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K ~ ~ ~ t t I l l c( -lr i l ~ .


2 Z 4

(It'l)<isits --------------------- - ------ - -----------i'qtpprlal~tentries - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - of 1 1 1 ~ 1 t ~ :I1111 c::~tnlog~~e Co1)yright 1Cntric's ---------------------------x ~ I ~ I ~ I I.). I (,I'caopyrigli: I)~~si~ic~.;s - - - - - - - - . I : -_.------t'r~l!! I i - l l c Oltice ~)ul~lic*ntior~s- - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---I I.ICII! 11kgislatio11 : . \ , . I I :I' i\I:~y23, 1!)2S, inc.rc!:~si~~:: c.ol)yriglit fees I l i l l . ~ l't4nting toI

fi. 6

.\lt~chaiiical rc~l)~.otl~lc~(.ioii of c.ol)yright milsirI'rints and l:~l)rls - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - _ 1,esigi t!o~yrifil~t --------- ------ . - - - - - -------------- --. 1111iion-pirturt!fillnu ;111tltl~clirc~sliil~itinl~ ------------

9 11 II '12

J I I ~ I ~ I - Iionnl copyright : I:I~
I'~.lv.l:~nintion 1)rh:llf of l i n ~ n : ~ n i a , in .\l:~y 192.5-----------------11. 13 I'::II .\ll~eric.nl~' o j ~ j ~ i g(:IIII~'~TI~II~.~., I!).%- - - - - . ( l~t 11:11):1i1:1, 14 I~IIIII~. (:ollyl.igl~t ('o~~ft'~*(~li(.o. l!YZH----14 l'i.*lvisiol~s cdo!~rt~ntioli of nclolrtiltl .Jnlie 2. 1!ES-----------------15 I{esoluti~ll~s :~clol)tc*tl---------------------------------------30 i l l for I I i t S t : 1 1 I I I ~ I I : I ~ ~o I IrI i I ~ ' Iy :l i o 'LO ( ' f ~ 1 ~ ~ 1 .tul)les, rcv.rip:s. fc.tls, r c ~ g i s t r n t i ~ ~dc.poz;its-----------------irl11. i~s, 21 ,tlll!l~llll~l : I'1.st of fee ;let. 3I:ly 2%. l!IZ'S---------------------- "8-31 I bivisibility of c.ol)yrigl~tI)ill. fI. It. S!)13------_ -------------- 32-34 l'c-st .:f 1vl)ol.t. April 3. 1!)2H 3-4-37 .\I(-c.l~:!~lic.nl rr!)roclnc.tion of 11111qi(~ 1)ills1 . R. l0(;>5. E1vl)r~~:~ry 1 7. 1!).2S 37--:<9 11. R, 1:!452. .\1;1y I. I!)?% --_------_------------- 39-42 'L'est of rc~port1111 II. It. I:<-152, 3J;ly 1,l O 2 X ----- 42--4.4 '1'1'\t of 11ill to inc*lntle llril~tsr111cl I:111t~ls sul)j~>ct :IS in:~tterof copy,.i,,. IT. It. 104:{4. I i ' c s l ~ ~ . ~ ~ :1028g - - - - - - - - - - . -11t. 2, ~ ~ ' 44 I lc,;izl~vol~yright bills, tcxlsI I. R. !):{58. January 16. 1!)28 ------- 45 -54 11. R. 1:(453. 3lng 1. 1928----------1 -------- 5 4 4 4 I:i l l 111 pl-rlliit the I'lliltvl St:~lcss I 0 t,!llor the. I u t e r ~ ~ n t i o ~Copyright i:~l I.11ion. E[. R. !)3s(i. .7:111111try IS. l!).BS--_ --64-.g(; ~ ' . I I I Anlrric.nll Col)yl.ipht Co~i\-c~~lt 192s--------- ---------------- Gi-69 ion. I~ilc~rnnti~~nnl Collyricht (:ol~fc'c.rc,~~c.e, Iiome, 10('onvention, Junta 2. (14:~~clisl~ French texts)---------:111d 70.96 Rrsolutiolis aclopted (English and French texts) --------------- (X-.W

2 I-lo!)-28



WARHINGTON, C., J u l y 9 , 1.928. D. SIR The copyright business and the work of the copy: right office for the fiscal year July 1, 1927, to June 30, 1928, inclusive, are summarized as follows:

i i

The gross receipts during the year were $201,054.49. g~ balance of $16,476.46, representing trubt funds and unfinished business, was on hand July 1, 1927, making a total sum of $217,530.95 to be accounted for. Of this omount the sun1 of $5,571.69 was refunded as excess f q s or as fees for articles not registrable, leaving a net bJarlce of $211,959.46. The balance carried over to July 1, 1928, was $16,791.61 (representing trust funds and total unfinished business), lenving fees applied during the fiscal year 1927-28 and paid into the Treasury, $195,167.65. The annual applied fees since July 1, 18W, are: 1897-98---------- $55. lY16.50 1013-14---------- $120,219.26 1898-59 ---------- 68,267.00 101+16 ---------- 111,922.76 lHes-lIlWl-,-----66,208.00 1915-16,---,----112,BB& 85
110,U77.40 108,362.~ 113,118.08 1903-4----------126,492.25 00920-&I ---------- 134,516.16 19044----------1921-22--------138,616.16 1 W----------149,291.00 1908-7---,------- ---------84,6LI&Oo lWZZ-2% -4 ---------- lm,544.90 l W - 8----------82,387.50 12 166,W. 56 1808-0 --,-------8%016.75 I%&-26-------,----- 178,307.20 1909-10 ---------L 109,644.96 1928-%3-----184,727.80 1910-11__--__--_108,013.05 3026-27 ,--------1911-12---------- l l S , ~ . M lg21-28----,----- 195,167.68 1912-13--,------114,980.80 Total------ 3,416,802. .90 1~1901 1901-2 ----------1W2-3----------63,697.60 64,88'1.0088,874.60 72.6'29.00 78,068.00 W,lB8.00 1416-17 1917-18---------1916-19---------1919-20----------




The nppropriation made by Congress for salaries insthe copyright office for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1028, was $183,100. The total expenditures for salaries was $182,959.68, or $12,208.18 lem than the net amount of

Btalionery and mndrisa.




C o p y i g h t receipla and fers.

V d u e of c o w right depottita.

fees earned and paid into the Tseasnry during the corresponding year. The expenditures for supplies, including stationery and other articles and postage on foreign n ~ a i l matter. rtc., was $1,495.64, leaving a balance for the year of $10,712.48 to the credit of the office. Iluring the 31 fiscal years since the reorganization of tlle copyright office (from J u l y 1, 1897, to June 30, 1928) the copyright fees applied and paid into the Treasury have ;imounted to $3,415,802.60, and the total copyright registrations nnml~er3,816,222. The f r r s t.arned ($3,413,802.40) were larger than the apl-".opriations for sularirs used (luring the same period ($!!,'304.951.93) hy $510,847.47. I n aclclition to this direct profit, the large number of over six and one-half million books, maps, musical works, periodicals, prints, and other articles deposited during the 31 years were of substantial pecuniary value and of such a character that their accession to the Library of Congress through the copyright office effected a large saving to the purchase fund of the Library equal in amount to their price.



The registl-utions for the fiscal year nu~nbered193,914. Of these 183,211 were registrations a t $1 each, including a certificate, and 5,256 were registrations of photographs without certificates at 50 cents each. There were also 5,447 registrations of renewals at 50 cents each. The fees for these registrations amounted to a total of $1 88,562.50.

A r : i c h depoaited

wwkr claiming eopy9ghr.

The total number of separate articles depositd in compliance with the copyright law which have h e n regif;trred during the fiscal year is 310,209. The number of these articles in each class for the lrtst five fiscal years is hhomn in Exhibit E. I t is not possible to cleternline exactly how corr~pletcly the works wllich claim copyright are deposited, but as title cards arc printed and supplied upon request to other libraries for all books received bearing United States notice of copyright the demand for such cards for works not received furnishes some indication of possible percentage of failure to deposit.



I n response to inquiries received cluring the year from fw the c:id tlivision, the ncct~ssionsdivision, law clivision, ant1 the reading rooin in regard t c 9 books supposed to have been copyrighted but not discoveretl in the I~ibrary, it was fount1 that. 31 of these works h ~ t been rec8rivc.tlant1 l wc.1.e actll~llyin thta I~ibl-ary, books hr\d been tlcl)ositc.tl 16 t~nd wpre still in the col~yright ofice, 11 ~ r o r k s \rcw thitl~er not l ~ ~ l ~ l i s h(lit1,not claim col)y~.ipht, for other valid ed or rcasons c.o~~ltl l)e clt.posited, \vliile in the case of 36 not works no answers to our 1cttc.1-sof inclniry hcitl heen receiretl rrp to ?June 30. 1028. C'opies were ~.ect*ivec.l 3 of \r-o~-ks all in response to rctl~lt>sts in n~tltlehy the copyright ofice (luring the periotl of 19 uiontlis for works publisheci in rtlctbnt years. Our copyright laws have required the tle1)osit of copies Disposd of d6for the iise of the I~ibrnry Congress. 'I'he acst of 1909, of which expressly provided for s~lch clel)osit in ortler to secure tlie wgistration of the work, still insisted nlmn a deposit of two cbopies of American books for the benefit c;f the Library. 1311t to check the llseless ac.c~lm\~lation of such copies in the copyright ofice it is plr)videcl thnt the 1-ibrarian of Congress shall cleterniilie (1) what books or other articles shall be transferred to the pel.niunent collections of the Library of Congress, inclllding the law library: ( 2 ) what other books or articles shell be placed in the reserve collections of the Library of Congress for ssle or esc.hange ; or (3) be transferrecl to other (fovernmental libraries in the llistrict of Columbia for use therein. The law further provitles (4) that :~rticles remaining ~ ~ n d i s p o wof ~iiayupon specitieti conditions d be r e t ~ ~ r n c d the autliors or copyright proprietors. to L)uring the fiscal year a total of 113.286 articles de- Transferred t. Ltbrary. l~osited have heen transferred to the 1Aibrery of Congress. This number included 28,lOL books, 71.367 periotlic.al numbers, 6,382 pieces of ~nr~sic, 4,764 maps, arid 2,651 1)hotographs lmtl engravings. Tranaferr to Vntler authority of section BY of the act of March 4, other libraries 1909, there were transferred (luring the fiscal year to other governmental libraries in the District of C'olurnbia '. for use therein," 8,'238 books. ITntler this transfer, up to June 30, 1928, the following libraries have received touks as intlic~tecl below : Department of Agriculture, 3,349; 1)epartnient of Comnierce, 14,344; Kavy Department, 1,827; Treasury De-




of depoJft8 to copynubr c b i n m t r .


partment, 1,496; Bureau of Education, 16,336; Federal Trade Commission, 12,013; Bureau of Standards, 2,094; Surgeon General's library, 6,120; Walter Reed Hospital, 1,103; Engineer School, Corps of Engineers, 3,153; Soldiers' Home, 1,497; Public Library of the District of Colt~mbia,42,747. A number of other libraries have received a smaller number of books, under 1,000 volumes. The copyright act of 1009 authorizes the return to copyright claimants of such deposits as are not needed by the Library of Congress or the copyrigllt office, after due notice as required by section 60. I n response to special i.equests, 5,469 motion-picture films and 07,426 deposits in other classes have been so returned during the fiscal year.



All copyright entries tire promptly indexed. The index cards are ultimately intercalated into the great card indexes now covering all classes of copyright entries from 1897 to date. But these cnrds )Ire first used as copy for the printed Catalogue of Copyright Entries, the current ' numbers of which bind up, with t~nnualindexes, to cover I for each class all the entries made for the calendar year. TFie annual volumes for 1027 are all complete, except the annual index for part 1. group 2, containing pamphlets, leaflets, contributions to periodicals, dramatic compositions, ancl motion pictures, and maps. This index covers more than 70.000 entries and will make a close-printed double-column volume of more than 500 pages. Beginning with the year 1928, the copyright entries for dramas and motion pictures will make a separate part of the catalogne (part 1, group 3) and will be printed in monthly numbers. mmrnption Hy the act of Congress a roved May 23,1928, the subw-. scription price for the ca a ogue has been increased, the complete catalogue for the year being supplied for $10 and the separate parts as follows: Part 1, group 1, books proper, 83; part 1, group 2, paml~hlets and maps, $3; pnrt 1, group 3, dramatic compositions and motion pictures, $2; part 2, periodicals, $2; part 3, musical compositions, $3; part 4, works of art, photographs, prints, and pictorial illustrations, $2; single numbers (except book leaflets), 50 cents; annual indexes, each, for complete calendar year, $2; all parts for complete calendar year, $1~.




lnlnnce on hand July 1, 1927---------------------- $16,476.46 Bummaw of ;ross r e c ~ i p t s July 1,1927 to June 30, 1928---------- 201,054.49~ ~ n g h r


Total t o be accounted for-------------------Refuntled---------------------------------------Ihlnnce to be amounted for ----------- L -----Al~l)licda s earned f m ---------------- $195,107.65 Balancoerarrled clrrr to July

217,530.95 6,571.00 211.95% 28

1, 1 ) 8 !2:
Tnlst funds- ----------- $16,la.61 ITnfi~~i~hetl busiuess----W9.00

16,791.61 211,958.28

Free for p m l gear
Fees for rt-glstmtion, including rrrtiflcates nt $1 each- $183,Zll, 00 Feey for regintration of photoymphs without eertiflcatw, t i t 50 e e ~ l t seach ---------------__--------- Z 628.00 2,723.60 Fees for registration of renewals, a t 50 errlts each-----

188,682.50 Total fees for registrations rec-ordetl--------Fees for certified cvpies of record a t 50 vents racb ............................ $1.218.50 Fees for recording nssignulents - - - - - - - - - 4,621.00 Searchea made And ehftrged for a t the rate of 50 cents for each hour of time con------a. 60 sumed -------------------------; 288.26 Xotice of user recorded (music) -----,---'223. DO 111dexing traosferu of yroprlctomhlp-----0,606.16
Total fees for the fiscal year 1921-28----------

1 107.65 %

h'umber of registrations---------------------------Number of renewals recorded ---------------------Total ----------------------------------Number of certified copies of record -------------- -Number of assignment0 retafded or copied ----------

188,467 6,447 193,914 2,437 4,101

A large part ofi the business of the copyright office iscowcrponasner. done by correspondence. The total letters and parcels ~aeceivedduring the fiscal year numbered 208,196, while the letters, parcels, etc., dispatched numbered 218.553.

On July 7, 1928, the remittances received up to the condi~onof m t work. third mail of the day had been recorded, the account books of the bookkeeping division were balanced for



I( EPOHT OP '1'11 E I; ~ G t s T E t t .OF
1 1 ~ 1



Iirl,~ll,*~:ll htllt('lllthlltb were prel~nrecl for the

'I'I*PI~.+III.,V I )t~11111~1111~-11~, earnecl fees to June 30 had :l11(1 a11 I)(-(1ri IIUI(I illto 0 1 t ~ 'l'reusury.
( ' o p ~ r i g h l 01-

pce p a b l t ~ ~ a l i o n s .

The United States copyright laws in force, Bulletin

1-4.vvas reprintetl during the year. The act of JIay 23, 1993, nrnentling +vc.tions57 irnd 61 of

tht. c.ol)yr.ight acbtof hl:~rcall4. 190!). to i~~cbl.e:l\c. copytllr ;t.; right frc.5, bas bcrn 1)l~irited Inforrliation C'ircnlar No. 6.i. (1 1). 80.) Srvr~-;il:~tlniinistrative circbrllars \\.else 1jrinlc.cl to cxll hl)rc.ial :lttelitio~ito tliis iri(~~~e:~st> in c.ol)yright fees. effective .Ir~ly 1. 1928, ant1 t l ~ r s c\\.else fl-chely tlistributed in tlie outgoing letters of the copyriglit office. Information C'irc11l;lr No. 4 R, giving tlie test of the l,i.otocol, clated MRI'C~I 1914, to the Internut ion211 C'opy30, I iglit Convention rrvihetl at Berlin in 1908, ~ v a s rcprintetl, z~ncltlie test of tlie rlrw revisetl convciiiioli. signet1 at Home on June 2, 1928, \\.us printed in the original French 1 it11 Englisli translntion, as Information Circular No. 1


Act t o increme copyright fees.


On >fay 2:). 1968, tlich I're*iclent approvet1 an act to 1:roride for a general increase in fees for the registration of copyright claims ant1 for other services ~.entleretl1)y the eol~p-ight office. This act also incre;~setl ~ I I ~ S C I * ~ P the tion price for the C:~talogue of Co1)yriglit Entries. A s rsplained in last year's report (192W27, pp. 212-213) the fees in force for copyright registration were fixed by ltcw as f a r back as 1881. and were inaclecluate untler present conclitione. The cliange effected is nn increase of the registration fee for published works from $1 to $2, the certificate of copyright beinrincl~l(letlin this cliarge. The old fee of $1 for registration was retainetl unchanged for all unpub7ished works. The act alho provitles tliat hile the new fee for published photographs is fixed at $2 certificate, in c;lses where n o ce1-tiiicate is requi~.e<l tlie fee is only $1. Tlie new fee for recortling co1)yright a~signmentsand other papers is now based upon the recorcl-book page, instead of the number of words in the document, to accord with the use of the photostat machine i n making the copies. The registration of the claim for the renewal of the copyright for the second term of 28

*- Y




& a ~ p d from 50 cents to $1, and the fee for
ription price for the Catalogue of Copyright p ; ~ ~ ; & ~ d d ; rclmained tit $5 per year, as fixed in 1891, ding that the annual printed pages increased than 1,100 pages to over 13,000. The present the subscription price at $10 the year for the f@ ~gtdopue, und provides that the prices for the sepam F of the catalogue shall be fisd " a t such prices pt a be determined to be reasonable." The prices per &rn as follows: 1. grol~p1, books proper, $3 ; part 1, group 2, N a @sr. b a d ~ .u hon lets and maps, $3; part 1, group 3, d r ~ n l a t i c comand motion pictures, 9'2; part 2, periodicals, $2; musical compositions, $3; part 4, works of art, aphs, prints, and pictorial illustrations, $2. -Bills to secure this increase were introdnced in h& te ; : '0 * I ~ w =ninth Congress but failed of enactment tll~ring the g I N ) I I ~ S of the short session. A new \)ill was introin the Seventieth Congress on December 7. 1927: Mon. .ill)rrt H. Vestal. itientical in text with the old 1Z. 16548, 69th Cong., '2d sess.), except to provide @ the act hhoulcl go into effect on July 1, 1928. On I & Jmliu'y 4, 1928, this bill was introduced in the Senate by Ban, ,Jesse H. Metcalf (S. 2161).: Hearings were held by the House Committee on Patents on J u n l ~ a r y 1928, 20. and I)y the Senate Committee on Patents on April 3, 1928. TIE IIoti..ie bill was favorably reported on Janr~ary23: i@!!R.\nnd was passed by the House on Bebrl~ary 1928. 6, On ITchbrunry 7 the House act was presented to the Sen-

tn $1 for each fill1 hour of time consumed.

w x

ir (a.

' 1027 (1,rc. 7). -4 bill t o nmend srctlons Pi7 a n d 0 1 of t h e act entitled "AII IIC-tto amend a n d consolidate the act8 respecting copyright." a p prc*v~.cl Mar. 4, 1009. 111trodoc~d Mr. Veatal. 11. R. 6104, 70th Cong., 1)y i r t L(.RR. :1 pp. 4O. Refer1-d to t h e V o ~ n ~ n i t t r e Pntents. on 1V2A (.Ian. 4). A bill to amend sectlons 57 a n d 6 1 of the a c t entltled ",4u nct to amend a n d conqolidate t h e acts respectlng copyright," approved Mnr. 4, 1909. Introduced by Mr. bfetcalf. S 2101, 70th Cong.. 1 s t sess. :I LIP. 4" Rt,ferred to t h e Committee on Patents. lI)!?H (Jan. 23). A bin t o amend ~ e c t i o n s a n d 6 1 of t h e a c t entltled Pi7 "An nct to amend a n d consolidate t h e acts respecting copydght," approved Mnr. 4, 1909. H R. 0104 (Rept. No. 353), 70th Cong., 1 s t aess. 3 pp. 4' Con~mittedt o t h e Committee of t h e Whole IIouse o n t h e s t a t e of t h e I'nlon. Ilb2H (.Tnn. 23). Amend and confiolidate the art.¶ respectlng copyright Mr I'~~qta1, from t h e Committee o n Patents, submitted t h e following re. 1)ort ( t o accompany H. R. (1104). H. R. Rept. No. 353, 7 0 t h Cong., 1st rwm. 2 ~ p . 4".




ate.' was favorably reported by Hon. Charles W. Waterninn from the Senate Committee on Patents on April 24," and passed the Senate on May 8, with an amendment to correct a slight typographical error which had occurred in the reprinting of the bill. With this amendment the bill was again passed by the IIonse on May 18. It wus signed by the Speaker and Vice President on May 19, ~vas presented to the President on May 21, and was approved by the President on May 23. 1!)'L8.u The text of the act as well as the House report are printed in Addendum I, pages 28-31. The bill introduced and reported in the Sisty-ninth Congress known as the " Divisible copyright bill," providing that " all rights comprised in a copyright are several, distinct, and severable" (H. H.. 16808), was reintrocluced ill the Seventieth Congress on January 9, 1928 (H. H., 8913) Hearings took place before the House Committee on Patents on hiarch 2 and 20, 1928, and the bill was favorably reported on April 2.R Another hearing was had on April 20," but no further action resultecl. On


An a c t to amcbnd sc-c*tionu57 nnd 6 1 of the avt entitled ".in act t o umend a n d consolidate t h e a c t s respecting copyright,'' approved Mar. 4, 1009. I n the Senate of t h e United States. H. R. 6104. 70th Cong., 1ut Henu. 3 pp. 4". Hrfet'red to t h e Committee on l'ntents. 1928 (Apr. 24. ledsiative day Apr. 20). An act t o amend sections 57 a n d 0 1 of t h e a c t rutltled "An act to amend a n d consolidate t h e a c t s r e ~ p e c t i n g copyright," npproved Mar. 4, 1909. I n t h e Senate of t h e United States. H. R. 6104 (S.Rept. No. 883), 7 0 t h Cong.. 1st sess. 3 pp. 40. Referred t o t h e Committee on Patents. 1928 (Apr. 24. I ~ ~ g l s l n t l vdsy .\Dr. 20). Amend a n d c0n~olldiIte the c acts respecting copyright. Mr. Waterman, from t h e Committee on P a t e n u . submitted t h e following report ( t o accompany H. R. 6104). 8. Rept. NO. 883, 70th Cong., 1 s t aess. 2 pp. So. 6 1928 (May 23). .4n a c t t o amend sectiona 57 a n d 6 1 of t h e a c t entitled "An a c t to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright," ap. proved Mar. 4, 1909. Public, No. 478. 70th Cong.. 1st Eess. (H. B 6104). 2 pp. 8 O . 7 1028 ( J a n . 0 ) . 9 bill t o amend ueetlona 27. 42. a n d 44 of t h e a c t entitled "A\n nct t o amend a n d consolidate t h e a c t s respecting copyright," approved Mar. 4, 1900. Introduced by Mr. V tal. H. R. 8013, 70th Cong.. 1 s t seas. 5 pp. 40. Hrferred to t h e d m i t t e r on l'attbuts. 1928 (Apr. 2 ) . A bill t o amelld secs. 27. 42, a n d 44 Of t h e a c t enHtlecl "An a c t to amend und consolidate t h e a c t s respecting copyright," approved Mar. 4, 1909. 8. R. 5913 (Rept. No. 1103). 70th Cong., 1 s t sess. 5 pp. 4". Reported wlth amendments a n d referred t o t h e IIouse Calendar. 1928 (-4pr. 2 ) . Amend a n d consolidate t h e a c t s respecting copyright. Mr. Vestal, from t h e Committee on Patents. submitted t h e follow in^ reibort ( t o accompany H. R. 8913). H. Rept. No. 1103, 70th Cong., 1 s t new. 3 p p . 8". 1928 (Mar. 2 a n d 20 a n d Apr. 20). Hearings held before t h e Committee on I'utents. House of Representatives, 70th Cong., 1 s t sess., on H. R. 8013, a blll t o anrrnd secs. 27, 42, nnd 44 of tile act entitled "An a c t to amend and c o ~ ~ s o l i d a t h e ucts resp(beting copyrlyht," approvrd Mar. 4, e 1009: Mar. 2 a n d 20, 1'328, 2 p. I., 87 pp.; Apr. 20, 1928, pt. 2, 1 p. 1.. pp. 89-147. 8".

' 1028 (Feb. 7 ) .







p 7, the bill was brought lip in the House, whereupon n. Fritz G. Lanham, of the House Committee on Pat7,

~ t tthe request of the chairman of thnt committee, " iinanimons consent that this bill be pnssed over bout prejudice," and thero being no objection, it was so c81.ed. On May 21 the bill was bronpht up again, being 111 the Consent Calendar, with a view to present con.ration. Thereupon the Hon. Jeff Busby objectc.cl to oonsitleration or that it be p a s a d over tempol*al.ily horit prejudice, stating that he was "unnlterably op~ t to it," and that he objected. The bill was thcn l -tad over. On May 28 Mr. Vestal. chairman of the ise Committee on Patents, as the bill was broiipht lip he Consent Calendar, asked " iinanimous consent that bill be passed over without prejudice." Again Mr. by objected, and the objection was supported by Hons. s A. Collins, David H. Kincheloe, and Antlrew L. lers. Thert>upon the bill was passed over; and the Ise adjourned next day. The text of the reported bill April 2 and the House report are here printed in lendi~m pages 3'2-35. I, Uecho~ied ?veral bills were introduced during the.year to amend.rpproduetion Ions 1 (e) and 25 (e) of the copyright act of 1909, mluic1 respect to the performance of mn~~sic mechanical by ruments. On February 7,1928, Hon. Albert H. Vestal 1 . R- 1 7 ~ d u c e d(by request) the bill H. It. 10655 l o to anlend on 1 (e) and to repeal section 25 (e), and public ings on this bill by the House Committee on Patents : held from April 3 to 1 . 1928," but the bill (lid 1 come before the House. On February 13, the same was introduced in the Senate by Hon. George H. ?s (S. 3160).12 On May 1, 1928, an amended bill Bfu 8. s1m.
)?8 (Feb. 7 ) . A blli t o amend sections 1 ( e ) and 26 ( e ) of t h e a c t ul "Ao a c t t o amend and conmlidate t h e a c t s respecting copyright," ved Mar. 4. 1901). Introduced by Mr. Vestal. H. R. 10065, 70th 1st seas. 4 pp. 4O. Hcferred to the C'ommlttee on I'atmta.
128 (Aim. 3-11).

Repeal of prlce-fi~ingclause for merhanlcal repro, n. EIearlngs held before t h r Commlttre on Patents, House of RcpreIvrs, 7 0 t h Cong., 1 s t ucbss., on 11. R. 10065, a blll to amend sections and 28 ( e ) of t h e a c t entitled "An nct t o amend a n d conwlldate t s respec*ting cnpyrlght," npproved Mar. 4, 1909. Apr. 3, 4, 10, a n d 28. 2 p. I., 201 pp. 8". b 8 (Feb. 1 3 ) . A 1 1 1 t o ani,nd nrctions 1 ( e ) and 25 ( e ) of the a c t 2 11 'd ".\n a c t t o mend a n d ct~nsolldatet h e a c t s respcbctlng copyright," red Mar. 4, 1909. Ilrtroduccd by Mr. Moses. 9. 3160, 70th Cong., ss. 4 UP. 4 O . Referred t o the Committee on P a t u ~ l t s .

B " U ~ R. 13452. .







( H . R. 13452) lS was introduced by Mr. Vestal, whc chairman of the House Committee on Patents, on M presented a favorable report ( H . Rept. No. 152 entitled " Repeal of price-fixing clause for mechanica ~roduction." When this bill was reached on the H Calendar on May 21, it was on motion " l>assed over H out prejudice," and the session closed without f u r action. Meanwhile a bill of similar test (S. 4369) '' been introcluced in the Senate by Silnator Moses on M t Tlie texts of the bills H. R. 10605 and H. R. 13452 gether wit11 the Rel>ort 50. 1520. are priilted in llclclen~ I, pages 3744. The purpose of this proposed legislation is to repea provisions in ~~espect the royalty of 2 cents require to be paid for each part manufactured of instl-nments s ing to rel>rodnce mechanically a copyrighted mu! composition ( e c . 2) and to substitute provisions to mit the owner of the copyright of the musical coinposi to make his own terms for such reproduction of music. The bill (H. R. 13452) furthrr provides thatAfter nlig su(fih grnnt o r s~ihsequentngrwlilent litis becolne ( tire, nny othtbr I W ~ S O I I ulny 111:lke like use of such c-c~pyrig musical coin~nuitionnpon t h e sr~rue terms a n d c.onditi011~in re, of the roynlty payal~le,t h e time, ~nt)de, l ~ dmanlier of such n nlent, tii id the w u r i t y for tlie p a y n ~ e n t thereof. *. ( S t par. 1.)

