First United Methodist Church Chanute, Kansas Policy Statement TOPIC:Weddings SUBJECT: General 2/27/03 08/09/11 A.

The wedding, rehearsal, and appointments for premarital conversations should be scheduled with the church secretary and pastor at least 60 days prior to the date desired for the wedding. A couple seeking to be married in the sanctuary or the chapel of First United will be expected to have premarital conversations with the pastor, which will cover getting acquainted, Christian expectations concerning marriage, and planning for the ceremony. In the case of another clergy or professional who counsels the couple, First United Methodist Church shall receive written confirmation of successful completion of counseling no later than 2 weeks prior to rehearsal date. The pastor of this church must officiate and be present at the service. If the couple has a family member or close friend who is a member of the clergy and whom they would like have assist in the service, the pastor will issue an invitation to that minister and plan the service to include him or her. The wedding is a sacred service. Music chosen for the service should be appropriate to the worship of God. Selections of music must be reviewed and approved by the pastor and musician prior to the rehearsal date. Music that is important to the couple, but not appropriate to worship during the reception, if held at the church, upon approval of the pastor. If the couple desires that the organ be used during the wedding, they may request the services of one of the congregation's organists. Musicians who are not familiar with the organ should contact the church organist, who will help them understand the instrument and prepare to play for a service. When a couple would like a friend or family member who is not comfortable at the pipe organ to play for the service, the piano may be used. The worship appointments in the Chancel or on the altar are not to be removed or rearranged except by agreement of the pastor(s). The Bible on the altar is not to be removed from the altar. Candles used in the service and at the reception must be dripless. Globes must be used on any candles placed in the windows. Candles for the two altar candlesticks are provided. Other candles may be purchased through the church. Only the designated photographer may take pictures in the sanctuary prior to and during the wedding service. No pictures may be taken during the service itself. Videotaping may be done from the balcony or from the side of the Chancel area if the taping is done from one spot and without being distracting to the service. POLICY NUMBER: C2 REVISION DATES: 10/16/95 06/17/96 02/18/02








Page 2 SUBJECT: General Weddings POLICY NUMBER: C2 I. There is to be no smoking within 25 feet of any door into the church building. Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed in the building or on the premises of the church (including parking areas). Food and drink are not to be taken into the sanctuary or the chapel. The couple-to-be will be responsible for informing the wedding party and guests of these requirements. Arrangements should be made to hire an individual to make necessary adjustments to the church’s sound system. A list of qualified church members can be obtained through the church office. Couples should make arrangements with the director of the church nursery if nursery care will be provided during the wedding service. Children must not be left unattended in the nursery! The use of rice, wheat seed or birdseed is not allowed. Flower petals, real or artificial, are not to be dropped in the sanctuary. If a rehearsal dinner is held at the church, a representative of United Methodist Women must be present, to assist families with kitchen procedures and to look after church equipment. Couples must arrange for the removal of all decorations and personnel items from the sanctuary directly following the ceremony. The church and church staff or members are not responsible for the loss or damage of gifts that are brought to the church or opened during the reception.



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