2012 SP 4.

0 SPR # 271392 310106 333589 383891 398119 408238 491217 Description Would like an API to expand and collapse tree folders in the FeatureManager tree. Make sure to mention in the Online help that Stress Intensity is equal to Tresca stress Option to always work with latest versions of files is not respected in the Web Client in PDMWorks Enterprise. Straight pipe tapped hole from derived standard (copy of DIN) show incorrect prefix in dimension and incorrect callout 'Unknown error' message displays when choosing 'Edit with Worksheet' on OLE inserted in drawing Sort BOM by part number repeatedly will return different result each time X64 only: FeatureManager scroll bar changes the position, when multiple assembly documents are open, and any one is closed by the 'X' mark. Split Part APIs use different part template to create the body files than does the UI Split Part command Pin connector cannot be created between the circular edge of a shell and the cylindrical surface of solid Making a minor change to beam model geometry should not force redefinition of fixtures or restraints - we should detect and keep 'unchanged' joints Applied custom material library materials do not appear in the materials dialog when the custom material library is missing There should be a Column in search result indicating which Configuration(s) of a file a search value is found in 'Target study's joints are new version of joints, and joints of the contact/LBC in the source study is not valid' is displayed on duplicating a study Bolt check FOS formulation The Mesh Progress window is always on top and in front of all applications Convert to sheet metal with new corner type overlap and auto relief tear Global bonded contact incorrectly overrides a local no penetration contact set between two edges in 2D axisymmetric study Default, gray appearance is automatically applied to part/sub-assembly at component level when making it transparent or hidden in an animation Resultant vector for reaction force shows in wrong direction. Exporting single line font (camworks.ttf) sketch text in Flat Pattern as DXF file results in extraneous circles. Get junk characters in the solver message window in Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified version. 'Fatal error: c00ce50d: line:9, column 24 A semi colon character was expected' with model containing a material from the SolidWorks DIN materials Open search result produces incorrect CSV output due to carriage returns when search view column uses a variable set to use multiline Corrupt graphics when flattening this sheet metal part Linked Custom properties of Part in Drawing does not update in Turkish Language of SolidWorks. Workflow open times in attached database are slow and generate high CPU usage Surface Extrusion ("Surface extrusion using the Up To Surface option does not work as expected") Using 'Update All Components' doesn't fix problem with the list of bodies of the study (shell bodies remain greyed out) FeatureManager does not refresh after closing the file(If we open two in un-maximized sate) 'Suppress features' in Advanced options is unchecked automatically on creating a new configuration and adding Hole Wizard. Property Manager field resize issue with Dell M6600 machine The study with bonded contact shows different temperature distribution result from the study with thermal contact resistance zero Crash when clicking on beam study with many joints in 2011 SP5 and 2012 SP0 Message 'Default CommandManager tabs has changed' will continuosly appear if CommandManager is off by default Dimension parenthesis and inspection dimension are not retained after rebuild Adding new column and inputting a user defined name to it does not stay put and reverts back to 'New Column' in Cable Wire Library Wizard. Some custom properties are deleted and some may be re-ordered after editing a property that has "Number" set for its Type Rebuild error creating sweep, with composite curve for path, with start/end tangency set to none The SolidEdge plug-in should create only one instance to read the references of all the documents. DesignXpress study for Simulation Xpress produces incorrect optimization results Windows task bar does not appear using Auto-Hide when SolidWorks is maximized and mouse is moved to bottom of screen In Pack and Go, in save to folder column , double click the cell can not prompt rename to save to name dialog box. Auto-recover does not work when a change is made to the Large Assembly Mode settings; when 'Do not save auto recover info' is enabled Equations are not evaluated saving assembly with Pack and Go, renaming files with prefix, then opening with No preview during open Pack and Go no longer allows modification of Save To Folder when Flatten to single folder option is on in SolidWorks 2012 Equations in sub-assemblies are not updated with prefix and therefore not evaluated after saving top level assembly with Pack and Go Feature is not suppressed by equation with if statement Nonlinear studies fail to produce any Contact Force/Pressure when contact is caused by Shrink Fit Crash inserting cut list of weldment part with multiple sheet metal bodies into drawing SolidWorks API CosmosWorks Enterprise PDM SolidWorks SolidWorks SolidWorks SolidWorks Product

492475 517867 525021

SolidWorks API CosmosWorks CosmosWorks

529952 555659 558867

CosmosWorks Enterprise PDM CosmosWorks

558881 559370 575294 581929 590785

CosmosWorks CosmosWorks SolidWorks CosmosWorks COSMOSMotion

593203 601519 601840 603734

CosmosWorks SolidWorks CosmosWorks CosmosWorks

604447 609648 611522 612053 612186 612281 613114 624097 624743 624951 626748 628723 629058 629239

Enterprise PDM SolidWorks SolidWorks Enterprise PDM SolidWorks CosmosWorks SolidWorks SolidWorks SolidWorks CosmosWorks CosmosWorks SolidWorks SolidWorks Routing

632429 634359 635114 635399 635543 640283 640673

SolidWorks SolidWorks Enterprise PDM CosmosWorks SolidWorks Workgroup PDM SolidWorks

643659 648058 648761 649546 650582 652323

SolidWorks Workgroup PDM SolidWorks SolidWorks CosmosWorks SolidWorks

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