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2012 / 2013

IT Services ITD Student Support  Computer Laboratory Attendants are located in ITD managed PC Rooms. They ensure the smooth running of the PC Rooms and are your life line when having problems with Student Portal/Notice Board web link to access Lecturers Notes and Exam Papers: Students/ Academic Year 2012 / 2013 . email or accessing software programs! Student Computing IT Manual on the computer desktop has links to useful information Web Address: Failing PIN Numbers: Email: saa@ul.aspx Student Computer problems Email:      IT Services ITD Student Support IT HELP Booklet: This quick beginners IT guide for new students on the computer desktop has links to useful information Web Address www. Academic Year 2012 / 2013 .006 HSG -007 28 40 Restricted Users Restricted Users IT Services ITD Student Support www.Location of ITD Managed PC Rooms Location # PCs Type of Access Kemmy Business School KB1-21A KB1-21B KB1-10 KB1-11 KB1-22 ITD 30 ITD 30 28 18 25 Bookable Bookable Restricted (Postgrads and Staff ) Restricted (Postgrads and Staff ) Trading Room Schuman Building S1-19 S2-04 ITD 30 45 Bookable Restricted CSIS CS3-005b 30 Restricted (Psychology) Engineering Research Building ER0-009 30 Restricted (Journalism Students) Schrodinger Building SR2-031 SR2-032 SR3-005b 30 35 30 PESS Building PESS PC Room 30 Restricted (PESS Students) Restricted (Education) Restricted (Design & Manufacturing Technology) Restricted (Design & Manufacturing Technology) Health Sciences Building HSG.

Location of ITD Managed PC Rooms Location # PCs Type of Access Library & Information Services (LIS Building) LISB LISB *ITD 160 *ITD 12 Open Access Restricted ( Post Grads and Staff) Language LC1-002 LC1-016 LCB-012 21 23 23 Building Restricted (LCS) Restricted (LCS) Restricted (Humanities—Postgrads) Main University Building AM-061 A0-060-A A0-060-B A0-060-C A1-084-A A1-084 A1-089 E1-020 *ITD 30 *ITD 34 *ITD 30 *ITD 52 *ITD 37 *ITD 24 *ITD 30 *ITD 30 Restricted (Mech & Aero & Bio Med Engineering) Bookable for all classes Bookable for all classes Open Access Bookable for all classes Restricted (Postgrads and Staff ) Bookable for all classes Restricted (Postgrads ) IT Services ITD Student Support Academic Year 2012 / 2013 .ul.

Your Computer Account has been created at time of Enrolment UserName: Your UL ID Number Password New Students : Your date of Birth ( Academic Year 2012 / 2013 . 17Jan1989) (note upper case letter J for month) Go to any PC Room Log on with your User Name and Password and carry out the following steps: Step 1—Change your Password if not done on-line during enrolment Step 2—Create your UL Email Account if not done on-line during enrolment Step 3—Connect to a Printer & Activate your Print Account Step 4—Register Modules for Semester Week 1 Step 5—Your Computer Account Information IT Services ITD Student Support www.g.

Alt and Delete keys on your keyboard together.  Click OK A message will appear telling you that your password has expired. It is important for you to include both upper case and lower case Forgotten Password: Go to Swipe PC & follow instructions If passwords are not changed within 365 days they expire! IT Services ITD Student Support www. Click OK New Self Service Password Reset Once you have changed your initial (Date of Birth) password. if you forget it. Log on with your ID in the format ul\youridnumber and answer at least 3 of 5 Academic Year 2012 / 2013 .Step 1: How to Change your PC A/C Password IF NOT already done on-line during enrolment  Hold down the Ctrl.g. special characters and numbers in your password e. User Name: Password: Type your ID Number Type in your Password New Students Password is Date of Birth (e.B.g.ul. 17Jan1989) N. 17Jan1989)  Enter your new password and then re-enter to confirm. N3wP4ssW*rd.ul.g. Simply click OK. (Note you must have a minimum of 8 characters) You cannot use any of your last 10 passwords.ul. If you forget your password you can reset it by answering the same questions at https://passwordreset. register NOW at https://passwordregistration.  You now need to enter your old password – for New Students this is your Date of Birth ( so you can reset your password. on or off campus. Note Upper Case letter for month and no spaces.