The committee in its report states that the bill " eliminate abuses and evils and injnstices which have 1 vailed for 19 years, and is therefore recommentled favorable consideration."
192P IJIay 1 ) . . 0111 to amend t h e s e t c.l~tltled"An act to a ~ u c u d L conhol'date t h e ; I C ~ N reepvc.tlng c o p y r l ~ h t , " approved Mar. 4. 1!)0! nlnrndtd, in rrNprct of mrellnnlcal r r p r o d u c t ~ o n of m u ~ i c u l cornposit :tnd for other porpo#tbs. Introduced by Mr. Vt.ntal. 11. R 13452, Collg., l e t srss. 5 ~ p . An. Referred to t h e Comrnltter on t'ntrnts. l4 19% (May 4 ) . .\ 1~111to amend t h d c t elltitled ".\u H C ~ to amend consolidt~te t b e a c t s renpect!ng copyright." a1)proved Mar. 4. 1908 :imtv~ded,i n rtlsprct to mechunlcal reproduction of muslcnl rompoult o n 4 for othpr purposes. Introduced by Mr. Vefltal. H R. 13452 (1 No 1.720). 70th Cong., 1 s t sms. 5 pp. 1". Rrft,rred t o t h e Comm on Pn tt.11 t ~ . 1!)28 I Muy 4). Repeal of p r l c e - f l x i ~ ~ ~ claune f o r mrchanlcal rcproduc blr. \ estal. from t h e Committee on l'atents, uubmlttt'd t h e following re ( t o t1ccoml)any 11. H. 1345"). El. Hept. No. 1320, 7 0 t h Cong., 1 s t 2 pg. N o . lS 1!)2H (May 7. Irzihltitivr d a y May 3 ) . .\ bill to a m r n d the a c t ~ n t "All nct to nlnrnd und conrolidate t h e a c t s respecting copyright," a p p r Mar. 4, Inon. an amrnded, in respect of mrchanlcal rrprocluction of mu rolnporitiolrs. a n d for other purposes. Introduced by Mr. Moses. S. 4 70th Collg., 1 s t stass. 3 pp. 4". Referred t o t h e Committee on l'ab

tlitlV~ltTOI' 'I'III*: IIR(I1ATER O F



4 B Slnv I r,, I ! ~ ! s . I loll. Milltlrcl E. Tydings introduced Biu n l~y httcllrr*nt rr 11111 (S.I k(i7)'" L amend section 1 of the act o t t f rrwnr, I ) I I I i 111 1.ot ll~c:ocl by Senator Tydings makes w l y 11110 ~ * I I I I I I 111 ~O I ( ~ ~I tbsisting copyright law; namely, the i n w r f ~ t ~ ~ c~ c - t i L ~ i ~ the following words: In ~ ~ t of

.led ~ ~ ~ V I . I II II,I. 111~,1., I II 'l'll;tt tlie issuiuice o r sale, by ~ ~ u t h o r i t y of i l , ~P W I I I ~ t r I ~ 1111, ~~tvltyrigl~t 21 m u s i c d cornp)sitio~t, r by IIIIY of o (*rrvr I I I \ V ~ I I I I J ~ . I I I I I I I I I IIY, tliroligh, 0 ' under t h e owiier of such I~ 1 *-r(tkrl(ll~l. I I cllt-t.(s I I I I ~ I I I which n r e writtell, plil~ttul,or lby other I l:#va+ea I I I I I ~ I I * 1 1 ) I I I I I I I * : I ~ , IIIIIW, emblems, syrl~kAs,siglls, words, u r hk:hi.fr. 1 1 1 IIIII*I~.III t.t~1111111sitio11, tones, vnlurs, tul11l arrlrllge notes, rrrihll. 1111111 \\111t.l1 Ill(- I I ~ t l ~ ~ of ail a u t h o r l u t ~ y ght be read o r f:'tw wti11.11~ M * I . ~ ~ I ~ I I II I110 I~lusiiZl1 o m p b s i t i o ~ ~ I ;~ I I I . I . c 111t1yIbtl U~II(IC, l i l l l ~l ~ I C I I I I I ~ I U 111' 11rlv111(~ 11ublic p e r f o i r n t ~ i i ( of sue11 luusi(*lll cornI I or .~ l ~ m l t l t t !r~ ~ I I I . ~ I I \ I tvr ollit?rwise, \vhcii such l ~ ? r f o r t i i n ~ i sci~iit(le t11 ~ t~ t r r , ~ u * I I I * ~ I ~I s s ~ r c ~ lr sold, without coiitributicr~~ tlir col~yrltc~ -11 o to r i ~ l r tI I ~ 1111) I ~ IlI1(1 owlier t h e r w f , o r t o t u ~ yperso11 la\vfully I.II\ , ~ H I I I I I I I U lay. 111r1111~11. under such owner, iii excess of tllc' price or j#tltl h ~ -111 11 411(.(.1-so issued o r sold. r

St, I / I I I I ~ I I ~ . I ~ I Iwits taken upon any of these bills. ~ I

18, 1874, registration is re- Pt.i& od labelu. Bill for copyright protect,ion in the case of ri. R. iolsl. prlrrtn t t ~ l ( lIIIIII-I:, (101. articles of manr~fi~cture tlie Patent in t ~MIP: I I I I I \Y:ISintroduced by Mr. Vestal on February # Ifan," I t , t t.1111sfcr this registration to the copyright ufirr 111111 I I I 1.t-lbc~i11the act of 1874. Ko action was taken I I I I I I 1 1 s I~rieftest is printed at page 44. 'I'III* I I I I I \ ~ - I I I I ~toI abrogate the design patent nct and to ~ ~ 1,~ttv11119f t ~ rI 11,' 1)rotect:ion of original designs to be ap(tl118cl I I I 11 I.(i c . l c s s of manufacture under the copyright law u a. 141 I \ 1 1 1 1 t x ~ t 1 11ythe introduction by Mr. Vestal on Januc l ~ yI(\. '%. I!). o f ii new bill for this purpose (H. E. 0368).18 fr. R. g e m I ' r t l ~ I ~ It I~~ - I I I . ~ I I ~ on the bill were had on Mtirch l i' 'and S C ,! I,II , \ I I I I , I ~ ~ I t I I bill was brought before the Senate by 2.4 ~


:rl,l~~~oved June

I ( ~ I ~ I ?10 I1 1 1 s Y


-- .-


Ivgi*lutlve dtiy Yay 3). h blll to anlend scc. 1 of :ID 10 amend and conwlld~~tc- ncts naspt-cllog copythe 6i#l11 f & l q t ~ ' o ! v hl;~r. 1909. IntrOductbd by Mr. Tydings (by requvst). ~l 4. 14117 ; 1 1 t 1 t ~ ' ( o I I ~ . srss. 5 pp. 4". Referred to the Committee on 1st .


I \1nv


t ~ ~ - r < ~ r q .'\ I , " l



2 ) . h 1 1 1 to itl lend scc. 5 of tlie act t!ntitlt.d "4n :let to 11 ~ ~ s ~ ~ ~ s ~ ~ncts lrrspecting cop~right," approved Nor. 4, the l l t ~ ~ t t ~ I1*Hb, i ~ n q l COI. ,1111t.rpurl)osrs. I~~troduced Nr. Vestal. 11. 11. 10434, by I ~ I Ir , , 1.1 svrs. 2 pp. 4 O . Referred to the Committee on Patenta ' 1'1.'\ I.I:III. Itib. .\ blll amending the Stntutes of the Unitcd States r 111, I 1 1 1 . 1 ~ , I I I I . 1 0 ~.~)l~yrlght r(.gistr~(tIon designs. Introduced by Ur. of -..,.,I 1 1 I ( . :l::;,S. 70th Cong., 1st scss. 15 pp. 419. ltcbfvrrcsd to tile ' 1~1111,1111, <. < & I , i'i,lf.lltn. l:l.,s I \IIII..it;). Ltt'xistration of designs. Hearing hcbld bttforc the ~ ; . t t r t , ~ t f(111~ .I'~~(vstx, t ~~ House of Represenlotivex, 70th Cong.. 1st srss.. ou 11 11 .I :..-. ,I I t i l l ~~roviding copyright registration of designs. Mur. for I!, '* t 1 8 I , I(; pp. 8(-.

.' 111:s
a t



I I I I ~







Motion-picture film.

Bill 8. 1661.

I-Ion. Henrik Shipstead (S. 3T68).20 Mr. Vestal intr amended bill on M a , y 1 (H. R. 1345:3),2' but further action has been 1 - e c o r d e d . Z'be texts of these b i , are printed in A d t l e n d u r n I, pages 45-64. Several bills have been presented to Congress with I sl'ect to rnotion-pictnre filrils a n t 1 their exhibition. Tlle [)ills contain provisions relative to the corrinlerciul use copyrighted films, a n t 1 for that reason their titles are i c l u d t ~ lin cbllronologimlorder in this sumirlary. On December 13, 1927, Senator Smith W. Brookha i r t t r o t l u c e d "A bill to prevent o 1 ) s t r a c t i o n a n t 1 b u r t l e ~ upon interstate trade t i n d commerce in coyyriglited I n , tion-picture films," etc. (S. 1667) ;" on January 13, 192 Hon. Clarence Cnnnon introdnced a bill (H. R. 9298) of exactly the same title but a somewhat different tex s c c . t , i o n s 2 and 3 of S. 1667 being omitted ; Hon. Ernanul Celler, on January 26 also introduced ct bill of exnctl the same title (H. It. 10087)" which agrees in test wit Senator Brookhart's bill (S. 1667). On May 11. Hal Grant M.Hudson iritroduced a bill (H. R. 13686)25 er titled "A bill to protect the motion-picture industr egainst unfair trade prnctices and monopoly." This la: i k an elaborate bill of 41 sections. containing 54 page:
duct~d an

* 1!+2R (Mnr. ?4). A hill nmendlnx t h e Statute8 of t h e I ' d t e d Stat6 w i t h r e f e r w c r t o copyright r e d s t r n t i o r ~of denlnns. I n t r o d u ~ u d by M Yhlprtead. H. :lifl8, 70th Gong., 1 s t W ~ R . 17 BP. 4". Referrrad to t t Committee on Patents. 1928 (May 1 ) . .4 blll amending the Rtatutea of t h e r u i t e d S t a t e s t provltle f o r copyright r r g i ~ t r a t i o u of dc%igus. Introduced by Mr. V e ~ t a I1 R . 1:3453, 70th Gong., 1 s t sc.nn. 1 8 pp. 4". Referred to t h e Commi t e nn I ' n t e n t ~ . bill t o grpvrnt obstruction nnd burdens upon Intel 2z 1027 (1)ec. 1 3 ) . yL:ite trade nnd romrnerre in c o ~ ~ y r i p h t ~ ~ d motion-picture dims. nnd t o pn vent t h e r r ~ t r a l n t upon t h e frec. csomvetition in t h e production, d l s t r i b u t l o ~ a n d cxhlbition of c o p y r i ~ h t e dmotlon-pictnre Rlrns (etc.). Introduced b Mr. Rronkhart. S. 1667. 70th Cong., 1 s t aess. 1 0 pp. 4O. R~&rred t o t h <'omrnltter on l n t r r s t a t e Commerce. >!I28 ( J a n . 1 3 ) . .\ hlll t o prevent ohstruc on a n d b u r d ~ n aupon Intel -t.rtr trade nnd rolnmerce In cnriyrighted on-picture fllms (etc.. snm title continued, us rlhove). Introduced by Mr. Cnnuon. H. R. 9208, 7 V t Vong.. 1 s t sms. 6 pp. 4". Hrferred to the Committee on l n t e r s t a t e a n , k'orei*.~i ('omlnercc.. a4 192R (Jan. 26). A hill t o prevent obsttnction a n d burdens upon Intel stat', t r a d e a n d rommrrcc i n copyrighted motion-picture fllms (etc., nan, H. R. 10087, 7Utl t l t l r contillued, an above). Introduced by Mr. ('eller. I'ong., Iqt w ~ s . 1 0 pp. 4". Referred to t h e ('onunittee on l n t e r s t a t 11nd Foreign ('ommerce. 3 I!UH (Ma.v 1 1 ) . A bill to protect t h e motion-picture industry again8 \ ~ l l f n i rtrnde practice8 a n d monopoly, to providr- Just setticmcnt uf com 7,lulntcl of unfair dc~alings,t o provide f o r t h e lnanuiacture of wholeeom m,,tlon pictures a t t h e source of production, to create a l+deral motiol plcturr cornrnisslon, to deflne i t s powers, aild for other purponea. I n t r o r;oced hy Mr. Cludmon. H. R. 18680, 70th ConR., 1st sess. 64 pp. 4' ltcf,,rrrd to the Cun~mittee Interfitate a n d Forelgn Commerce. on



g & M ~ E ~ F ~Secordedconcerning nctiou is


any of these


3 '

' & f& joint

l i u r ~I a ~ ~ P R I " S1~~11ort t reference was made to the text ;;o",ziC ,
8~0usc~s c'onsider the purchase of tlie right to a n to

n * w , l l ~ t i o ~ iapproved March 4, 1927. w h i c l ~ s v s t e m . , p&stetl in full test authorizing a joint conimittee of

2 'A

@mrfr*trcl i l p e " for all governmental, administrative,
rblictition purposes" of the Harrimnn Geographic
@*tcsl i ~ n c l e rpatents or copyrigllts issned. favor.al)lc. report was p r e s e n t r t l on M : l y 20, 1928, by Rmn, (;oor.gtl 14. Mhses n n ( l an ndvc~.seminority report f&m. tIi~.anlBinpllaril on M : l y 29."' Senator 3 f t w e s gtw i n t r . o t l n c c ~ t l on Mny 20 a bill to p~*ovidc for the p u ~ l r t ~ sof the H n r r i m t l n (;eogr:~phic Code Syste~n,'~ r rvMrh ~ ~ 1 L I9 C ' O 1 ~ presented to the House by Hon. Henry WI Ttmple on May 29." No final action was reported.
I N T E l I N h T I O N A L COf'YRI(IlIT \\-:is i s s u t b t l on RIuy 14, 1928, Copyright Proclnmation Rurnanin. This ] , r o c l a r r ) a t i o n t l r b c l a r e s "that dated nrav 14, 1928, r~ r T t l r , t ~ n + of Rumania are entitled to all the benefits of the Rumnra. net of )[arch 4, 1909, i n c l a t l i n g section 1 (e) thereof and the act. :lmenclatory of the said act." 9 g 1 v lwoclnmation further cleclares :

A (*o~)yrigl~t yroclanrntion
~ R V O I ' of


I'~.oc-idr.rl.T h a t t h e c~11jo3mel1t11s n r ~ yw o r k of t h e r i g h t s a n d ltt*~~c.Ht. ronfel'rrcl I J t l l r II(-t o f I v l ~ ~ r c -4. 1!KT3, u n d t h e a d s ~ h I B I I I ~ ~ I I I ~ tIhIe~r e o fY s h : ~ l l 1)r c.o~~clititnlul~ I M ? I I ~ ~ . I rrnn1)lianc.e w i t h the r c * ~ l ~ ~ l r t ~ a n d c o r itnst ~ l i t i c ~t~ s c . r i h e dw i t h rrr;yecbt to sucxhworks ~r~ f~n pr ~ 11y the c ~ ~ p y r i g h t laws c~ft h e I i ~ ~ i t r c lt a t e s . S
11td [rrmidcd farther, That the p r o v i s i o n s o f w c % i o n 1 ( e ) of tl~r lit-t of Slnrrh 4, 1WI9, i n s c ~ fnr as t11t.y skbi.urcA c b o p y r i g h t c t m f r o l l i ~ ~ lt :h e p a r t s of i ~ ~ s t r r ~ n ~ t b e rtv i n g to r e p r o d u c e m w h n n sn s 11 ltlly r r ~ u s i c : ~w o r k s shall :11)plp only to c o r u l n ) s i t i o n s p u l ~ l i s h ( ' d l
e 1928 (Mny 20, Iryislative day May 3 ) . IIarrlnian Qi~ographlc Code S ! ~ l v m l l e l ~ ~ l rof t h e S~blvct do111t ('ominlttet~ on t h e llnrrinian Geot u r ~ ~ l ~ h l c R y ~ t c m ,('onxrc.~r of t h r I T ~ ~ i t eRtatc.8, 1,urauant to Public Code d Ila'c~~lution 69th c'orlp;., ap[)ro\'rvl Mar. 4. 1027. I'rescntrd by Jfr. Moses. 70, H. I k ~ r No IS!), 7 0 t h ('ong., l ~ stbaa. Rrft-rrrd to t h e Commlttre o n t I'rlntivg. 1 p I., 8 pp. 8'. 1!11X (Slay 29, l c g i h l a t l v ~dny JInv 2 8 ) . H ~ l r r l m a n(:eographic Code SynIg.nl Minority view* of t h e Xi.l~rt .lolnt ('on~mittee l're~~ntul 111 Jlr. R i n ~ h a m . X 1)oc. S o . ].in. 1)t. 2. 70tl1 Cong.. 1 s t 8ws. Referred t o tht. C o ~ n ~ u i t t oe l'rinting. rn 1 @. I., 2 pp. 8'. -? I!)% O l a y 26, l(.gislnti\-~ clay hIny 3 ) . -1 bill t o provide for t h e purr,hll\e of t h e IIarrinlun Ctxographic Code System. Introcluced by Mr. \lone* S 4.584, 'iotll c'onn., la1 at>hn. 4 I)Y. 4O. Hrfrrred to t h e ComI I I I I tce on l'riuting. '* ( V a y 29). A bill to providr. for t l l ~ purchase of thc A n r r i m a n 4;clographic Code System. Introduced by Mr. Temple. H. R. 11127. 70th ( ong., 1 s t seus. 4 pp. 4" Referred to the ('omrnittee on Appropriatione.

1 lli(41 ,

liI.:l'()11'1' 01'


I I ~ ' I.l111y. PI. I

I!Iu!), rind rcgistcn*dfor copyrigl~t the United States in II:L\.~. lrot been reprotlucetl within tile T-~~itrtl Sti~t('dprior to A I : I ~ 14. 1928,on fully ccn~t~'iv;unc.e metuls ( I € whic-h the work muy by I ,tb 111echllnfc111ly prfor~ncd.



'.,,I/, I.,!,&(.(.. 1a 9.



A conference of the countries of the P a n Anierican 8.T:nion was held in Habttnn, Cuba, finom Janu:try l G , t o Il'ebruary 20, 1928, and a new copyriglit convention was (!rafted revising the convention atloptecl at Bucnos Aires. on Augtlst 11, 1910. I n this new convrt~tion,:~doptccl February 18, 1928, the following articles of tllc convention of 1910 stancl witlio~ltchange; mlinely, 1, 4, 5 (as 5 b i s ) , 7 to 15, inclusive'. I n :~rticle2, in atltlition to a. few verb111clwngcs, there have been atldcd to thc list of works protcctrtl " litltog ~ - a l ~ h" tant1 " cinc!~~~atog,rlal)liic i . " \vo~-ks " rcl)rotlt~cant1 tions I)y 1nr:lns of niccl~nnic:~l instrualcmts clcsiguccl for tlte reprotluct.ion of sollnds." :~ntlthe \vo~-tlx ;ts wcll ;is " the :wts rtpplied to :toy I I N I I I : I ~:~cti\~ity \vli;~tc~vcr" h:~ve L.cc!n adtled after tlic cnui~ic~.;ttion " plans, sketclics, o r of plttstic worltx rc111.t to g t ~ o g ~ - : ~ lgeology, or tol)ogr:iing )I~y, l'lly, nl-cllitect~~rcb, : L I I ~oi1ic.r sc.irncc." or I n ;i~.tielc whicli p~*ovielrtl 3, tll;~tl)~.otcction l ~ o l ~ l d s sec~~recl all the otlicr St;~tes \\litlior~ttllc necessity of' in " complying with ~ t r otlic~. o ~ - ~ ~ ~ ; 111-ovided l f t l i t y , cilwnys t,lir~.e shall appcar in the work a st,atcinc~nt tlt;~tindictttes tlie reservt~tionof tlic p ~ ~ o p c l ~ t y ~*iglit," tl1c.1.r have now I ~ c c ~ t added the further rc~cl~~i~.e~ncmts the nalilc of t l ~ e "ant1 person in \\'hose favor the ~.csrl.vation registc1rcd. 1,iltcis wise the country of origin, the country in \vllicli the first publication was niatle, or tllosc in whic~l~ sirnultttncous publications were mnclc, as well as the year of tlie ti 1 s t l ~ ~ b l i c n t i omust I)c! intlicatccl." n, The full text of the 1910 convention was printed in m y ~.el)ortfor 1011, pttgcs l;il)-ICil of tlie It port of t h e Ilil)~-:t~.iun Cong~.c!ss that yeill.. I t w, s also 1)l.intctl of for as Copyrigllt Office 1nform:ltion Circular, So. 65, anel in the Copyright Office 13ulletin. Ko. 14, lxlgths 4;&47. I n ii\tldenclu~n I1 of this year's rc11o1.t is tl~e~.c!fol.e printc!(l cmly so much of the text as clearly int1ic;ttc.s tlic chnnges adopted at Habana in the conference of 1928 (see p:lgcbs. (37-69).



c0pyrig11 t conl"enw.
Ramc, 1928.

An international confcrc~nc.~ heltl n t. Kon1r f1.0111 was Mtty 7 to June 2, 1028, for tlie purpose of cliscussi~~g e th

oposals for amendment of the Copyright Convention p e d a t Berlin on November 13, 1908. Representatives 3m 53 countries, including 19 nonunion States, were esent. The delegation on the part of the United States mprised the American ambassador a t Rome, Henry -ather Fletcher, chairman; the counselor of the embassy, arren D. Robbins; the commercial attach&, Mowatt M. itchell and George R. Canty, together with the Hon. Sol oom and the Register of Copyrights. The results of the deliberations were embodied in a vised text of the convention, which was printed i n % 18s. uench uncl signed on June 2. Many changes were prosed and considered, but only a certain number of them :re finally accepted, the larger number of the articles the convention of 1908 remaining unchanged. The )re important of these unchanged provisions may be iefly summarized as follows : (1) The union term of protection (life of author and 60~ o a b l o n soi convention 01 ars after his death) ; (2) the author's exclusive right to 190s remaining unchangsd. ike o r to authorize translations of his work; (3) serial wies and other works published in newxpapers or periicals in one union -coantry may not be reproduced in y other union country without the consent of the thor; (4) news of the day or miscellaneous news items ving the character merely of press information are not ,otected; ( 5 ) the right to borrow for use in publications tended for instruction, etc., is permitted; (6) authors e protected (without notice of prohibition) against e unauthorized public representation of their dramatic musical works or of a translation of them, and of any lauthorized appropriation of their works for adapta)ns or arrangements of music, or transformations of a mance or novel or of a poem into a theatrical piece or ce versa; (7) authors are accorded the exclusive right to ntrol mechanical reproduction of their musical works; I) the author's name on the title-page shall be sufficient permit him to sue. or the publisher may sue if the work anonymous or pseudonymous; (9) the provisions as seizure of copies ; (10) government right of censorship ; 1) privilege of making special copyright treaties; and 2) the various provisions relating to the International ~ p y r i g h tBureau a t Berne are retained nnchanged, expt that the Berne bureau budget is increased from 1,000 to 120,000 Swiss francs.
2 1 4 2



I ~ k ' l ~ ~ j loil* tT

.l.ll b: 1:~:(118'1'1.:11F COPYRIGHTS O

'J'l~r ~)rrtrl.tlml c~ltrr~~g,.c~s l)roposed, which were u g ~ rrwv I w I,rt,.flv 5tll11111arized follows: ns .\rr I,#I,~ tlclines the cspression " literary ant1 : 2 ,vt,~.Ifi :III~.I enun~eratesspecifically the works in i t t tlie protection :icco~*ded.I n the convention o there 11as been added '' Iect.t~res, addr~sses,stlrrnor other \vol.ks of like n:tturc." I n a new :~rticlr," a~ltllorityis rtbse~.v~tl the. tlonlrstic lcgislt~tionc: to c.o~~ntl*y tlit: 11nio11to e~t:ll)lisI~ c o ~ ~ ( l i t i o ~ ~ s of tlle ~11icl1 sr1c11 oral worlts may bc reproduced I)y 1-11t :111tl 111sol)~.ovisions c~sc.l~~tle,~ r t i ~ lor \vllolly .to 11 ly this ~ ) r o t c c t i o"~)olitic.:rl tlisc.o~ll.sesor clib~c.otlrscl ~~ no~lncctl jlltlici:~l clebirtes." 1111t i~~ltllor ill tile alon Iiitvcb tlic! right to bring s11(*11 works togt!t.ller :t~icl1 tlu1111 :i conlpil:~t ;IS ion. First pablil.iilion Tlie convention of 1908 1)rovitled vc1.y libcr:~llyt I,y 11oaunirrni8t atrthor in n i111t11or a 11on1111io11* o ~ ~ ~lirst .ly ~ ~ l ) l i s l ~hisg of ( it~ ) in un9~1iisl couf~lry. in $1 union coontry slio~~ltl clnjoy in tll;~t co1111try tllc rights as national uutl~ors:lncl in t l ~ e other ( b o ~ ~ ~ ~ t ~ the onion thch 1.ig11ts :~cc.o~atlctl the c.onvcntion. I)y l)e~.lnitt.t~tl autl~ors n o n ~ ~ n i o n of rountrics to stlc.ur.e 1 tion tli~*o~lglio~lt \-;~~.io~ls the c.o~~ntrirs tllc 11rii of n~c~rcly pr~l~lisliinp first tlleil. wo1.1ts in one of thrll~ i\nlel.ic.an ;111t1iol..for. cs:~nil)le,I)y p t ~ b l i s l ~ i ll ~ g b ~ i first in Engl;~ntl, lnigl~t stJc.~lrc: co1)yripht ill :111 tlicl tric1s of tile c*opy~.igl~t 11nio11, l f l l ~ l l g h I:riit.cvl ~ tlie i s not a nienibcr of the nnion. This situation lerl uclo1)tion at Ber'ne? Switzerl:~nd,on Marcli 20. 1!)14, " atlclitional p~.otorol," provitling that wllen :I non country does not plvtect ncleqr~atelythe works of :)I of a tlnionist countl*y,this latter country n~iglit1.t t11c 1)rotection :~cc.o~atlctl \\.orks by non1111 a1 to ion who :ire citizens of tlle fonner country illid 1v11o 111 :~ct~rally domicilecl in tlie union co ntr . 'l'l~e pro\r Y of this '' udclitional protocol " are now n~utle:1i1 in1 part of tlie test of the 1'328 conrcntion (art. 6. I):I C'li111ses are added providing tliut rcstrictiolis tastabi by virtue of this autho~.ity, 11owever. " sh:ill not 1)l-ej the rights which ;in author may have :~c.(l~~il.e(l in :I ~ ) ~ ~ l ) l i s in c e l of tlie countriels of tlie ~ ~ n i o n l ~ one l)cfo~ putting int.o effect of this restriction " (art. 6, pa 111cl.e is ~ I I I - t h c r l~rovision(art. 6. palB.4) tliat c.o111 which atlopt tl~eserestrictive measures sliull inclicl~t n:ltn~*t. tlie rc~strictionsand ntln~e l ~ e o ~ ~ n t concc of t c ry
1 1

rn n 11otific.:rtion to the Swiss Government and the latter tllr~ll c+or~~llii~~iicate these facts to the other nnion countries. A 11cw article, " 6 bis," deals with the nlrlcll-clisrusscd Moral dght o f arrlhors. " I I I I J I . ;1.ig1lt " of allthors. This tirllentl~llent ~ v a s ~~ T I I I O I J ~ I V Iwith much entllr~sitis~ri its trcceptance mas and tl,111i1'1l ])on as one of tlie ~iiostil~rporttrntaclliererllerits 11 I,!' I l i t * c.onferenc.e. Partrg~-aph ~*e:rtls follo~vs: 1 as I t~~ltqrt~~~~lently ~ ) i l t r i l ~ ~ t )1~ig11t~ t 1 1 ~i111t110r. l ~ d of Ilir ~ ~ i i ~ of l n Article 6 bis. I ~ I I i ~ l l t . rtlie r~ssiglllucwt t : f tllc'rc. r i ~ l l t s ,t l l c ~:~utliorrc~trlillsthe 1igI11 ( 4 1 elai~lit 1 1 ~ 1111t(#r11ity his \vorI<,11s \vc*Il u s tilt* rigl~tto ~ . 1 1 ~ t * t -1l0 every t l ~ : f o r ~ l ~ r ~ t i t ~ l ~ . ~~~ntilatitrl~, or othc'r ~ l l o ~ l i f i ~ . t ~of o l ~ ti 1111, s t l i t 1 work \vllic.l~ 111r1y IIO ltrc-juclivir~lto his 11t111or t o his or r~~l~lll;~tion. .

'I'lle article l)~.ovitlcstlr:rt it slitill l)c Icft to tlie legisI:II io~iof e:rcli 11rriollc.ori~~try ~st:rl)li.sli to tlie coritlitions 1'01. [lie exc.1-vise of tlic.se r.igIlts trrrtl tlre 111t~a11s stiftifor :!~i:~lstling tliclri s11:rll l)tt lcbft to tlie lc.gisli~tion of tlie t,sti~ntry \vlicl.t. l)~'otec.tionis cltriliicd. I n a new : I I . ~iclcb. 7 7),i.~," is ~)r.ovitletl it t1r:rt tlie " drira- n*cration ot colropm'yht in I 'on of tlre a~~tllor's riglit 1)~longingin coliilrion to c ~ ) llaborative works. l:~l)orntorsl l a \\ol.li is to i c+r~l(~irl;rtecl :rcc.or.clirig to tlre (late of tlie tlctrtli o f tlrc last srrrrivo~.of tlic caollaboI :ttors." ant1 that iii11lior.s of R cborr~itr.y granti~ig slio~*tch~' a tc r n ~ r;rn not c.lairi~ in tlic otllcr c.orrntr.ic>s of tlie ~ ~ n i o n :I ~rutc~ctiorr Iolig,r(~l' of (Il~l'i~tion, th:rt in trny c:rse I)ut [lie terrir of l)r*otc~c.tion 4r:rll not rxl)ir.t. before tlie cle:lth of the last sr~rvivor the collaborntors. of The (.on\ ent ion of 1!)OS 1)r-ovitlctlthat nnp nc\vspal)er ~ e t o n p a p n articles. :~rticlecsc.ept fiction nliglit 1)e rcpl'otlircctl I)y any other rle\vsl)alxhr if rcl)rotlrlttion ~vnsnot expressly forbidden. The convention of 1!)2R I-estric.t.ss11c11privilege of rc.protluction to ";lrticles of ( ~ I I I - I * C I erononiir. ~)oliticaI.or ~~ 1-eligio11~ dis(~~~hsion.(' r e q ~ ~ i r e s the source nlust but tliat alwtryh I)e clearly iritlicirted. T l ~ econfirlnation of this latter o1)lig;ltion is to I)e tleterriiinetl by tlre legislation of the cboirntr-y \vher*ethe pl.otrc*tion is clainletl. (.irt. 9. par. 2 . ) ne\v article. " 11 hi,? " provitles. c.onciselp. tliat " all- ~ ~ d t!~ors of lite~.:rl-yant1 art istic \vorks cnjop tlit> r s c . l ~ r s i ~ ~ r right to t111tllo1.izc1 c-oriin>~rriitation tl~cli~. o r k sto tlie of \~ the ~)rrt)lic ~.adiodiffribion,"the c.ontlition.; of tlie tlst.1.I)y cihe o f this right to I)t. rcgillated l)p the Iegislatioli of each coll~itrytrntl lir~iitc~tl that corl~itry, to but not to ntlvcxrsrly atfec4 tlie moral ~hiphtof the arithor nor his right to obtain " cqriittlLle ~.emr~neration fixed, in tlcfault of ;rn anlic.:rlle :lgreenitbnt, by competent authority."






