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Kami Sama Chiketto is a Filipino company initiated by Ms. Rica Mae Mondrano, BSIT graduate. The company was established in the year of 2012 with partners Jan Marie Balayo, Felicia Garcia and Mari de Leon, BSIT graduates. The company is recognized for developing services for transportation that in line with technology.

The core of the organization is the versatility as we aim for excellence and competitiveness. The companys main concern is to develop new technology services for transportation companies that will provide convenience to its targeted consumers. The EChiketto, which is the newest product service produced by Kami Sama Chiketto, offers fast, convenience, effective and efficient service.

VISION To provide faster services and offer convenience to bus companies and passengers.

MISSION Kami Sama Chiketto is a transportation service which provides high quality transportation services to exceed the demands of the people of Mindanao. Our mission is to transport our clients effectively and efficiently while utilizing innovative technology to support the demands of our customers.


Develop world class products

Trusted to deliver excellence

Provide Services that add value

Develop close customer relationships

Manufacture efficiently

Kami Sama Chiketto is a Product-Service based company which is founded on 5 core values. These 5 core values include: To Develop world class products, To Provide Services that add value, To Manufacture efficiently, To Develop close customer relationships and Trust to deliver excellence. The cycle of these core values was formulated to drive the course of the business, to lead it according to its vision and mission. To develop world class products means to provide our clients with the top-notch electronic ticketing machines and equipment. To Provide Services that add value means to give meaningful services as we cater to every clients concern. To manufacture efficiently means to execute with fast paced class and grace. To Develop close customer relationships means to bridge with customer trends. Trust to deliver excellence means to expect quality from our service staff and products. The company believes that the application of these core values will lead the company to their targeted market.


E-Chiketto provides ticketing services for bus companies in Mindanao. There will be an E-Chiketto booth in every crowded place around the city such as schools, malls, terminals, etc. There are two types of E-Chiketto cards; Power Chiketto and Single Chiketto.

Power Chiketto is a ticket card that is reloadable. Single Chiketto is a ticket card for single trips.

Every bus that collaborates in the company will have a swiping machine which will be used for managing the passengers. Every passenger will swipe before they can enter and leave the bus. There is also a LED screen in each bus which displays the number of passengers that will be unloaded by the bus in a certain place.


E-Chiketto product-service can monitor how many passengers does the bus company have per trip, can provide security against bogus passengers and can offer convenience to the passengers. With the collaboration of our company, the bus companies dont need to hire conductors in each bus. It will also help the business processes of the bus companies in reporting the revenue for the day.


We will contact our potential customers who are the bus companies and invite them in a meeting expo wherein we will introduce and advertise our product service. If they cant attend in the said meeting expo, we will personally go to their workplace and present our product service. We intend to grow our sales by creating new technology that will help our product service so that it will build wider opportunities and close relationships to our potential customers.