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State of the Internet Address:

An Intelligent Guide For HOW to Structure, Appropriate, & Manage Your Resources to Scale Your Businesss Growth

Ok my friends this is your warning. This document is not intended to be some Fluffy, Feel Good, Wimpy crap that you walk away from not really having CEMENTED to change your life.


In fact, theres a very real possibility you will be somewhat upset, offended, or in the least CHALLENGED by this document and thats the entire POINT. And truth be told if you stand ONE shot in hell at truly building a walk away 6-7 figure business for yourself then you need to get STRONG. You need to be able to take it when someone tells you how it is, and not curl up in a little ball & wish you were back in mommys womb. Its time to eradicate the lazy mentality from this industry. Its time for us to commit to HARD, intelligent WORK. And its time for us to take TOTAL responsibility for our lives, businesses, and all the CHOICES we ourselves make.

My intention here as you will soon see is to TOUGHEN you up. Its to break down the often times Wimpy and Fantasy Ridden mindset so many people are bringing to our industry. (yea, I said it, WIMPY)

Part of this document is meant to address building your business very intelligently, and providing you some guidelines for how to do so. The other part is meant to work on your Subconscious .and subtly help you get STRONGER. Its meant to help you get TOUGH. Its meant for you to get VERY serious about the state of our world, and the financial future YOU are going to create for yourself.

Make no mistake there are some challenging times ahead. And like any strong Winter, its the people who are PREPARED for it that flourish & make it through. I want this document to help you in ALL of those ways. This is an ALL important guide. This is for JUST starting out newbie marketers, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. In this guide you will learn need to know principles and techniques for managing your businesss growth, and the INTELLIGENT ways to approach the vast job ahead of you of building the business that gives you what you truly want in life. Now that youve had a fair warning about whats inside lets begin.

Table of Contents
Introduction: The State of the Internet/Online Network Marketing Address. Chapter 1: Managing Expectations + The Appropriate Attitudal Framework When Starting to Grow A Business Online. Chapter 3: Budgeting & Balance. Chapter 5: No Excuses. Chapter 2: The Need For Training, & How That Fits Into Your Life. Chapter 4: Scheduling & Time Management INTELLIGENTLY.

Chapter 6: How to grow Fast & expand Realistically. Conclusion.

Its winter time my friends. Its time to get strong, its time to toughen up, its time to store food, its time to gather the firewood well need for this whole season to make sure we are warm. Its time

Its Winter Time, & You Better Get Strong.

I feel a lot of people who dont believe in themselves, who dont step up and take charge, and who dont put themselves at the leading edge of knowledge & the economy are going to suffer. Thats why Im going to do EVERYTHING I can to make sure the people who follow me are as empowered as you can BE.

While I will never claim I know whats going to happen one way or another, I certainly can feel that a retraction is upon us and its still uncertain just how large that retraction is going to be. I also feel there will be A LOT of people who dont educate themselves on where the future of money making is going who are going to suffer. (I do not want you to be one of them)

And you guys know what Im talking about. Im talking about the entire WORLD state at the moment, and the impending economic hardships our human race is going to face over the next 5-10 years, that have the potential to be very difficult (yet hopefully well emerge from the wiser)

From the ultimate perspective, its easy to see this is true. How could the entire universe be Wrong? (yet anytime you think something Shouldnt be happening, youre basically saying the entire universe is wrong, seeing as an infinitude of events needed to happen in a PRECISE way to produce every single moment of existence.) haha, it even just sounds ridiculous to say. The Entire Universe is Wrong. Obviously, the only thing that judges right and wrong is our limited human perspectives, which only see the tiniest micro speck of reality. Its very difficult for us to judge as small little human beings with our puny human awareness the VASTNESS of the decision making process of our cosmos. I for one know that no judgment I ever make will be accurate.

Now dont get me wrong I am NOT a doom & gloom dude. In fact the more you realize about the world the more you see its complete perfection. The more you see theres absolutely NOTHING wrong ever no matter whats happening.

I feel Ive learned at this point in my life that there is a DEEPER reason for all things to happen. And I believe our human race is at a very DEEP point of needing to learn some difficult lessons.

Weve abused our planet. Weve spent our lives focused on material goods, consuming useless products we dont really need, getting caught up in Status and keeping up with the joneses. Buying crap all day long that ends up in a garbage dump 12 months later yet sits there for the next 10,000 years. (just watch this: ) Yea, theres a lot of crap going on. And we as a human race are responsible for it.

And were going to have to learn some tough lessons. I believe the universe teaches us these things when were not teaching ourselves. The economy shrinking around the world is a LESSON. Its saying STOP buying crap you dont need. You see, when difficult times hit us we have the CHOICE to perceive it how we want to. Whatever way we perceive it is going to determine whether we move into the future EMPOWERED, or whether we move into the future struggling & miserable. I for one know my choice And its to perceive life from a deeper place.

Stop getting caught up in so much materialism. Dont buy stuff on credit you dont have. Go BACK to the simple things in life. Find joy in your friends, your family, your hobbies, dancing, reading, painting, swimming, everything that truly makes you feel ALIVE & costs nothing. From a place that doesnt judge whats happening in the world, but from a place that understands its necessary. That it needs to be. That theres a bigger purpose behind it all that Ill never fully grasp. And make no mistake that is exactly what were going to have to do. And that if were to continue to FLOURISH in this Winter Time of our world right now well need to develop more STRENGTH, more courage, more wisdom, & more intelligence then we may have ever mustered up in our life before. You See, Its A Competitive World Out There Right Now

You cant sit around in this modern day market place and EXPECT that food (money) is going to come to you. Its not. You have to get off your ass & go out there and GET IT.

The same applies on the Internet there are ENOUGH resources to feed everyone, but the thing is those resources dont become available to you until you MASTER the principles of getting them.

Straight talk here the world is HUNGRY. Lets just get it out of the way. Its a HUNGRY world. And while there are ENOUGH resources to feed everyone were still figuring out how to MANAGE those resources in the proper way to do it.

The biggest factor to making money in our current world is not how much competition is there because like I said, competition is a healthy sign that theres a HELL of a lot of money to be made in the market place.

Its that simple. And theres a HELL of a lot of motivated people right now trying to do the same thing. Thats a GOOD thing in truth, because competitive markets mean theres A LOT of money to be made. A LOT of people can become VERY successful right now, IF you understand the principles Ive made my life work to teach you.

The biggest factor is How GOOD are you at business? Thats really it. How good are you at GETTING the money? Your sole purpose when it comes to growing your business is to become a MASTER money getter. To understand the multi-faceted components of business, & how they all fit in together to form a synchronistic whole. You might be asking Why the heck am I writing this right now & giving this away for free? Well, Im not going to lie, my time isnt cheap. The very fact Im spending my time writing this right now, is pulling away from activities I could be doing to bring in tens of thousands of dollars, often times in days alone. (economy isnt bad for everyone. Trust me. You just need to be on the right side) Im Going to Teach You Some of That In This Document.

And at the end of the day I care a lot. Im moved deeply by the emotions & experiences of everyone, who I consider to be my extended family. And as a leader to this industry Im responsible to take care of the pack. To make sure everyone is educated, well trained on how to hunt, and has the best shot they could ever get at making it happen for themselves. So I stopped my regular projects for a few days to write this, because its just that damn important at the moment. Let me Tell You Why The main premise of this document is not to sit around and go ohhhhh, the sky is falling! Ohhh, its gonna be so hard... ohhh, whoa is you!. No, thats a crock of crap. And if I thought like that I wouldnt be making millions of dollars per year while most of this economy is sucking pond water.