I n the 1908 convention, in article 14. it is provideti that cinematographic productions are protected as literary or artistic works when by the arrangement of the stage effect or by the combination of incidents represented, the author shall have given to the work a personal and original cllaracter." I n the 19'28 convention tlle worcls " perwnal nnd " are omitted, leaving only the requirement that the author of the cinematogrttpliic work sl~all llctve given it an " original chnrac.tcr," lac-king which it is provitletl that the cint*matograpliic protluction shall be protected ; I F a ~)hotograpliic work. Witlio~lt prejudice to the riglits of the author of the work 1.t~prodncec1 atlnptctl tlle cineor nuitograpliic work is to be protected as an oiiginal work. The last half dozen articles of the convention of 1928 meats arperseded. contain the provisions concerning the substitution of that convention for the previous agreements; nainely, the o~~igintll convtwtion of Bt~rneof 1886, the alllencl~nents cgreed to a t Paris in 1896, the revised convention of Bc~rlin of 1908; also tlie 1)rovisions for accession to the Copyriglit TTnion; for millring l~servations wlien atlheri~ig, and for the clenuncintion of the convention by any councountries. of new try if desiring to (lo so. I t is provided (art. 23, par. 3) that the accbeision of :iny ntlw c o ~ ~ n t r y shall be effective one month after the sentling of the rrquire(1 notification of accession by the S~vissConfederation to the other anionist t-ountries, unless a later tlate llas been intlicatec! by tlie adhering country, i. e., a later fisecl tlate when it is desired the convention shall be in effect with respect ta tlie new country joining the union. Convention $0 be I t is provided in articlc 28, that the convention nlust ralified not later than July', 1g.v. bc ratified and the rntifirations deposited a t Rome not litter than July 1, 1931. I t will go into effect among the countries of the union which have ratified it one nlonth after that date. I f , however, before hat date, it hns k e n ratified by at least six countries, it 111 go into effect as between those conntries one month after the deposit of the sixth ratification has been notified to them by the Government of tlie Swiss Confetleration. For ot1lt.r co~lntries the union which shall Itlter ratify, the of chon\rtlntionsllall go into etfect one month after the notific:itions of each of such ratifications. Article 29, paragraph 1, ~ ~ . o v i dinssubstance the snme as tlie corl-espondr ing article and pnragmph of the convention of 1908, n:lmely, that the convention "shall remain in cffect for an indeterminate time, until the expiration of one year

Cinemot09raphic productions.


hum the day when denunciation of it shall have been ~littde," l was provided in the convention of 1908 that it should Eubatitutton of % earldeer convmrqctlluce in the relations between the contracting States of the union, the convention of 1886, and the declaration of liW, but that new countries acceding to the union might
ittdicate their desire to substitute certain provisions of

tks convention of 1886, or the additional act of 1896, a t
lafit provisionally. These provisions are omitted in the ?onvention of 1928; but it does provide (art. 27, par. 1) Lbat the cwnvention of 1928 slitlll take the place of the ronveiition of Berne of 1886, " and tlle acts by \vliich it has h n successively revised," but that the "act previously in effect shall remain tipplicable in relatioris with the ctc~untrieswhich shall not have ratified the present ~mvention." The convention also provides that such countries as may convention 19.98 be aimed rtre actually within the ~lnion, in whose name the con- ~ ~ , r " e r u O but vcwtion of 1928 has not been signed, may at any tinie adlltxre to it, and they, as well as union countries in whose llanle the convention of 1928 i~ signed. are entitled to retain the benefit of reservations which they hare prea-iously formulated, on conclition that they make such a clec?aration at the time of the deposit of ratifications. And it is provided that a new adhering country niay indirate its intention to substitute, provisionally at least, for tuticle 8, concerning translations, the provisions of article 5 of the convention of 1886, as revised in 1896. Such l,l.orisions, however, i t is understood, are to deal only nith translations in the language or languages of the country. Several countries within the Copyright Union signed .lrceeaion etc. for colonie8, the convention of 1908 in behalf of their colonies or poshessions, and article 26, paragraph 1, was authority for so doing: or for indicating which of their dependencies sl~ould excluded. I n the convention of 1928 there have be been included provisions to accede to the convention upon b ~ h a l fof colonies, protectorates, territories under mandate or "all territories under suzerainty," and suitable ~otification the Swiss Government is required both that to the articles of convention apply or have ceased to apply in the case of such colonies, etc. Countries outside of the union, which assure full legal ~ c c c ~ i oofn neu rounlrier. protection for the rights that are the object of the convention, may accede to it, by means of adhesion, either to




ndoptrd at

:ion O f eonwenTezL@led.

Fir&oc ~ p+nug h i ~ n i for w

~ i 1 H. R. ~913. 1

~ i r H. R. 9586. t

the convrntion signed nt Berlin, November 13, 1908, or tc the convtbntion signed ~ t tItome on J u n e 2, 19%. Sucl >lc~c.~h~ion be made up t o August 1, 1931. After thal map date such countries can adhere only to the conventior of 1'8.28. In ~tldition the adoption of this revised text of thc to convention, the conference formulated a series of s i s resollitions. These relate to the so-called "moral right" of nuthors: the permissible borrowing from copyridlted works; tlie right of the t~rtistto share in the increased price secured 1)y tlie successi~-e sale of his work: the desirability of adopting son~e method of estnblishing the 2ate of an arithor7s creation: the protection of the rights of perforniing artists: rind the possible unification of the provisions of the P a n American Convention of Habana, 1928, ant1 tlie Rorile convention of 1928, with a view to the world-wide ltnificstion of the laws protecting literary and artistic works. The full French text of the convention of 1928. with an English translation, as well as the test of the resolutions are printed in Addendum I11 to tliis report, pages 70-98. A dozen o r more bills have been presented to Congress containing provisions to effect the entry of the United States into the International Copyrigllt Union. The bill for the general revision of the copyright laws, introduced by Hon. Albert H. Vestal on January 9, 1928 (H. R. 8912),' contains such provisions in its sections 61, 62. and 63. Mr. Vestal also presented on anuary 18, 1928. a brief "bill to amend the copyright la in order to permit the United States to enter the International Copyright Union" (H. R. (3586),Vlle text of wllich is printrd in Addendum I, page 64. Respectfully submitted. SOLBERG, THORVALD Register of Copyrig h k .


Librarian of Congress.
* 1028 (Jan. 9 ) . A bill to amend aud consolidate the act8 rrapectlng copyright and to permit the Unfted States to enter the Internatjonal Copyright Union. Introduced hy Mr. Vestal. H. R. 8912. 70th Cong.. 1st sess. 46 pp. 1". Referred to the Commlttee on W t m t s . ' 1928 (Jan. 111). A blll t o amend the copyright law in order to permit;
the I'l~itedStutrfl to enter the I~iternatlonaiCopyright Union. Introduced by Mr. Vestal. H. R. 8580, 70th Con&., 1 s t sess. 4 pp. 4'. Referred to the Commlttee on Patent..


A.-Statement of prOR8 receipts, refunde, nct recefpts, an& tree applied fw natal year ending Junc 30, 1928


. A ~ ~ \ l. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . s t. . . . . . . . . . . . . . AIQtenlber. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............. Wober . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............... November. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............. Deemher.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............
1928 , Jbn~nry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .............. February. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .............. March . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............... dprll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ................ May . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ................ June . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ................

$15,058.86 13,519.00 14,847.47 17,258.88 15,W. 67 19,897.43


21,831.86 l'i, W3.42 17,951.40 14,161.36 15,873.69 17,822.48 I



574.18 49L.31 580.42 674.03

Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . 201,054.49 .............

nnlanc@ brought forward from June 30. 1927. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $18.476.48 Xet rcceipts July 1, 1821,to June 30, 1923: Gmss receipts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - ..$201,054.19 ..................... . Less amount refunded. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,571.BB .................. 195,4U2.80 Total to be accounted for. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 211,959.28 ...................... Vopyright feea applied July 1, 1027,to June 30, 1% ........... 195,167.85 9. Balance carried forward to July 1, 1928: Trust funds................................................ 14182.61 Unflnlshed bushaps 80B.00 211,96Q.#k

.................... ...................





of applied fees



July . . . . . . ..... August ........ Septenltar . . . .. Octoher ........ Novemher . . . .. Dwernber .....


12, R93 13.921 19, (Hi5 15,26Q 13,989 18,753

$12,803.00 13,921.00 13,0135.00 142439.00 13,QXH.00 16,7.53.00

46'3 392 249 324 827 691

$231.50 196.00 124.50 l(i.2.00 413.50 345.50


238 231 355 317 258 169

$119.00 115. . W 177.501 158.50 129.501 84.60; I

13,594 113,243. W 14.qM4 14.23;.:,0 14,589 14,2W.oll 15.910 15,589.50 15,076 14, X32. W) 17,013 17. IR?.M)


1828 January . . . . ...

Fehruary ...... March ........ April . . . . . ..... May . . . . . . ..... June . . . . . . ..... Total --._ 183,211 183,211.00 5,256 Indrx~ng A a ~ g n m m t s transfers Notires of and copies of proprieusers torship
.- I I



Copi~r of record






'Nunl-I ber

nm &&, Nber -1



1 ldiO

Nnrn- "3 '18 ber


1 '"I I

* M h Total fees fees appHed

&larch........ April- ........

Total . . .


C.-Ntatcincnt or yroek csctslb rot eipts, j~cuzrly fees, o f rryistrcltio~ld,c3tc.,for Jl fiscal Uc'tzrr





Orow rewipts

.MI, 099. 56
04, lWS.65

i l,l)i2. 73
69, 525. 2h c;n, 40s. on

; iI

Ices nllp'i*'


Nunlhor I Increase 1)rcre~spl of registra- in regia- ~n rcg~stian. tratiou. tmtima




~ 2nlo. w2 , Hi, 3U4.31 85,042.03 87. 085. h ? 113,062.83 113,661.52 120, 149.51 II8,m.m 122, G36.92 I IS, 684.55 115,W.42 113,8MI. 51 109,105.8i 117,518.86 132,371.37 141. IUQ.33 145,3M. ' l 5 153,U'B. 82 167,706. 98 li3,871.95 185,038.20 191,375. I6 201, OM. 49


of registratifma nurak durl1t.g the lust pve fix(-a1 llcwra

E ~ l * l l t l D.-Table ~

. -

S~~hject-lnatter orcopyright

(a) Printed in the United

. . . . 10, M9 ...




States: Volumas.. ................................ Pamphlets, leaflets, etc.. ........ Contrihnliuns to news-

2U. 335

( h ) I'rintnd ahroad in a Ior1 i n u a ..............
I,iW i i ,081 77, 136 41.475 4 i , 364 389 302

Total .................... Periodimls (numbers).. . Lectures. annons. nd~lesu...,.! Drnn~nticor drnmetico-musicnl cornpvsit~ons. . . - . . . . . ..., ...... Musicnl compositions. ...... Maps. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .............. Works orart; models ordesigns-Reproductions of works o nrt .. f .. Drawings or plastic works of e scientiflcor technictllcharnctcr.~ Photographs ...........


61,082 65,670 39,808 , 40, L l W 281 263




73.455 41. I69 337

... ,

3,409 26, i34 2,265 2,875




4,015 4, I:@ 25.518 25,484 2,222 2,647 2, a 0 1 9. 173 5 4 ' 0




2,677 2.575


1,342 7,922

1,414 6,081


1.422 6,i84

1,228 7,416

... ..
Renewals Total ......-............



or articles depoeited duriftg the lant fire fi& fleare
p -

: '




Juhlect-matter of copyright




(a) Printed in the United


. -

-- -.


States............. 20,120 ~olumm Pnmphleta, leaflets. I etc.. . . . . . . . . 55,120 ....... Contributions t o newspapers and .... periodicnla . . . . . 22,300 Total ............ 97,M O ( b ) Printed ahroad in a loreign lengunge. ......... 4,376 ( c ) English works reuistered for ad interim copyright .................... 879

' I



19, 554

~ 5 . ~ 2 0 81,(MA

100,128 5,5i2








955 l(Y1.655 81,297 2'35 4.477 38.8~4 4,408 2,985 6 2,388 13,436 16,202 8,701 2.225 la,042 18,781


-I T o t d ................ 102.m 5
Periotlicals . . . . . . . . . . . . ........... I , e r t n r ~ sermons, etc ........... , Dramatlc or dramalico-musiuli compositions. . . . . . . . . . ......... Musical compositions. . . . . . ...... M R ~ ........................... .S Works of art; models or designs.. Reproductions 01 works 01 nrt .... Drewings or plastic works of a scientific or technical character. Photographs ..................... Prints and pictorid illustrations. Slotlon-picture photophys- -.... Motion pictures not photoplays..




3 13 I

3,709 37,950 4,4Z 5 875 2 2.147 14,7RB 17.038 8,134 4. 81



h i

- BBB Total . . . . . . . . . . . ' 273,445 278,381 ........... I I



I.' Copyright act, bills, and reports, Seventieth Congress,
first session : Act of May 23, 1928 (copyright fees) - - - - - - - - - - - H. R. Report 353, January 23, 1928- - - - - - - H. R. 8913, reported April 2, 1928 (divisible copyright)------------------------------------H. R. Report 1103, April 2, 1928- - - - - - - - - - H. R. 10655, February 7, 1928 (mechanical reproduction of music) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H. R. 13452, reported May 4, 1928 (mechanical reproduction of music) - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - -H. R. Report 1520, May 4, 1928- - - - - - - - - . H. R. 10434, February 2, 1928 (prints and labele) H. R. 9358, January 16, 1938 (design copyright)-H. R. 13453, May 1, 1928 (deeign copyright) - - - - H. R. 9586, January 18, 1928 (International Copyright Union) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 11. International copyright: Sixth Pan American copyright convention, Habana, Cuba, February 18,1928111. International Copyright Conference, Rome, 1928: Convention, signed June 2, 1928, English translation and original French text - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Resolutions adopted, English translation and original French text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

AN ACT To niiirntl sections 57 aiid 01 of the act entitled "All act nmo~itlruitl consolitlitte tlie r1c.t~ ~-t*slx!c.ti~~g c!trl~yright,"rrl)prov M~trch 1909 4,
Act of Y ~ V, 2 3 it e,,.oite(Z the ~'c.?infe r ~ d n House of Rrjn.o.w!nf 1928. to inrrrc~sc c o p v ~ i g hfc:rFr.- ti.tig~ ~ of' I7tlited S't((tt?~ f Attjetsicn. 'it1 C O ~ I ! / ~ '( IC S S o EffrcLi.t~e July 1, 103. serrtb7c.d, That sections 57 nntl 61 of the act entitlctl




"3 act to i1111t~n(l conso1itl:lte the acts rcspect.ing cop; :~ncl riplit," 11p1)rovtrl M:ti*(*11 1909 (sect.ion 57 wntL scctic 4, 01. tit,le 17, Vnitc(1 Stittcts Cotlc), be. ant1 tile sitiiic 111 lierebg, aiilen(1t~d 11st o i.c:~tlas follows : M) "YE(:.57. 'L'l~i~t. sili(1 pi.intc(l clli.rtlnt c n t i ~ l o p ~ ~ c s tllr : tltey iire isslletl s l ~ i ~1)t~ l l ~)roniptlg cfist.ril,~ltc~tl t l l ~ 1)y c-ol)! right ofice to tlie co1lrctoi.s of cllstoins of the Unitc 8tittt.s an(l to the postniiisters of ill1 cscliange ofices a rccvil)t of foreign mails. in ;~t~c.oi.tlitnce wit11 i*e\.isc,tl list of s ~ i ( s l i coll~ctors t ~ ~ ~ s t o ant1 ~)ostnii~stc~.s( ~ ~ ) H I . C ( I of iiis I)~ 1). tllc S(~:rtlti~i.y the Ti.clttsl~rgttiltl tllc. l'ost~il:lst.c~i* of (iclr~ ern]. t~ntl thry shnll illso 1x1 f111.nishetlin whole 01. i l l I):II' t.o it11 poi-ties tlesiriilp tlitl~iliit a pi+icet.o be detc~i-iilinc1l by the I-epistel-of c.ol)yrigl~tsfor encrh part of tllr ceiita l o p e not esccetling $10 for the complcte yetti-ly c.ittalop~i of copyright entries. 'I'lle consoliclntt?d catalogr~es ;In( intleses shall also 1)th s~il)l)lit.tl all persons o~*tle~.ing to then ut snch 1wicc.s ns 111i1y tlctc~i~iliined 1)t?i.c~t~sonnl)lr. l)th to :tilt :t.I1 sn1)scriptions for t l i ~ c.:~t:~lop,rrlesl ~ i ~bc. rc.ceirctl 1): s ll tlir Siil)ei.intendent o f 1'nl)lic I)ocr~~iiri~ts,~ o w l sl~allfor \vi~~.tl silitl ~)ublications; the itntl tllr llronclys t l ~ i ~ s ~.tbceirec sliall bs ptticl into tlie Treasui-y of tlie Unitetl St.atrs iiritl acc+onntctlfor llntler such laws ant1 T~.casuryi.ep~iliitiox its sllilll be in force a t the time. " (51. Tlittt the register of copy.igIrhts sl~itllreceive tlntl tl lc l~ersoristo 1~110111the sc~.victlstlesigntttrtl arc ~~en(lc~.ctl pay, the following fees: F o r tlie i'c~gistrashttll tion of :illy \\'or]< s~il)jrct.o col>yright, tlc1)ositt~(l t i~n(lri' tllc pi'ovisions of tliis i1cbt,$2, \vllicll sllili is to incll~tleit cc~ibtificiitc registration under seal: I',tlo,uided, T l i t ~ tin of
S 4 ~ i : .


01 ' I ' l l
I L ~ ~



t111~)11I)lihlr('d registered nnder the t ~ work I 1. (Ire fee for registration with cer(I l l t s 61. : I I I I ~ in the case of a published photom 4 1 t I1 1 1 , ~ 61 where n, certificate is not desired. y @ . ~ I I I I I ~ , I I : I Ic*c*rtificate registration made, $1. of lirry 111111 t.clt*tifying any instrument of w i t i n g I ~ I I I ~ I t ~ l' c.opyright, or any such license specir ~ I I ~ @& a w f l a r r ~ I . k~~l).scction or for any copy of such @ (e), rgt I ~t.~'tl.sc, certified, $2 f o r e:lch copyriglrt duly 31 e l 1 1 t 1 1 1 I t 1):1go or additional fraction thereof over half ~ I I I ~14.01. recording the notice of user or acqaiI-. I * j ~ c . c ~ l l i c l c l i t r section 1, s ~ ~ b s e ~ t i o n $1 for e:1ch (e), t r f 111 11 I I I O I than five titles. .(~ Fol. conlpturing tiny ~ # p I I 1111 11,51gtr111ent y ~ wit11 tlw record of such docnment IH kJtw I - O ~ I ! I.ICIII oliice and certifying the same nntler .seal, Q, I'*II I ( - c * o I . ~ I L I I the rcncwal of r o ~ ~ y r i g h t ~ proviclecl for anrefrot~s ;I r1c1 24, $1. F o r 1.ecortling the transfer of arm 11lr.tlll ~c.~otklril) copyriglrtetl :~~.ticles, cwnts for of 10 4 0 ? i f I c s r r f 11 I i , l c r l c or otlrer tit.ticle, in :rtltlition to the fee *r tin-11 T~II. t.c~cortlingthe in.strlul~cntof :r.ssigllnrent. )? 8 1 1 1 ~1r~c~11185tc'(l~ ~ofi copyright ofice recortls, in' * sea l &%-, ~ I (II t 1111.sits, for etlcll Irol~r $1 of time consulnet1 in wkrr~g. I I I .s(~iirch Prov.i(?ed,Tlrnt only one rcpistl*s11 : f h r ~ t lQ I I I I I I ~ l ' t ~ , shall be recluired in tile case of several volH ~ ~ S II * I 111, ,i1111e book delwsited at t h e salne time." ~ %c 2 '1'111, act shall go into effect on .J\lly 1, 1!)'~8. . \ I I I ~ I o\ ' ~ 1 . May 23, 1928. [Pnblic S o . 478, 70th Congtvw I I It. (i104.1

q@M nf

* W ~ ~ I ~ I I I



Conp., 1st Bess.

I[oose Rrport No. 3831






t h e Co~llrnltteeof the Whole Ljtntr of the Uilioii :ind orclelSrdto be ln'illtecl)

$1 t \ ( . - . I:I I, from tlie Committee on Patcnts, sol)mittetl HW,TC R < . ~ O T ~ N O . s;.Y.-I~flJl,l\\i11greport (to ;~cc~onlpirny R. 6104) : H. crcore of copy'~*III+ ('otl~~llittee I':~tents, to \vllic.h \Y:IS refel-red tllr n'vhtfcc8. on ) + i l l ( I I . it. (i10+) to nnlc~rltl sc>ctions .57 ant1 (il of tlre irct ! ) t l l l t . ~ I -.\n act to i~ll~c~ncl c.onsolitlate the ;rc.ts re11nt1 - l d . L l t l l ~ ~ ~ ~ l ) y v i g h t !I ?~ ) I ' O V C ~ March 1, 1009, having ~ R )' I c.olrsidel-et1 the s:111ic~.l)eg to lacport it I);i(~kto t a : ( , I I < I ~ I -\\.it11its un:rnin~ousitppro~~nl. (, 1 I t : . l l i l l ol.oposes a n inc!l-c;isc>of tlrr rc*gistrirtion fcc f ) ~ t r t 51 to $! for eticll registration aiacle, wl~iclr is to ~ !

include a certificate of such registration, and a sponding increase in the subsidiary fees for tlle r tion of documents, and their comparison. and for s and for renewals, etc. The present general copyright registration fee h in force for nearly a century of time with no c l ~ amount. I n the first Fedelbal copyright act of 1' fee for entry of title was 60 cents and an utlditit cents for every copy iintler seal of the recorci nlad the copyright act of 1831 these charges were I-ediice cents, respectively, for entry and certificate, and th sums were provicled for i ~ n d e r act of revision o the the Revised Statutes of 1873, and the copyright 1891. The copyright registration fees covering rec and certificate have never been increased. I n the March 4. lYW, there was no change made in the tot charged for registration of the copyright claim, E law was simply changed to require a fee of $1 in tl of each entry, that .sum to include the certificate o registration. There has been a great change in economic con( in this country during this long period of time, a pecially by reason of the war. The services rendei the Copyright Office have also changed greatly a1 cc~mparatively nominal service rendered for this many years ago has developed into a prompt, effl and adequate response to the demands now made up office by the enormously developed publishing an( ducing business of the United States. The fees nov c'o not cover the actual cost of the service perform( eluding salaries, supplies, printing of blanks, certif E I I ~ circulars, and of the Catalogue of Copyright El nor the overhead charges of the Copyright Office for light, and heat, etc. Under all the circurnstanees the increase in fee: posed by the bill seems rewonable. The fee for a 1 a as increased $5 by the act approved February 18, nnlencling Revised Statutes, section 1934. The adva: tllese fees as proposed will still leave them smaller s ~ m i l a rfees charged in other copyright offices. il~ timer's Hall, London. the copyright office for Britain, the fee for registration and certificate is I n the bureau at Ottawa, the copyright office for Ca tl~e registration charge is $2 and $1 for certificate.

di, It



~lvidencebefore the committee that fees

dmil&r hervices in recording documents in offices of

, maspecially since the war. a ,

a k sf conrts have been generally advanced in recent ~ b

'&b ~~ILUI:PUS~?S proposed are small individually (from 50
to $1 arid from $1 to $2), and even in the aggregate

will lrartlly 1)e felt when distributed among all the pro,d&sra o f c:ol)yrighted works throughout this and foreign

ianratrirs. The sums realized from the exploitation of


Jihtary property have greatly increased since 1909. I t etaild rot be unfair if the fees connected with the proh i i o r ~ this val11:tl)le 1)t-ol)crty1)aitl to tlie Col)yright of 4 iflrc *lto~tltl increaxed t~ little. he 'I'lle 1)1'oposedbill provides for the charge of $1 as in ~weherltlaw, for registration of unpublished work, it-hivh is a preliminary entry of title made us~lally upon clel)osit of the author's manuscript and before a pubOirlrllr l ~ a s been secured or arrangements made for the ~*~pluitation the author's creation. I n the case of all of rbrhvr works, published or reproduced in copies for sale, h tvrcl the deposit has been made 1 s required of the work 1 ~r*tt~~rlly published, a fee of $2 for registration, with cer: t t f i ~ ~ ~ l ris> felt to be reasonable. ( . 'I'hcl fee now fixed l)y law for indexing works, the copyrigti( for wl~ich has 1)een assigned, is itlso left unchanged, rt~~mcly, cents for each title indexed. 10 'I'ltr bill further proposes a change in the subscription I ' ~ I ~for the Catalogue of Copyright Entries. Tliis was 'c li\cld at $5 the year 1)y the copyrixht act of 1009. Since Itbilt tirue the cost of printing this catalogue and incles 0 : tlie copyright registrations has more than doubled. 'I'l~c work corlsists of a complete yearly record of more r ~ , : I 170.000 entries, and amounts to nearly 8,000 closely II ~ , ~ . ~ noctavo pages. An increase to $10 for the complete tetl I\ o1.k for each year seems entirely reasonable. This pro1losed increase in the price of the catalogue was directly .~~:gcsted by Hon. Martin B. Madden, of the hppropriaI Iorls Committee, who has also recommentled the increased 1'( 1'5 proposed. It is the unanimous opinion of the committee that this 11 sl~ould promptly be passed.



In the IIou

170th Cong., 1st sess. A. R. 8913. Rrport No. 1103. Representatives, January 0, 10281

ortt R. R. ms.right.

niu(rlbI6 copy-

Mr. Vestal introduced the following bill; which referred to the Committee on Patents and ordered tc printed : (April 2, 1928, reported with amendments, referred the House Calendar, and ordered to be printed.)
[Omit the pnrt struck through and Insert the part prlnted in ltallcl

A BILL To ameud sectic~~is 42, anti 44 of the nct entitled " 37, act to amend and consolitlnte the acts rc%pecthig copyrigb approved Mnrch 4, 1909

Be it enacted by the Senate and Bmlse of Rqwewnt fives of the United States of America in Congress nssef. bled, That sections 27, 42, and 44 of the act entitled "A act to amend and consolidate the acts with respect 1 copyright," approved March 4, 1909, be amended to rea as -follows : " SEC. The author, or other owner of any copyrigh 42. secured under this act or of any copyright. heretofore se cured under any previous act of the United States, ma: (tp thevxtent of his interest therein), by a written instru ment signed by him or I)y his agent duly aothorizrcl f o ~ such purpose by power of attorney il111y ncknowledgec and executed after this act goes into effect, assign, mortgage, license, or otherwise dispose of the entire copyright or any right or rights comprised therein, either wholly or separately, either generally or subject to limitations, for the entire term of such copyright or for a limited time, or for a specified territory or territories, and he may bequeath t.he same by will. Any person or persons deriving any right, title, or interest from or through any author o r other owner as aforesaid, may each, separately, for himself, in his own name as party to a suit, action, or procceding, protect and enforce such rights as he may hold, title, and to the extent of his ~ - i g l ~ t s , and interest is entitled to the remedies provided by this act. "All riglits comprisecl in a copyripllt are several,. tlistlnct, ant1 sevcrtil~le. Where, i~ntler assipnmmt of less any tlliln the entire copyright or under an esciusive license, t h e assignee or licensee becomes entitled to any right conlpised in copyright or to the exercise thereof, the assignee or licensee to the extent of the rights so assigned or conferred shall be treated for all purposes, including the right to sue, as the owner of the several and distinct




t ( 1 ~ 111:11*tsthe copyright so assigned or conferred; of I I ~ I!Ik.rglror or licensor to the extent of his rights not ~ e p ~ * ~ I ~ I I I - 01. (aonferrecl shall be treated for all purposes ~ $I %"s t i k c * 111.1' 01' the several and distinct rights and parts .sf i l ~ lI J , ! l.igllt not so assigned or conferred. I ~ Tllc word ?~*rcttsr. 11. 11wd in sections 12 nnd 44 of this art shall ' -ilwl)fitlt*.r l l f trot by way of limitation, any instrument exeI ~ t . t l III.IOI. copyright under this ii(-t by wlricfr the to -st# 1lt11 I l1\c1l.\ to himself any right or rights comprised vs 1 t trc) c~ol,,v~.ight. s The dm pwwfikefE. & weep$& i a) *nu +wk iw&wme& s4k&G M h d& e# reffiebeo n wqqwgM- All instruments referred to in secm C 5 G a r r ~:I ~ :11tcl -44 ! of this act shall be sucll as identify the arwk. 'I'II(- \vortls ' copyrigl~t1)roprietor,' as wet1 in sec(*111t I:!: t r f tl~is act, shall, in the case where any person or I rrmttt-. II:I\ tierived nny right, title, or interest as aforecb ~ i t 1111111 I I I ~ l : author or other owner as aforesaid, bc conr ~ ~ l r \t ItI l rlrcBrrn owner of & such right the 1 3 . " Xw 2 ; . 'I'lrat the proceedirrgs for an injnnction, damggru, r ~ r l ~ I t~r.olits, and t,llose for the sc+izai.eof infringing -?pit-, I I ~ ~ I ~ I molds, in~trices,and so forth, aforemenY , ? t r t r c ~ I . IIIII?- united in one action. I n nny action for be V ~ ~ . I ~ I C : I - I I I where the plaintiff seeks un accounting of ~~II~, . I r r I I l - , or st:~tlltory d a ~ ~ i ~ g where any party shows es, i-qf . I I I I I V third person or persons may claim to be i . t , t l ( k ~ l I I I said profits or s t t ~ t ~ ~ t o r y tl:ll~i:~ges some or %rl.I 1111~1.c~of, renson of alleged infi.iiige!eu~ent by of the I r t t t t 1.8 11 '!.l-igl~t or some? ibigllt tlicreiincler ; or in case it <:ti l 111 11 I I ~ ; I I 1.0 the satisfaction of the court that a com~ Is\tr* ~ l ~ ~ l c ~ l ~ ~ r r can a t i o n be liad in the absence of i ~ i not !II.I, I I I ~ I W I I I S claiming or linving rights or interests in .I. 1 . 1 1 1 I 1 , - 0 1 - saille copyright, or in some parts thereof, .ia ~ I I I I : . ~ ~ on application of such party or on its own . . ( ~ ~ F I I ,111.on petition of such thircl person or I)ersons, a l l : p ~ \ . c . rlokioe to such pel-son or llersons of the pend.v .II(.II:rct,Ion and permit liim or them to appear 14 I , : H . I ~ 01-parties to the action on such terms as the 111.1 11111,. (10(1111 just uncl 1lin-j make well provision with 1 1 ? 1 1 ~ 1 1 1 ~ ~ ~11~11 10 l~rofits statntory t1:~rnagesl)y way of or : ~ I I ~ I1 1 1 % O I 11(~1*wise adjudicate the respclc.t'ive rights I nntl , I I I ~ ~ I . I . I * S ~ . S the sever-a1pnrtic1s to tlic suit as justice of + I I . 'l'lie collrt m y srliull require t11:lt ~iotice ~ x ~ ~ I ~ I I ~ I I ~f. \ . the act'on 1)e given in such innnner as I ( , t s r l l r -l1:1!1 clircct; t80 any and all persons of record 1 !:I. ~ . ll!,t.iglrt office who may claim to be assignees ll




o r licensees or the owners or holders of any rights in or under the copyright in connection with which action may be brought if the instruolcnts rlnder which stlch persons claim are recorded or if s claim to the copyright be registered in the copyright ofice. The failure of any party directed to be brought in, to appear in tlie action cir s~lit,or to participate therein, shall not dclsy the jtidgnwnt to wlliclt the 1)11~i11tiff cnt,itlctl nor 11cl)itr is the plaintiff from 1)rosecuting his suit to a finnl determinution or to recover profits or datl~i~ges wllicll lle to may be cntitlecl: Provided, That nothing llcrein contained shall in any l)rcjrl(lict! or tlellly tllc rights, if m y , of the p1:lintiff to injunctive relief or any other ~v~rtcvly givcln rtncler this :tc:t otlttrr tl~illlfor 1)rolit.s or ststt~tory damages iis afores:titl. " SE('.1 '1?111tt ' . 4 cvery assiglrrltrnt of col)y~.igl~t,, licc!nse. n~ol.tg:lpc*? 1:ower of ;~t.tol.~tcy contl.:lct in : I I I ~ way or or aflt!c.t,ing or lbertsining to iuny copyright or any of the 1.i~11ts c.onil)~.iseil tllorcin n1:l-j 1)t? 1.r.c.ortlct1i 11 1In(! c.ol);yr.igllt offic.c!wit,hin t111.cch c-~l(~n11:1.1'I I ~ ~ IiS~ f t ~it.5lcSxcbc:~tIIIO ~ . t,iol~ l l k cntrti-t~ettttrl i TTl~itcbtl81:ttos or witl~ilisix ridCII(I:LI~iiontlisafter its (~xtv-t~tion witllot~tthe li~tiitsof &he c:o.ttt.Lttcjt~tc~.l TJnitcvl St:~tcs,in tlrfiuilt of wllic.l~ it ~IlilIl/ ) I S Voi11 11s ilgaill~t,illly ~ll~)s0(1lt(~llt ~~tlI't'~1ils1~~, :ISsign(!(>.licc.nscc, or ~~~ol.t,gttgce, :L vit11titl)le c.onsitlr~;afor tion, w : t l ~ o l ~loticc, ~t wllose t~ssigrrll~c~rlt, liccr~se, I I ~ I * ~ ~ : I . ~ I ? , I or power of attorncy l ~ n s been d-&y lxwrded wlitiii,n the
t;,trie c[fo?*estsbl,o,r flu! rw-ve tttoy be: P r o o i d ~ r / ,7 ' h ~ t t i .rha7/ tiwt be qjrc.essa;t*!lfor the l)twl)o.ves of this sr:cfiott. t o $ 7 ~ err!/ cot~.tl.(/ctc.oo~t.ingnrty it2crtisf r , crssi!/t)111 rJti.t, r or /icc;.tac! if ( I . xol)tr r~rtc: i t t s t ~ ~ t ~tti t ~ c~ of nsSi!/t~ t ~ , tor ttte lichocse be fi'letl, u kc/*c~itrb(~fot,c~ . v 1)t~o1~i(Fo(7. rl'l~(? \vorcl ' assignll~vnt' a s ~lsc:cl in sc!c.tion (il of t l ~ i si~c:L sIlit11 LC constl-tted to inclutle any of the i~lsti~tttltc~lts \vllic:ll 111;ly be ~-cc!or(lctl under t l ~ i s scc:t,iolr.''

f l l o ~ Report So. 110::. 50111 (.'oIIx.. ~~c

1 s t SPSS.]