ul.g. Skydrive is an online place to Information_Technology_Division/ Student_Computing/Student_Email IT Services ITD Student Support e. access and share documents  Additional email information is available on web http://www2. See Step 1 The first time you access your Outlook Live email or My Mail link in Student Portal (default web site when logging on to UL PCs)  Type in your email address in this format Academic Year 2012 / 2013 . Benefits: Your new email login details (Windows Live ID) also give you automatic access to 25GB of online storage called Skydrive.ul. both on and off campus. NB See the web link below for detailed instructions on how to activate your Email Account  Benefits: Microsoft Outlook Live provides you with a 10GB mailbox and email is now available through the same login interface. When you login.Step 2: UL Email Account  Go to  Password: UL Network Password** New students must personalise their PC Account Passwords first. full instructions are available on the screen. 0712345@studentmail. you are required to activate the account.

ul.Click on File.ul. Double click on a printer.ul.campus:2941/webtools/ Academic Year 2012 / 2013 . The printer will add to your list of available printers Activate your Print Account by printing one page from Microsoft Word .ie/OnlinePrintPayments. choose Print and click OK Print Account Information web link Icon on Desktop to    https://payprint64.  More Print Credit can be purchased online https://online.html/ Log in with your ID Number & Password. choose Run Type \\Payprint64 and click OK for a full list of Mono and Colour Printers.htm (minimum of €10 required) or from the Print Room (E1-005) IT Services ITD Student Support www.Step 3: Connect to a Printer & Activate your Print Account All new users have a print a/c balance of €1 Cost of Printing per page B/W = 7 Cent and Colour = 25 Cent    Printers are set by default to duplex Click on Start Button.

ul. Registration of modules has to be completed Week 1 of both Semesters Instructions available on the Student Academic Administration web site. prior to logging off from save their files to USB Keys. IT Services ITD Student Support www.Step 4: Register Modules for Semester   PC Account Password gives access to module registration web site PIN Number for new students is set by default to 9999 and this also gives access to module registration web site Log onto www. All files are automatically deleted during nightly shutdown of Week I to register for classes and modules of your Programme of Academic Year 2012 / 2013   . Any problems email    Step 5: Your Computer Account  Every currently registered UL student is provided with a Computer Account for usage in a variety of clusters throughout the University. Students should. Sky Drive or send as attachment to email. Students are advised to save documents every 15 minutes and always make backup copies. There are no backup / storage facilities on any PCs. Students can work on their files in C:\WorkArea of PCs (recommended).

ie/ITD Academic Year 2012 / 2013 .30pm IT Services ITD Student Support www.Step 6: Laptops  Laptop clinics to help with network connectivity are held during semesters in PC Area in Library every Tuesday.doc’ in the base or root directory (not hidden in a folder) Spell the word Owner with digit ZERO instead of the letter O and it will appear at the top of the listing of files  USB Memory Key Repair Clinics are held during semesters every Tuesday.30pm . Laptop information is available in Student IT Manual on web (link on PC Desktop) and Student Portal (notification web page at log on) Step 7: USB Memory Keys  Warning: It is recommended in the event of USB Keys being lost that Owner’s contact details are saved in a document ‘Owner’s contact details.30pm . Wednesday and Thursday in Library PC Area from 2.3.ul. Wednesday and Thursday from 2.30pm—3.

Always have backups! Save your files to your USB Key before logging off PC.Step 8: Remove USB Key/ Log off PC   Warning: ITD does not backup student data. Close. Delete (Del) buttons simultaneously. your PC Account is open to misuse e. Log Off PC: If you do not log off. click on Log Off. IT Services ITD Student Support www.g. and do one of the following: Hold down and keep held the CTRL key on your keyboard Keeping the CTRL key held click the “Start button” and click on “Log Off Oxxxxxx” Click Yes from the window in the middle of the screen and release the CTRL key or Option Two:  Press the Ctrl. USB Key can now be safely Academic Year 2012 / 2013 . Alt. Yes. print funds used and emails sent from your email Option One:     Close all open programs and windows. Click ok. Do not forget to remove your USB key correctly from the computer when finished or data will be lost!     Click on icon Click on text select “Stop” “Unplug or Eject Hardware” and Select your USB Key. From screen that appears.ul.

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