But Im sitting here writing this literally for no other reason then you friggin' NEED it. Ok, thats it. I have a really really big heart. I talk to people all day long, and hear from my team, and many others whats going on in the market place. I keep my finger dialed in to the REAL feelings happening out there, and the struggles that are taking place on a daily basis.

I want to frame your expectations in the correct way, so that you dont set yourself up for failure. I also want to toughen you up, because if you understand that Winter is coming then you can go outside and chop some extra wood, store some extra food, make sure youve got fuel, or whatever else is needed to make it through winter, & if done correctly actually flourish. I want to help you understand the unique nature of the Internet, your process of education, & your process of growth so you only spend what you HAVE TO, & understand the correct path to follow to grow your business.

And if you think like that youre gonna shoot yourself in the foot. The purpose of this document is to actually TEACH YOU, and many other entrepreneurs who are passionate & dedicated about growing a business right now, some of the right fundamentals behind how to do it. Its to empower you.

(just like theres places all over planet earth that never see a drop of snow, arent cold, and the sun shines all the time so are there places you can achieve when it comes to building your business that will NEVER experience economic winter.) And Heres the Truth Regardless of what winter time is going on, regardless of whats happening in the economy, regardless of where you live if you are TRAINED right now with the proper skill sets & proper mindsets to attract Abundance YOU CAN DO IT. Its just that simple. You can do it.

The principles to manifesting in our world HAVE not changed, and never WILL change. There is so much abundance available for everyone its absolutely INSANE.

And Ive made the commitment that I WANT TO BE THERE! I want to be at the beginning of the NEW. Not at the end of the old. I want to be part of the Future of our economy, the future of our world I want to solve the problems industries of the past didnt consider as those ambitious entrepreneurs just plowed forward.

When I look around the world I see MASSIVE infrastructures in place. I see trillions upon trillions of dollars that isnt going ANYWHERE. I see new markets being born. New technologies being born. I see new INDUSTRYS being born

There is never going to be a shortage of innovation my friends. Theres never going to be a shortage of the UNDYING human spirit which flows through all of us constantly and spans millennia after millennia.

No no no my friends we are FAR more than that. In fact, no words will ever do justice to describing what our human spirit REALLY is but lets just say its powerful beyond measure. It has freed countries. It has cured problems thought impossible to cure. It has made discoveries almost so magical youd think reality was born from the most ingenious science fiction writer on the planet

You see, we are not the Limited creatures we might sometimes take ourselves to be. We are not just the content of our minds and the mass of our body.

Whats most important is that we recognize we ARE this same human spirit. Its not time to Shrivel Up inside its time to EXPAND.

Its Time to EXPAND Our View Of Ourselves, & the Universe, If You Want to Approach Our Future With A Complete Abundant Mentality.

Lets just say when the human spirit is CULTIVATED, focused, and fueled by love for life it can do anything. It is more powerful then we could imagine. It has changed the world countless times over. Yes, all of this has stemmed from the HUMAN spirit. And its that very same spirit Im now going to have you CALL UPON to manifest the business of your dreams. Theres no reason in the world you cant do it once you align yourself with the principles that make it happen.

Im not going to lie not all of those principles are in this document. Thats an impossible document to write. In fact, many of those principles can only be born from EXPERIENCE. They can only be born from you taking action, experiencing, & learning life lessons through your own trials & tribulations.

So with that said, lets get into some of what I want to teach you in this report. Because I dont have all day & I do actually have to get back to work.

And for that reason I felt I needed to address some very Basic yet often highly misunderstood principles, which you will find within this document. My aim here is to help set your business up on a solid, & intelligent foundation to grow from.

However, each Missing piece of the knowledge puzzle that gets filled in helps push you closer and closer to actualization. It helps push you closer and closer to making your goals & dreams happen in life with consistency & force.

Chapter 1:
Theres nothing that can quickly kill a newbie entrepreneurs hopes for success, and desire for a real business faster than false expectations.

Managing Expectations & Your Attitudal Framework.

False expectations are a TRAP that we create for ourselves based mostly on our Hope and fantasy for the solutions to our problems coming EASY, rather than being grounded in incredibly difficult work. Let me help you out with that right now THERE IS NO HOPE FOR AN EASY SOLUTION.

It does not exist ok. Get it out of your freaking mind right now. I dont care what the website told you, I dont care what your upline told you, I dont care who you met making $200,000 a month, I dont care WHAT ideas you have gotten in your head or why you got them Understand right now that there is no hope for an easy solution. If you continue to cling to an idea that success is EVER going to be easy, I promise you that you will only continue to be disappointed. And each disappointment only pushes you closer to giving up on yourself. Each disappointment weakens you a bit more until finally you collapse out of weakness.

Let me share with you a Better expectation to have. An expectation that will leave you TOUGH as nails, impossible to be defeated, and empowered to go beyond what your competition is going to do. Expect you will have to do WHATEVER it takes, with no clue what that is or how long it will be, but that you just HAVE TO DO IT & can NEVER STOP if youre ever to get the job done. Haha, talk about a mindset shift for most people ay? A little bit different then most of our original fantasies when we came into the industry yet as we have all probably learned by now How Are Those Fantasys Doing? Those Working Yet?

A lot of people also approach the specifics of their business, their strategies, & their marketing with the same earlier exposed limiting expectation. People assume that everything should work the First time you try it

When you begin planning your business, plan all the way to the 4th and 5th Plan Bs, and you can expect around then to begin seeing some results. Why? Because by that time you got EXPERIENCE. Because by that time youve taken Conceptual Knowledge, put it into ACTION, gotten feedback on how it worked, and adapted it to TRY AGAIN. There is seriously no other way to grow & get good at things!! (the caveat is the more skill you get in any area, the easier it gets until you often can nail anything you want first time out. But dont think that way until you ARE actually that good.) You think if you approached everything in your life this way it might make you a bit tougher? You think you might set yourself up to succeed a bit more? Instead of crying at the first sign of failure you will now be happy as a fat penguin if you succeed on your 4th or 5th try!! Adopt this frame work as your expectation. Adopt this mentality. Do not let yourself fall into the trap your own mind creates where It wants to believe everything is going to be easy, and your next instant potion for your pain is just around the corner.

Expect that NOTHING you will try on your 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd attempt at ANYTHING will even work. I dont care what it is a marketing strategy, a business, a traffic tactic, whatever. Just plan on your FIRST 3 attempts failing.

Yet anyone who actually INVESTIGATES this false belief quickly realizes its pure insanity. And if most of our worlds greatest inventors thought that way wed still be living in the stone age. Let me give you a different expectation

What a revolution! And oh my god if you actually succeed on your 3rd, 2nd, or by some stroke of god your 1st try at something you should seriously get on your knees and say THANK YOU to the universe for being so gracious to you.

There is no instant potion. Its only through consistent, dedicated, & relentless WORK that we ever create anything worthwhile.

That is my expectation. And with the proper warriors mindset, I am now ready to approach this battle of success with TOUGH skin. With my armor, my shield, not easily defeated by the common defeats we will all face as we establish ourselves in this industry.

THAT is my expectation. When I set out to create anything now what I EXPECT is that I will have to work HARDER than anyone else ever has, that I will have to push myself beyond my limits, that I will have to try and try and try again and again and again no matter how many times I FAIL if I really want to succeed at something.