'lounr Rrpor' No1IOJ.-DA,in'ble copyright.

April 2, l928.-ll1~f~rrt~tl to

the HOIIRC C::ilol~d:~r 111111n r d ~ ~ r ( lto d I ) e prin tod

Mr. Vestal, front tlte Cornmittcc on P:rtents, st~l)n~ittcsl the following rel)ort (to accolnpany H. R. 8013) :



The Committee on Patents, to whom was referred the 8913) to amend sections 27, 42, nnd 44 of the ct entitled "An act to amend and consolidate the acts t*specting copyright," approved March 4, 1909 (sec~.27, Z. untl 44, title 17, Copyrights, United States Code), r~villgcarefully considered the same, beg to report i t ~ c k the House with certain amendments and the to 1 commendation that the amendments be ngreed to a n d iat t l ~ bill as so nmended be passed. e 'I'tir amendments are as follows: I':tgt~ 3, lines 7 to 9, the ~vords" Tlle tiiile prescribed or the 1-ecordationof any such instrument shall run from t ~ t e registration of copyright" be stricken out. of Page 3, line 15, the words, "the riglit infringed" a t the ~iclof tlie line be stl*ic.ken out, nncl the words " such igtit" be substituted, so thtlt the line shall read "contrued to niean the owner of such right." Pxge 4, line 13, the word " rllay " be changed to "shall", ) tliat the line n,ill read: "The court shall require that otice of pendency of the action be given". Page 5. line 9, strike out the word "the" and in line ( 1 before the words "United States" insel-t the word continental ". Page 5 , line 11. strike out the word "the " before the ords "TTnited States" and insert the w r d "conticlntal ". Page 5, line 15, the word "duly'? before the word recorded in that line be eliminated, and that there be lserted after the word "recorded", the following: within the time aforesaid, as the case may be : Pmv-, 'hat it shall not be necessary for the purposes of this secL n to file any contract covering any transfer, assigno lent, or license if a separate instrument of assignment or cense be filed, as hereinbefore provided." These propostd amendnlcnts hpeakfor themselves, but s t>n~worcls explttnation rilay be permittetl. I n using the of Inguage at page 8, lines 7 to 9, which it is proposed to trike out, the fact was overlooketl that nssignlnents of opyrighb might be made a t any time after the actual reg3tration of the copyright claim-sometimes many years fter-and that the time prescribed for recordation is xed in section 44 a; amended. 111 line 15, page 3, the . wrds "the owner of the right infringed " wiH not fit in -ith the use in section 25 (e) of the words "copyright

IM (H. R.


proprietor? because tlicg there arc not llsetl in relation t o infl.ingcment but rcfcr to tlict ol~iginalowncar of the music::~.l c:ol)gright wit11 rclspect to \\lliic.li :I 11oticeof intcwtion to use is rcquircvi to be filcd. The substituted \vorcb " sllc*li1.ight " malie :i clc:~r '~tatonlc~lit,. ,h e i~r~~enclnimt lillc? 4, pupc 13, c.li:ingilig tthc. \vol-d l 011 "may " to "shall " ~nalahsit oblipntol-y upon the part of the clo~ll-t ilistc:~tl ~ ) c ~ ~ - ~ ~ ~~.c*cl~ii~'r " 11otic.c. of of to i s s i tli:it the prntlo~~c*y t11(! :~c*tion gi\-c~t~ ill1 ~,c~r.solls of I)? 10 c)C recol.tl in ill: (lol)yl.i,~l~t 0ltic.c~ wlio I I I : I ~ 1.1iti111 10 1)cb assigncichs 01- lic*c~l~sc~c~s o\vlicbl*s I ~ o l ~ l ( ofr ~:111y 01. tlic. or ~ s r i g l ~ l sl l 01, IIII(I(>I. tliv ( * o l ) ~ r ~ -i11 l ~ t i i g (-o~~tiev*l.io~i \vl1h-11 ~vill~ t oI I l1o111it.' 'I'l~isno1ic.c slio~~ltl o1)liqitol.y in jl~stic-c.to sllcli ~)ersons:111iltl~o~-c.fo~.c~ I ~ I ; I J" is 111~ " ~ cllangotl to " shall." I':>y 5 , J i l l ( * 15. it 1v:ts f ~ l wisv lo t "1ii1b I)I~:.II (11ily ~.c~cor(lv(l b L 11:~s '' to IMTII ~~c~i:o~-(li~il,?' iliswt i11e :III(I to pl.ovisio11 1)1~0~)ose~1 icavc: 1 lie! ( ~ I I I I ) ~ ~ I . I * I I s s I I tl~iit~ to IVI ~(~I~ WOIII(I I)(> I i lc(,ly to ( b ~ i i s ~IIO ~ b I' t ~ Ii(vms(v1 (11. :issig~l(v of any i n ~ l i \ . i ~ lr~ g l:~ tl i ~ ~sllol~ltlIN! ol)lipcvl to rt*c.ot.tl :I.S c.1.itlrrlc.r of 11;s s~~l,o~.tlin:~tc~ 1111. or.igil~:~lI S X ~ ~ I I I I ~ ( ~ I I ~ : l-igl~t, : o r (*o1it1-:11~1 wl1ic.11I ~ i s ill~ilcr ,sl)cc:i:~l rissig~il~ic~it or license was 111:1.( I(*. 'I'h;s I ) i l l \\.;is ol.igi~~;~lly ~ s c ~ ~ t . llic J-To~lse J a n l)t~ to c t l on 11:iry 2!). l!Ei ((;!MI1('ol~g..211s(*s~., It. 16SOS), :ind \V:IS I [. ~ ~ ~ i ' ( > t ~ to- et11v C'o~~tlrliit(vI I l'i11011ts. .it'i:11- :I 1)11l)li1: ~ vl O hei11-in? on t l x ~ tl)ill, licld 011 I * ' o ~ ) I - I I10.I * ~ : I 1!)2i. it \V:IS rcportc(1 on F ~ ~ ~ )23,~ I I ~ It11cl I~ I 1!)27, to I * IOIIS(>, 11 ( Y ~ Iin~ : I \v it . amc?nclrnt~nts :ind tllc recolnli1e11tl:ition tll:it, it bc 1):15sctl (Itc!l)t. No. 2 2 2 5 ) . 'I7I1:it ;I tnc.ntl(vl I)i I I \\-:I.+ ~.oi~irr.ocl~~c.c~tl on .J:i~it~:i~*y !). 1!)2S. :11i(I \\.:IS : ~ p i ~ i n ~.(lft%t.~.~vl 1 ~ '0111to 1 1 ( n~ittchc on 1':1irlits. 'l'\vo 1)11I~lic l~v:iri~~,csc ~ ~ 1 ~ c kcl ( > \~ 1 l U[)OII i t . O I I 31:i1*1.11 i111(1 2 20. i11i(1 ;iftvr SII(.IIi ( ~ i t ~ . i :IIIIIp s I ~~ f~.~t*tlio~' (~01isi~le1~i~t~io11(:ollllltitt ( 1 ~ :1111(~11111iic~1its 1)y t lit: Ii(1 inc1ic:iitcvl i~l)o\-c \wI.(: : ~ g ~ ~ cto c :111tl 11i(> c ~ ~ i : ~ c r ~ ~ i r c ~ ~ ~ l ~ ~tl of the bill is IIO\V rccto~ii~~i(~~ide~l. As l)oi~itc~l ill t l ~ c ollt col~~~t~ittctc~ of litst :cssiol~ I-c.1)ol.t tIi(: g1.;111t col)yripl~tl i t11e. 1!11itclcl St:itcs I I I I I ~ ( ~ I('xisting of i ' I:LWis :i g(h11c1r;~l I * : LtoI ":~iiy I)OI-SOII (~lilitlv~l ~ I ~. tlli~~~(:to" of t.licb riplits ( ~ I ~ I I I I I ;II hI~ c t~ o ~ iof ~ (-o1)yriplitI I ( ~ ( ~ . : i ~ L~ ( tlie : o 1 1 1 i 4, 0 . lT1111(li. 111c1 ~)l.ovisionof llii~t. act tliib o\\.~i(>r t11c ~ o ~ ) . v r i g I ~ t:~ :i.hsi;gi 11is of lI ~I~ erltirtb (-o1)~1.iglit, ~*:III, fi1.1-:IS tlie i ~ i ~ l i \ ~ ir(ilg~ ~ tis~ l 11c: so l~ cn~or~c:r;itocl l l st.ctioll 1 :ire colic.crilctl, olily gr:~nt to i otliol. ~)c~rsor~s a lic.c~riscl o ~lsc i s11cl1sc.l):i~.i~lc. i ~ l l t s1 1 ~ ~ .





t , l ~ i b

~ v l ~ i l t b



n not sell outright to any person such separate rights. urthermore, the licensee can not bring suit to protect e right he may have secured under a license from the rner of the general copyright. I t is to remedy this difficulty that this legislation is aoposed. Tlie bill does not enlarge any rights of the ~thor, wliich remain the same as the rights granted him the act of 1909. I t simply 1)errnits these rights to be :alt with singly alicl sepurntely by assignment and by it for infringeriient in the assignee's own name if occaIn arises. Tliere is thus no added burden imposed on e public, but, on tlie otlier liand, an increase of connience in buying, selling, and enforcing the different 7hts \vllicll the law gives to the author or copyriglit prosietor. I t was clearly brought out at the public hearings at the best business practice is already in accordance th what the bill proposes. What is desired is to legal? this practice so that it lnay prevail uniformly and not confined to the better class of publishers and producers books, plays, mnsic, etc.

R. 10655. In the Houae of Representatlves. Vebruary 7, 10281

Mr. Vestal (by request) introduced the following bill ;roeas.-uscw rsp.odPlcHon lich was referred to the Committee on Patents and c dcnwca. dered to be printed :
BILL To arnr~ndsections 1 ( e ) ctrid 25 ( e ) of the act entitled 'An nct to anlend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright," t p ~ m v e dMarch 4 1909. .

BUI H R . .

Be it erlacted by the ,Yenate ur~d Rouse of Beyreserzta'es of the C'r~ited Statea of ,111wric.a in Congress ;esnhkcd, That section 1, subsection (e) of the act enled "An act to amend and consolidate tlle acts respectJ copyriglit," approved March 4, 1909, be ailiended to ~d as follows: '(e) To perforin tlle copyrighted work publicly for ofit, and, if it be a musical composition, to make any Sangement or setting of it or of the melody of it in any ;te~nof notation or nr~yform of record in which the ~ u g h of an author niay be recorded and from which i t t ry be read or reproduced: Provided, That the provins of this act, so far as they secure copyright control-

ling the pnrts of instrumerits serving to reproduce m chanicallp the musical morlr, shall not include the \\.or1 of :l foreign nuthor or composer lln'ess the foici,(rn sla or nation of which such uuthor or conlposer is a citizen I subject grants similar rigl~ts, citller I)y treaty, :igreerncr convc.rition, or l:iw, to citizens of the Urlited States: A? y~o/cided further. Tliat ~vlienercrthe pro1)rietor of a insical copyright shall glSant?by sulc, n s s i ~ q ~ n ~ cliccns nt, o r otlier\visc, to unotlirr, :illy r i p l ~ t 11i:~nuf:icttirt~ to l)ar of instntmc~rits serving nicchanically to ~.epl*ocl~lct tl copyriglitetl work, suc:l~gl.:int shrill bc in writing, :ind t1.11cooljy t,llrl.cof, ;tccct~iil)aniccl :l ~ . e ~ . o l . dfce, g by i ~ ~ slio ~ r i t l ~ i ten days be filed in t l ~ c li ol1ic.c of tl!c i*rpistcr I copyrights; antl any fzti1111~e file witl~iri said ~)ci.ic to thi: sricli trric copy shall bc a complctc? tlcfensc to any sui action, or proceeding for ally i~ifringcnlcritof stlcl~cop; riglit hv rnrnns of tlic 1n:~ntifnutrtrcof si~niltirl):trt.$ ( instrttrlic~itsserving to ~.t~p~.otli~cc:~ ' e l ~ : t r ~lil~~ tI lI I IyI ~ ~~i :e I cbnl \vol.l< it1 a biriiilnr 111:~11tier: ,41~(! p/~~,.~*irkf~CE fwthe l'l~i~t :iftcr :I col~y s11c.11 of gl-ar~t Itc~crrfilrtl :IS I ~ c r e i ~ 11:ts uI)ove l)rovi(ltbcl.:illy oti.er pt0~-son Illit: 111:1l<t? si11iil:~r11, of tllc col?yrigl~tc!d\vol.k, pror.itlct1 lic slitill file in tl of6c.c of the rcgistchr of c.ol)p~'igl~ts. :i(:(:ot111):triit?(1 a 1' by cot-ding fee, befo1.e ~linnufuc:t~lre co~~i~ncnc.cd, is ;i l~oti, of his intention to 1it:tlte such use of tlitb ~vorlc, srrl)rcril)c by hi111 under his hand and :en1 antl c111ly:~caI<no~vlctlge :tgreeing thnt the nianufncture by hi111 of S ~ I C ~ I M I slja ~ ~ S be subject to tlie csact terms and condit,ions cspressccl : thc original grant on file in the register's ofbce. and s l ~ a deliver n copy of sucli not,ice to tlie owner of recrortl ( the copyripht., 2nd provided he shall fully comply with tl terms and conditions of the original grant. "Tliat it shall be 1rnlnwf111 for any copyriglit prl prietor to give, grant, or concede any refllnd, laebate, tli count,, or set-off n ~ l l a t e \ ~ ~ r tlie terms ancl contlitioi from as stated in the cQopy s11c11 p a n t as filed in the ofice ( of the rcgist,nr of copyriglits, to any ninnnfac-tul-erof tlevio serving to reprodrlce n~eclinnic~nlly nlt~sic.al works in similar manner, or for :tny s~rch I ~ ~ I ~ I I ~ ~ Ito: ~I C C (I~' C I ' I ( : II or receive nny s11c11rebate. tliscount, or. set-off \vlintcvei and either or any party so cloing sl~:lll,upon con\.ictio be decmecl guilty of a mi~dciile:~uor, pltnishal)lt: I)y :I fir of not less than $500 nor more than $5,000: And prou;dc fit'tlt,er, That for tlre pllrlmse of sllowing n viol:~t,ion( the provisions in the preceding paragraph contained ar



\anl~fscturer availing himself of the benefits of this sec#r)nshall, with respect to any musical composition used y hirn on parts of instruments serving to rqrodnce the etne mechanically, be entitled as a matter of right, at any i m p , to discovery, inspection, or esamination of books, ~*rno~-ds papers of the copyright proprietor thereof, and rkd the district court of the proper district sllnll have the ~owerto make such order with respect to discovery, inpection, or examination, npon snch terlns and conditions s justice may reqnire : Prot.i(l!!d fu,sther, 'That the manuttctrlre of surli parts of instrunlents (in violation of the ,revisions hereof shall 1)e deemcrl to be an infringement f the copyright of surh work, for which the defendant hall be liable, as provided in sections 25, 28, and 39 of his act, and all the rights and remedies recited in such ections shall apply to and govern any such infringement. " The copyright proprietor shall be entitled, as a matter f right, at any time, to discovery, inspection, or examinaion of books, records, and papers of any person availing imself of these provisions relating to the manufacture, serving to ale, or disposition of the parts of instri~ments eprodnce mechanically such musical work; and the disrict court of the proper district shall have the power o make such order with respect to discovery, inspection, , r examination upon such terms and conditions as justice lay require." SEC.2. Subsection (e) of section 25 of said act is (ereby repealed.
70th Cong., l e t sesa.

H.R. 1,7452. Report No. 1.620. Representatives, &lay 1. 10281

I n the H O I I B ~ of

!?(I1 Mr. Vestal introclncocl the following bill; which was re- 1 8 4 R.R.M ~ ~ h a ~ 52.erred to the Committee on Patents and ordered to be;'z"p"rror,

hfay 4, 1928, referrt* to the House Calendfir and ordered t o he printed)

BILL To amend the net entitled "An act to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright," npproved March 4, 1909, ns amended, in re~per-tof mechanical reproduction of mmusic*al compmltions, and for other purposes

Be i t ermcted by the yena ate and nouse of R e p e s e d a ives of the Ur~ited States of Amemka in C'ongress asentbled, That subsection (e) of section 1 of the act en-



titled "An nct to amend nnd consoliilatc, the acts respc ing copyr-iglit," :~pprovecl hf:~rch 4, 1909, as alnvnc (United States Code, title 17, section 1 (e) ), is amen( ' to reatl ns follows: " ( n ) (1) 'l'o 1)erfol.m thc col)yrigllte(l work 1,ul)lic:ly prof t if it b(! :1 1ll11sic;llconl1,osit ion, and to ~naltc:r a~.~.:ing,rcmcnt setting of it or of tlic mclotly of it in e 01' h~'~telil not:1.tion or i1liJr f o l ~ l lof I ' C C O I ' ~ in wllicll 1 of t1:011glltof ii.11 ;i~llllor lIiiLY 1)t: ~'ccordcd and from whicl nlilv IN: r(~ii(l I Y ~ ~ ) I . O ~ I L I',,ocidecl, Tlint tlie 1)rovisic or :( ' O ~ o t l ~ i s so filr as thry sc:cll~-r C :1c1, col3yriglit (*o~itr-oililig 1 ],art-s of i~isl.t-~~nic~~its tto i.c~l)l*o(l~ic~c serving iii(~(~li:i~ii(-:i tll~ 11111si(!i11 o r l t s11:ill i~icll~(lc! ~ ~ O J ~ ~ 111 ~ O S ~ ~ ~ , 011ly ~ lislic,tl :~nclcopyriglitcd aftcr July 1, 1909, and sliall r ii~(:lrl(lc wo~clrsof a foi-cig~i llic :~11tlior co1111)os(~1. or 11111, tllc fo~.cigristnt,e or nation of wliicll such ni~t,hor co or 1 m ~ ( ~ 1:I' 141izcn or subject gri~nts, is eit,llcr by treaty, cc ~.c~litiou. :igrocluic~~it, lnw, to citizc!ris of tlic 11nitt:tl St:): 01. sili~il:~.~. riglit,s. " ( 2 ) I f t11(1 1)rolwic~tor tllc co1~~~1'iglitR iil~lsi( of of ( ~ ~ ~ i ~ ] ) o s !g ~o-r:i~ ~ i l :111y 1)tbr.sol~. tlic 111:~111if:lct11 ti ti) s for ~1,1i(l s:~lc!of or(li~i:ir*.y~ o r i ~ ~ n c ~)* i o ~:i ~ l ~ - ~*(~cor(ls ( l l(~i n~ :~l)ll ]:(~~.for:~tc~l 1.01Is. 1 1 riglit to 11sc tho wlinlc 01. milsic: ~ 1::trL o f suc:li col)yrigl~tc:tl~n~lsic.:ll colnl,osit.ion upon t 1):11+i of i~istr~~~iic:nts serving to rcll)rotl~~t.c nlcc.li:i~iic*:tl l11c n111si(::11 ~vorl;! s~i(:lly.il~itsliall Lo i l l ~ v ~ * i : ~ i i ~ ti~ sl~all not be cffcct,ivc nuloss nncl until p1.olnptly rcbcortlc in the Col)yriglit Ollicrt by tlic co1,yriglit ],r.oj)r.ic~to~.. lto alties under any such gr:~nt, ol. ~uidcr i ~ n ys ~ ~ l ~ s c q ~ ~ c :?.grecinent nii~tleu~itlcl* parngr:ll,h ( 3 ) . sli:ill he 1)ayal1 n t a spccifird rate per orclinary colnincrci;~ll)lio~iogri~] I-oc.ortlor 1,c~foratctl rnlisic: roll. 'l'l~c failure of tlic cop, right proprietor to record promptly si~cligrillit slia be n colnplctc clefcnsc to ally suit, action, or proceec iilg for any inf ringcnlcnt of such co1)yriglit 1)y Inca1 o i like parts of instrume~lt~s serving to reprod~~ct: m. cl~a~iically musical work in a similt~rninliner. tlie " ( 3 ) Any slicli grnnt miLy be :~ltorctl, niodific!rl, t.: tc!~iclctl,or cancclcd by s ~ ~ b s c q ~ l agreclncnt bet~vccnt l cnt copyrigllt proprittt~orand tlie grantcc, but no sucrl I sill stbqornt ngrecbment s1i:~ll bc (?ffcctive until ninct,y d a j :~ftclr l)chi~ig ~-cc~ol~tl(~tl ('ol)y~.iglit(Iftic.(? by tlio cop: ill 1.11~1 right proprietor.







-%,"(4) After any such grant or subsequent agreement

b become effective, any other person may make like use

d!such copyrighted musical

composition upon the same

&meand conditions in respect of the royalty payable, ibrr time, mode; and manner of such payment, and the
w u r i t y for the payment thereof, as are prescribed in rrtlch grant or subsequent agreement in effect at the time he ~riltkessuch use of such copyrighted musical composition, if he first serves notice upon the copyright proprietar t ~ his last address, as disclosed by the records of the t Copyright Offire, of his intention to mnke snch life use of such copyrighted musical composition. Such notice of intention shall be siibscribed by the intending user under his hand and seal, and duly acknowledged, agreeing that his use of such copyrighted musical composition s!iall be upon the same terms and conditions in respect of the royalty payable, the time, mode, and manner of such payment, and the security for the payment thereof, as are prescribed by such grant or subsequent agreement in effect at the time of his use of the copyrighted musical composition. b'(5) The payment of royalty by any grantee, or any ptrson making like use of the copyrighted musical composition under the provisions of paragraph (4), shall free the articles or devices for which such royalty has been paid from further contribution to the copyright except in the case of public performance for profit. "(6) Any manufacture and sale of such parts of instriiments serving to reproduce mechanically such copyrighted musical work, in violation of the provisions of this act, as amended, shall be deemed to be an infringement of the copyright of suoh musical work. "(7) I t .shall be unlawful for any person (A) to change, alter, or deviate from the terms of a grant or sobsequent agreement made under this subsection, with respect to the royalty payable for such use of the copyrighted niusical composition, or .with respect to the time, ~clode, and manner of payment and security for the payment thereof, except in the manner provided in paragraph (3) ; (B) to give, grant, or concede to any person afiy refund, rebate, discount, preference, benefit, or ad. vantage whatever from the royalty Axed in such grant or subsequent agreement; or (C) to accept or receive any


I:l,:l Q 0 l i ' l '

( I E'


SII(.~I r.c>l'lrr~tl, rebate, discount, preference, benefit, or I I I I Any person violating any provision of this [):I ~.:lfit*:~pli shall be d(!rmed guilty of n ~nisdenlesnor,and 11pon conviction t.liereof shall be ~ u n i s h e d a fine of i ~ o t by lcss thnn $500 nor more than $5,000." SEO. The first 11~~rztgr:11111 sltbsection ( c ) of see2. of tion 25 of s~icoht i ~ of Mnrcli 4, 1909, as alnendecl (United t States Code, title 17, section 25 (c) ), and any other provision of snc.11 act of March 4,1909, as :imcndccl, in rcsl)cct of tile l.o;yulty of 2 cents on e:tch p:irt manufactured of instr~unentssrrving to reprodaco mechanically a copyripht,rtl nt11sic:nl coi~ipositionare hereby repealed. SEC. This act shall take effect on July 1, 1928. 3.

011 P1 i $$r$Ly&p MI.. Vc~sl:tl,f l*oiii tltc*( ~~lll~ttittc~c* t(111t

01 reprodwtwn CQI mu&.

S, ~111)1t1ittcvl the follo\vii~g~.rl)o~.to :tc*c*onll)a~ty 1 . 1:14.',2) : (t 11. 1 The Coir~nriltre l':~lc~tts. \ \ - l ~ i c - l i was ~.efc~~rc~tl or1 to tile bill (11. R. 13-1-52) to i ~ ~ t t t ~ n ( l sc>c.tions1 ((:) nrltl 2:) ((>)of the act cntit let1 " h n atcat to :1111-!1(1:~ndco11soli ( l i t t ( > ille acts respecting cc)pyrigltt,!! :~ppro\rtl ,\Ii~~.c.h 1!)0!). in 4. l.esp:>ct of ittech:u~ical~-c~l>roclilc*tioir ~ t ~ ~ s i c.o~ttl)osiof cal tions, ant1 for other p~~rposcs. l)a\ri~ig i l l ( . s~~lrjvc.t I~atl 111iltter of this I~ill~!ndrti c~oiisideratioit.~-cl)ol.ts S : I I I to ~ tllc I~ t h e 1.Io11sr \vithotlt :~~t~c>ntlii~cnt :lutl \;-it11 l11(1 recSottt~1i. 11dat,ion that t lxt: sn~ne 1)ass. (10 Ihe 1)111-1)ose tlris aiu~?ntltitc~~tt tttotlify ( I t ( ? soof is to callc(1 c:onrl)rllsot.y lic:e~~sc l,l~ovisioltsof 1 1 1 ~ c.ol,yrigllt :tvt of l!)O!) ( s . ~ 1. s~~l)sccb.c ) . :lntl scc. 25, s111)sec..( c ) . 3.) . ( Stat. I,., 1)t. 1, 1'1,. 10T5-lOHS), 1)y soc.t~ringto tltt! I)I-oprietor of :I ~ t ~ l ~ s ir.ol,\r~igl~t ol)l)ol-tu~tity frt~cvloln cnl :tn of of l > : t ~ . g : i i~ i~t il~ ~ ~ to t 1 1 1 1 s of Itis IIIIIS~C*;II o ~ ~ i ~ r(lsl)c~~t i ~ ~ (b posit io11 on the p;trts of i11st1~1111icwt s cvl.vi~lp to 1~~1)roclllce i t inctc.lrclnic:t.lly, s11c.11 01-tli~tary as col1i111c.1-c.ial ~)ltollog~aph t*cc.o~.tls ~)o~'fol.i~tc~l 1 1 1 1 1 s i ( s 1~011s: I I I ( ~ to alicl pa l)01' ; extend the rclitc.tlics of the :act, for tlie 1~1.c.vc~ntioti .1nd o!'
r 7

rosecution for infringements by means of such mechani11 devices. The act of 1909 fixed the maxinlunl royalty which might charged by a copyright owner in respect of snch deIces at 2 cents per part manufactured, and provided that ie copyright owner. if he hiniself nlanufacturcd such eviccs, or permitted or licensed another so to do, then I I person migllt make sinlilar use of tile copyl.ighted ~ ork upon notice to the copyright owner of an intention , to (10, regardless of the financial responsibility or ingrit9 of sucbh intending user. Under the amendment the copyright owner is permitted bargain for the rate of royalty to be paid by others in hspect of devices serving to iliechanically reproduce his ork, the tinie, nlode and manner of payment, and selrity for the 1)aymeiit of mch royalties, but is requircd to romptly file in the office of the Register of Copyrights I original copy of the first license granted by him to lother to manufacture sudi devices. TTpon and after ich tiling, any manufacturer of such devices may, upon dice to the copyright owner, then avail himself of tlie rliis and conditions of the original license as to the rate F royalty to be paid, tlie tiine, inode and inanner of payent, and security for the payment thereof. Extended hearings were held, and much testimony was ken from representatives of both the copyright owners d manufactlirers of devices which serve to mechanically produce copyrighted musical works. - The matter has >enstudied for years by the committee, and all interests Ire generally agreed as to the justice of tlie principle ' free bargaining governing the relationships between ~ecopyright owners and the munnfacturers of mechana1 devices. I t seemed apparent to your committee that obvious instice was done to the composers and authors of rnusical orks in depriving them of an opportunity to freely bartin in respect of the terms and conditions under which echanical reproduction of their works could be licensed others, and to subject them to a statutory form o f a m ~lsorylicensing which afforded no adequate protectiorl rainst dishonest and delinquent manufacturers.

c b f


I t wclen~edeq~lally apparent that for the just protection ttlo int~nnfnc.tumrs musical composition, once released a by its copyright owner to any manufacturer for mechani('a1 r~produ(*tion, should be available to all manufacturers upon terms chqi~alto those required to be met by the first llrensce. 'l'his amendment meets these conditions, will eliminate ctbuws and evils and injustices which have prevailed for 1:) yeurs, and is therefore recommended for favorable consiileration.
BUI H. R. 10&94.--Rfnta and labsh.

