Best practices in education & training for a responsible development of nuclear energy Sharing the French experience

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How has France Structured its Nuclear Energy System ?
On the front row:

from mining

to decommissioning & waste management One, mostly state owned, electricity utility operating 58 nuclear reactors, with reactor design : EDF One, mostly state owned, corporate dealing with fuel cycle, reactor design/construction : AREVA One, governmental R&D organization for the support of the present fleet and future technologies CEA. It runs most of the Nuclear energy research One independent regulatory authority : ASN (Autorité de sûreté nucléaire) One TSO, Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire : IRSN One, governmental organization for radioactive waste management ANDRA

60 years of commitments for nuclear energy
Vienna IAEA 2012 General Conference 3

Human Resources for National Nuclear Power Programme

National Policy decision
• Governmental Staff

• Lawyers, • Law makers

• Regulator & TSO

Construction, operation, maintenance, decommissioning
• Utility, operator

Vienna IAEA 2012 General Conference


Claude Guet

Jobs by fields of activity: typical example
14% 10% 6% 4% 2% 2% 11% 11% 15%


Need of skills for NPP Design, Construction, Operations:… Goes beyond pure nuclear education and training

Vienna IAEA 2012 General Conference


Nuclear Knowledge Management: Complex system
It addresses many skills and competences at various levels Nuclear Knowledge is more than the sum of skills It is shared experience, attitude, preservation and transfer of knowledge over generations It must be addressed in a comprehensive manner and in a systemic approach It is strategic and requires significant investment (human and financial) : Government involvement However, the Facility Owner/Operator is the first responsible for safety, including the quality of NKM

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Nuclear Knowledge Management: Main Risks

At existing Nuclear Power Plants Knowledge deficient decision-making, New Projects Neglecting careful allocation of experienced human resources New comers Underestimating the effort of establishing on time all needed human resources. Education and training Risk of failing to attract and recruit good students or to underestimate the quantitative and qualitative efforts in education and training.

Vienna IAEA 2012 General Conference


Knowledge Management and Career Development

Career development


Maintain a Strong Nuclear Culture with Safety at the core Preserve and Enrich Nuclear Knowledge

Vienna IAEA 2012 General Conference


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The French Education & Training System

Education vs Training
Education Training

Universities and Engineering Schools (PhD, Master’s & Engineering degrees, Three yerar Professional degrees) Professional Institutes Vocational high-school

Academic system
INSTN Engineering Schools, Universities

Industry in addition to initial training of
newly recruited employees and / or to provide skills specific to the activities of the companies


Vienna IAEA 2012 General Conference


Claude Guet

Does the supply match the demand?
how France has organized a systematic coordination of nuclear energy related curricula

CFEN: French Council for Education and training in Nuclear Energy
Governance Level Created by the Minister of High Education and Research (2008)

Assess the adequacy between the education offer, the students population in different curricula, and the industry & R&D needs. Advise the Office of High Education on opening new academic curricula in the nuclear domain. Promote information on international curricula for nuclear energy education Chaired by the High Commissioner for Atomic Energy Members:
governmental authorities in Education, Research and Industry academic institutions main industrial actors main nuclear energy R&D public bodies

Vienna IAEA 2012 General Conference


Claude Guet

I2EN: The International Institute of Nuclear Energy
Operational Level

Comprehensive panorama of the French E&T system

E&T Solutions tailored to the needs of partner countries of France

Think tank for responsible nuclear energy

Council chaired by the High Commissioner for Atomic Energy, with :
governmental authorities in Education, Research and Industry academic institutions main industrial actors main nuclear energy R&D public bodies


I2EN: a gateway to the French E&T system
Response to international education and training requests originating from governmental agreements, international initiatives (IAEA, AEN …). Also from industry Information center for foreign students: orientation to the most appropriate French curricula. Involved in the selection, admission and installation processes Gate for foreign engineers wishing to update, complement or enhance their qualification in domains related to nuclear energy Comprehensive panorama of French E&T offer at each and every level of the nuclear energy high educational system


Claude Guet

I2EN: Bringing together the leading universities, engineering schools , NRO’s, & nuclear industry


I2EN: Think tank for a responsible development of nuclear energy
1st I2EN Workshop: Capitalizing or re-capitalizing Nuclear Knowledge in Preparation of a Nuclear Power Program Topics:
Qualitative assessment: Scientific and technological, . Economics and socioeconomics, . Law and regulation knowledge Quantitative assessment: Levels of knowledge ; Critical knowledge; Education/Training; Theory/Practice/Research Organizational assessment:Who are the stakeholders? Knowledge governance framework; Government involvement International cooperation: IAEA and networks Cases studies of different countries


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I2EN: Tailor-made solutions

Assistance for foreign students in the French engineering and PhD curricula, in the framework of bilateral agreements Training sessions for trainers, including a several month internship, or technical seminars High level training for professional: IAEA-INSTN-I2EN Training Course on Leadership and Management of Nuclear Power Programmes



Major actor in nuclear energy with a strong safety culture 60 years of commitments in education and training nuclear knowledge management organization

Ready to share its experience with countries wishing to develop a nuclear industry. Ready to collaborate with countries with nuclear capabilities on how to preserve and enrich their respective nuclear knowledge.

Claude Guet

Let’s talk together

Managing Director (interim) : Jacques Figuet International Affairs: Claude Barbalat -

Vienna IAEA 2012 General Conference


Claude Guet

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