In times like this in our world people are desperately needing leadership. The leadership of any organization will determine how ALL of the people in that organization flow & move.

Guess what, in order for anyone to follow you, you are going to need to LEAD. So First Things First Establish The Correct Warriors Mindset.

In this first chapter, I really just want to get the point home that its incredibly important to manage expectations. The most powerful thing in the world you can do for yourself when just starting is CREATE the proper expectations for yourself. So lets Recap

And you will at that point DESERVE their money. You will DESERVE the abundance you create as a leader because you are intrinsically GIVING BACK more to the universe then its actually giving you. Thats how this game works.

If you truly dedicate yourself to BECOMING that leader. If you fill yourself up with the value, the knowledge, the STRENGTH & PASSION that it takes to be a real leader then people will follow you. Its that simple.

If the leader doesnt work harder than the person next to them, then neither will the organization. EVERYTHING that you build will all stem & flow from your personal leadership. It will all stem from YOUR internal framework you set up inside, & the choice you make to become a true leader. That is what our world needs right now. Those are the people who will EARN their right to flourish in this economic wintertime we are heading into.

If the leadership has false expectations, everyone in the organization will have false expectations. If the leadership doesnt believe in themselves, the people in the organization wont believe in themselves.

Let me give you some real world, baseline guidelines so you KNOW what you are in for, and can make educated choices concerning your future & the path youre on to create money freedom. Most people dont understand that the network marketing industry ITSELF is a brand new career. Its an entire PROFESSION. Most people dont just stroll into network marketing & possess the skill sets required to be amazing team leaders, incredible recruiters, great networkers, great listeners, great communicators, etc.

For Starters: EXPECT a SOLID learning Curve.

These are skills DEVELOPED, just like any professional develops their skills.

The proper way you DEVELOP these skills is twofold. 1. You practice. 2. You HANG around professionals.

This is the FASTEST way to really get an education as a professional network marketer. You go to EVENTS, you network with the HIGH level professionals, you form relationships ALL over the industry. You get pitched by other top people, let yourself get recruited by other top people.

One of my great friends Aaron Fortner, whos one of the BEST networkers I know of, will literally JOIN many many many companies merely as a way of building relationships. Hell buy starter packages, order some product, refer some people because it shows the person youre networking with that youre SERIOUS.

But if you want to tap into the amazing marketing & advertising power of the Internet you need to become a MARKETER. And that has its OWN learning curve which you will NEED to get educated in. Theyre two different animals. Heres how I would judge expectations with these great beasts. #1: Professional Networker: 2-5 years in the industry, attending events, networking, recruiting, trying out many different companies, etc. After this period of time youll probably have gotten pretty damn good.

Online marketing is an ENTIRELY different animal. If you want to build a TRUE network marketing organization you need to become a professional networker. But heres the CAVEAT

After that theres ALWAYS going to be a solid ground for the relationship. Its pure brilliance. But the point is you have to get IN the door of other professional networkers & form the correct relationships. Thats the fastest way to learn the tricks of the trade in this industry.

- 6-12 months in the PRACTICING phase. This is you just going out there and flat out practicing. Practice putting up Facebook ads, PPC ads, practice doing some social media marketing, search engine optimization, WHATEVER. The main point in this

#2: Online Marketer: 1-6 months in the LEARNING phase. This is you getting down the terminology, understanding auto responders, capture pages, how to use them all, how everything works, etc. (note: these time frames depend completely on you. I know people who go much faster. Your intelligent efforts will be the determinant)

Here is where you start really figuring out how to turn your leads into BIG money. In this phase, you will gain mastery over specific marketing techniques, & can command money to you. Many advanced things open up to you here. Beyond this is a whole other ball game. Thats when you really begin diversifying your business models, & expanding in a VARIETY of other ways if you want. Well stop here and save that for future reports. The Big Mistake

- 12-24 months is the Mastering phase. Now this is where its time to really start making bigger money. Once youve got EVERYTHING down, youre well versed in how to drive traffic, & can get people to a page now you start Perfecting your process.

phase is really to get in the consistent habit of ACTION taking, & perfecting your skills so marketing starts to come naturally to you.

How does ANYONE think they are just going to come online, and be an expert at something, without first putting in the time & energy required to LEARN this craft? It makes no sense. (its widely reported 10,000+ hours required as investment to ever Truly be an expert at something. Thats about 5 years. Where you at? Im almost there , so clearly you can make money before that but its a good guideline to base your competence on.) This is very key. I hope you understand the main point Ive made here, and will adjust your business expectations accordingly. Just remember theres NO such thing as a true expectation you have concerning a Result.

Now, if you look at these VERY realistic expectations I set out for you can you see where you might have been making some errors in your own judgment? Sometimes people are just SO unrealistic it kills me.

But once you understand the real & natural way LEARNING takes place you can go easy on yourself, and relax into the process.

The ONLY real expectation you can ever have is that you will have to work AS long and as HARD as it takes to get the job done.

Its all a crock of crap you made up in your head.

You dont know how much work that is, you dont know how long it will take, you know NOTHING. All you know is that you can never quit, and you will just have to keep going until you accomplish your mission. Thats it.

Thats the only real expectation existing. Adopt that now, and Im telling you your life will change so fast it will shock you. And youll find youre a 10x more effective, & powerful entrepreneur as well. My main intention here is to just have you understand the education process, and commit yourself to it FULLY.

I want to avoid people jumping into something, and thinking they should be making money the next day, or masters over night, & then getting disappointed or beating themselves up if theyre not when in reality thats not how ANYTHING in life works. I dont want you giving up on yourself, or this incredible journey, because of misplaced expectations. And for each person, there will be a different learning curve. Some go fast, some go slow, some go in between thats not what matters. What matters is that you FINISH the race. What matters is that you just dont stop. Thats what equals true money freedom in this industry. Just NEVER stop. So, go easy on yourself. Dont try to force yourself into a box that doesnt exist. Let the common sense of this document guide you in an easy going way along your process so that you RELAX into your education.

Keep in mind, Im just giving you some baseline ideas here. Take them in, soak them up, feel how much they resonate with you and then FORMULATE your own ideas surrounding these concepts.

You PACE yourself during this race. And you dont go hard on yourself if youre not mastering every part of this business overnight. The more youre able to let go of expectations, and just FOCUS on consistently performing the action steps that lead to MONEY the more money youre going to make. And the faster your business IS going to grow. Just KNOW you are exactly where youre SUPPOSE to be right now, and your unique education process is unfolding. Our personal & unique lives are not up for comparison. Its an impossible thing. If we get stuck in that trap we end up living in delusion & misery. One of the MAIN points here is to RELAX. Where ever you are at right now, thats EXACTLY where you need to be. Dont compare yourself to others. Dont judge yourself. Dont think you Should Be somewhere other than where you are. Its a sure fire way to be utterly miserable.


But when were ONLY focused on ourselves, our own journey, our own process, and we stay COMMITTED & GROWING on a daily basis the right thing ALWAYS works out for us. Our path will unfold EXACTLY like its suppose to. Lets get into chapter 2. So please, relax into your education process. Hold yourself accountable and push yourself to expand your possibilities but dont ever assume you should be somewhere other than where you are. I promise you you shouldnt.


Chapter 2:
Education is a necessity in life, & in business. You wouldnt be reading this report right now if you didnt know that. What I want to talk about in this section is HOW education fits into your life and give you some recommendations on approaching this New Education of making money on the Internet.

Education & Training + Your Life.