170th Cong.. 1st sees.

R. R. 10434. In t h e House of Rcpresentatlvcs, February 2. 19281

Mr. Vestal introduced the following bill, which was referred to the Committee on ~ a f e n t s and ordered to be printed :
A BII,I4 To I I I I I ~ I s e ~ t i v ~ ~of the act entitlrd "An act to anlent1 I~c 5 :III(I ~(:~isolitlt~te net8 respevtirig col~yyright," the :~pprovecl March 4, 1909, niid for other purposes.

Be it etmocted b y the Xenate n l d Home of Representotivea of t h United Statea of America i n Cor~gress axsen~bled,Thnt section 5, subsection (k) of the act ent'tlecl "An act to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright," approved March 9,1909, be amended io read as follows: " (k) Prints and pictorial illustrations, including those connected with the fine arts, and prints and labels designed to be used for any other articles of manufncture." SEC. The act of Congress relating to patents, trade2. marks, and copyrights, approved June 18, 1874 (Eighteenth Statutes a t Large, page 78), is hereby repealed: Provided, however, That applications pending in the Patent Office for registration of copyrigllt under said act nlny form the basis for such registration as though s l ~ c hact had not been repealecl. but applicants whose such a ~ ~ l i c a t i o n s pending in the Patent Office may are abandon them and proceed for registration under this

170th Cong., 1st aess.


B 8. 8358. In the House ot Representatives, .
Janlinry 16, 19281 H . ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mr. Vestal introduced the following bill; which W ~ S B ~ referred to the Committee on Patents and otdered to be g - o t u m 1:rinted :
A BILL Amendim the Statute o the United States with teferf ence to copyright registration of designs

Re it enacted b y the Sena;te and Home of Rdpreaentatives of the United *Vta,ta of America in Congre88 astmblad, That any person who is a citizen of or domiciled in the United States, or who is a citizen or subject of a. foreign state or nation with which the United States shall have established reciprocal copyright relations, and who is the author of any design as hereinafter defined, or the legal representative or assignee of such author, may ~ e cure copyright therein upon compliance with the provisions of this act. Within the meaning of this act (a) An author is one who originates a design and in so doing contributes intellectual effort to the composition thereof. (b) d design is a pattern, shape, or form of a mhnufactured product, or dies, molds, or devices by which such n pattern, shape, or form may be produced, original in its application to or embodiment in such manufactured product and which produces an artistic or ornamental effect or decoration, but shall not include shapes or forms which have merely a functional or mechanical purpose. ~EC. 2. The owner of a design copyright shall have, within all the territory which is under the jurisdiction. and control of the United States, for the periods and subject to the limitations hereinafter prescribed, the right to exclude others from brelling or distributing manufactured products which embody or contain copies or colorable imitations of the copyrighted design or any characteristic original feature thereof, if such manufactured products are in the same claw as, or are s i r n i l a m , the product to which the copyrighted design has been applied or in which it has been embodied. SEO. Aa prerequisites to copyright protection under 3. this act the author or his legal representative or his assignee m s (1) actually cause the design to be applied to ut

or c m l ~ c r b ~ b rrtrrnt~farl c t ~ tlrod prodnct ; (2) mark such ~)r.ot]~& $b&&Jlllrbr ia hl)ecified in section 5 of this act; a ~ r + tprocir~ctto the public by selling it or i g#qiw it for .sic; tliicl (4) within six calendar months @% t k ~ tilnn ~ 1 1 , ~ i ~ ~manufactured product was first such a&gpll;y h o jntl.ocluced to tlie pnl)lic, file an application in tha C o p p r ~ ~ Office in the form proscribed under autliorht ity of htiction 20 of this act, nnd in s ~ ~ capplication state ll ( u ) t h:it he is the autlior of tlie clesign for which lie solicits registration or (b) tliat he is the assignee or legal representative of such author and verily believes the author named in the application to be the originator of such design. Such application shall include the prescribecl nuniber of copies of a photograph or other identifying representation of the design as applied to or embodied in the said manufactured product and shall give the date when such manufactured product was so introcluced to tlie pu1)lic; and copyright shill1 be secured lipon and from the date of such introduction of the manufactured product to the public, subject to tlie provisions of this act. SEC.4. Upon each entry of a claim for copyright in any design made sul~ject matter of copyright by this art, the herson recorded as the clairnant of copyright shall be entitled to a certificate of registration under the seal of the Copyright Office. which shall state the name, citizenship, and address of the author of the design alid of the design, if other than the owner of the copyright in s~lch author; the name or designation of the class of manufactured product in which the clesign has been embodied or to which it has been applied; the date when the application for registration WHS filed in tlie Copy~.iglitOftice; thc date when copyridlt was secured as provided in section 3 of this act; and such marks as to class designation and entry number as shall fully identify the entry of the claim of copyright. Said certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the facts stated therein. A duplicate certificate untler theseal of the Copyright Office s1i:lli br s~~pplietl to any person requesting the same upon payment of the fee. When a design actually embodied in or applied to one rilanufacturerl protluct is in substantially the saint. farm to Ilc cmbodiecl in or :lppliecl to a set of articles of the same general cllaracter 01-clinarily on sale together or intended to be used together, a single application for registration and one certificate of registration shall suffice.



SEC. I t shall be the duty of the owner of a design in 5. which copyriglit is secured under this act or his licensee to give notice to the public that the design is protected under this act by affixing to the manufactured product the mark "Design copyrighted " and by adding thereto with rrasonable proniptness after registration the nrimber of the registration entry. When the nature of the product will not permit the affixing of these niaxaks in full it shall I)e sufficient to use the abbreviation "D. copr." or the letter " D " inclosed within a circle, this @with or without the registration nuiilber. When such abbreviation or symbol is used, or when the product itself will not permit the affixing of any of these marks, i t shall be necessary to attach a label or tag t the o procliict or to tlie package or cover containing the product in wliic.11 the design is embodied or to which it is applied, containing the name of the manufactured product and plainly marked with the words "Design copyrighted," to \vhich must be added with reasonable promptness after registration the regisfration nr~mber. I n the case of any manufactiired product in which the clesign is repeated, such as wall paper or textiles, one niarkixig upon tlie roll, bale, or parcel of tlie nlanufactured product embodying or containing the design shall snffice. I n any tiction or suit for infringement by a party failing so to mark the nianiifac.tured l>rocinct no recovery sliall be adjudged the plaintiff and no injunction shall be granted except on proof tliat the failure to mark was merely occasional and inadvertent and in nowise affecting the general notice intentled by the accustomed marking. SEC. Copyright secured under this act shall initially 6. enclure for a term of two years from the first sale or offer for sale of the nlanufactured product to which the design is applied or in which it is embodied. At any time before the expiration of the two-year term an extension of the copyright may be registered for a further period of eightem years to secure a total perioci of protection of twenty years upon filing an application for such cxtension and paying the fees preccribecl in section ' 1 of this 2 nct. S E ~ . Every copyright secoretl irnder the pro~isions 7. of this act, or ally interest therein, shall be assignable in lam by an instrument in writing; and the copyriplit owner may, in like manner, grant and convey an-exclusive right



u~rclcrsuch c-opyriglit for the whole or any part of the [Jnited States. Such assignment, grant, or conveyance shall be void as ngainst any subsequent purcliaser or mortgagee for a valuable consideration, without notice, unless it is recorded in the copyright office within three calendar months after its execution in the United States, or within .six calendar months after its execution without the limits of the United States, or prior to such s~~bscquent purchase or mortgage. I f such assignment, grant, or conveyance be acknowledged before any notary pul)lic of tlie several States or Territories or the District of Columbia, or any dependencies of tlie Vnited States, or before any ofHcer authorized to administer oaths in the United States or its dependencies and the Panama Canal Zone or the Philippine Islands, or any clerk or commissioner of any United States district court, or before a secretary in the diplomatic service or a diplomatic or consular officer of the United States autliorized by law to administer oaths or perform notarial acts, or before any notary public, judge, or magistrate of any foreign co~mtryallthorized to administer oaths or perform notarial acts in sllcli country whose authority shall be proved by the certificate of a secretary in the diplomatic service or a diplomatic or consular officer of the United States, the certificate of such acknowledgment or the record thereof in the copyright office, when made, shall be prima facie evidence of the execution of such assignment, grant, or conveyance. SEC. Infringement shall include unlicensed copying 8. c r colorable imitation of the copyrighted design OF of any characteristic original feature thereof in manufactured ~'roducts of similar descriptive properties in tlie same class, or any similar product for the purpose of sale or public distribution; or selling or publicly distributing 01. exposing for sale or public distribution any such product embodying or containing siich a copy or colorable imitation. sale or public distribution .or exposure for sale I f si~ch or public distribution is by anyone other than the manufacturer of the copy or colorable imitation, it shall be unlawful only as to goods purchased after actual notice in writing that the design is copyrighted.



SEC. The following shall not be held infringing acts : 9.
(a) Repairing manufactured articles protected under this act. or making or selling parts of such manufactured articles, whether individually protected or not, for use a repair parts; s (b) Making or selling patterns for dressmaking, or making a garment from such a pattern for the individual use of t h i maker or a member of the family of the maker, or having such a garment made by an individual employee for the use of the employer or a member of the family of the employer ; (c) Illustrating designs by pictorial representation, or publicly distributing or exhibiting such illustrations or pictorial representations of designs otherwise than in connection with the advertising or sale or distribution of infringing goods : Provided,howmer, That the distribution, exhibition, or publication, as authorized in subsections (b) and (c) above shall not affect the force or validity of any copyright in any design involved, but to obtain the benefit of said subsections a notice to that effect shall be printed on the pattern or its envelope or in the work containing such illustration or pictorial representation by the person who makes such pattern or who publishes such illustration or pictorial representation of nny design ; (d) Making any reproduction, copy, use, sale, or public distribution of any design copyrighted under this act in nny motion picture, and in whatever form used in connection with the advertisement, distribution, or sale or other disposition of motion pictures. SEC.10. Any 'one who shall infringe any copyrighted design shell be liable(a) To an.injunction restraining such infringement ; (b) To account for and pay the profits and damapc~ resulting from the infringement, which in the discretion of the court may be trebled. The court may dispense with an accounting(1) I n cases where the plaintiff may so request, or where from the record it is apparent to the conr-t that an accounting would not find damages or profits to exceed 8100. I n such case the defendant may be held liable to pay to the plaintiff not less than $100 nor more than $250, aa compnsstioa and not aa, a penalty;

(2) I n cases where the copying colnplained of was without knowleclge or notice of the copyright. 'I'he court may order t,o be deliveretl up and clestroyed or ot.herwise disposed of, ns shall be just as between the parties! all infringing articles, products, or parts, and all clics, models, and devices useful only in prodncing the infringing nrticle or product, and all labels. prints, or t~tlvertisingnlatter ~aclatingto tlle infringing article or product. SEC. S o relief shall be granted where an infringe: 11. ment has continued wit11 the knowledge of the owner of the copyriglit for a prriod of two years prior t o the cbonlIllencement of the suit or action; ancl in no event shall there be a recovery of profits or tlamuges for acts of infringement comnlitted Illore than three years prior to the c.ornnirneeiuent of the suit or nction. Six.12. When rtbgistration lias been lnnde in the copyright ofice of any tlesign tis provided in this nct, written, l)rintetl, or 1)llotographic copies of any pnlxrs, tlra~vings, or pliotc~graplisrelating to sucli d e s i p preservc~lin the copyrigllt ofice shall be given to any person making application therefor and paying the fees reyuired !I this ) act, and suc.11 copies when autllenticated by the seal of the copyright ofice shall bc evidence of tlle snnle force untl etfect as originals. SEC. I n ;in action or suit for infringement of copy13. right in a design registered under this act there shall be ti presnmption'of originality in the registered design and of validity in the registration t.hereof; and a presulnption o f copying may arise from substantial resembla.nce to the rppistered design in defendant's design. SEC. The District and Territorial courts of the 14. Uliitecl States and its insular possessions, including the courts of first instance of the Philippine Islands anti the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, shall have original jurisdiction, t~nclthe Circuit Court of Appeals of the I'nited States, the Court of Appeals of the District of Colunibia, ancl the Supreme Court of the Philippine Islands sllall have appellate juristliction of proceetlings respecting designs pr0tec.tt.d under tlle provisions of this act. SEC.15. Writs of certiorari may be granted by the Supreme .Court of the United States for the review of ctises arising under this act in the same manner as provided in the Judicial Code as amended by the act of February 13, 1925.

SEC. After adjudication and entry of a final decree 16. v any court in ally action brought under this act, any of he parties thereto may, upon payment of the legal fees, ave the clerk of the court prepare a certified copy or opies of such decree, or of the record, or any part thereof, 11d fol*wartlthe same to any of the designated courts of he United States, and any such court to which such copy sr copies may be forwarded under the provisions of this cction shall forthwith mnke the same n part of its record; nd any such record, judgment, or decree inay thereafter ,c matle, as f a r as nl)plir~al)lc, basis of an application the o that court for injl~iiction other 1.e1it.f I)y any co11rt in or \liich such copies shall Iiave bem rrcorclecl: an11 in the reparation of 5uch copies the printed copies of the ecord of either party on file with the clerk may be used vitl~out charge other than for the certificate. When he net-essnry printed copies art>not on tile with the clerk bithtar party may file copies which s h d l be used for the )nrpose, and in such cases the clerk shall be entitled to harge a reasonable fee for comparing such copies with he original record before certification ancl for certifying he sanle. SE('. After the registration of a design, if the copy17. eight in said tlesign .;hall have been a d j n d p d invalitl ind a juclpn~t~nt derree shall have been enttbretl for the or I(.fcnclant, the clerk shall forward a certified copy of s1ic.h llclginent or decree to the register of copyrigllts, who shall 'orthwith ~ n i ~ k e same a part of the records of the the topprigh t office. SEC. ( a ) Any person who shall register a design 18. ~nder this act, knowing that the tlesign is not an original xork of anthorship of the person named u s author in the t1)plication for I-epistrntion. shan he guilty of :I mistleneanor pnnishable by a fine of $500. or sutbh part thereof 1s the court may determine. (b) Any person who shall bring an action or a uncler t t certificate of registration l>rocnrcd for a design known )y the plaintiff to be not an original work of authorship )f the person named as the author in the npplicntion, ,hall, upon clue showing of such Imowledge, be liable in may lie sum of $300, or such part thereof as the coi~rt lotermine, as compensation to the defendant to be .harped against the plnintiff and paid to the defendant in ~ddition the customary costs. to

(c) Any person who, with fraudulent intent, marks o rnnniifactured 'procluct which is not protected by design coyyright, so as falsely to indicate that it is so protected. slhall be guilty of a misdemeanor and for every sucli offense shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding $500. SEC. Registration under this act shall not. constifute 19. cny waiver or aba.ndonment of any trade-mar8 riglitw in the clexipn registered. SEC. Tlie register of copy rip lit,^ shall be antliorizcd 20. ti) tltltcrmine and designate the different classes of nianufactni-ed products under which registration may be n~atlc, unci s1il)jcct to approval by the Librarian of Congress, to 111i1kt.rules and regillations for such registrations, ant1 for the form of the required certificate. SEC. The register of copyrights shall receive. nnd 21. the persons to whom the services designated in this act are renclered, shall pity the following fees: (1) For the registIration for the first term of two yews under this act. $3; (2) for the registration of the extension of the period of protcction to t~venty year?, as proviclccl Iicwin, $'LO: and t l ~ epayment of the said fees sl~sllinclude. in each case. t.lie certificate provided for in this act; (3) for tluplicate certificate of any registration miicle, $1; (4) for recortling any docunleut in t,he copyright office. ns pmvicled in section 7 of this act, or for fnrnisl~ing certified copies of any such document, $1 for each copyripllt office record-book page or fraction thereof up to five page" and 50 cents for each such page or fraction thereof beyond five pages; (5) for copies of any registration made, or of c l r a ~ ~ i n or photographs or other identifying gs reproductions filed in relation to any design registered, and for comparing such copies with the originals 1:efore certification, a reasonable fee and 50 cents additional for certification of each such copy uncler seal of the copyright office. SEC. All designs registered for the first term of two 22. years shall be listed in tlie Catalogue of Copyright Entries preparecl and prillted uncler the provisions of t,he act of Ma.rch 4: 1909, and shall be further identified by n representation of the design, ancl each extension registration shall be listed in said catalogue. The periodic issiies of said cataloglie may be subscribed for upon application to the Superinte~ltlentof Public Documents, a t a price to l a rleterniined by the register of copyrights for each part of tlie cntaloglle, not exceeding $10 for the



complete Catalogue of Copyright Entries provided by the act approved March 4, 1909, or $10 for the catalogue of tlesigns registered under this act. The Catalogue of ('opyriglit Entries for designs shall be admitted in any court as prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated as regards any copyrigllt registration for a design made under the provisions of this act. SI.:C:.23. Tllere is llercby authorized to be appropriatecl, out of any nioncy in the Treasrii.y not other\vise nppi-opriated, for clerical services, ofice rental ancl eqnipment, statio11ci.y alld ,supplies, foi- cai-rying into effect this act for the. fiscal gcnr ending June 30, 1920. $100,000, or so iiiuch thoreof as niuy be necLrssary,the same to be available imii~ediutelyilpon tile approval of this act, and thereafter such sunls as Congress may deem necessary, to l)e cspcndthtl by the Librarian of Congress. SEC.24. The Iibrarian of Congress shall annually subiliit t:stirn:itt!:; in (letail for all expenses of carrying this act into effect. lllltl Ile is hereby tluthorizetl to appoint such s111)ortlinateassistants to the register of copyrights as shall be nrccss:iry for the prompt ancl cfficicnt execution of the woi-k involved. SEC-. Tlle following sect;iol,s of the Cnited States 25. Revised Statutes are hereby repealed: Section 4929, as amende,d by the act of May 9? 1002; sections 4930 and 4931; and section 4034, as aniendcd by the :lets of February 18, 1922, and February 14, 1'327, is fnrther amended by striking out the words "except in design cases" wllrrever they appear, and also by striking ont the following words: " I n design cases: For three years and six months, $10; for seven years, $15; for fourteen years, $30 ": I~rwidedi,hmever, That notwithstanding the six months' limitations in section 3 of this act, an applicant who has duly filed in the Patent Office an application for a design patent, and whose application has not become abandoned when this act goes into effect, or his assigns and legal represcntatires, may within six months after this act goes into effect elect either to demand a tlesign patent which may granted him and have full force and effect as if the sec ion herein repealed were still in effect, or to abandon said application for a design patent and secure copyright protection under this act by complying with the provisions of the act, so far as applicable, and upon payment of the fee or fees prescribed in section 21 of this act, filing an application for registra-




tion of said design under this act, or two or more applications in different classes, if the clesign us disclosed in said application is entitled to registration in such cliffelsent classes, the initial term of such copyright protection under this act to commence with the sale or offer for sale of manufactured products to which the' design has been applied or in which it is embodied, marked in the Iilanncr specified in section 5 of this act. No tlesign copyriglrht iinder the provisions of this act shall be valid to an author or to the legal representative or assignee of siich ai~tllor whom shtill have been issued a clesigil patent in to this corintry for the same design. SEC. This act shall go into effect on July 1 1928, ant1 26. ! may be cited as the clesign copyright act of 1928.

Bill R R . 1345S.--Copyright reg(rlrd(on of


[70th Cong., 1st seas.

E l . R. 13153. In the House of Representatlvea, Hay 1, 19281

Mr. Vestal introcluced the following bill; which mns referred to the Committee on Patents and ordered to be printed :
A BILL Amending the Statutes of the Gnited States to ljroride
for copyright registration of dc~signx

Be it enacted by the )Senate and House of Representnttives of the United States of Avnerica in Congress amembled, That any person who is a citizen of or domiciled in the United States, or who is a citizen or subject of a foreign state or nation with which the United States shall have established reciprocal copyright relations, and who is the author of any design as hereinafter defined, or the legal representative or assignee of such author, may seciire copyright therein upon compliance with the provisions of this act. Within the meaning of this act(a) An author is one who originates a clesign and in so doing contributes intellectlial or artistic effort to the composition thereof. (b) A design is a pattern applied to, or a shape or forin of, a manufactured product, or dies, molds, or devices by which such a pattern, sllape, or form, may be produced, original in its application to or embodiment in such mannfactured product, by reason of an artistic or irltellectual effort, and which produces an artistic or ornamental effect or decoration, but shall not include patterns



shapes or forms which have merely a functional or echanical purpose. SEC. 2. The owner of a design copyright shall have, ithin all the territory which is under the juriscliction td control of the United States, for the periods and subct to the limitations hereinafter prescribed, the right exclucle others from selling or distributing manufacrecl products wllich embotly or contain copies of or colsable imitations made by copying the copyrighted dcsign any characteristic original feature thereof, if such ani~factllretlproclucts are in the same class as, or are inilar to, the product to wllich the copyrighted design 1s 1)een appliecl or in which it has been embodied. SEC.3. As prercquisitc>s to c*ol)priglltprotection under is act the author or his legal re1)resentative or his ,signee ini~st(1) actnally cause the design to be appliecl 01- cnlln)tlieci in the ~nanufactilretl pro(llict; (2) mark I(+ l)ro(luct in the iilanner specified ill section 5 of this :t : (3) introdncr such 1)1*otliict tlle pu1)lic in trrritory to n(1c.r the jurisclic,tion and control of the ITnited States. r selling it or offering it for sale; ancl (4) within six 11~ndar months of the tiille wllen such manufactured rocluct was first actii~lly introdiioecl to the pnblic. file so n application in the C o p y r i ~ h t Office in the form pre,ribed lintler aiithority of section 20 of this act. and in ~ch application state (a) that lle is the antllor of the esign for which. he solicits registration or (b) that he ; the assignee or legal representative of such author and erily believes the author named in the application to be i e originator of such design. Such application shall lclude the prescribed number of copies of a photograph r other identifying representation of the design as aplied t or embodied in the said manufactured product o ncl shall give the date when such manufactured product ;as so introduced to the public; and copyright shall be ecured upon and from the date of such introduction of be manufactured product to the pat, subject to the lrovisions of this act: P?.ozGded, h-o~ewe7~, That such apllication is filed within six calendarm months of any sale n any country of such manufactured product and of any jublication in any country of such design, if such sale or uch publication is made by or with the consent of the uthor, his assignee, or legal representative. SEC.4. Upon each entry of a claim for copyright in Iny design made subject matter of copyright by this act

the person recorded as tlie claimant of copyright shall be entitled to a certificate of registration under the seal of tlle &pyright Office, which shall state the name, citizenship, and address of the author of tlie design and of the owner of the copyright in such design, if other than the author; the name or designation of the class of mnnufacturecl product in which the design has been e~ubodied or to mliich i t has been applietl: t,lie date when the applictltion for registration was filed in tlle Copyright Office; the date when copyright was secured ns provided in section 3 of tliis act; and such nlarlts us to class designittion and entry number as sliull fully icle~iti'fytlic? entry of the claim of copyright. Said certificate shall be p r i ~ n a f:~cic eviclence of the facts stated therein. A d ~ ~ p l i c a t e certificate under tlie sen1 of the Copyright Office shall be supplied to nny person requesting the same upon payment of the fee. When a design act~i~llly embodied in or applied to one nlanufacturc?d l)n,duct is in su1)stulitially l l ~ c sariie form to be enibodied in or applied to rt set of manufactured proclucts of the sanie general character ordinarily on sale together or intended to be used together; a single application for registration and one certificate of registration shall siiffice. SEC. It shall be t,he duty of the owner of a clesign 5. in wh:ch copyright is s e c ~ ~ r eunder this act or his d licensee to give notice to the public that tlie design is protected under this nct by affixing to the nlanufactured product the mark " Design copyrighteel " und by adding thereto wit.h reasonable promptness after re gist,^.at'1011 tlie number of the registration entry. When the nature of the procluct mill not permit the affixing of these marks in full it shall be sufficient to use the abbreviation " D. copr." o r the letter " D " inclosed within a circle, thus @ wit11 or without the registration nrun1)er. When such abbreviation or symbol is used, or when tbie product itself will not permit tlio affixing of any of these marks, it shall be sufficient and necessary to attach a label or tug to the product or to the package or cover containing the product in which the design is enlboclied or to which it is applit?d, containing tlie name of the n~anufnctured prodnct nnd l~lainly niarked with the tvords "Design copyrighted," to which must be aclded wit11 reosonab!e promptness aft.er registration, tlie registration number.



