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PERMANENT TOTAL DISABILITY BENEFITS (Benefits under R.A. 4864 (Police Act of 1966, as amended by Presidential Decrees Nos.

448 and 1148) A Philippine National Police (PNP) member who contracts sickness, suffers injuries and/or becomes permanently incapacitated due to reasons which are service-connected, can avail of the benefits under Presidential Decree No. 448 which was signed on May 9, 1974. This Decree, amended certain sections of Republic Act No. 4864, otherwise known as the "Police Act of 1966", and Presidential Decrees No. 12 and 12-A.

BENEFITS GRANTED UNDER R.A. 4864, as amended by PDs 448 and 1184
(Permanent Total Disability) Gratuity equivalent to one (1) year salary (based on the member's last basic monthly salary). Lifetime monthly pension equivalent to 80% of member's basic monthly salary Reimbursement of reasonable medical/hospitalization expenses Restoration of deducted leave credits for absences incurred (approved leave with pay) by reason of service-connected ailment/injury.

Survivorship Benefit is a 5-year guaranteed pension period.

If the member who has been retired under Permanent Total Disability die within five (5) years from his retirement, the surviving legal spouse or in the absence thereof, the surviving dependent legitimate children (below 21 years old) may request for the transfer of the monthly pension benefits for the remainder of the five (5) years guaranteed period.

The application for benefit claim, together with pertinent required documents, may be filed with the Napolcom Provincial Officer of the province or city where such member is stationed. If the member is incapable to file his own claim, any of the following members of his family may file in his behalf, to wit:

a. b. c. d.

Surviving Surviving Surviving Surviving

legal spouse children parents, and brothers and sisters


1. Letter of application in quadruplicate and under oath addressed to the Napolcom Regional Director concerned.

2. Recommendation of the Director-General, PNP for the member's compulsory retirement by reason of his illness or injury. 3. Certificate from the appropriate medical officer that member is unfit to further perform the duties of a public safety officer. 4. Service Record duly authenticated by the Chief of Police (Station Commander) 5. Detailed Investigation Report from the Chief of Police (Station Commander) or his duly authorized representative as to the cause and extent of the disability. 6. Certified true xerox copy of the appointment of the claimant. 7. Information sheet of the claimant. 8. Certificate of clearance re: money and property accountability. 9. Official receipts, duly dated and numbered, for reasonable medical and hospitalization expenses incurred on account of service-connected disability/sickness. 10. Certificate from the Chief of Police (Station Commander) or his authorized representative indicating the claimant's deducted leave. 11. Certificate from the Napolcom Regional Office that the PNP member (claimant) has no pending case. 12. Copy of the criminal complaint or information in cases of a benefit claim for an injury which is the subject of a criminal action or proceeding. 13. Member's latest payslip