Weve seen in the last 5 years an absolute explosion of EVERYTHING INTERNET. Companies get started and sell for $1.65 billion 18 months later. A Social network that is now the 3rd most populated country in the world. Major companies shift their $20 million dollar super bowl commercials to ALL social media advertising for the first time in 20 years. And the list just keeps going. The point is we all KNOW the Internet is the place to be right now. We know that the world is changing so fast its the people who STAY on the leading edge, and who adopt with that change, that are in the most powerful advertising positions. Its like being one step ahead of the game constantly. And when youre a step ahead of the game youre there to get the traffic first, get the leads first, and get the new business flowing in FIRST. Just in the last few years alone, I swear to god it feels like the entire online network marketing community has 10x itself. From when I started till now its literally matured into an INDUSTRY of its own. (hehe, Ive probably pushed played a bit of a role in that. ) So What Are My Recommendations? Sothis has fueled an incredible surge of people RUSHING towards the Internet in our industry, literally in droves, to get an education & training on how to be AHEAD of the pack, and With It at the leading edge.

You see, Its not a hidden fact the world is MASSIVELY shifting towards the Internet for advertising, information, innovation, interaction, and so many other incredibly important facets of human life.

But what I want to talk about in this chapter is how to do this INTELLIGENTLY. Because I feel like so many people out there are just running around like chickens

Now, given the fact online network marketing is literally becoming an INDUSTRY of its own, which I have calculated to be a $100-$200 Million+ annual industry already it makes A LOT of sense for you to be spending education dollars here and establishing an advertising infra structure in front of all these people.

with their heads cut off, feeling like they need to buy everything and thats simply not true. Also, I think people tend to take a lot of information out of context and rarely develop a mature perspective on how to approach their Own Education. Its for this reason I want to help mature your perspective now, and help give you a framework for how to approach your education. The Baseline

I do not recommend under any circumstances that you IGNORE any aspect of an education you can get. Theres an incredible amount of good & knowledge you will gain from these traditional educations. It makes no sense. You should continue to network, join local meetings, start meet up groups, and do EVERYTHING you possibly can to expand your connections & recruit OFFLINE as well.

First, theres already a Baseline education we get in network marketing of how to grow a business. Its the one your company is giving you, and your LEADERS of your organization are giving you.

I think a lot of people tend to think its either ALL online, or ALL offline and thats simply not true. When youre beginning to build your business online why would you also stop building it offline? If youve adopted the CORRECT expectations towards approaching building your business online like Ive outlined in chapter 1 then you know your first 6 months in this industry is really going to be devoted to GETTING the proper education. Its going to be devoted to establishing the base framework of which you will build your house upon. You should be devoting a Set amount of time towards this EACH week but it should not completely control your life. If you have a job, your schedule could look something like this: Work: 8:00-5:00 Network/Make Calls: 6:30-8:00 Education: 8:30-10:00

Now of course, this doesnt have to be the way it is EVERY day. Some days maybe youre only on the phone, doing 3 ways, or networking for 30 minutes. Some days not at all. Some days youre going to a local networking group or something and

youre gone all night, so that day maybe you dont work completely on your online business. Its going to vary.

What I want to do is give you a baseline framework for how to structure your time, so that you are in the process of DEVELOPING your business on the Internet, getting your education, but at the same time being VERY productive with how you use your time & energy. If you set an Action Step to accomplish each day in your online education & growing your online business its STAGGERING how fast you will grow. Yet most people are just sitting around twiddling their thumbs!! You cant just hang out on Facebook. You HAVE to set goals. You HAVE to set action oriented steps that can be MEASURED, & completed each day. If you seriously just set 1 of those a day and complete it. You will be a transformed individual in 30 days.

Also, if you HAVE more time & energy it goes without saying the more focused you are on something the faster it will expand. So of course you can spend more time speeding up your education if you HAVE the time to spend. Because I was so serious about online marketing I crafted my life to devote every possibly waking hour to it and I was able to get things going much faster. If you dont feel the same way I did, or your situation is different, then you need to structure the time you DO have in accordance with your life/schedule. I would highly recommend that as you gain in MONEY making ability on the Internet you keep investing MORE and more in it. Because once you get over the Hump of making your first dollars online explosive growth is often not that far off. So at that point dedicate yourself completely.

You have to understand, Network Marketing is the Vehicle but Marketing in general is the ENGINE. Marketing is what makes everything RUN. Becoming a marketer is what gives you the ability to command money your way. The emphasis of my teachings is mostly on becoming a master Marketer because thats a skill you can take to the bank no matter WHAT you are doing in life. (many others can teach you how to talk to people & build teams. I want to teach you what many others simply cant. ) As your marketing education continues to pay off, you can devote even MORE time to your marketing. When you start generating 10 leads a day it makes sense to spend some more time and get that to 25 leads a day. Thats literally a doubling of your business.

Youll find that once you really GET how to market its VERY easy to double, triple, quadruple you income exactly like Ive done the last few years. Because it becomes at that point the simple science of getting traffic & Converting Leads. The more of those 2 things you do the more you can scale your business into incredible profits. Regardless of the economic times were now in, trust me, there are HUNDREDS of millions of dollars floating around just our little online network marketing space right now. I find that as we gain in confidence and competence building our business online we develop a Natural Rhythm for our work schedule & marketing efforts.

And BILLIONS outside of that

Originally it may only be a few hours a day or night, but as you start to see results youll transition more and more of your time there. In the beginning is when its going to take the MOST energy from you to get going. The beginning is the most IMPORTANT time you stay stead fast, and committed because thats what determines you getting the whole Ball pushed up the hill so you can just roll it down the other side of the mountain. Hopefully this section shed some light on how your Education fits into your life. And also clarifies that getting an Education doesnt mean you put everything else in your life on hold. It means youre ADDING more tactics, more strategies, and a more comprehensive APPROACH into your overall game plan. Thats the purpose of an education. Its not a thing to be looked at as a Burden.

As Ill address later on so many people complain of information overload, and all this other crap which in truth is just a bunch of WHINING and a lack of a correct approach to their education & building their business. But well talk about that soon. Most of us have purchased material, training, educations the whole 9 yards already, and have gotten a LOT of things to do at this point in our business. I want to address another MAJOR point now If youve purchased any of my advanced courses what so ever each of those is a DIRECT path to take to BUILD your business. Every single thing I do has action step after action step to take built within all my mentoring & programs.

If you follow ANY of my courses Im showing you exactly how Ive made my money along every step of the way. Im literally handing people an education worth Hundreds of thousands, to MILLIONS of dollars depending on the certain tactic at hand. I dont put a course out that DOESNT contain this level of precise, money making action steps. Yet so often I hear that people are NOT actually taking action. They buy one course they do absolutely NOTHING with it. Then another one comes out and they buy that too, and do absolutely nothing with it. News flash my friends you are in the MARKETING industry. There is ALWAYS going to be stuff to buy. There is ALWAYS going to be people who are creating amazing products, and doing a great job selling them. Thats CHILDISH, & Ridiculous. And this process repeats over and over until they are frustrated, and almost act like its someone elses fault they are in the position they are in.

Its YOUR responsibility to determine what you NEED in your life right now, and what will BENEFIT you along your path, and then buy it or dont.

If you have A LOT on your plate, and your focused on one specific tactic like Facebook Advertising and you know that anything else would just distract you and slow you down from getting traffic from this ONE medium youre focused on then Dont pay attention to it.