I n the case of nny manufactured 1)rocluct in which the clcsign is repeated such as wall paper or textiles one 1nar1r:ng on the ~ n a n u f a c t ~ ~ rprodl~ct rrnbodyiilp or ed c-ontaining tlie design shnll suffice. I n any action or s i t for infringement by a party failit]? qo t,o niarlr the uian~~f:lctured prodnct no recovery shall be adjudged tlle plaintiff and no injunction shall Lc gr:~ntetlcxctq)t on proof that the faillwe to mark was 111erely occ*asional nntl inatlvertcnt: Pr-otlided, ?1lot/:~3)er, That there sllall be no recoverv naainst an innocent Iiifringer ~ v h ohas heen ltiisled by the olnission of the riotice, and in sucli c:ise no per~iitinrnt 'njl~nc.tion shall be had llnless tlle r~ol)yr.iglit owner sliitll reilnb~lrseto the innocent infringer liis rrasonahle outlay innocently iucurred, if the court, in it,s tliscretion, shall so direct. SEC. Copyright secured under this act shall initially 6. endure for a term of two prtlrs fro111 the first sale or offer for sale of the mannfactnred product to which the design is applied or in which it is embodiccl. ,4t any tiine before the es!)iration of the two-year term an extension of the copyright may be registered for a further 1)eriotl of eighteen years to secure a total period of protection of twenty years llpon filing an application for such extension and paying the fees prescribed in section 21 of this act. SEC.7. Every copyright secured ~lnderthe provisions of this act, or any interest therein, shall be assignable In law by :in instrumelit in writing; 2nd the coppriglit owner ~iiay, Iilre manner. grant nncl convey an excluin sive right unclcr such co1,yright for the whole or any part of the United Stntes. S11ch ttssipnient, grant, or conv'yance hlinll be void as against any subseq~~ent l~urch,iser mortgagee for a mlnor able consideration, \vithont notice, ~rnless is rc~cortlccl it in the Coppriglit Office within three calendar iliontlls after iti esccution in tlie Vnitcd States, or within six calcnclar ~~iontlis nftcr its exccittion ~vithoilt the lirnits of the Vnitc(1 States, or prior to such q~~bscquent pnrchnse or gmnt. or conveyance be mortgage. I f such as.;ignr~~ent. ncknowlcdpd before :my notary put)lica of the several Stntes of Territories or the District of Colunibia. or any tlr~en(1cncirs the United States, or before any officer of :luthorizeti t o adminibter oatlls in t l ~ e Unitetl States or its tlrpen(1encics and the Pananla Canal Zone or tlie Philip-



pine Islands, or any clerk or commissioner of any 1:nitetl S t t e s district court, or before a secretary in tlie diploinatic service or a diplomatic or consular officer of tlle linited States authorized by law to administer oaths or perform notarial acts, or before any notary pnblic. jilclpe, or magistrate of any foreign ceountry autl~orize(lto atlil~inisterontlis or 1)erform notarial acts in soch coulitry, v.hose authority shall be provclci 1)y the (.(?I-titicateof a secretary in the t1il)loniutic be1.vic.e or a tliploriiatic or ~onsulnrofficrr of tlie 1Tnitet1 St:itcs. tlie certificate of sucli ac~Icno\~Ictlg~~icrit rc.cbord thereof in the Copy01. the riglit 0ftic.e. \\-lirn ni:~cle,sliall \)(. priliis facie e\-i(lenc.r of tlie csrc~ition and clclivery of s~ich arsignnlent, grant. or coriveyunce. SEC. Tlifringeni(~lltsl~nllinclude unlicensecl co1)yillg S. of or colorable imitation by copying the col)yrigl~t~(l design or any characteristic original feature tliereof in n ~ ; r n ~ ~ f a c t ~ ~ r e ( l in thc sarrie (.lass, or any similar protlucts protl~~ct. the purpobe of sale or public tlistribution; or for schllinlr 01. l)~ll)licly rli*tl-il)~~ting csposing for sale or or p11l)lic dist ril~utiona ~ i y h~lcll~)ro(luc*t elilhodyirig 01' ('011tailii~ig 1 1 ~ ii 1 ~ 1 copy o r colo~+:~l)le ililit:~tion. I f S I I C ~ Ihale or 1)ul)lic distribution or exyosure for sale or pul)lic tlihtrihlition is by anyone othcr than the nltlnufactu~+t>r iinporter of tlie copy or colorable imitation, it or shall be unlnlvfnl only as to goocls ~)urchas;.clafter ttctnal notice in writing that the design is copyrighted: Yi.oziiri'rd, hocrwvrr, Tlist to obtain the benefit of this exe~nptiona prolllpt and full clisclosnre must be made to the copyright owner upon request as to the source and particulars of the purchase of the goods, and the evidence thereof milst be given if requested in any suit or action against the nialiufacturclr. SEC. The following shall not be held infringing acts : 9. (a) RepnirinF manufactllred articles protected under this act, or lnalring or selling parts of ~ 1 1 ~r1n : i n ~ ~ f ~ ( . t l i r ~ ( I 1 articles. whether inciivitlually protectrcl or not, for uhe as ibel>uir parts ; (b) 3Iakiiig or \elling 1)attelbnsfor d r e s ~ n l u l r i ~ or , i~ a making a garment from s~lch pattern for the ~ndivitliinl use of tlie nlaker or a ~iielllber the f~lmily tlie niaker. of of or ]laving snch a parnient rrin(le l)y an inclividi~al em!)logee for the use of the employer or a inentber of the family of the employer ;

(c) Illustrating designs by pictorial ~epresentation, or publicly distributing or exhibiting srlch illustrations or pictorial representations of designs otherwise than in connection with the advertising or sale or distribution of infringing goods: Provided, hoquewer, That to obtain the benefit of the above subsection (b) and of subsection (c) as to articles of apparel, a notice to the effect that the disas tribution, exhibition, or ~ublication authorized by said subsection shall not affect the form or validity of any copyright in any design involved, shall be printed on the pattern or its envelope or in the work containing such illustration or ~ictorial represerltation by the person who such illustration or makes such pattern or who l~ublisbes pictorial representation of any such design; ( d ) Making any reproduction, copy, use, sale, or public distribution of any design copyrighted under this act in any motion picture and in whatever form used in connection with the ndvertisement. distribution, or sale or other disposition of motion pictures. SEC.10. Anyone who shall infringe any copyrighted , design shall be liable-fa) To an injunction restraining such infringement ; (b) To account for and pay the pmfits and damages resulting from the infringement, which in the discretion of the court may be trebled. The court may dispense with an accounting(1) I n cases where the plaintiff may so requesb, o r where f r m the record it is appwent to the court that an accounting would not find damages or profits to exceed' $100. I n such case the defendant may be held liable t~ pay to the plaintiff not less than $100 nor more than $250, as compensation and not as a penalty; (2) In cases where the copying complained of was without knowledge or notice of the copyright. The court may order to be delivered up and destroyed or otherwise disposed of, as shall be ju& as between the parties, all infringing artfcles, products, or parts, and aB dies, model% a d devices useful orily in producing the infringing article or product, and all labels; prints, br advertising rnatbtter relating to the infriaging article or product. SEC.1 . NO relief shall be granted where a5i infringe1 ment has continued l i t h the knowledge of the owner of the eopyright for a period of two years prior to the com-

~t~encement the suit or action; and in no event shall of there be a recovery of profits or damages for acts of iafringement committ.ec1 more than three years prior to the commencement of tlie suit or action. SEC. When r~gistrcitionhns been macle in the Copg12. right Oflice of any tlesign as 1)rovidccl in this act, written. printed. or pliotogl*aplli(:copies of tiny paper" (lrawings, or photographs relating to such design preserved in the Copyl.igllt OfEcc slli~ll givrn to any person nit~lriugallI)e plication therefor and paying the fees required by this act, nncl s11c.h copies when authenticated by thc seal of forc~b tlie (bppright OfEc~bshall be evidence of thc s;1111e ancl effect ns originals. SEX. I n an action or suit for infringement of copy13. riglit in a clesign registered under this act there shall be a ~ ~ e s u m p t i o n originality in the registered design and of of validity in the registration thereof; and a presumption of col)ying may in the discretion of the conrt l:e held to arise fro111 substantial resemblance of the registered design in defendant's design. SEC'. Tlie district. : I I I ~ 'J'erritorial courts of tlie 11. TTnitecl Stlites a i ~ dits inbalar l)ossessions, including the courts of first instance of tlie Phili1)pine Islands and t l ~ e S111weme C ~ I I I - t the District of Col~lmbia,shall 11are of origin:rl jnristliction, and the Circuit Court of Appeals of the I-nited States, the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia, ancl the Supreme Court of the Philipshall h:tirc appellate jurisdiction of proccedpine Islar~tls ings respecting cleaigps protected under the provisions of this act. SEC. Wl*itsof certiorari may be granted by the Sn15. ~wnle Conit of tlitb Vnitetl States for the r e ~ i e w cases of ai-ising under this act in the snnle manner as provicled in the J~~clicial Cede as aniended by tlie act of February 13: 1925. SEC. After acljudication and entry of a final decree 16. Gy any court in any action brought under this act, any of the parties thereto may, upon payment of the legal fees, have the clerk of the court prepare a certified copy or copies of srrch decree, or of the record, or any part thereof, t ~ n dfol.\\-ard tlie same to any of the designated courts of tlie I'nited States. and any sucli court to which snch copy or copies ]nay l)e f o ~ - \ ~ a r d nntlrr the l)ro~.isionsof this cd st!ctio~i sllnll forthwitll n>:rke, the s:rme a part of its record : lu~cl any such recol-d. judglrrent, or tlccree may there-



; ~ f t e be made, as f a r as applicable, the basis of an applir c.:ltion to that court for injunction or other relief; and in the preparation of such copies the printed copies of the record of either party on file with the clerk may be used without c11:u.g~other than for the certificate. When the uecessary printed copies are not on file with the clerk either party may file copies which sllall be used for the purpose, cind in such cases the clerk shall be entitled to charge a reasonable fee for comparing such copies with record before certification and f o r certifying the origi~ial the same. S E ~17. Tf tlie copyl-iglit in a clesign shall 1i:~vebeen . ncljiiclgetl invalid and a judgment 01. decree sllall ha\ e been cnterccl for the tlefcmdant, tlie clrrk shill1 forwnrcl H. certified copy of such jiidgmont or decree to tlie register of copyrights, who sl~all foi-thwith make the same a part of tlic r : ~ . o ~ ~ l s ~ ' o p ~ r i i lOftic('. of tile lt SEC. ( a ) Any person wllo sllall registvr a design 18. under this act, knowing that the design is not an original \\-ork of autl~orship t l ~ e of person named as author in the application for registration, or knowing that tllc o\\llclrship of the copyright tllerein is falsely st:~tcdin t l ~ e application for registration, sl~all giiilty of a nlisclrnleanor be punish:~bleby a fine of $600, or such part thereof as the court nlay cletcrnline. (b) Any person wlio sliall bring an action or suit for infringcnicnt of a design alleged to Lw protectetl nncler tliis act, tlntl kno\vn by the plaintiff to be not a n original work of ai~tllorsllip the pelbsonalleged to bc tlle niitl~or of of said design, shall, upon ,due showing of such knowledge: be 1i:ll)le in tlw huiu of $500, or silt11 part thcrcof as tlie coiirt luay tlctel.nlinc~,a s conipenhation to tllc drfcrlclant to be cl1:lipecl :igainht t l ~ e plaintiff and paid to the defendant in addition to tllc ~u~to1iiar.y costs. ( e ) Any person who, with frantlnlent intent. marks one or more manufactured prodncts wliich arc not protQcted by design copyright, so as falsely to indicate that they are so protected, shall be gililty of a niisdcmranor and shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding $600. SEC.19. Eegistration under this act sllall not constitute any waiver or abandonment of any trade-ir1al.k rights in the design registered. SEC. The register of copyrights shall be authorizctl, 20. for convenience of Copyright Office administration, to tle-

termine and designate the different classes of manufactured products under which registration may be made, and, subject to approval by the Librarian of Congress, to niake rules and regulations for such registration, and for the form of the required certificate: Provided, h e u e r , That such classification shall not be held to limit o r extend the rights of the author of the design or his legal representative or assignee. SEC. The register of copyrights shall receive, and 21. the persons to whom the services designated in tliis act are renclered, sliall pay tlie following fees: (1) For the registration for the first term of two pears uncler this :icSt.$3; (2) for tlie registration of the extension o i tlie period of protection to twenty years, as provided herein? $20; and the payment of the saicl fees shall inclnde, in each case, tlie certificate provided for in this act : (3) for a duplic-ate certificate of any registration made, $1 ; (4) for recortling any document in the copyright ofice, as provided in section 7 of this act, or for furnishing certified copies of nny such document, $1 for eacli copyright office record-1)ook page or fraction thereof 1113 to five pages, ilntl 50 cacnts for each snch page or fraction thereof beyontl five pages: (5) for copies of any registration made, or of drawings or photographs or other identifying reproclur.tions filed in relation to any design registered, and for such copies with the originals before certification, a reasonable feo and 50 ce~ltsnclditional for certification of each sucl~ copy ilncler seal of the copyright office. SEC.22. All designs registered for the first term of two years shall be listed in the Q a t a l o g ~ eof Copyright Entries prepared and printed under the provisions of the act of March 4, 1900. and shall be further iclentifiocl by 21 ~~epresentation tlie design, and each extension registruof tion shall be listed in said catalogue. The periotlic issr~es of said catalogue niay bc? subscribed for 1113011 appli(ation to the Superintendent of I'ublic 1)ocuments. at a price to be determinecl by the register of copyrights for c:ac:li part of the catalogue? not esceecling $10 for the complete CntaIogue of Copyright Entries provided by the act up1)roved ~Mtlrch 1009, or $10 for the cattllop~ieof designs 4, rc.giste~eduntler this act. The. Catalogue of Copyright I+lntl.ies for designs sliall be atlmittetl in any court as therein stated as rcpnrds prima facie evidence of tlie f;~cts any copyright registration for a design ni:~tle uncler the provisions of this act.

SEC. There is hereby authorized to be appropriated, 23. out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for clerical services, o&x rental and equipment, stationery and supplies, for carrying into effiect this act. for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1929. $100,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, the same to be t~vailable immediately upon the approval of this act, and thereafter such sums as Congress may deem necessary, to be expended by the Librarian of Congress. SEC. The Librarian of Congress shall annually sub24. mit estimates in detail for all expenses of carrying this act into effect, and he is hereby authorized to appoint such subordinate assistants to the register of copyrights ns shall be necessary for the prompt and efficient execution of the work involved. SEC. The following sections of the United States 25. Revised Statutes are hereby repealed: Section 4929, as amended by the act of May 9, 1902; sections 4930 and 4931 ; and section 4934, as amended by the acts of February 18, 1922, and February 14, 1927, is further amended by striking out the words " except in design cases " whereyer they appear, and also by striking,out the following ~3-ords: I n design cases : For three years and six months, " $10; for seven years, $15; for fourteen years, $30 ": Procided, heaver, That design patents issued under the sections herein repealed shall have full force and effect as if said sections were still in effect: A n d provided furtice~, That notwithstanding the six months' limitations in section 3 of this act, an applicant who has duly filed in the Patent Office an application for a design patent, and whose application has not become abandoned when this act goes into effect, or his assigns and legal, representatives inay within six months after this act goes into effect elect either to demand a design patent which may be granted him and have full force and effect as if the section herein repealed were still in effect, or to abandon said application for a design patent and secure copyright protection ~mder this act by complying with the provisions of this act, so far as applicable, and upon payment of the fee or fees prescribed in section 21 of this act, filing an application for registration of said design under this act, or two or more applications in different classes. if the design as disclosed in said application is entitled to registra24%& 10-5



lion in such different classes, the initial term of such copyright protection under this act to commence with the sale or offer for sale of manufactured products to wliich the design has been applied or in which it is embodied, marked in the manner specified in section 5 of this act. KO design copyright under the provisions of this act shall be valid to a n author or to the legal representative or assignee of such author to whom shall have been issued n. clesip patent in this country for the same design. SEC. This act shall go into effect on July 1, 1928, 26. and may be cited as the design copyright act of 1928.
t70th Cong.. 1st sess. H. R. 0688. In the House of Representatives, Jnni~ary 18, 19281

BUI H. R o . . ml




uaca. referred to the Committee on Patents and ordered to be printed :
A BILL To amend the copyright law in order to permit the United States to enter the Intc'rnational Copyright Union




Mr. Vestal introduced the following bill, which was

Be it enacted b y the Senate and Howe of Represent& tives of the United States of A&a in Congres8 arsembled, That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized to effect and proclaim theadhesion of the United States to the convention creating nn international union for the protect:on of literary and artistic works, known also as the International Copyright Union, signed at Berne, Switzerland, September 9, 1886, and revised a t Berlin, Germany, Yovember 13, 1908, and to the "Additional protocol " to the said convention executed a t Berne, Switzerland, March 20, 1914. SEC.2. Tliat it is liereby declared that tlie Cnited States desires to be placed in the first class of the countries which are members of the International Copyright Knion, as provided in article 23 of the said convention of 1908. SEC. That the rights ancl remedies granted by the 3. act entitled "An act to amend and consolitlate the acts rcsl'ecting copyright," approved Narch 4, 1909, and the acts amendatory tliereof. shall be, and are hereby, extended to the authors of works of architecture, and choreogmphic worlrs and pantomimes, as class (n) and c!ass (o), respectively, in the list of classes of copyright

works in section 5 of the said act; but the copyright of n work of architecture shall cover only its artistic character and design, and shall, not extend to processes or n~sthods constniction, nor shall it prevent the making of or publishing of photographs, paintings, or other illustrations thereof, and the proprietor of the copyright shall not be entitled to obtain an injunction restraining the constniction of an infringing building, or an order for its demolition. SEC. That on and after the date of the President's 4. proclamation, as provided in section 1of this act, foreign authors not clo~lliciledin the United States who are citizens or subjects of any country (other than the TTnited States) which is a member of the International Copyright Union, or authors whose works am first published in and enjoy copyright protection in any country which is a mernber of the said union, shall have wi+in the United States the same rights and remedies in regard to their works which citizens of the United States possess iinder the copyrigllt laws of the United States, and for the period of copyright prescribed by s-aid laws, including any term of copyright renewal: ProvicEed, houwver, That no right or remedy given pursuant to this act shall prejudice lawful acts done or rights in copies lawfully made or rhe continuance of enterprises lawfully undertaken within the United States prior to the date of said proclamation. SEC. That in the case of works by such authors first 5. produced or published after the date of the said proclamation the copyright protection of the United States shall begin upon such-date of first production or pablication ; and in the case of all of their works, not previously copyright in the United States, in which copyriglit is subsisting in nny country of the Copyright Union a t the date of said proclamation, the copyright protection in the United States shall begin upon such date; but the duration and termination of the copyright, protection in the United States for all works shall be governed by t h e ~trovisions sections 23 and 24 of the said copyright act of of 1909: P~-ovided, howener, That the duration of copyright in the United States shall not in the case of a n y foreign work extend beyond the date at which such work has fallen into the public domain in the country of origin..

SEC. That the enjoyment and the exercisc by sl~ch 6. authors of the rights and remedies nccorclocl by the copyright laws of the United Stlltrs nn(l tlie l)ro\lisions of tliis act sl~allnot be. subject to the l,el-formance of any fornialities in order to sccu~.ccol)yrigl~t, and sun11 authors shall not be required to coinply with thc l,ro\.isions of tlic c o ~ ~ - r i g l ~ t of tlie ITnitcd 3t:ttc.s as to l)llblicat,ion wit.11 la\vs 1:otice of copyright, t1el)osit of col)ics, rc~gist~.at.ion of c.ol)y~'iglit, ~i~an~if:ic*t~iro tlic limits of tlic Il~iitc~tl 01. u-itliili Stntcs. SI.:~. 'l'lii~ttllc 1)rovisions of section 31 of tlic said act 7, o-F l!)O!) 511:111 not u1)l)ly to a book l)g m y arrtllor t1csvril)rtl 'in sl*c.tion 4 of tliis act anless, uncler an a s s i g n l l ~ f irtb-t ~~ c o l , ~ l t i~ll tlic col)yriglit. oficc i ~ Wnsllington of tho c.01)~l t Gglit fol. tlic Cnited States in sucli book, c n Anlcrivan L crlitiorl tlicrc!of sliall lin\.e been protluc.ce1 wliic.11 co11il)lics ~vitliclie reci~iirelnentsof t l ~ e sc~iclact :is to nic~n~~fnctlirch, l)ril)livittio~l, tlcl)osit of copic!s, ~ l t registr~~tion. l Sr:c. 8. Tlritt thc S~.tl>rt.rln. Corirt of tlle I.T~~itc!(l Sti~tcs sl~all l>rcscribesucll adtlitio~i:~l iiiotlifictl 1.t1l~s rtngiior :~ntl 1:itions as nlny be nccbe:;sary for 1)rnctic.r anel 1)roct:tlrire in :~liy iivtion. suit! or l)l*occ~c~cling ilistitl~tctl ilif~-inpr~lie~it for of c-ol)yriglit unelcl. tlit~p~.ovisions this act. of


New interpolated text matter is printed in italics. but pun Amerlwr,O ~ copyright C the new articles, 4 his, 9, G (par. 1 and 2 ) , 13 bis, 16 and ~ ~ t ~ 17, and the reservations, although new text, are notlge8. printed with italic type. Article 1 to stand as in 1910 text. Article 2: I n the expression "literary and artistic works" are included books, writings, pamphlets of all kinds, whatever 71zay be the subject they deal with and ~~lhatever number of their pages; dramatic or drathe matico-musical works; choreographic and musical compositions, with or \vithout words; drawings, paintings, sculpture, engravings, Mthograpl~ic, photographic and ci~~mnatogt~npiu'c works, or reprohctions by means of mechanical inatrumeds d e ~ q n e d the reproduction of for sounds; astronomical or geographical globes; plans, sketches, or plastic works relating to geography, geology, or topography, architecture, or any other science as well (1s the arts appZkd to any huntan activity u*hatever; and, fkally, all productions that can be published by any means of impression or reproduction. Article 3, new added text, as follows: . nnd the n a n ~ the person in lohose favor the of reservation is registered. Likewise the country of ot.igin, flie country in ~ ~ ~ h i r . h first publication was made, the or. those ind w h;ich sintur7taneous pb7icntions Toere ?nude, m v Z m the year of the first pubhkation, nwrt be wZ i?tdicated." Article 4 to stand as in 1910 test. Article 4 bis: The authors of literary or artistic works have the exclusive right to authorize the reproduction, adaptation, and public presentation of their works by means of cinematography. Without prejudice to the rights of the author of the original work, reproduction by means of cinematography





". .



of' a literary or artistic ~vorksliall be protectecl as an original work. Article 5 : The autliors of littlrary ant1 m ~ ~ s i c a l 1vo1.k~ .Ilavc tlie cscl~isiveright to a~itliorine: (1) Tlie utl;~l)t;~tlon of said works to instr~~iiic.nts scbrve. rel)ro(luce that to :tlleni ~i~ecl~unically the public rendering of the same ; (2) n-orks by means of s:titl iristrlimcnts. ilrt.ic.le 5 of 1910 to stand :IS 6 7,i.s of 1928. Arti(-l(> : 'l'li~ c1111.:1tio11 t l l)~.ot(lctio~~ ~ I I I1~ )~ ~ ( I 6 of ~ ~ ~I~ ' tlris c o ~ ~ ~ , c n l i o n ernbraces tllc life of tlie aut,lior arid 50 yci11.s i ~ f t c r tlc;~tli. liis I l o v e . in I I is 1 or t o 111111 not be :r~.lol)to(l a11 tlw sig11:ltol.y statcs in a 1111ifol.miilariricr, by tllc. ~)(.~'iotl~ ; ~I)c 1.cg111;1tctl tlle la\\, of tlie conntry sl ll I)y \\.l~rl.c l ~ c t l)~.otc?c.tio~i ~-eq~~c+l;t.etlmay not escced tlie is ant1 ~)e~*iotl t11lr:ltion fisctl by tlie counti-y of origin of the of \i.c)l.li. 'l'lirrefol~c, tlie signatory c o ~ ~ n t ~ .shall not be ies ol)ligcltl to :~l)l'lytlic! I)I-ovisionof tlic1 I)~.t>cctling [):tl.t~gr:~l)l~ e-.ic.c'l)t i l l so f21I. ;IS tbvir int,crlial l;i\vs 1)ernlit. ~ ' ; I I ~ ~ I ~ I ~2~ I J ) Il!)lO to ~ t : ~ ~ i (1);11.~1~ri1])11 1928. ~ ;IS l 3 of i\L~.tic.l(ls to 13 to sti111(1 ill tlit. 1910 test. f ;IS i\Ll.ticlc 13 bil.u: 'L'llt! aut1101.sof lit,crul.y or artistic works in t1isl)osiiig of ~ I I ~ I ~I )II I I * S I I ; Ito~ tllcir col)yl*iglit,s not ~ do ccltl(! tile! ~*ixlit e~ijoy~iic!ntl i t 1 of re[)roductioil. Tlley of it .slii~llIioltl upon saitl 11-oi.1rs ;I ~no~.:il right of inalien:~ble cont~.ol wl~icli will ptrlu~ittllclii to oppose nny p111)lic 1'r.l>1'0(111c.i or csliil,ition of tlicir ;~ltcrcd, ion iiinl-il;~tc(l. or revist*tl \vorlrs. Articles 14 ant1 15 to stand as in thtr 1910 test. Article 16: Tlic p~*csc?nt tonvention shall rcp1nc.e bctu-een tli~l c.ontracting statcs tlle Ihienos Ail-cs c o ~ ~ v c ~ ~ t i o n of i i u g ~ it: 11, 1910. Tlic latter s11;ill reni;~i~il eil'ect its il to tllc 1.elations of tile st,;~tes tlii~t not r;~t,ify l)~.csc.nt (lo tile convcntion. r , 111tl signatory st:~tcs the p~.eseiitconvcntion sliall I)e of t~i libt~~.t.y, ~lporicsc.l~:~nginp r:~tific:~tions, tlCclal.t. thut to 111)o1il i i s 01.tll:~t])oilit Ult!g n~i~lc~.st.and tllep sh:tll 1)e t t11;it. IJOIIII(~ tl~e> I)? l)~-ovisio~is;11i-y1)1*t~vio11s of (*o~lvt>~itio~i ~vl~icll t11c.y Illily liilvc signed. Artich! I f : The ~ r e s c ~ convriition s1i:ill take effect, it brt\vccn tlic s i p i t o r y stntcs wliich ratify the sanlc, three niont.11~~ f t c rthey c.ornni~~nicute : tlicir ratific;ition to the Govelmrnclit of Cubti, and sliall rem:~inin effect bet,ween all of tlicni unt,il one year after tlie clnte of dcnonncc~iient.

This deno~incementshall be sent to the Government of Cuba and shall have no effect, except with regard to the country that has nlnde such denouncement.

The delegation of Cllile accepts in general the modifi- g cation of the con\-ention of Uuenos Aires which has just been ;~p1wovc~~I. lust f o ~ - u ~ ~ t lan t e but reservation in ret gard to the l ) o i ~ ~ins wllic.11 tlris modificd convcnt,ion is opposetl to tllr lvgislation in force in Chile. r > 1 his rr,hcr\-ation tlocs not diluinish our carnrst cles~re of attaining tlw ;uloption of j~lritlicnl princi1)le.; which give equal protection to intellectual property in all countries of America.


Tllc delegation of Venezuela reserves the signing of this I?eneraation Veneaueb. col~vthntion~lntil s11c.h tiine as its C;ovel.nment shall reach n definite decision \\.it11 regard to it, since the convention of I$uc.noh Airchs, which Venezuela not only clid not ratify but \vliic.l~its Congress csprcssly 1.ejectec1, its well as the prese~~t convention, contains ~~l.o\-ihions whicll are contrary t o o ~ juridical tratlition and to our positive laws ~ r on the matter.



Uniw to protect literary mul -*tic workr.

The countries to which the present. convention applies are constituted into a union for the protection of the rights of authors in their literary and artistic works.

Depnttion of " literary ond ortittic works."

F?on.tblionr, (Mangemcnls, ' compihtwtu, ond adaptatiar protected.

Pmtectbn pkdged. Works of ort opplied to indww.

(1) The term " literary tlnd artistic works " includes tlll l)roclnctions in the literary, scientific, und artistic domain, whatever the mode or form of expression, such as: Books, pamphlets, and other writings; lectures, addresses, sermons, and other works of like nature; dramatic or dramatico-musical works ; choreographic works and pantomimes, the stage directions (m&e e n sc2ne) of which are fixed in writing or otherwise; musical compositions with or without worcls; drawings, paintings; works of architecture tlnd sculpture; engravings and lithographs; illustrations; geographical charts; plans, sketches, and plastic works relating to geography, topography, architecture, or the sciences. (2) Translations, adaptations, arrangements of music, and other reproductions transformed from a literary or artistic work, as well as compilations from different works, are protected as original works without prejudice to the rights of the author of the original work. (3) The countries of tlie union are pledged to secure protection in the case of the works mentioned above. (4) Works of a r t applied to industry are protected so f a r as the domestic legislation of each country allows.

f l ) The authority is reserved to the domestic legisla-: ; . ; ;$; ; tion of each country of the union to exclude, partially or wholly, from the protection provided by the preceding article political discourses or discourses pronouncecl In judicial debates. (2) There is also reserved to the domestic legislation of each country of the union anthority to enact the conditions under which such lectures: addresses, sermons, and Lecture*, other works of like nature inay be reprodllced by the press. Nevertheless, the allthor alone shall have the right to 1)ring snch works together in a coinpilution.


The present convention applies to photographic works P h ~ t Jto a ~ h i a W o o ~ be and to works obtained by any process analogous to pho- protected. tography. The countries of the union are pledged to guarantee protection to such works.

(1) Authors within the jurisdiction of one of the coun- g uoosntriu of the A t h a to a j o unfon the d g h k tries of the union enjoy for their works, whether ~lnpubgranted to lished or published for the first time in one of the coun- M V ~ L tries of the union, such rights, in the countries other than the country of origin of the work. as the respective laws now accord or shall hereafter accord to nationals, as well a s the rights specially accorded by the present convention. (2) The enjoyinent and the exercise of such rights are 2 g A z f ' 6 f S d ~ not subject to any formality; such enjoyment and such exercise are independent of the existence of protection in the oountry of origin of the work. Consquently, apart from the stipulations of the present convention, the extent of the.protection, as well as the means of redress guaranteed to the anther t~ safeguard his rights, are regulated exclusively according to tlw legislation of the country where the protection is claimed. (3) The following is considered as the country of DeMtUon fof counfrv o origin of the work: For unpublished works, the country to which the author belongs; for published works, the country of first publication; and for works published simultaneously in several countries of the union, the country among them whose legislation grants the shortest term


Published wortu.

of protection. For works published simultaneously in a country outside of the union and in a country within the union, it is the latter country which is exclusively considered as the country of origin. (4) By " published works " (" m v r e s puh7liPes ") must be understood, according to the present convention, works whicli have been ismecl (" cez~uresCdities"). The representation of a dramatic or dramatico-musical work, the performance of a mlisical work, the exhibition of a work of art, and the construction of a work of architecture do not constitllte publication.

Author8 o f countried of the unionhawesame right8 a8 nativsr of other countrler.

iiut,l~ors within the jurisdiction of one of the countries of the union who publish their works for the first time in another colintry of the union have in this latter conntry the same rights as national authors.

union country the same rights as national authors, and in the other countries of the union the rights accorded bv the present convention. Bmeption. PTO( 2 ) Nevertheless, when a country outside of the union tection for *onunbn authors. does not ~ r o t e c tin an adeauate manner the ~vorksof authors within the jurisdiction of one of the countries of the union, this latter union country may restrict the protection for the works of authors who are, at the time of the first publication of such works, within the jurisdiction of the nonunion coilntry and are not actually domiciled in one of the cotintries of the nnion. NO^ retrooetiwe. (3) Any restriction, established by virtue of the preceding paragaph, shall not prejudice the rights which an author may have acquired in a work published in one of the countries of the union before the putting into effect of this restriction. *t.i.tk to be (4) The countries of the union which, by virtue of the notified to Govm m e n t of present article, restrict the protection of the rights of Confedemtion. nuthors, shall notify the fact to the Gorernment of the Swiss Confederation by a written declaration indicating the countries in whose case protection is restricted, and indicating also the restrictions to which the rights of

Authvss not be(1) Authors not within the jurisdiction of any one of bnping to coun* t of the union the countries of the union, who publish their works for the alro protected i f they firat pub1i.h first time in one of the union countries, enjoy in such in a union coun-



nuthors within the jurisdiction of such country are subjected. The Government of the Swiss Confederation shall immediately communicate this fact to all the countries of the union.

(1) Independently of the patrimonial rights of the :$",y;;;;y author, and even after the assignment of the said rights, work. the author retains the right to claim the paternity of the work, as well as the right to object to every deformation, nlutilation, or other modification of the said work, which may be prejudicial to his honor or to his reputation. (2) I t is left to the national legislation of each of the F:y:&Tbcountries of the union to establish the conditions for the evercise of these rights. The means for safeguarding them shall be regulated by the legislation of the country where protection is claimed.

(1) The duration of the protection granted by the Term ZXfe ~ O I S50 O! ~ tion: and C present convention comprises the life of the author and yeare. 50 years after his death. (2) In case this period of protection, however, should ~~,:o&$~,P~,"; ~ ~ be t o adopted uniformly by all the countries of the to @onem lerm. union, its dhration shall be regulated by the lam of the country where protection is claimed, and it can not exceed the term fixed in the country of origin of the work. The countries of the union will consequently not be required to apply the provision of the preceding paragraph beyond the extent to which i t agrees with their domestic law. (3) For photographic works and works obtained by a graphic, portTerm for ph010process analogous to photography ; for posthumous works; for anonymous or pselldongmol~s worlrs, thedO"Y-mrh period of protection is repolated by the law of the country where protection is claimed, but this period may not exceed the term fixed in the country of origin of the work,


(1) The duration of the author's right belonging in rolfvsloroCr O L I ~ ~ O Tern w k conlnlon to collaborato~sin a work is calculated according to the date of the death of the last survivor of the collaborators.

