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First United Methodist Church Chanute, Kansas Policy Statement TOPIC: SUBJECT: A.

Facility Use Building POLICY NUMBER: B2 REVISION DATES: 2/20/89, 10/19/92, 6/17/96, 6/11/99, 5/15/03, 3/9/10

The building and facilities of First United Methodist Church in Chanute have been established for the glory of God and for the use of members of the congregation in worshiping God and serving neighbor. Events planned by groups of the congregation including funerals and weddings) will receive priority in the use of the building. There is no charge to any church related group for the use of the building and facilities. Groups or individuals desiring to use the church must contact the church secretary to see if the room needed is available. If the needed space is available, the church secretary will obtain, for the church calendar, the name of the groups hosting the event, the date and time of the event, and the name of a contact person. The group using the building is responsible for seeing that lights are turned on and off; that heat or air-conditioning is turned on and off; that rooms are left clean and in good order. If the event is to be held after the church office is closed, the contact person will need to obtain a key from the church office and be responsible for locking and unlocking the doors. Overnight youth events must have a ratio of one adult sponsor for every eight youth in attendance. Recreational activities are to be confined to appropriate areas and are not to take place in the sanctuary or chapel. Due respect for the Church's physical facilities is expected.



There will be a $50 charge plus a $150 deposit for the use of church facilities by non-church related groups. Both of these fees are due before the event will be placed on the church calendar. The $150 deposit will be fully refundable upon satisfactory evaluation of the premises by the facility supervisor. The $50 payment in non-refundable. Groups must be approved for this privilege by the pastor and must comply with the following conditions. 1. The group must apply for this privilege by contacting the church office. The group must name one person who will be responsible for the care of the rooms used. If approved by the pastor(s) the name of the group and the name, address, and telephone number of the designated person, the intended purpose, meeting schedule, and the duration of the arrangements along with fees should be turned in to the church office. The group's designated person is responsible to set up and tear down the tables and chairs used. The group will also be responsible for sweeping, mopping up spills, kitchen clean up, removal of trash to the dumpster in the alley, and checking restrooms for general cleanliness.




There is no charge to members of the congregation for the use of the building for a wedding. There will be fees for a reception, the custodian, and musicians (see Policy C3). Non-members having a wedding in the building will be charged for the use of the building in addition to the reception fees, custodial fees, and musician fees. The 'building use' fee for a wedding in the sanctuary is $300. The fee for a wedding in the chapel with no reception and no rehearsal is $150 (see Policy C3). There is no charge to members for a funeral service in the sanctuary during the week. Non-members having a funeral in the building will be charged $300 for the use of the building. If the funeral service is held on Saturday, there will be a $100 custodial fee. The funeral home will add this fee to their total charge. The church will be reimbursed by the funeral home.


All other use of the building will be negotiated with the Trustees. Fees will be set upon consideration of amount of space needed and length of time the space is to be used. The Trustees have the right to deny use of the building to any group. All groups using the building are expected to observe our rules for the use of the kitchen (see Policy Number B3). Food and drink are not to be taken into the sanctuary or the chapel. Smoking or other tobacco products are prohibited in the building. The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited everywhere on the premises. Any damage to the facility is to be referred to the trustees. Except for emergency measurers necessary to prevent further damage, no repairs are to be undertaken by the groups using the facility. Repairs necessitated by neglect or carelessness will be billed to the responsible parties.

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