Exercise some damn SELF CONTROL here people. No one is a child in this industry. Nobody holds a gun to anyones head. Its that simple. And if you DO buy something you should USE IT. Im not saying that getting an education isnt important because believe me Im well aware its THE most important starting step to making life change.

Buy stuff that BENEFITS you, that you think will grow your business. Dont buy stuff that you dont think you need or you dont think will help you grow your business.

But what I am saying is that its YOUR responsibility to make use of the education you get, and PACE yourself. The most IMPORTANT part of any education is putting the knowledge you learn into use. If youre NOT doing that then something is wrong with you. Some blockage is stopping you from actually TAKING ACTION and its your responsibility to figure out exactly what that is and do something about it.

It may be your fear of failure, it may be paralyzing insecurities, it may be self doubt, it may be judgment, and self criticism, it may be insecurity around your skills, it may be self worth issues these are all the most COMMON things that stop people from taking action in their business. Guess what? Its NO BODY ELSES FAULT if you are letting YOUR emotions, your mindset, and your attitudes in life STOP YOU from taking action. Its YOUR responsibility to be successful. No one elses. The ONLY way anyone gets over their insecurities is by FACING their fears. By Challenging themselves even when its terrifying. By Pushing themselves to GROW in strength, power, self confidence, and COMPOTENCY of these specific skill sets that create money in our industry. Yet so often I see people not challenging themselves. I see them blaming, then running away, when the truth of the matter is its THEIR fault. The truth is they cant face their pain. They cant face their insecurities. They cant face their lack of belief in themselves. And when push comes to shove they take what they Think is the easier road. Make No Mistake

Youve stunted yourself. And truth be told this is the vast majority of individuals in our industry right now. I dont believe that youre Born with it if youre gonna make money in this industry. Thats a crock of crap. Making money is based around SKILLS. If youve got the proper skills, you can make money. The only requirements for developing a SKILL are education, training, practice, persistence, and COMPLETE dedication.

Its TOUGH shit. But the only way we get stronger in life is by FACING them. The only way we actually grow is by GOING THROUGH IT ALL. If you dont do this youre blocking your own growth. Youre running from your OWN life challenge the universe has presented you with, and its no wonder youre not making progress.

Its not easy facing your limiting beliefs. Its not easy facing your PAIN. Its not easy facing the fact you may or may NOT believe in yourself. Its not easy facing all the REASONS why yourself doubt, insecurities, or traumas exist.

No matter what level your Raw Talent is at I know for a fact ANY human being can get their skill sets in the zone of money making if they are completely aligned with the requirements I mentioned above. It just demands their FULLEST potential to be realized. Thats what were here to do.

I really want a deeper level of accountability to start to emerge in this industry. Because so many people actually HOLD themselves back by blaming others for their problems. They hold on to false beliefs that Its someone elses fault because thats easier than facing the truth which is that our results are really on us. As long as were clear on this Lets move on.

Ok Hopefully this chapter enlightened you a bit as to how education fits into your life & I made my tough teacher points.


Chapter 3:
Budgeting is an INCREDIBLE important aspect of GROWING a real business. Thats why Im going to give you some good advice on how to budget yourself in a healthy fashion to grow. 1. Education 2. Tools, Systems, Resources 3. Marketing Top 3 Items you need to budget for:


There is absolutely no getting around spending money in your business. If youre one of those business challenged people who says You mean this is gonna cost me!? you need to pay CLOSE attention. Develop your BUDGET, for how youre going to grow your business. You know an actual BUSINESS PLAN. I know I know, pretty strange concept for network marketers. But in the rest of the world people do actually develop a business plan when they want to grow a profitable business. Any real business is going to require A LOT of your damn money. Its going to require A LOT of your time, energy, and sweat equity. I dont care what way you look at it if youre in this FOR REAL then act like a real entrepreneur.

When it comes to your Budget, you need to determine EVERY ounce of income you have to devote to your business RIGHT now. And my recommendation is, if you want this to be a REAL business, that REALLY turns into a lifelong income stream for you then devote AS MUCH as you possibly can. If you treat this half ass, thats what youll get. Im not saying spend your rent money, your food money, or anything like that that is just pure foolishness. If youre doing that you need to STOP and come back to reality. Building a business isnt a Magic Potion for your problems.

Im not kidding.

Its very important to have as solid a foundation as you can when you approach building your business. Your finances should be secure, you should have money coming in to devote to your business, you should not be in a state of Fear or it will dehabilitate you. If this means getting a job or staying at your job so be it. Just be wise with how you budget your TIME to build your business and nothing can stop you from doing it.

You should NEVER SPEND money if it will hurt your ability to live safely & comfortable in my personal opinion. Thats just an irresponsible decision.

Now, once youve determined ALL of your available income then you create a budgeting plan.

Theres an entire WORLD actually out there to experience. I highly recommend not sitting in front of a screen and watching OTHER people experience it. Trust me, its more fun to experience YOURSELF. But that ain't going to happen unless you get to business. Youre probably going to need $20 a month for an autoresponder that is just LOCKED in stone. Probably $50 a month for a system for your capture pages, or if you hire designers and whatnot to build your own it could be more or less, depending on who youre working with.

Get rid of all Moron Money in the same way you get rid of all Moron Activities. Like sitting in front of the T.V. for hours on end. Seriously if you do that, stop. The T.V. is quite possibly the biggest waste of life thats ever been invented.

Then what I would do IMMEDIATELY is stop wasting what a buddy of mine called Moron Money. Money that is spent on crap that is POINTLESS, and doesnt add value to your life in any way, or assist you in creating your destiny.

The smartest way to budget for a business is to do a COMPLETE analyzation of your finances. Determine how much income you have in the Bank, in your savings, how much income comes in every month. What is your left over discretionary income, vs. income that goes to fixed costs.

Mandatory Tools

But to start off, most of your budget will be pretty low for your software, and truth be told, if youre in a system like - you get your software, capture pages, and the rest WITH an education on top of it. So its pretty much killing two birds with one stone for a very affordable price. In the beginning of your business, you need to appropriate the correct budget to get your FIRST major education course. This is the course that is going to teach you exactly what to do, show you how to do it, and then give you the action steps to take to make it happen.

Anything outside of that is optional when youre ready. Example: go to webinar, traffic geyser, etc. tools like that which help you either drive traffic, make money, or both.



Once you have this course its your DUTY to study it and implement it. However unless you are completely broke, I generally recommend you plug into ONGOING education. Ongoing education is ESSENTIAL to success in life. Period & end of story. Needles to say, theres some serious value there. Even more than just the tactics, & knowledge ongoing education is a COMMITMENT to yourself. Its DEDICATING yourself to the entire process. That is quite possibly the most important part of business. This needs to be you. So depending on your budget, will determine your ongoing education program.

Any real course at that level should be BAD ASS. It should be complete, and since I can only speak for myself I know when you purchase our TOP of the line mentoring programs they are literally jam packed with ALL of the very things I do in my business on a daily basis to make millions of dollars.

Usually a COMPREHENSIVE and full course like this from us is going to cost $197 on the low end, to a more comprehensive & updated courses at $500. When you invest in your chosen course at this level just trust that whats inside has the potential to make you back 20-100x the money you spend. Period & end of story.

Time after time the people I see making money in this industry are the ones I see consistently on webinars, in the community, attending classes, and just flat out PLUGGED in. They are the action takers, & theyve dedicated themselves. If youre looking for the BEST bang for your buck, with a ton of value & amazing ongoing education I recommend our system. Its literally the kit and kaboodle and ALL one would ever need to get started, & STAY started. Its seriously a phenomenal value for the investment.