Term in countw of origin, i f shorter governs.


Date death last aun~iuor govenr~.

(2) Persons within the jurisdiction of countries which w a n t a sliorter period of protection than tliat provided b In paragraph 1 can not claim in the otlier conntrit1s of :i of tlie ~lnioii p~+otertion longer (luriltion. 01 ( : 3 ) I n any case tlie term of protection shall not expire brfore the death of the last s ~ ~ r v i v ofr the collaborators. o

Ezrludve right 01 translation / o r rnlzre term.

-iuthors of l~nl)r~l)lihlic~d \~oi-lcs Ivithin the jllristlic~tion of one of tlie ( b o ~ ~ ~ iof~tlie (mion, autl a ~ ~ t l i o of s~vorlrs t *; '~ ipublishctl for tlle first tinlc in one of these countries, enjoy in tlle otlicr c.olu~t~.ies tlir ui~iontlurii~gt l ~ e of ~vllole teriri of tlie right in the original work the escll~siveright to iilake or to authorize the translation of their \ ~ o r k s .

(1) Serial stories (" roiiians-fellilletons "). novels, and all otlitlr xvorks, mlictllcr literary, scientific, o r artistic, Papera or periodicab. 1vhatevt1r niap be tht>il.s ~ ~ l j j r c~,) r ~ l ~ l i s lint dncwspapcl.~ t l or periodicals of oiie of thc co~~iltries the union, 111uy of not be rc.proclocct1 in tlie otlier collntries without the consont of the ar1tl1o1-s. (2) Ai+ticl(bs c.11rt.elit economic, polit ical, o r ~.eligious of ; d i a c ~ a a i ~ . discl~ssion iiiay be reproclnced by tlie press if their reprotluction is not esprc!ssly reserretl. Bilt tlie source niust always 1)e cleni.1-y inclicatecl; tlie sanction of this obligation is cletel.minecl by tlie legislation of tlie country \\-liere the protection is claimed. not ( 3 ) Tlie protection of the present convention does not proteetcd. i1p1)l-yto news of the day or to iniscellt~neous ilews liuvilig the cliaracter iiierely of press i ~ i f o r ~t'lon. ari
PcrW nor~elspro-

tertrd trvhrn pub"shedim new*-

Er1rnr.t~from i r t erary o r arlit/ic. w o r h for tvirrra- ( I tionnl pabliraCiOM.

A ,chonccinsthe right of borrowing la\vfully froin lit4 ary or nrtihtic \vorlcs for I I S ~in 1)ublications inten(lt1d foi iiistr~l('tionor 1i:tving a sci~~litific cliai-act~r, for or c.hl.c,+to~~latllic..s. 1)t.ovihions of tlie legislation of the the rout~tl'it.sof llie lolion ant1 of tlic special treaties esisting o: to bc concluclecl bet\\-een t1it.m shall govern.

Reprrrrntatim o/ dramatic or dromatieu-m~ical work

(1) Tlic? stipulations of the present convention apply to t!ie pl~blic I-cprcsentation of draniatic or clrnniatico-



nlusical works and to the public performance of musical works, whether these worlis are published or not. (2) Authors of dramatic or dramatico-musical works Representation 01 IroruhtioM o/ wOrb. are protected, during the term of their copyright in the original work, against the unauthorized public represcntation of a translation of their works. (3) I n order to enjoy the protection of this article ? ;$ ,= ;; aiithors in publishing their works are not obliged to pro- anceno: required. hibit the pub1.i~ representation or public performance of them.

(1) The authors of literary and artistic works e n j o y ~ ~ d i U ~ ~ the exclusive right to authorize the cornm~lnication of their works to the public by radio diffusion. the national legislatures of the coun- N a l eo govcm; b i nd k ~ (2) I t belongs l i tries of the union to regulate the conditions for the exer- ~h",;~~;;;~,, cise of the right declared in the preceding paragraph, rsmuneratwn obtainabk. but such conditions shall have an effect strictly limited to tlie country which establishes them. They can not in any case adversely affect the moral right of the author, nor the right which belongs tb the author'of obtaining an equitable remuneration fixed, in default of an amicable agreement, by competent authority.

Anlong the unlawful reproductions to which the pres- Adaptatim, etc.. comidered a8 ent convention applies are specially included indirect,in/*mmb. unauthorized appropriations of a literary or artistic work, such as adaptations, arrangements of music, transformations of a romance or novel or of a poem into n. theatrical piece, tind vice versa, etc., when they are only the reproduction of such work in the same form or in another. form with noneusential changes, additions, or abridgments and without presenting the character of a new, original work.

(1) Authors of musical .\I-orks have the escl~tsive right to authorize: (1) The adaptation of these works 10 mechanird inalrument6 to instruments serving to reproduce them mechanically; (a) the public performance of the same works by meam of these instruments.


Each countvy lo reguhte f o r ttself



Impo~tation "f
yrohzbzted, cal appl2nnces

(2) Th(>li~iiitutio'nsnncl conditions relative to the application of this ttrticle shall be determined by the don~e\ti(* !egislation of each country in its own case: but ull 1:mitations and conditions of this nature shall have an c.tl'c~ct strictly limited to the country which shall have atlo1)ted them. (8) Tlie provisions of paragraph 1 have no retroactive t f'ect and therefore w e not applicable i n a country of the union to works which, in that country, shall have btlen lumfully atlapted to nicc.hanicn1 instrunients before the going into force of the convention signed a t Berlin S o ~ t > n i l ) 13.l ~ . ~ 1!)08; and, in tbc case of a country \v.hich lins uccedctl to the union since that date or shall accetle to it in the future, then when the works have been adapted to n~eclianical instruments before the date of its accession. (1) A(1~l)tationb made by virt~le paragraphs 2 ancl of :' of this artic!e and inlported, without the authorization of tlie parties interested, into a country where they would riot be lawful may be seized there.

Krprodurtion hy ti,,rmatograph.

(1) Authors of literary, scientific, or artistic worlrs have the exclusive right to authorize the reprotluction, the a(laptution, and the public representation of their works by means of the cinematograph. Cinematographic (2) Cinematographic product.ions are protected as litproductions protected. erary or artistic worlrs when the author shall have given to the work an original character. I f this character is l ~ c k i n g the cinematographic production enjoys the same , , protection as photographic works. Cinematogmphd ( 3 ) ~ i t h o u prejudice to the rights of the author of t copyightabls. the work rrproduced or adapted, the cinematographic work is protected us an original wol.7r. . A b o any ando(4) The preceding provisions apply to the reprotlucOW productson. tion or production obtained by any other process analogous to that of the cinematograph.

Author's name indicated on work auffleient jwoof ol authorship.

(1) I n or-der that the authors of the works protected by the present convention may be considered as such, until proof to the contrary, ant1 admitted in consequence before the courts of the various countries of the union to proceed against. infringers. it is sufficient that the author's nanie be indicated upon the work in the usual manner.



(2) For anonyinous or pseudonymous works, the pub- Publirhm of anonp o w m pseudolisher XI-hosenime is indicated upon the work is entitled n ~ o W M L I w conaGiered ~ repto protect the rights of the author. He is with- authm. Of rerentatfoe out other proofs considered the legal representative of the anonylllous or pseudonymous author.

(1) All infringing works nlay be seized by the corn- scipure of pirated copisr. petent authorities of the countries of the union where the original work has a right to legal protection. (2) Seizure may also be n~adein these countries of . reproductions which collie from a colrntry where the s copyright in the work 1 ~ terminated, or where tlle work has not been protected. (3) The seizure takes place in conformity with the ~ s ~ oceord4ng n to rbe r ~ +node domestic legislation of each country. each eounirgr. to the bm of

The provisions of the present convention may not prej- Each Governmml lo emrcirs rupsrudice in any way the right which belongs to the Govern- htion, M to cireuvision reprsrento ion, or ezhfbitfon ment of each of the col~ntries the union to permit, totof works. of supervise, or to forbid, by means of legislation or of dorllestic police, the circulation, the representation, or the exhibition of every work or production in regard to which competent authority may have to exercise this right.

(1) The present convention applies to all works which, ~ g & " ; ~ ~ l & b at the time it goes into effect, have not fallen into the not inaipublic:<nu mcrin the dopublic domain of their country of origin because of the going espiration of the term of protection. (2) But if a work by reason of the expiration of the term of protection which was previously secured for it has fallen into the public domain of the country where p~otectionis claimed, such work will not be protected anew. (3) This principle will be applied in accordance with Speeiol eonven140~ and dome* tic legiuhrbn the stipulations to that effect contained in the special con- ? M U gOW€TiI. ventions either existing or to be concluded between countries of the union, and in default of such stipulations its application will be regulated by each country in its own

: ;


R - ~ o f v m t h to apply tonewmc-a


(4) The preceding provisions apply equally in the case of new accessions to the union and where the protection would be extended by the application of article 7 or by the abandonment of reservations.

More elttemiue The tights may be panted by dovent a rnertic legialalion.

provisions of the present convention do not preclaim for the application of more favorable provisions which may be enacted by the legislation of a co~lntry of the union in favor of foreigners in general.

More e l t t b d e Tight tMy be secured by spsdo1 l r e a t h .

The Governments of the countries of the union reserve the right to make between themselves special treaties, when these treaties would confer upon authors more extended rights than those accorded by the union, or when they contain other stipulations not conflicting with the present convention. The provisions of existing treaties which answer the foresaid conditions remain in force.

Bureau 01 the Internalid Unh.

Under control Btuiteerhnd.

Lanpvage of flurenu lo be rren~h.

(1) The international office instituted under the narne of " Bureau of the International Union for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works" ("Bureau de 1'Union internationale pour la protection des aeuvres'littkraires et artistiques ") is maintained. 01 (2) This bureau is placed under the high authority of the Government of the Swiss Confederation, which controls its organization and supervises its working. (3) The official language of the bureau is the French language.

Duties 01 Internationd Bureuu.

" Le Dr$f &Auteur.

(1) The International Bureau brings together, arranges, and publishes information of every kind relating of the rights of a~ithors their literary in to the and artistic works. I t studies questions of mutual utility interesting to the union, nnd edits, with the aid of documents placed a t its disposal by the various administrations, a periodical in the Frendl language, treating questions concerning the purpose of the union. The Governments of the countries of the union reserve the right t o authorize the bureau by common accord to publish an



edition in one or more other languages, in case experience tlemonstrates the need. (2) The International Bureau must hold itself a t all times a t the disposal of members of the union to furnish c o p y i o h t . them, in relation to questions concerning the protection of literary and artistic works, the special information of wllich tliey have need. (3) The Director of the International Bureau malres an ;;;;;~7;;~2:innr~alrcq)ort on his atlministration, which is comnlr~ninational Bureau. c:itecl to all the inen~bers the union. of

(1) Tlie expenses of tlic Bnreau of the 1ntcrn:~tional , " t ~ ~ ~ o " , ~ / l ~ ~ f I:nion are shared in eominon by the countries of the fz,;~ t ;t; ~ union. Until a new decision, they may not exceed 120,0(~ltractin0 81a:er. Swiss francs per year. This slim ]nay be incrcwsetl when ceetlfttl by the nnaninlons decision of one of the conferences provitled for in article 24. (2) T o determine the part of this sum total of expenses E;&:;ishahng to 1w pnitl by each of the countries, the cotintries of the union and those which later adhere to the union are divicled into six classes, each contributing in proportion to a certain number of units, to wit:

First c.lass-----------------------------------------------Sec'Olltl C'I;tss - - - - - - _ - - - _ - - - -..............................
Tllirtl cl:~ss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Fourth cal:lss ..................... E'ifth c l a s s - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sixth c l a s s - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

25 20



(3) These coefficients are multiplied by the number of countl-ics of each class, ancl the sttm of the products thus oLtaine(1 frrnishes tlie number of units by which the total expwse is to Iw divitled. Tllc quotient gives the amount of the unit of t p cnse. lx . (4) Ertcll colintry sliall tleclarc, a t the time of its accession, in ~1lic.h the above-nlentioned classes it deof ninntls to be placed, but it may always ultimately declare that it intends to be placed in another class. (5) The Swiss administration prepares the budget of 8-8 adminislion lo prepare the bureau and superintends its expenditures, makes nec- the bttdoet ths ,ntemtiora[ c:-sary advances, ancl draws up the annual accoiint, which Burepu, etc. shall he communicated to all the other atlministrations.

,Revieiona O f cmuention.


(1) The present convention may be subjected to revision with a view to the introduction of amendments calculated to perfect the system of the union. ~ ~ $ ; , y ~ (2), g ~ ~ Questions of this nature, :ls well as those which of the flom other points of view pertain to the development of the union, are considered in the conferences which mill take place successively in the coiintries of the union between tile delegates of the paid countries. 'rhe administration of the country where a conference is to be held will, wit11 the cooperation of the Internntional Rurca~l, l.rcll):~r('the b~isi~less the same. The director of the of bnreau will attend the meetings of the conferences nncl take part in the discussions without a deliberate voice. ~hmgea require (:I) S o change in the present convention is valid- for unantmoua consent. the union escept on contlit ion of the un:tnin~ous c o i ~ s e ~ ~ t of the col~ntries which compose it.

(1) The cotintries olltside of the union wllich asstrre l ~ p protection of the rights which are the object of the l ~ r e s r n convention may accede to i t upon their request. t To be made (2) This accession shall be communicated in writing known b y SWXzerland. to the Government of the Swiss Confederation and by the latter to all others. May substitute (3) The full right of adhesion to all the clauses ant1 po r* o f prev t 0 u 8 c o n v e n t ~ admission to all the advantages stipulated in the present . convention are implied by such accession and it will go illto effect one month after the sending of the notification by the Governnient of the Swiss Confederation to the ot11t.r countries of the union, unless a later (late has been indicated by the a(l11ering conntry. Xevertlieless, such accession may contain an indication that the adhering countiy intends to substituk, provi.siorial1~ least. for at article 8 concerning translations, the provisions of article 5 of the convention of the union of 1886, revised a t Paris in 1896, i t being, of course, understood that these ~~rovisions relate only to translations into the language or langni~ges the country. of
Accegtion of other countries.

Acc?,wion may in(1) Each of the countries of the union may at any clude cnloniea, ~ r O r c c f O r ~ f r atime notify in writing the Oovernment of the Swiss Con~

federation that the present conrcntion is applicable to

all or to part of its colonies, protectorates, territories uncles mandate, or all other territories sl11)jectto its SO\-ereignty or to its authority, or a11 territories unt1t.r suxerainty, nnd the convention shall then apply to all the territories designated in tire notification. I n default of sucll notification, the convention shull not apply to s11c11 territories. (2) Each of the countries of tlie union ]nay a t any Abrogation in of convention tillre notify in writing the (;ovc>rlllncnt of tlie Swiss Con- :fay 01 corn, fetlerution that the resent con\,rntion c.e:lses to be :lp~)lic;~l)le ill1 or to part of t.lie tel-ritoritas \\-liich ~ - c ~ - e to tlic olvjc1c.t of tlre not.ific.ation provitlcd for ljy the precetlilrg l)ur:~gral)li,antl tlie convention sllall c.c:lse to al)l)ly in tlle territories drsipnated iii sl~c-li 11otific.ation 12 nlontlvs ;tfter receipt of t l ~ e notification addressed to the (fovcrnnimt of the Swiss Confecleration. ( 3 ) .Ill the notificittions ~rracleto tlie Governnwmt of bB the Swiss (lonfcxlcration, under the provihions of lmrn- L S " " QoCgr;iplis 1 antl 2 of t,liis t~rticle:sllall be c.oml~i~inicutt.cl by that (;ovt~rnnit!nt.to all the colnltries of tllc 1111ion.


(1) The 1)1.esmt convention shnll ~vplacein the rela- Present replace lion to conyentions bet~~ecbn collntries of tlre union the convention of the Iicrne of St~pte~iiher 1886, ant1 the acts by \\-hich it ha: m*. 9, been suc.ct.shivcbly revised. The acts 1)reviollsly in effect sllall I-enrain applicable in the relations with the countries which shall not have ratified the present convention. (2) The countries in whose name tlie present convcbn- rbea mad!&-o ~ BU: e e m a l i may tion is signed may still retain the benefit of the reherva- fained. tions w1lic.h they have previously forn~l~lated cbontlion tion tlrat they lllake such s declaration at the tinie of the tltnl~r)hit the ~.atificutions. of (3) Countries wlrich are actllally parties to tlre union. but in \vllose name the present convention shall not liave been signed. may a t any time adhere to it. They tilay in such ease ljenefit by the provisions of the p~~ececling parngraph. ARTICLE 28



(1) The present convention shall be ratified, and the ratifications shall be deposited a t Rome not later than than J U I U I , I ~ J I . July 1, 1931. (2) I t will go into effect between the c o ~ ~ n t r i of the ,Datef iojoeffectt ioj. es ,rt; r ti~~ ~ union which have ratified it one month after that date.




Accr*.ton 01 cuunIra18.

However, if, beforcl tl~tttclatc, it has been ratified by a t least six c o ~ ~ n t r i e s tlic union it will go into effect as of l)ct\vt.cn tllost? c~ou1iLrit1s the union one month after the of deposit of the sixth ratification has been notified to them I)y tlie (iovernnient of the Swiss Confederation and, for t l i t l ( Q ~ I I ries of the union which shi~ll II~ later ratify, one I I I O I I ~ ~after the notification of each such ratification. I new (3) Countries that are not within the union may, until August 1, 1931, enter tlie union, by nieans of acllicsion,. either to the ccwvtbntion signet1 at Berlin Xovenibcr 13, 1908. or to tlie present convention. After August 1, 1031, they can adhere only to the present convention.

Conventiun to re(1) The present convention shall reinnin in effect f o r main In effect cntil one year an indeterminate time, until the expiration of one year after denunciofro111 tlie clay lvlien dennnciation of it s1i:tll 1i:lve bc1c11 tion. IYithdmwal from the convention.

niade. (2) This denunciation sliall be ac~dresser~ the ( h v to errlnient of tlie Swiss Confederation. I t sliall be effective only as regards the country which shnll hare niade it, the convention remaining in force for the other countries of the union. ARTICLE 30

(1) 'l'he countries wliicli int rocluce into their legislation the term of protection of 30 years ' provided for by t~rticle7, pal.:tgraph 1, of the present convention shsll rnake it known to the Government of the Swiss Confed(.;.ation by a written notification which shall be communicated at once by that Qoverriment to a11 the other count~ies of tlie union. ~ $ ~ o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ , " ,(2) e - t shall be the same for such countries as shall " c I enlatanns. ntent O f m y r w - ~'(riounce any reservations made or maintained by them in virtue of articles 25 and 27. Bignatures. I n testimony of whic.11 the respective plenipotentia~.ies have signed the present convention. Date of dgning, Done at Rome the 2d of June, 1928, in a single copy, \\hich ~ 1 1 ~ be deposited in the archives of tlie Royal 11 1t;tlitln Gorernrncmt. One copy, properly certified, sliall be sent tlironph diplomatic channels to each of the conntl ies of the union.
Adnptaon of term of life and 50 pears to be notified.


,, ,,

' A I ticlv 7 provides for a gel~rr:ll term of protection for life of author and 50 yenrs.



XOTE.-I)~~~H~~S representlug the f~)ll~n\'iug countries were lnerent a t the couference in Rome: Australia. Austria. Belgir~m. 1;olivia. L:ruzil. Ur~Ignria. Canada. .Chile. C'olcmbis. 1C:ul)a. Czt?c.hoslcrvakia. 1)allzlfi (FreeCity of). Deumark. Ncuntlor. EgYPt. Estor~ia. Finland. Fmucc. ,Germany. Great Britain. *Greece. lGutltcmala. Hungary. Latvia. Luxemburg.

Monacu. Morocco. Setherlands. h e w Ztlaland.

Irish Free State.

Iay tl.

Iluwuia. Sol \.ador. Sari Murino (Republic o f ) . Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes ( Kiupdom of t h e ) . Siam. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. Syria and Lebanon. Tunis. Turkey. Uuited States of America. I-ruguay. T'enezuela.

('ONVENTION IIE RERNE POI'R 1,'i PROTECTIOS D E S ~ ~ P ~ f h ~ $ f , UCCVRES LITT~?R.\IHICS E ' .\RTISTIQTTES 1J1; 9 SEPTEM- vention R o w , l RRE 1886 H E V I S ~ E A B E R I A I SLE 13 YOVEIUBRE 1908 ET ~ ~ ~ , h ~ ~ f n . h ROIIE 1.E 2 JUIN 1925


TAes pays auxcluels s7applique la prhsente convention sont constituttk i 176tat d7ii'nion pour la protection des t!roits des auteurs sur leurs ceuvres litt6raires et artistiques.

(1) I.es termes " Oeuvres litthraires et nrtistiques " comprennrnt to~itesles protluctions tlu tlomaine litthraire, scientifique ct artistiquc, clue1 tp'en soit le mode ou la forme d7expression, telles qne: les livres, brochures et ui~tres Ccrits ; les confhrences. allocutions. sermons et nutrcs cmvres de mGme nature; les mwvres dramatiques on tlrumatico-musicales, les oeuvres chor6graplliques et les

an to mines. dont la mise en scene est fixQe par Qcrit ou :~ntrenlent les compositions musicales avec ou sans pa: roles: les ceuvres de dessin, de peinture, cl'architertnre, de sculpture. cle gravure et de lithographie; les illustrations, les cartes g4ographiques; les plans, croquis et ouvrages l~lastiqnes.relatifs i la gbogruphie, i~topogral)hie, h i la l'architecture ou RIIX sciences. (2) Sont protQgQs comme des ouvrages originaux, sans pr4judice cles droits de l'autenr de l'ucnvrc originale, les tracluctions, :~tlal)tations,arrangements de miisiqiie et autl-eh rcprotluctions transformbes cl'une wnvrc littdrsire oil artistiq~ie.~ i i l h iqtie les recucils de diffhentcs txhnvres. r ( 3 ) IAespays tle l'union sont tenus d'assurer la protcctlon des clhl1\-res mentionnbes ci-dessus. (4) IAescciivre.; d'art nppliqni. h l'indnstrie sont protCg4es :~nt:lnt que permet tle le faire la ldgislation intbrie1ii.e de chaque pays.
(1) Eht r6servbe h In 1Cgislation ilitdrielire de chaque l'nys cle l'union la facliltQd'exclure partiellement 011 totalenwnt tle IR l~otection prdvlic h l'article prQcQdentles clistours politiqiles et les discours prononcCs duns lrs tl6bats j~ltliciaircs. (2) Eht i'i'he1-1-i't~ Cpaltllilent ; la legislation intkrieiire L dc chaqlie pays cle 1'Cnion la fncultk cle statuer stir les conditions dans lesquelles lcs confQrences,allocutions, sermons et antres celivres de meme nature pourront Ctre reproduits par la presse. Toutefois l'auteur seul aura le droit de rfnnir lesdites ceuvres en recueil.

Ln prbwnte convention s'applique aus ceuvres photo-

. gri1l)hiclnt.s et aus cenvres obtenues par nn procCdC
an:tloglie ii 1~ photopr:lpllie. Ides l ~ a y sde 1'Union sont tenus d'en assurer la protection.

(1) Lcs ailterns ressortissant A l'un tles pays cle 1'Union jonissent, dans les pays nilti-cs qlie le pays d'origine de l'a~uvre.pour leurs oenvres, yoit non publibcs: soit publiees 1'011r In pre1nii.r~fois dnns 1111 pays (le l'Union, dcs tlroits que les lois rcspectives accordent actuellement oil ac-


corderont par la mite liux nationaux, ainsi que des droits sp6cialement accord& par la pdsente convention. (Q La jouissance et l'exercice de ces droits ne sont subordonn6s i aucune formalite; cette jouissance et cet i exercice sont indkpendants de l'existence de la protection dans le pays d'origine de l'oeuvre. Par suite, en dehors des stipulations de la pdsente convention, l'htendue de 1s protection, cr'nsi que les moyens de recours garantis B l'auteur pour sauvegarder ses droits, se reglent exclusivement d'aprhs la legislation du pays oil la protection est rklamh. (3) Est consid6r6 mmme pays d'origine de l'ceuvre: pour les aeuvres non publiees, celui auquel appartient lZauteur; pour les aeuvres publiks, celui de la premibre publication; et pour les aeuvres publihes simulten6ment dans plusieurs pays de l'union, celui d'entre eux dont la lbgislation accorde la dur& de protection la plus courtel Pour les oeuvres publiCes simultan4ment dans un pays Qtranger L 1'Union et dans un pays de l'union, c'est ce dernier pays qui e$ exclusivement considkr4 comme pays , d'origine. , (4) Par " aeuvres jubli6es il faut, dans le sens de la p r h n t e convention, entendre les aeuvres Cditbs. La reprhntation d'une ceuvre dramatique ou dramaticomusicale, I7ex6cution d'une ceuvre musicale, l'exposition d'une oeuvre d'art et la construction d'une aeuvre d'architecture ne constituent pas une publication.

Les ressortissants de l'un des'pays de l'union, qui publient pour la premiBre fois leurs aeuvres dans un autre pays de l'union, ont, dans ce dernier pays, les mdmes droits que lea auteurs nationaux.

(1) Les auteurs ne ressortissant pas B l'un des pays de l'union, qui publient pour la premiere fois leurs aeuvres dans l'un de ces pays, jouissent, dans ce pays, des mi3mes droits que les auteurs nationaux, et dans les autres pays de l'union, des droits accord& par la p r h n t e convention. (2) Ni!anmoins, lorsqu'un pays &ranger B l'union n e protBge pas d'une manibre sufEsante les oeuvres des auteurs qui sont ressortissante de l'un des p a p de l u i n 'no, ce pays pourra restmindre 1s protection dee mvres dont


les auteurs sont, au moment de la premibre publication cle ces ceuvres, ressortissants de 17autre pays et ne sont pas doiniciliEs effectivement clans l'un cles pays cle l'union. (3) Ancune restriction, Gtt~blie en vertu de 17alinba pr.QcC.tIerit, ne devra porter p~bjudice aux droits qu7un auteur aura acquis sur une wuvre 1)ubliGe clans un pays i de l'nnion avant la lilise i es6cution tle cettv restriction. (4) Les pays de l'union qui, vertu cl11 prCsent article. rc.htrc~intlront In protection tles tlroits dcs ai~teurs, lo notifieront au Cfouvc.~.nc~nlent la ConfQd6ration suisse de par r1ne (16claratiori (:('rite oil sclront intlirluEs les pays vis-&-\-is tlesclllels In prott~c~tion restrcbinte. tle 11iCn1e ost q u e l ~ c srehtrictions anxclnelles les droits dcs al~tenrs ressortissant B ce pays sont sonmis. Le (;onverriement cle la ConfGdb~xtion suisse communiqnera nussit6t l e fait it tous les pays de l'union.

(1) Indi.pen~lan~iiirnt tlroits patrinlonia~ixil'auilt>s tcur. et lllitme a p r k la cession tlesdits ilroits, l'autelir contC serve le droit cle reventliquer la ~ ) : ~ t ~ r n itle l'trnvre. ainsi que le tlroit clc s'opposer & t o ~ ~c16forniation7 n ~ u t i te lation 011 Z L I I ~ I - C niotlification tle larlite (PII\-rr, qlii q r a i t l)r6judic.iable h $on lionncllr ou $ sa r6l)ntation. (2) 11 est rbserv4 B la lbgislation nationale des pays de 17uiiion d76tablir les conditions d7exercice de ces droits. Les moyens de recours pour les ~auvegarder seront rbgl6s par la 1Ggislation du pays oil la protection est rbclambe.

(1) La dur6e de la ~)rotectitril arcordbe par la pi-6sente convention coinprencl la vie tle l'autei~rct cinqu:~nteans apr6.i sa nlort. ( 2 ) 'routcfoi~.dnns le c n G oil cbette tlur&ene +erait pas 1uliformn4mcnt adopti.t> par tous les pays tle l'union, la durCe s6ra rBg1Ce p a r la loi du pays oil la p~otectionsera r6clainbe ct elle ne pourra exc6tler la clllr6e fis6e dans le pays tl'origine dc l'cel~vl~e.Ties pays dc l'union ne r-eront, rn con&quence, tenus d7appliquerla disposition de l'alinea pr.6dtlent qne clans la mcsure oil elle se concilie avec leur droit interne. ( 3 ) Pour les ceuvres pllotogrnphiq~ies et les ccuvres obtenues par un procbd6 analoglie h la photographie,

pour les ceuvres posthumes, pour les ceuvres anonymes on pseudonymes, l a durke de la protection est r4gl6e par la loi du pays 011 la protection est &clam&, sans que cette ' dun& puisse exceder la durQ fix& dans le pays d'origine de l'ceuvre.

La dur& du droit d'auteur appartenant en commun aux collabrateurs d'une ceuvre est calculbe d'aprbs la date de la mort du dernier survivant des collaborateurs. (2) Les ressol-tissants des pays qui accordent une dur6ede protection infbricure B celle que prkvoit l'alin6a 1"' ne peuvent pas rCclamer clans les uutres pays de l'union une protection de plus longue du&e. (3) En aucun cas la dur6e d e protection ne pourra expirer avant la nlort du dernier survivant des collaborateurs.

IRS auteurs d'oeuvres non publi&s, ressortissnnt I l'un des pays cle l'union, et les auteurs d'oeuvres publibes pour la ~wemihrefois dans un de ces pays, jonissent, dans les autres pays de l'union, pendant toute la durCe du droit sur l'c-envre originale, du droit evclusif de faire on. d'antoriser la trnduction de leurs ceuvres.

(1) Les romans-feuilletons, les nouvelles et toutes autres Envres. soit litthnires, soit scientifiques, soit artistiques, qr~elqu'en soit l'objet, publit% dans les journaux ou recueils p4riodiques d'un des pays de l'union, ne peurcnt Stre reproduits dans les autres pays sans le consentement des auteurs. (2) Les articles d'actnnlit6 cle discussion Cconomiqne, politique ou relipieuse peurent Ctre reproduits par la pl*esse si la reproduction n'en est pas express5ment rkservke. Toutefois, la source cloit toujoi~rs 6tre clairement indiqnhe; la sanction de cette obligation est cl&terminQ gar la 16gislation clu pays oh la protection est rEclamCe. (3) La protection de la presente convention ne s'applique pas nux nouvelles du jour ou ans fnits divers qui ont le caractere de simples informations de prcsse.

