You are part of the agile team that was given the following task: Develop a utility that

sorts a Unicode text file and outputs results into a separate file. The resulting text file should contain a list of all words from the original text file sorted in alphabetical order, a word on each line. The utility must support text files of unlimited size. Question #1: List clarification questions you must have answers to before you can proceed with testing (if any) Answer: Questions to be asked are as below: 1. What happens if the text files start with digits or special char and not alphabets? What should be the order then? 2. What will be the estimate end to end time period for the whole scenario to take place? (sorting of the text file in alphabetical order) 3. How much time will be allocated for test execution (because rest of the testing processes will be done parallel to development phase since we are using agile methodology)? 4. Will the data be provided for testing heavy text files? (to test for text files of unlimited size) 5. Rest of the questions will arise when the scenario is discussed in testing team meeting and the questions will be discussed in a separate meeting with the Architecture and development team. Provide time estimate required for testing Answer: Since I am a part of agile team we will follow the following steps: 1. Writing of the test plan will start parallel with the discussion with the Architecture team and development team 2. Since it is an agile team, test case writing will start parallel with the coding phase of development. The time required to write test cases are: Complex test cases 4-7 per day, Medium test cases 10-15 per day, and Normal test cases 20-30 per day. So this scenario should take around (2-4 days depending on complexity and resource allocation) 3. According to the complexity of the test cases and number of resource allocated, the test execution time will range between (1-2 days) 4. The next step will be assigning defect and retest phase (1-2 days, depending on time taken by development team and regression testing ) 5. Finally defect closing Since most testing will be done parallel with development, the whole scenario development and testing should not take more than a week. List required test cases (no need to go into steps in each test case) Test cases are as below:

The special char are also considered for testing (to be discussed with developers) 2. For this type of scenario we can use QTP 2. Support team is asking for your help isolating the crash and making it repeatable. we can record the scenario and do parameterization which can make the repetitive work easy Question #3: Utility was delivered to a 6. Since it is Data Driven Testing (DDT). 3. Customer reports an intermittent crash. Successful output when a heavy size text file is inserted(size to be discussed with developers) 10. You are working at Google.1. 2. Successful output when a medium size text file is inserted (size to be discussed with developers) 9. 4. Only one separate file is generated after execution (to be discussed with developers) Question #2: Outline an automation testing strategy for the utility Steps are as below: 1. Successful output in a separate file on putting valid data Unsuccessful operation due to blank data (no output should be generated) Unsuccessful operation due to invalid data (no output should be generated) Successful alphabetical sorting on putting valid data Unsuccessful sorting if invalid data is put (to be discussed with development team) Successful output word should be in one line each Successful output when a small size text file is inserted (size to be discussed with developers) 8. search engine and all of its functionality. You are presented with the task of testing the Google (www. Since it a repetitive task. What would you suggest they do? Part2 Hypothetically. Question #4: . 7. Unsuccessful output if invalid text file is executed (discuss criteria of corrupt text file with developer) List all assumptions you are making (if any) Assumptions are as below: 1. automation can be used 3.

Standard development documents don’t exist and nothing is written down or documented anywhere. the best scenario would be to develop the product and then when testing takes place we have enough information about the product to do all kind of testing at once In order to do database testing the tools used by me was MS SQL For any testing related to web server. Google tries to match the same set of words on the internet website and ranks them according to the frequency of words usage. the tool used by me were LoadRunner . Which tools would you use and why? I have worked on two testing methodologies agile and waterfall. Those websites will move up the order 3. name some testing methodologies you might employ. server appliances and caching appliances With your current skill set and experience. Name some ways that you might go about understanding how the search works. the sequence of the words used 2. 1. Here I would use waterfall methodology since it has so many types to testing that needs to be included. agile has more action and requires being more proactive. databases. It might also consider the history of similar word search earlier and which websites got maximum hits after that. It might also consider the genuineness of the websites as well (trusted website or not) Question #5: You have full access to everything. Key words search: when we write any set of words on Google.