If youre looking for the HIGHEST level & most advanced education you can get right now, on a continual basis, & to be plugged in to the top leaders, top educators, and most cutting edge training on a weekly basis its definitely our group mentoring program. This is a $997 program you can see here: The final piece of your budget youll want to appropriate for, are Launches. Often times the launches in our industry are for the FRESHEST, sexiest, and most RECENT money making tactics. Im not going to kid you, the launches we do just keep getting better and better. And I personally know that EVERY single launch I do, is for a VERY fresh & cutting

edge tactic. Basically the stuff I think everyone needs to know the MOST, & will make them the most money.

Usually these happen with us about once a quarter. If its possible for you to be part of each of them I would do it. No joke, its that powerful of an education. You will get so much better in life & money making its not even funny. However, the most important thing in your education psyche is that you develop a CHANNEL for the knowledge to flow through and into ACTION. Heres what I mean by that. When you are actually taking ACTION however it RELEASES all that information from your head. It CHANNELS it into the real world. Now your heads empty, and the Result of the information is manifested in the real world. This creates a space for MORE information. Which you can then channel into the real world and will make you even MORE money. This is literally the most profitable process in the world. Its education like this that allows one to continuously grow and grow and grow. If you are NOT taking action after you learn something that means the information is just stuck up in your head. If you put more information in there that means your head just gets more full of data. Thats the bloated, info feeling we call Information overload.

When you get your life to operate like this then education truly becomes the most profitable thing in the world. Because if I show you a million dollar activity to do, and youve got a CLEAR channel to just go out and do it its almost impossible for it not to make you money. In this respect, I highly recommend you are part of virtually every launch we do if you can. That is, if it falls within your budge of NOT negatively affecting your life. If you cant do it then you cant do it. Its that simple. You know yourself, you know what you can afford, you know what will empower you, or what will be a waste.

If youre so focused and dont want to unfocus from anything then you have to HONOR that. And ignore launches. But if its a right time for you to expand your education, or you think the topic is really SUPER SUPER important and will help you make money then do it. In the end, budgeting comes down to YOUR call. It comes down to an awareness of what puts you over your comfort zone, and whats being too cheap.

Wealthy people dont ask how much is this going to cost. They ask How much is this going to MAKE ME. If an education is going to teach you how to get 10 more new leads per day, or close 5 more new people per month thats a RIDICULOUSLY profitable education. Youd be a fool not to get it. This is the biggest mistake of broke people. In the end, you have to PUT YOUR EMOTIONS ASIDE when it comes to your education. And just operate within your budget. The only time I see people make mistakes with their education is when they view an education as the Cure to their Pain. When people think something is going to be an Instant Fix to their pain they get in trouble. Because they buy things they cant afford, or do things they shouldnt do, because of the irrational drive to just get rid of their pain. And in our industry, the real problem is a LACK of true understanding of success, a lack of a true WORK ethic, and the unresolved negative beliefs & emotions people carry about themselves which stunts their growth. I hope so. Because this is important information. And my intention for everyone after this document is to be 100% clear on HOW to approach building their business, and to have no excuses or anyone to blame for their problems.

Many people are flat out too cheap, because they have no real understanding of how education works. They dont get that without getting the education, they will NEVER change. They look at the education as a Cost rather than a PROFITABLE activity itself.

Now, an education IS the solution to problems, no matter what they are but they arent to be treated like some Drug. Were not the drug industry thats going to dope you up and make you feel better for 20 seconds, but then the real problem is still there. If you dont tend to these things first youre always going to make life harder on yourself and subconsciously sabotage your pure intentions & drive to build a better life. We clear on this?


Chapter 4:
Now, I dont think I need to spend a lot of time here since I covered this in some previous chapters a little bit. But scheduling your time is VERY important.


Just like you Budget your money you need to budget your time. You should create an itemized check list EACH & every day of what your highest dollar per hour activities are. Ill give you a few examples I learned from $20-$30 million per year earner Eben Pagan.

#1: Lifetime Value Activities (Education) Eben says time and time again this is single handedly the most profitable activity in business, more so than ANYTHING else. The reason is education is what allows you to even earn money. But just make sure you approach your education (& action taking) like I outlined in the previous chapters. #2: High Dollar Activities: This could be Closing people in your business, new lead generation, creating products, doing 3 way calls and building team leadership, etc. These are the activities that RING THE CASH REGISTER. They pull money in the door. #3: Mid Dollar Activities: this is stuff like programming, building a website, managing or running your business, technical things that require a skill set. Usually in the $25-50 per hour range these activities are worth. #4: Low Dollar Activities: this is rote, repetitive stuff. Any kinds of activities like that, which you could probably be outsourcing for $10 an hour or less.

This is a example of the levels of VALUE pertaining to the activities we really perform on a daily basis. What you need to do is make sure YOUR TIME is budgeted & scheduled to be spent on the HIGHEST dollar per hour activities you could be working on, and your LIFETIME value activities if possible.

#5: NEGATIVE COSTLY ACTIVITES: this is ANYTHING that wastes your time, & makes you no money. Checking email all day. Spending all day browsing Facebook or YouTube. Crap that may make you feel like youre working but youre really not. Youre wasting your time & odds are if youre doing this all day you have a problem I might have already addressed earlier in this document preventing you from taking real action.

In the beginning, you need to do everything. Thats normal & the way it is for everyone. But as you grow your business, you can hire an assistant to schedule calls for you, or respond to emails or messages, or whatever it might be. In the beginning, just work your ass off until youve made enough money to do that. Devote as much time HUMANLY possible to your business, until its far exceeding your goals. Its that simple. If you really want to reach your goals then dedicate yourself completely until youre there. Your Schedule

Once you are there go on a vacation for the rest of your life if you want. I dont know what you want to do but I know you cant do it until youve REACHED the point of Freedom youve set out for yourself.

My strategy is work as hard as I have to UNTIL Ive reached that point. Then Ill take 3 years off if I want and travel the world. But I mine as well do that from the Point of No Return as I like to think about it.

So again, look at your daily life & determine how much time you have to devote to your business. If its 2 hours a day great. If its 3 hours a day, even better. If its 12 hours a day AWESOME. Ive made a new commitment to try to get ALL my work done in 6 hours a day, and relax and ENJOY myself the rest of the day. So baby steps! But in the mean time I make more money than most of everyone I know so I guess theres something to be said about my approach as well. Hehehe. I highly recommend you pick up this book if you want a TRUE education on how important rejuvenation is to your success. Tony Schwarts The Power Of Full Engagement. Lets get into Chapter 5 & start wrapping this up here. This is a world leader in peak performance. The book is incredible. Buy it, study it, and I recommend you set up your life & work activity based on the knowledge you learn in that book. Ive adapted a HUGE part of my work ethics around that book. Devote whatever you can. Just make sure youre still remembering to ENJOY this journey. Im not always the best example of that the people who are close to me often tell me I need to get out a bit more! Haha, I agree with them. But hey, Im learning. Im getting better.


Chapter 5:
As you can tell I pretty much WEAVE the Warrior Mindset into just about everything I do. I INFUSE this mindset into every word I utter. It is the very essence of my communication (at least thats my intention), and I try to empower this awareness into everyone that learns from me. The Warrior is someone who has taken control of his or her life again, at least as much as one can. The Warrior is someone who has more strength, more power, and more Manifesting ability than the average person, and because of this they can create freedom while most will stay struggling along the path. The Warrior mindset itself really IS the mindset of Unstoppable. Its really the mindset of I Will Never Stop.