E n ce qui concerne la facultb, de ftiire licitement cles emprunts h cles ceuvres 1ittQrairesou artistiques pour des publications destintks B l'enseignement ou ayant un caracGre scientifiqne, ou pour dcs chrestomtlthies, est rb.serv6 l'effet de la 1Qgislationdes l ~ i y de l'nnion ct des arrunges ments particuliers esistants ou conclni-e entre eus.

(1) Ilcs stil)nlations cle la p~xkcnte convention s'ap1)liclumt A la rc~~)ri.sentation 1)11ltliqiietlcs rrlirrcLs (11-tunatiques ou clrnmatico-musicales, et B l'eskcution publique des teuvres musicales, que ccs ceuvres soient publihes ou non. (2) Les auteurs cl'teiiv~.estlrsinatiques o11 tlr:im:~tic~om ~ ~ s i c ; ~sont. l~cntlunt cll~rbetle leur droit hllr l'cr~lrre les I:L originale, prot6g6s co11tl.e la rcl)rEscbntatio11p ~ ~ t ) l i cnon c l~~ alltoris%. dc lu trncluction tle letlrs ourrapes. (3) Pour jouir de la protection clu pl.bsent article. les ar~teors. pultliant lellrs w~~vrc.s, sont pas tenus cl'cn en ne intc.rtli1.e la repldsent:~tion 011 l'eshrution pultliclue.

(1) Les a11tctu.sd'u~urrcslitt6lmi1.e~ t artistiqnes jotiisc b sent clu tlroit esclusif cl'autoriher la comninnication de leurs muvrcs au public par la radiodiffusion. (2) I appartient uux 1Qgislations nationales des pays 1 cle l'union de 14gler les conditions cl'esercise tlu droit rise h l'alinka prCc6dent. niais ces coliclitions n'auront q11'1in rffet strictenlent limit6 :lo p:~ys( p i Ics :~uraitCtaldies. Elles ne pourront en aucbuncas porter atteint? ni no clroit nioral tle l'antcur. ni all tlroit qui ap1):~rtient B I ' a r ~ t ~ u r tl'obtenir une 14iuun6ration 4q1rital)le fix(.e, tlhfaiit cl'nccord amiable, par l'autoritk co111pEtente.

Sont specialement c+omprises parmi les reprodiictions illicites a~~xquelles s'applique la prksente convention, les appropriations indirectes non antol.isbes d'un oilrl*age littbraire ou artistiq~~e, telles que i~daptations,arrangements de musique, tl-ansformations cl'i~n roman, cl'iine nouvelle oil d'une p d s i e cn piece de tliCiitre et r6ciproquement, etc., lorsqu'elles nx sont que la reprotlnction cle c

cet ouvrage, dans la m8me forme ou sous une autre forme, avec des changements, additions ou retranchements, non essentlels. et sttns prbsenter le caracthe d'une notivelle aeuvre originale. ARTICLE 13
( 1 ) Les auteurs d'teuvres musicales ont le droit exelusif d'autoriser: lo I'adaptation de ces cruvres iL des :instruments servant h. les reproduire mhcaniquement ; 2" .I'eskc~~tion publique des mCmes uenvres an moyen de ccs instruments. (2) Ilss rhssrres et conditions relnt,ires B l'application clt? cet article pourront Bt.re dhterminhes par 1st legislntion int4rieure tle chaque pays en ce qui le conc.erne; mnis tautes reserves et conditions de cette nature n'tluront qu'lm effet strictement limit4 nu pays qui les a w a i t 4tablies. (3) L a disposition rle l'alinca 1 n'a pus rl'effet r(.t.ro.actif et, par suite, n'est pas applicable, clans iln pays de l'union, aux oeuvres qui, tians ce pays, auront Btk adaptkes licitement allx inst.ruments m6caniques avant la mise en vi.gpeur rle la convention sign4e ii Berlin le 13 novembre 1908 et, s'il s'ugit cl'un pays qni a w a i t acc6dB A l'union -depuis cette (lute, ou y acchdtbrait tlans l'avenir, avant la ,<late cle son accession. (4) Les adaptations faites en vel-tu cles alinbas 2 et 3 du pr6sent article et import6es, sans a.ntorisat.ion des parties int4res&es? tlans nn pays oil elles ne seraient. pas licites, pourront y 6tre saisies.

(1) Les auteurs d'aeuvres litthraires, scientifiques ou artistiques ont le clroit escliisif d'autoriser la reproduction. l'utlaptation cbt 1s prbsentation publiqtte cle leurs ccuvres par la cin6matographie. (2) Sont prothgees comrne ceuvres litteraires ou artistiques les productions cinCmatographiques lorsqne l'autcbur a11ra tlonn4 ii l'ciluvre lln cai.acti.1.e orig'nal. S i c.th caractPre fait d b f a d , la production cin4matographique jonit de la protection des oeuvres photographiques. (3) Sans prGjudice des droits de l'auteur de l'ccuvre reproduite ou adaptbe, l'wuvre cinCmatographique est prot6g& (:omme une aeuvre originale. (4) Les clispositions clui pi+c&dent s'nppliqnent ii la reproduction ou production obtenue par tout autre proc6dk analogue A la cinkmatographie.

(1) Pour que les auteurs cles ouvrages prot4gC.s par la l~rbsente convention soient,, jusqu'h preuve contraire, consid6rks comme tels et admis, en cons6quence, devant les tribnnaux des divers pays tle l'union. B esercer dcs poursuites contre les contrefactenrs, il srlffit que lenr nonl soit indiqu6 sur l'ouvrage en la manihre usiti2e. (2) Pour les wuvres anonylrtrs or1 pseutlonyn~c~s, l'itlitcur dont le nonl est indiqu6 sur l'ouvrnge cst fond4 B sa~iregartler clroits apparteni~ntii l'antenr. I1 cst, sans les nlitres prenrcs, rbpr1t4 ayant c:luse de l'aaterlr unonyme or1 pseudonynie. ARTICLE 16 (1) Toute ccurre contrefnite peut etre saisie par les antoritcs compbtentes tles pays de l'union oil l'tlcuvre originale a droit l la l~rotection i 16ptlle. (2) l h n s ccs pays. 1 : ~saisic pent anssi s'appliqncr uux rcprodnctions provenant d'un pays oil l'ceuvre n'cxst p a s 1)roti'pCe on a ct~ss6 l'atre. de (3) La snisie a 1.ieu conform6ment it la 16pislt~tion intcrieure tle clinque pays.

Les dispositions tle In pr6sente convention ne 1)cuvent porter lwbjurlice, en quoi qne ce soit, au droit q l ~ apl)nri tient au Gourernement de chacun des pays de l'union dc permettre, de surveiller, d'interdire, par des niesrwes tic 16gislntion ou cle police inthieure, la cil*cnlation, la reprhsentation, l'exposition tle tout ouvmge ou prod~~ction ji l'hgarcl desquels l'ar~toritkcompGtente aurait B esrrcer ce droit. ARTICI,E 18 ( 1 ) La prhsente convention s'appliqoe i tol~tes les i trurres qui, nu nlouicmt tle son enti& en vigr~enr,ne sont pas encore tonib6cs tliins Ie don~ainepublic de lcur pays cl'ol-igint*par l'espiration de la d u r k cle la protection. (2) Cepenclant. si une nuvre, p:1r l'espirntion cle la tlur6e de protection qni lui Gtait anthieurement reconnlte, est tonibbe dans le domaine public du pays oil la 1)rotection est r&lan~Ce, cette tpuvre n'y sera pas plotGg6e h nouveau.

(3 L'application de ce principe aura lieu suivant les stipulations contenues clans les conventions sp6ciales existantes ou B conclure h. cet effet entre pays de l'union. A dhfaut de semblables stipulations, les pays respectii's 1.6pleront, chacun pour ce qui le concerne, les modalites relntives A cette application. (4) Lcs dispositions qui prg&dent s'nppliquent 6ga1ernent en cas tle nollvelles nccessions i l'nnion et dnns le cns oil In protection seruit 4tx*ndue par application de l'article 7 ou par abandon tle rdserves.

IJes dispositions ile la pssente convention n'empbchent 1;" (le rerendiq~~er I'application do ilispositions plus lnrges qui seraient Pdicties par la 1Bgislation d'un pays de l'union en faveur des &rangers en gbnkrnl.

Les gouverncments iles pays de l'union se rkservent 1e droit cle prendre entre elix des arrangements particuliera, en tant que ces arrangements confhrersient aux auteurs des droits plus Qtendns qlie ceux accordes par l'union, on qu'ils renfermeraient il'nutres stipulations non contraircs A la pr4sente convention. IJes dispositions iles arrangements existunts clui repondent allx conditions p6citCes restent applicables.

(1) Est m a i n t a u l'office international instituB sous le nom de "Bureau de 1'Union internationale pour la protection des czuvres 1ittCraires et artistiques." (2) Ce bureau est place sous la haute ailtorit6 dl1 Gouvernement de la Conf6d6ration suisse, qui en rkglc l'organisation et en surveille le fonctionnement. (3) La lankme oficielle du bureau est la langue fran~aise. ARTICLE 22 (1) Le bureau international centralise les renseignenlents de tolite nature relatifs 9. la protection cles droits des auteurs sur leurs ceuvres littdraires et artistiques. I1 les coordonne et les publie. I1 procede aux ktudes d'utilit6 commune inthessant l'union et Sdige, B l'aide des docu-

ment,s qui sont mis h sa disposition par les diverses administrations, une fcuille pCriodique, en lnngue franc:nise, sur lcs questions concernnnt l'objct clc l'un,ion. L_es gonvcrnements cles ~ n y s l'union se r6servcnt d'autoriser, cle d'un conlmun accord, le bureall iL publier une Qdition dans ilne ou plusieurs nlltrcs lnngucs, pour le cus oil l'exphrience en await dQmontr4 le bcsoin. ( 2 ) T,e bureau international doit so tenir en tollt telrips h la (lis1,osition clrs 1rleml)i.e~ l'union p o ~ lcur fooi*nir, dc ~r sur les questions relatives h la protection des u!uvrcs littbrnirrs ct :~rtistiqnes,lcs renseignemcnts spi!cial~sclont jls pourraient avoir bcsoin. (2) Lc dirccteur clu bnreau international fnit sur sa gestion un rapport annuel qui est communiqub, ii tous lcs i~~enibres l'union. cle

( 1 ) Ties di.pcnses (111 bnrenu de l'union internationale sent supportGcs en commun par 1cs pays de l'union.

J~~sclu'h nouvclle dCcision? elles ne ptr~irrontpas d6passcr la sornme tle cpnt vingt mille francs suisscs par annCe. Cette somme pourra Ctre augment& nu besoin par cl&cision unnninie d'nne des confi.rcnccs pl+vues h l'article 24. ( 8 ) l'o~irdilt(~~*niint!rpart contribntivc dc chacun des la I.J:LYS c1:uls ecttc somlilc totule dcs fri~is, les pays dc l'union clui :~dlii.rcro~it ultkrieuwlnent h l'union sont et cc>~lx clivisCs cn six chssrs contribunnt chncune dans la proportion tl'un certain noinbre cl'unitbs, saroir :

I"' ~ l n ~ s e ------------


( 3 ) C1c*s coc:flitric~ilts sont niu1tiplii.s par lc nombre des 1)ays (It. c.li:~tl~~c cl;lssc1. vt la soninit: cltls procluits ainsi olsion~~s ~ ~ r nlc non111l.c r1'uniti.s par lcq11~1 : ~ fo t i l tlGpcnsc toti~lr tloit Ct,rc t1ivisi:c. L c r tl~lotit.ntdon~lc mont:mt de Ie I'nniti. dc i1bl)cnsc. ( 4 j (.'ll;~q~ic' ) ~ ~ ~ ' I ~ c I : I anc momcilt clc son acccs~ ~ I~:L. sion, tlilne l;~qr~clle susclitcs classes il clcmunde h 3tzrc t1t.s rang&. liinis il ~ ) o r u ~ toajours d6clnrcr ultkrieurcmcnt r:~ qu'il ent;entl 6tl.e rang6 ( l ~ nune nntrc clnsse. s (5) I A ' i \ t l i i ~ i ~ ~ i s t ~ . : ~StIi L i lF ~ ~ r i . p a r eIt! budget (ZU o~ C I-lllreau ct cn s i ~ ~ v c i llcs tlbpcnscs, fnit les avnnces nEceslc



s a i r a et Btablit le con~pte nnnuel qui sera communiquk B toutes les sutres Administrations.

(1) La pr6sente convention peut Stre soumise B des revisions en vue d'y introduire les am6liorations de nature B perfectionner de syscme de l'union. (2) Les questions de cette nature, ainsi que celles qui intkressent B d'autres points de vue le developpement d e l'imion, sont trait& dans des conferences qui auront lieu si~ccessivement dans les pays de l'union entre les dBl6guQ desdits pays. L'Administration du pays oh doit sihger m e conf6rence prGpare, avec le concours du bureau international, les travaux de celle-ci. Le directeur du bureau assiste aux Gances des conferences et prend part aux discussions sans voix d6liMrative. (3) Aucun changement B la p r k n t e convention n'est vnlable pour l'union que moyennant l'assentiment unanime cles pays qui la composent.

(1) Les pays &rangers B l'union et qui assurent la protection le'gale des droits faisant l'objet de la prkente convention peuvent y a c m e r sur leur demande. (2) Cet,te accession sera notifib par &rit au Gouvernement de la ConfBdkration suisse, et par celui-ci B tous les autres. (3) Elle emportera de plein droit adhbion B toutes les clahses et admission B tous les avantages stipulBs dans la p&sente convention et produira ses effets un mois a p r k l'envoi de la notification faite par le Gouvernement de la Confkderation suisse aux autres pays unionistes, B moins qo'une date post4rieure n'ait 6th indiqub par le pays adhhent. Toutefois, elle pourra contenir l'indication que le pays adherent entend substituer, provisoirement ttu moins, B l'article 8, en ce qui concerne les traductions, les dispositions de l'article 5 de la convention d'union de 1886 revish B Paris en 1896, Btant bien entenclu que ces dispositions ne visent que la traduction dans Ia ou les lungues du pays. ARTICLE26 (1) Chacun des pays de l'union peut, en tout temps, notifier par Qrit au Gouvernement de la ConfikiCation



siiisse qlle la prGsente convention est applicable B t o ~ ou t partie de ses colonies, protectoruts, territoircs sous manclat 011 tolls alltres territoires soumis ;L sa so~iverainct~B on : son antoritd? on tous territoires sous snzcrainc~td,ct In i convcntion s'appliquera alors L: tolls les territoires cl6sign& clans la notification. h cl6faut clc ccttc notiiication, la convention nc s'al>l>liq~iera ii ccs tcrritoircs. pas (2) Chacun clcs pays tlc l'union p c ~ ~m tout tonlps, t, ~:otifirrl)ar i!crit an C;olirc~~.ncil~ent lu Conf6cl6r;rtioll tlc silisse qne la 1)rdsentc convention ccsse d'dtre apl)licnblc it t ~ i on 1)ut'tio tlcs tcrritoi~.csclui out f i ~ i t1701)jct cln la t ~!otific.:~t,ion - Q V I I ~. ! l'i11inCil cl11i l)rhci.clc,ct 1:i c.o~r\.~nticbn ~I :I c.c:ssclx clc s'iippliqucr tlilns les tcrritoircs cldsignBs cliins c:*t:tcbnotiti wtion clo~~xt> i11)rBs r6ccption tlc la notilinlois c:rtion :~clrcssi'e all Go~~\-e!.nclllcnt la C0nf~cI4r:~tion de s~~isso. ( 3 ) Tor~tcs 11otific.t~tions i t w rill G o ~ ~ r c r n c i ~ icle n t lcs h i~ 1 : ~(~onf(.clC~.ntion s11issc1,c:o~rfot.ini'mc~nt: i1.11s c1is~)ositions .tics a l i i l i ' ; ~ ~ 2 dl1 l)r6selltC 1 et article, seront c ~ o i n ~ l l ~ ~ ~ l i r l ~ ~ b c ! ~ 1):1r cc (fon\.erirc~rncnt>L tolls lcs p i ~ y s 1'11nion. tlc

( 1 ) L;L jwdsc!ntc convcnt.io~l rc.inplitc.ct~.i~ cli~~rs 1*:1p1c.s 1)orts c~ntre ]bays do 1'11nion1 : ~ lcs Convention tlc l$c~~.ne (111 9 sc~ptcmbl.c18bG ct I t s :ictcs r111il'ont s1iccessi\~c11ic~nt I*('visCe. IAesavtcs pr6cdeleminent en viglienr conserrcront l e ~ i ra1)l)lication dilns les rapports nrec les pays clui ne 1-atifiernicnt pas la prdsente convention. (2) Les pays nu noin destluels la prdsente t-onvention est signde pourront encore conserver le b6nCfice cles 1.6serves qn'ils ont folni11l6cs i~ilti;ric~o.cme!nt la contlition ?i (['en faire la dBclari~tionlors (111tl6piit cles ratific-6 t' A .ions. ( 3 ) 1,c.s ptys fi~isant ~ c t ~ ~ i o l l ( ~ n ~ c n tdr 1'111nion i 1)nrtic ail nom tle~sq~~els In pr6sentc convention n'ti111.a p:is 6t6 signd, polirront en tout tenlps y t~dl~drer. 1)orlrront bBn6ficicr 11s . c ce cas tles clispositions tle l'ailini'ti l)r6ci!dc1lt. ~

( 1 ) 1,a prChcnte convention sera ratifi6c, et les ratificiltions en ~ r o n clt:pohi'cbh ii Ilonlc~ pluh t:~rtl le ler t all jlrillct 1'331. ( 2 ) Elle entrerta cn vigucur entre les B : I ~ S clc* 1'1inio1r qi~i 1':1111~ont r:~tifide1111 11lois i11)rGs cctte cliitc. T o ~ ~ t c f o i s si, avant cctte clate, elle Gtait ratifidc par six pay3 cle



l'union nu moins, elle entrerait en vigueur entre ces pays de l'union un mois a p d s que le c16pBt de la sisiame ratification leur aurait 4tC notifie par le Gouvernement cle la Conf6d6ration suisse et, pour les pays de l'union qui ratifieraient ensuite, un mois npr&s la notification de chacl~ne ces ratifications. de (5) Les pays Qtranpers B l'union poiirront, jusqu'au lerao& 1981, acdder B l'union par voie d'adhbsion, soit i la convention sign& i Berlin le 13 novembre 1908, soit i i 1 la prkente convention. A partir du ler aoiit 1931, ils ne po~lrront plus adhCrer qu'8 la p r k n t e convention.

(1) La presehte convention demeurera en vigueur penclant un temps indQte~min6, jtisqu'h I'expiration d'une annb B partir du jour ou la clCnonciation en aura 6tB faite. (2) Cette d6nonciation sera adre& au Gouvernement ck, la Conf6deration suisse. Elle ne produira son effet q u l l'6gard du pays qui l'aura faite, la convention restant exCcubire poui*1 autres pays rle l'union. w

(1) Les pays qui introduiront dans leur legislation la clurCe de protection de cinquante ans prCvue par l'article 7, n l i n b ler, la p&sente convention, le feront connaitre de au Gouvernement de la ConfCdQration suisse par une notification Bcrite qui sera communiquCe aussit6t par ce Gourernement it tous les autres pays cle l'union. (2) I1 en sera de m6me pour les pays qui renonceront sus r&serves faites ou maintenues par eux en vertu des articles 25 et 27. En foi de quoi, les plknipotentiaires respectifs ont sign4 18 p&sente convention. F a i t A. Rome, le 2 juin 1928, en un seul exemplaire, qui sera dQpod dans les archives du Gouvernement royal d'ltalie. Une copie, certifib conforme, sera remise par la voie diplomatique B chaque pays de l'union.




~ ~ u ~ i Rome, r o n




Resolution I. The conference considers i t to be desirable that the countries of tlie union sl~ould look forward to the possibility of introducing into their respective legislations, if they do not already contain provisions of this sort, regulations to prevent after the death of the author the deformation, mut.ilation, or other modification of his work prejudicial to tlie reputation of the author and to the interests of literature, science, and tlie arts. Xesolution 11. The conference considers it to be desirable that each legislation sho111clclearly define the limits of the right of borrowing. Resolution 111. The conference considers it to be desirable that tlie countries of tlie union which liave not yet adopted lcgielative regulations securing for the benefit of artist.^ an inalienalde right to ,z participation in the receipts tli~e successive transfers of tlwir original worlts to a t public sale sliollld take into consideration tlie possibility of unclertnlring the study of such regulations. Iiesolution IV. The conference considers it to l)e tlesirable that the countries of tlie union should adopt liea asures (without imposing :my obligatory form:ility 11pon authors) \rliich \vould gi1.e them tlie oppol~tllnity of establishing either the date of their literary, artistic; or scicr~tific creations (for es:imple, by the use of the doublecnrelope ystelrl known as the Solettu envelope) or their ststiis as citizens of one of the countries of the union. Resolution V. The conference considers it to be dcsiraide tliat the governments mhich have ~atbticipatedin tlie work of tlie conference should consider the l>osxihility of measul.es for protecting tlie rights of performing iu-tists. Rcsolution VI. The conference, bearing in mind the identity of general principles and objects of the Convention of Berne? as revised at Berlin and later at Eome.



and of the convention signed by the American States a t Buenos Aires in 1910 as revised at Habana in February, 1928; and noting the agreement of the majority of the dispositions of the two conventions: Considers i t to be desirable, in conformity with the suggestions made by the Brazilian and French delegations, that, on the one hand, the American Republics which have signed a convention to which non-American countries are unable to adhere, lnay (following the example of Brazil) adhere to the Convention of 13erne revised at Rome ; and that, on the other hand, all the interested governments may agree among themselves, with a view to preparing a general agreement having ns its basis the rules of the two conventions which are similar and as an object the world-wide unification of laws protecting intellectual productions.

Vccu I. L a confhrence 6met le vceu que les pays de R M O ~ at H ~ ~ ~ adopted U RON, l'union envisagent la possibilit4 d'introduire dans les 19% otigind Prench tezt. 16gislations respectives, qui ne contiendraient pas de dispositions h cet Cgard, des 14gles propres B emp8cher quqapr8s la mort de l'uutenr son aeuvre ne soit deformCe, nutilee ou autrement modifi6e au pr4judice de la renomlriCe de l'anteur et des inthr6ts cle la littbrature, de la science et des arts. Vccu 11. La conf4rence dmet le vmu que chaque legislation prkcise clairement les limites dl1 droit d'emprunt. Vmu 1 1 La conference Cmet le vmu que ceux des 1. pays de l'union, qui n'ont pas encore adopt4 de dispositions lhgislatives consacrant nu profit des artistes nn droit inalihable i une participation dans le produit des i transmissions successives de leurs wnvres originales passant en vente publique, pl-ennent en consideration la possibilit6 de mettre h l'&tnde cle telles tlispositions. Vwu IV. La conf6rence Cmet le rwu que les pays cle l'union envisagent cles mesures qiii. suns imposer aux auteurs aucune formalit6 obligatoire, leur ouvrent la fnculte d'btablir soit la date de lelirs crCations litthraires, artistiques ou scientifiques, par esernple sliivarlt le sysGme de l'en\-eloppe ciollble dite enveloppe Soleuu, soit lclir qnalitk cle ressortissants de l'un des pays de l'iinion. Vmu V. La confhrence Cmet le vmu qiie les gonvernements qui ont participe aux travans cle la conference



envisagent In l,ossibilitb, de mesures pour sauvegkrder les clroits des artistes esbcut,nnts. V e u VI. La conf6~ence, consiclhrant I'identitQ des psincipes @nEraus qui dominent et des buts rers lesquels tendent la Conve,ntion'de Berne, revisi;e h. 13erlin pnis i i Rome, et In conrention sign& par lcs E t l ~ t s ~nidricninsit Ijuenos A y e s en 1010 pais revisEe it IJa Havane en fbvrier 1925; constntnnt la concorilnnce clu plus grand noiilbre des disl~osit.ions I'anc et l'nutre convention: Emet le voou, tle conform61nent a u s suggestions 6mises par 1%dbl4.gation clu I5rEsil et 18 d616gntion fsanqajsc, que, d'one pnrt, les R6pnlliques :11116ricaincssignut,i~ircs d'une coovt.nt,ion it l n q ~ ~ c lles Etats non an18ric:tins n'ont pas la possibilit4 le tl'llcllli.rrr, viennent, h I'cst.mple clu Brbsil, acc6der Zi la Cnnvcntion tle Beme revisbe B Rome, et que, d'nutre part, tolls Irs g o ~ ~ v e r n e ~ l ~intk~essts concrrtcnt cn v11c cle ents se j)~.61)fir~1' entcntc g6nBrale uyunt pour base 1es 1Ggles line sinrilnisrs dcs cltws cor~vcntions pour objet l'unification c:t ~uondinleclcs loi.: proti..geunt les cdations de l'csprit.


~ c to inrrenae f e ~ s - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - t 6,28 Appropriations for s a l ~ ~ r i e n 1 Assignmtlnts : B e c ~ ~ r tculd fees-----------------------------------ls 5 IIerrie Con\yentlon. (See International Copyright Union.) Bills t o amend copyright law: Design copyright - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 11-12,&%64 Divisit)lc copyright S-9,3!&-36 Illcrease of col,.rrlght fees---------------------------------- (i-F(,2830 Intt*rnational Ctq)yriglit Tinion--------------------------------- 20,64-66 hfecaha~~lcul re1)rc~luctionof munit* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-11.37-44 M o t i o n - 1 ) i c . ttllms --------------------------------- ~~ 12 Prints and labels- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 11,44 Rooks : Titles priiitetl in C:it:ilogue of Copyright Entries -------------------4,7 3 Trt~nnferredto Lit)rary of Congress------------------------------3 ' Transferrrd to 1it)rnries in District of Colunlbia --------------------H ~ u o k h a r t(IIon. 9. W.), motion picture bill--: ----------------------12 IIulletins and circul:~rs issued . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . F,7 Cannon (Hon. C.), motion picture bill ............................ 12 C.'atalogue of Copyright Entries - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4,6 Sut):lcription price inrrensed - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7 Celler (Hon. E.), motion picture b i l l .................................. 12 Certified copies of r e c o r ~ l - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6 Circ.ularsissued------------------------------------------------------6 ConvcBntions, copyright. (See under Internatlonai.) ('or)iefl of r r c o r d - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6 Copyright bills i~itroduced. (See Hills.) Copyright entries, r:~talogue 4,7 Copyright fees increased - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6,28 Copyright law in force, Copyright Oface Bulletin 14.................... 6 Bills to amend. (See Bills.) 6 Correspondence of the Copyri,zht Office................................. 3 Ilepartmeilt tibraries, copyright deposits t o............................ Drpn~itw.copyright : Dispo~nlof-------------------------------------3 2,s Value of .................................. +--2 Design c o p y r i ~ h tbills - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 11-1'2,45-64 Divisible copyright hill - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 8.32 Dramatic compositions listed in Catalogue of Copyright Empties--------4,7 Entries. (gee Registrations.) Erpenditures---------------------------------------1 Fees received - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1,2,5,21,22 Act to i n c r e a s e - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6,28 Government libraries rec-iving copyright deposits...................... 3




l l ~ ~ t l s ~ (, IIOII. . ir G

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1\11:tc.:~lf I toll. J. 11.). copyright bill ----------------------------------1 Moscba (].Ion. G. II.), col)yrighl. I~ills 3Itbl.i~;1;-)1it~!111.t: : ii1111s 1:iils I.<, r.t~l~yrizl~t ill Titles in C:ll:~loxnc of Co1)yright Entries..........................



Rills rcb nir.chi~nicnl reprocluction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9,37-. 4. litlos listoil in Catalogue of Copyright Bntricss-------------------Soticdc!c f wc!r rc~cortlt~tl. f(1c.s l'or ------I':lll~l)lilt.l.:'.t i l l ( ~ I~l.iilr('tl111 ( ' : I ~ ~ I ~ ~ I z I cI (~ . f ('(tl~y~.igl~t t l ~ . i t ~ c - _ . . - - - - - . - - _4. l~:~ l'nu .\ll~lbl.i(':~~~ co~)yright (,011\-(!1ltio11. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-1. l .. I'oriotlic.;~ls, lill(3s ll)ril~lvtl C:i~Ii~logt~(: C1111yrigl11. ~ l ~ i ( ! s - - - - - ill of E~ -1. l'l~ologr:tl~l~s. rrgistralio~lswitl~ontc.c!rlilir.ntc:s......................... Titles l?rilitecl in C:~t:~logue C o ~ y r i g l ~ t of I<;l~tric!s------------------4. Prints nnd lnbcls, bill to include : S subject mnttcr of copyright---------I 11. l ' r ~ v l : ~ ~ ~ ~ ;~~stc~lnli~l:: iiiol~ col~yrigl~t lCul~i:rlli;l------------------------to Receipts, copyright fees-------------------------------------------1,21,: l~cfulltls ---- ----- ---_-------. - -------- - 5 , : R(.girt~':~tiol~s : Ill(lcs of -------------4. Statistics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2, ,5.23.: licnc\v:ils. nlilnbar recordtncl 1i11d fees ~ C C P ~ ---------------- ---------- s1: V C ~ ~ Reports on c!opyright bills: nivi::ililc rol)yright, H. Rent. 1103 ................................. 8.: Increase of copyright fees, H. Rcpt. 353 :tnd P. Rcpt. 853---------- 74.: AIecl~:~iiic'nl rel~roclt~c:tion mnslc, 1 . Bept. 1920------------------- 10. -of 1 Resc~ll~tiolls ndol~tcutl:tt Rolne. 1928-----_--------------------------- 20.96-C
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Rome Conference, 1928. (Bee International Copyright Union.) Roy:llty f o r mechnnical reproduction, bill to repeal ..................... 10 Rumania, copyright proclamation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Searches, fees f o r - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 5,22 12 Shipstend (Hon. H.), copyright bill ................................. Tables, s t : l t i s t i c a l - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 21-25 Transfers of proprietorship, fees for indexing ......................... 5 Tydings (EIon. Y.E.), copyright bill ......................... - -------11 6 Unpublisltcd works, ice for rccortling ............................. 17c,rtnl (11011.A. II.), copyright bills ......................... i , S , 10,11,12,20 \vittcvnlnn (EIon. C. W . ) , report on copyright bill ...................... S \FVorks of art, titles printed in C ~ ~ t n l o g u e Copyright Entrios---------of 4,7