysian Palm Oil Promotion Council Everest Dairy & Food Products Ltd. Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Contractual Staff Management Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment

Baraka Ltd. (Servo Oil) Dhaka-Shanghai Ceramics Ltd.

Recruitment HR Policy Development, Recruitment Shipping & Logistics

MAERSK Bangladesh Ltd. Freight Systems Limited Aramex (BD) Ltd. Expolanka Group Wings Air Cargo Limited Everbest Shipping Agency

Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Engineering Institutions

KMC Oiltools Ltd ATE Technologies BD Pvt. Ltd ABB Bangladesh Ltd. HeidelbergCement Group Vidyut Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd Meghna Engineering Works Bangladesh Steel Re-rolling Mills Ltd. - BSRM Aranee Technologies Olympia Complex Siddique & Company

Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment, Contractual Staff Management Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment

Garment & Textile Industry Paxar Bangladesh Ltd. IKEA Asia Pacific PTE Ltd. Coats Bangladesh Ltd. Avery Dennison Epyllion Group Northern Corporation Comfort Wear Int. Ltd (Danish Joint Venture) Cotton Group Cosmopolitan Industries Ltd. Dynasty Group Opex Sinha Group IDS Group Epic Design Greenland Garments Urmi Group Siatex Real Estate Amin Mohammad Foundation Rangs Properties Limited Rancon Engineering Ltd. Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment, Training Recruitment Recruitment, Contractual Staff Management Recruitment HR Policy Development, Recruitment HR Policy Development, Recruitment HR Policy Development, Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment

Building Technologies & Ideas Ltd. (BTI)


Media & Entertainment Industry CSB TV Bangla Vision ETV RTV Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment HR Policy Development, Recruitment Financial Institutions United Leasing Company Pragati Insurance Limited IDLC Bangladesh Finance & Investment Corporation (BFIC) AL-WASL Risk Management Bangladesh Ltd. GSP Finance Company (BD) Limited. Recruitment Event Management Recruitment Recruitment, Preparation of Annual Report Recruitment Recruitment

IT Companies Microsoft Bangladesh BRACNET BDMail Network Ltd. Agni Systems Ltd. Genesis Technology Group Devnet Services Sports Bangladesh Cricket Board Sports World Recruitment, HR Policy Development, Organization Restructuring, Compensation & Benefits Package Recruitment Large Local Groups Rahimafrooz Corporate Office Partex Group Compensation & Benefits Survey Recruitment, Business Process Re-engineering, Organization Restructuring, HR Policy Development, Compensation & Benefits Package, Developing Employee Appraisal System Recruitment Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits Package Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment HR Policy Development, Recruitment

Apex Tannery Group Jamuna Group MGH Group Gemcon Group Rangs Group Excelsior Group Scholastica Pvt. Ltd.

E-Zone offers a range of outsourcing services to clients, including: Payroll Management Services Employee Outsourcing Services Document Processing Services Event Management Services Printing and Publication Services



Partex Group, SPBML

The Partex Group assigned them for the following purposes Assessment of Plant/ department wise manpower requirements. Designing organogram depicting authority, responsibility, accountability and relationship. Preparation of Human Resources Policy and employees hand book. Preparation of service rule for officers, staffs and workers covering all aspect of personnel management. Preparation of guideline for introduction of better Management Information System. Career planning and on the job training for the executives. Preparation of job responsibility for the personnel of each department.

Preparation of new salary structure along the line of other similar organizations. Conducting a climate survey depicting strength and weakness of the organization. Preparation of performance appraisal system. Ensuring efficient implementation of the proposed reforms. Study and suggestion for improved inventory control system. Analysis of reasons for excess overtime work and suggestions for improvement thereon. Further suggestions for improvement of overall performance.

Their project with DFID involves scoping study to find out about Provident Fund Schemes Gratuity Scheme Pension Scheme Group Insurance Scheme Health Insurance Scheme Combination of Deferred Benefits

South Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF)

SEDF is a World Bank subsidiary. E-Zone was asked to Assess their Current Documentation Procedures and System Evaluate Specific Documentation Needs of different department

Design and Standardize a Need-based Document Filing System Assess Back-Log of documentation needs Assess Time and Resources required to complete filing of backlogged documents

Dhaka Shanghai Ceramics (DSC)

With DSC, they carried out the task of preparing Employee Handbook and HR Policy Manual

Bangladesh Cricket Control Board (BCCB)

With Bangladesh Cricket Control Board (BCCB), their tasks were Developing a new grading structure for all staff, relative to the organization structure Suggesting new reporting relationships consistent with the organizational structure Developing a salary structure for all staffs in line with the market rates Drawing up a recruitment policy for local as well as foreign nationals Producing an administrative manual for employees incorporating code of conduct, rules & procedures. Drawing up leave rules, group insurance policy, long term benefits like provident fund and gratuity schemes. Writing position job description and job specification for key employee positions. Drawing up a performance appraisal system