NO Excuses

I will continue to drill the point home a bit deeper here. You see, its only when we have taken RADICAL responsibility for our life that we truly become the Warrior. I truly believe that Warriors are the only ones who really step up to the plate and knock it out of the park in this industry. Its because warriors have developed the necessary attitude, mindset, and SKILLS to become unstoppable. Let me give you some mantras to chant within yourself. I highly recommend you adopt these beliefs if you want to take the mindset of the Warrior as your own. Seriously Feel the universal power contained within these beliefs. I Will Never Stop. I Am Infinity Itself Freedom is the most IMPORTANT thing to me in Life. I am an Unconceivable Mystery, That is Staggeringly Beautiful in its Vastness. My True Nature is Mysteriously Powerful, & Has No Limits. There is absolutely NOTHING I cannot achieve in this lifetime if I really WANT it. Pure Love is the very Essence of my Soul. I am not Separate From Anything in Life, I am Connected to All Of Life. When I align my Intention With the Universal Intention, I Manifest Easily.


I am a being of Truth, Love, & Unbelievable Beauty. I Am Completely Whole. I need Nothing in life to be Satisfied. I am Complete Exactly as I am. I am the source of my own Happiness. Happiness comes from Within Me. I dont need anything to make me happy. Happiness is my Birth right. Life flows through me Perfectly when Im Aware. Awareness Is My Goal. I Can be Completely FREE In this Lifetime of ALL Suffering. I Can become completely Enlightened in this Lifetime, to the Highest Understanding of the Universe. (if you want, print these mantras and plaster them all over your house, office, and other places so you constantly see them and are reminded of your OWN Magnificence. If they resonate put them up everywhere so you can read them daily!) I Am One With Life. Lifes Power Flows Through Me. Because of this knowledge I will never stop. I will never give up. I will spend my last dying breath fighting for freedomand completing my divine mission on this planet.

And you know, I could keep going with these mantras for days. I love them. And I literally feel every single one of these things. These feelings, thoughts, and beliefs empower me to wake up every single day & go after my biggest dreams & goals in life, with the utmost confidence I can ACHIEVE them.

YOU have a same mission yourself. YOUR life has an incredible, amazing, divine calling. Its time for you to WAKE up to it. Its time for you to WAKE up to the calling of your own spirit and go after what your diving calling & mission really is. Thats what we are here to do. That is our true purpose. Its not money, vacations, or any other Stuff. What we are truly here to do is WAKE UP to our divine calling on this planet. The Purpose behind our life. Thats for you to decide and Im confident the more Clear & Strong you get within yourself the more your lifes calling will come into total focus.

When it comes to entrepreneurship being an entrepreneur is the VEHICLE for which you create financial freedom. Its the vehicle that allows you to Drive around the planet, experiencing what you want, completely freely.

The only way youre going to achieve this is if you take OWNERSHIP of the entire Self-Growth process. There is a powerful process that entails self growth,

leadership, & business skills required to understand before the MONEY game completely opens itself up to you.

The proper mindset to approach this is You will do ANYTHING it takes to master the skill sets required, and master your own Self Growth process. The process that enables you to gain strength & power as a human being. A warrior realizes they are FULLY responsible for this. They see every single part of life as a Teacher. All challenges are presented to us to TEACH us, to help us, and to aid us in gaining power. In fact, the Toltecs refer to challenges as Gifts Of Power. Because when we overcome a challenge, we gain in power. It is your responsibility to do this. Its your responsibility to see the challenges life presents you in their proper context as TEACHERS. As Gifts of Power. You then have the choice you either face your challenges, or you run from them.

Its that simple. Theres no one to blame. You either face your challenges, or run from them. Your decision will determine the outcome of your life as a Free being or a being stuck in Bondage. It is my most SINCERE wish that you CHOOSE to take full responsibility for your life, your challenges, and your path right now. It is my sincere wish that you CHOOSE to face all of your challenges, and you no longer run from ANYTHING in life. That you stay put. And even up against the most monstrous challenge you face that challenge with every ounce of your human spirit you can muster up. This is my wish for you. There are no excuses. If you want everything one could ever even ask for in life then just do this, and youll get it.


Chapter 6:
Now that the proper mindsets, expectations, and practical advice for budgeting time & money has been LAID I will address another common question I get from students about how to scale their business intelligently.

Growing Fast

First off, THIS is the entire process of growing a business on the Internet. #1: You set up a lead capture page. #2: You Drive traffic to that capture page through one strategy. #3: You turn your leads into money. (you monetize)

Its literally that simple. Now, obviously theres many different skills in-between that matter a lot, and help to make this process that much easier. But the essential BUSINESS model does not need to be confused here. THAT IS IT. You create a capture page, you drive traffic to it, you close your leads. Thats it.

So what I recommend is that students literally start at STEP 1, and then only go from there. If you currently have NOTHING set upthen your FIRST step is to set up a capture page. Again, a system like makes it very easy to do this. Plus, you dont have to worry about web copy, making your first video, or anything like that this system makes it very easy for you to just GET STARTED and go. Once you have a capture page set up then you pick 1 strategy. JUST ONE STRATEGY. Thats it. And you focus on MASTERING that strategy. SO I often recommend this as the #1 place to start for people who are just beginning. As your marketing gets more advanced & experienced then you diversify into your OWN custom capture pages, websites, and marketing. Thats how the process works. So for example, if you have a capture page like this here, which is one of our default 7figurenetworker capture pages:

Then once that page is set up you pick ONE tactic and drive traffic to your page. So for example, lets use the tactic of Yahoo! PPC. In this instance, you would log into the system, you would go to the specific section on PPC marketing, you would take the ads and keywords we give you and you would go SET UP your first Yahoo PPC campaign.

Youll be able to see, are you converting 10% of your traffic into leads? More, less? Youll be able to determine how much $ youre spending for that lead.

Once you do this YOU HAVE COMPLETED most of the battle. From this point on you just REFINE that marketing. Maybe you try out a new headline on the capture page, maybe you make your OWN capture page and see how that converts. Maybe you try new ads and you just measure the results to see which one gets you the most leads.

Now, if you do this with our system our system will tell you exactly how much traffic youre getting, and what your lead Conversion rate is on that capture page.

There will no longer be a question in your mind of If you can do it. You KNOW you can do it. From there its just about refining your skills, and increasing your mastery. Thats what leads to more and more money power.

The point of this is to start PRACTICING & learning how to do marketing. Because once you do it once you can do it again. All of a sudden this previously mysterious, frightening, and unknown task of marketing just became as easy as riding a bike.

If youve mastered getting traffic ALL throughout Yahoo! then go to MSN. If youre bored of PPC then buy a course on Blogging and set up your Blog Empire, while your PPC campaigns continue to make you money. And on and on this process goes until you LITERALLY could have your business blanketed across the entire web. That is What I DID.

You can just REPEAT this process over and over again as many times as you want, with as many different traffic sources as you can find. If you master one keyword in Yahoo! PPC, pick another 10. Lets Say You Want To Expand

Once you find a high converting page for a traffic source its like a Money Machine. Because you can just keep closing those leads into your business, or keep offering affiliate products, or many other multiple streams of income if you want and thats the SCIENCE of building a business on the net.

Once you master both your business will have grown even bigger. So then you buy our Facebook PPC course, and we teach you how to double your business AGAIN, getting even more traffic From Facebook. This is the exact process I used to grow my business into literally one of the largest if not the Largest training company in the entire industry right now. Even with

Google screwing with everyone, we still generate hundreds of leads daily for our business, and are planning on expanding that into the THOUSANDS very soon. In a nutshell, the process of SCALING a business can be broken down to this. Step 1: You MASTER getting traffic and making money from one Source.

The possibility for your businesss growth is really endless. Its outside the scope of this volume for how to do all of it but none the less its endless. Step 2: Only when youre comfortable & ready to move on then you venture into a separate source of traffic and begin the mastering process there again.

Theres no real reason for anyone to overwhelm themselves. Every time I hear that while I do have empathy for people, I cant help but think to myself Why Are You Doing This To Yourself?

Step 3: You repeat this process as much as you can until youve maxed out every traffic source possibly in our industry. (thats a lot) At that point, you can diversify your business to go into new markets if you want to keep getting even bigger. (what we are doing now)

I can so clearly see that it is the way people THINK that overwhelms them. Its their OWN damn fault. Its like how are you going to be Mad so much opportunity exists in the world? Yet thats basically what people are Mad at. Damnit! Theres just too many options, and too many ways for me to make money. Boo hoo. Poor me. Im over whelmed. The vast majority of humans living now are living in utter Poverty. They have no access to Internet. They are struggling to survive, many arent, on a daily basis. If you think you are a blessed human being, who has been given so much opportunity, and youre just so appreciative of life then life will be absolutely amazing for you. Its just that simple.

Seriously grow up. We should all be down on our hands and knees in GRATITUDE that we even have the possibilities and opportunities we have in life. If youre reading this right now you are one of the luckiest human beings on the planet. You should be GRATEFUL for the gift life has given you. Realize that our PERCEPTION of life is really what Creates the world. Im not kidding the world is literally Your Perception of the World.

In any case, expanding your business without overwhelming yourself is as easy as I outlined in this section. Just dont hold yourself to some unreasonable or unrealistic expectation. Just let your business & skill sets grow naturally. There is no such thing as Information Overload if youre actually taking ACTION on any of the knowledge you have. Information overload does not exist for those who take action. If youre an action taker it becomes Information FUEL. Information literally fuels your action more and more & into higher and higher realms of money making. NEVER make the foolish mistake of blaming information for your inaction. Without this information, wed all be working for the MAN right now. (and if you are working for the man, its this information that will free you.) Steadily dedicate yourself, have patience & persistence, and NEVER stop. Just let your businesss growth flow from there naturally and get your own head out of the way about it.

Our perception DICTATES how we feel about life. Change your perception from all these negative, bull crap stories we tell ourselves about how bad we have it, or all our problems, or whatever it might be and the ENTIRE WORLD changes. Our lives change. Just change your perception RIGHT NOW and its done.

Trust me if you just FOCUS on the action steps required each day to make money, and create more success, it will happen. All your thinking in the world wont make a lick of difference, and most of the time will just waste your energy. Dont over complicate life. Your actions, & your business, really ARE under your control. Just be wise, and follow the advice Im giving you in this document, and youll never have to be confused about growing your business again. See you in the last chapter.


The reason why I wrote this document is because I believe some hard hitting, very common sense, & just pure straight talk advice was needed by and large for our industry. I feel too many people over complicate things, because they are missing the proper perspective.

The Conclusion

This document provides that proper perspective. I understand my style was pretty Hard Teacher here, and I was pretty tough with you. Trust me thats whats NEEDED in our world right now.

Whats needed right now in our world is true HEART Centered, common sense, powerful, & tough leadership.

Its time for people to really step up and CLAIM their power. The challenges that are facing each of us individually, as well as our world at large, are HUGE. They are possibly some of the greatest challenges our human race has ever faced. And guess whos going to face them YOU & ME. Thats right we are. Were not going to sit around and say Ill wait for someone else to do it. Ill wait for someone else to clean the Environment. Ill wait for someone else to get rid of the toxic chemicals & poisons in our food supply. Ill wait for someone else to reform our ridiculous & out of control Corporate/Government system. Ill just wait for someone else to take care of me

We dont need more of these Wussy secret teachers running around telling you to just Think Positive. Give me a break. Half those people are now broke, and one of them is in Jail. Ha. Tell me if they arent missing a piece or two of the puzzle.

BULL SHIT. Im not waiting for someone else. Im not going to sit around and watch whats happening with a blind eye, and sit back and expect some other person to make sure my grand children dont come into a world where they cant drink the water that falls from the sky, or they cant swim in the ocean, because its full of our trash. If you sit around and wait for someone else to be the LEADER of your life, and the leader of your world youre in deep shit. In conclusion, I wrote this document because I care about people. I care about everyone. And I know that theres a pretty strong LACK of true teachings in the market place addressing many of todays topics. Theres a heck of a lot of confusion not enough REALITY.

Its time to claim your own power.


My intention here is to ground you back to REALITY. To help you get your feet on the GROUND. I want you to leave with LONG LASTING knowledge youll reflect upon later in the day when everything is quiet. I dont want people just getting pumped up all the time but then deflated because you dont have the true Warriors Mindset, & Knowledge that will allow you to stand on your own Two Feet, understanding yourself & life without needing someone else to tell you what to do. Make no mistake Freedom & Autonomy go hand in hand. Its not until we really stand on our own two feet, that we begin to taste freedom. We have to learn to think completely for ourselves. We have to learn to TRUST our own actions, to not be afraid of making mistakes if those mistakes cause us to GROW, and to ultimately have incredible FAITH in our own spirit, & our own capabilities in life.

This is the road to freedom. This is the road to a life lived to its fullest. This is my SINCERE wish for every one of you AMAZING human beings who I come in contact with daily. Im a pretty big softie if we get to meet sometime soon. Youll see. But I can definitely be tough when its required.

I hope I cleared up a lot of little confusions around some of the less talked about things in our industry, and you feel Strong & Committed to get the job done you came here to do! Ill leave you with these final thoughts Success doesnt always Feel Good. In fact, there will be many times along this journey where we feel the OPPOSITE of good. We feel stressed, we feel doubt, we feel angst, & fear I still FEEL these things to this day. The reason why is because the Challenges of life will NEVER stop. Challenges are how we grow. Challenges are how we DEVELOP. When you overcome one challenge, youll feel amazing & strong

The most important thing is that you now leave this document with the Proper Expectations to build your business. You leave with an actual BUSINESS PLAN for how youre going to budget your time, energy, and resources to GROW your income to the levels you want it to be, and you strategically plan your EDUCATION to constantly take your business to the next level.

So, forgive some of the Hard Teacher of this document but I really wanted to drive home TOTAL accountability for our actions & lives deep within this document.

But rest assured you WILL be presented with another one. If youre not youre literally done growing on this planet. And I couldnt think of a more boring existence then to be stagnated all the time. Learn to EMBRACE your challenges. Learn to EMBRACE all the feelings even if theyre not the best ones. I promise you your ability to accept whatever is happening in your life, to be content with it, and to steadily PUSH FORWARD working to achieve your goals is the TRUE pathway to freedom. What I just described is the true gateway to creating incredible things in this lifetime, and really DESERVING them.

Enjoy the journey my friend. Were all only getting started and theres more magical possibilities on this crazy ride then wed ever be able to imagine. And together theres nothing we cant accomplish. Well speak again in a bit. Yours in Abundance,

Jonathan Budd