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Following lines starting with 2 underscores are NOT to be transla ted by humans, they must be read from a machine in the target localization __delete_RUNTIME_ADMINISTRATORS=Administrators __delete_RUNTIME_HIS_RECOVERYSTRING=Recovery complete __RUNTIME_SYSTEM=System _0_READ THIS! Following lines starting with one underscore are the minimum requi red to be translated into any localization _ERR_ABNORMALSTATE=Setup has detected an abnormal state. _ERR_ABORTING=Setup is aborting now. _ERR_ADAMESNAMEMATCH=Setup is aborting. Machine name does not match with Enginee ring Station name in the mediainfo.ini file. _ERR_BADARG=Unacceptable argument: _ERR_CANNOTCOEXIST=These products cannot co-exist: _UI_BROWSE=Browse Media _UI_CONTACT=Contact Us _UI_EXIT=Exit _UI_INSTALL=Install Product _UI_INSTALLTEXT_CHOOSEACTION=Choose action: _UI_INSTALLTEXT_CHOOSEITEM=Choose a product to install: _UI_INSTALLTEXT_WINDOWTITLE=Telvent 0_following lines are be translated on an as-needed basis, per-product DNA_ACD_NOTXOSDISPLAYSOURCE=This machine is not the XOS display source. DNA_ARB_UITEXT_ComPlusDeploy=Arbitration DeployToComPlus occurring now DNA_ARB_UITEXT_DLLINSTALL=Registering Arbitration DLLs DNA_ARB_UITEXT_SERVICEINSTALL=Installing Service: OASyS DNA Arbitration Service DNA_AWC_WEBCOMMONREMOVAL=Removing OASyS DNA @WEBCommon will require the re-insta llation of display@WEB and/or operator@WEB and/or report@WEB. Do you wish to con tinue with the current uninstall? DNA_AWC_WEBCOMMONUPGRADE=Please remove display@WEB and/or operator@WEB and/or re port@WEB before attempting to upgrade OASyS DNA @WEBCommon. DNA_AWR6_CONFIRMPASSWORD=Confirm User's Password: DNA_AWR6_DOMAINNAME=User's Domain: DNA_AWR6_EDITBOXWARNING=User name, Domain name, and System Name are required. DNA_AWR6_GROUPBOXINFO=Select the version of Sybase this installation supports: DNA_AWR6_REMOVEPRODUCT=Please shut down all OASyS services before removing this product. Are you sure you want to remove this product? DNA_AWR6_SYSTEMNAME=Project System Name: DNA_AWR6_USERNAMENAME=Project User's Name: DNA_AWR6_USERPASSWORD=Project User's Password: DNA_ERROR_ABNORMALSTATE=Setup has detected an abnormal state. DNA_ERROR_ABORTING=Setup is aborting now. DNA_ERROR_ADAMESNAMEMATCH=Setup is aborting. Machine name does not match with En gineering Station name in the mediainfo.ini file. DNA_ERROR_ALLPRODUCTINSTALLED=All products are installed. DNA_ERROR_ALLVERSIONCURRENT=All product versions are current. DNA_ERROR_BADARG=Unacceptable argument: DNA_ERROR_CANNOTCOEXIST=These products cannot co-exist: DNA_ERROR_CHILDABORT=Child installation and any subsequent installations (includ ing this parent install) have been aborted. Any prior installations will not be removed. Please check the Add/Remove Programs Panel for successful installation status. DNA_ERROR_CONSULTKEN=Please consult your System Administrator before re-running setup. DNA_ERROR_CONVERTLONGPATHTOSHORT=Unable to convert long path to short: DNA_ERROR_CONVERTSHORTPATHTOLONG=Unable to convert short path to long: DNA_ERROR_DATABASEINSTALL=No suitable database product was detected. Please inst all a supported database before re-running setup. DNA_ERROR_DIALOGDEFINE=Error in defining dialog:

DNA_ERROR_DIALOGDISPLAY=Error in displaying dialog: DNA_ERROR_DISKINSUFFICIENT=Insufficient disk space. DNA_ERROR_DISKSPACE=Insufficient disk space. DNA_ERROR_DOMAINGROUPABSENT=Group does not exist in domain or computer: DNA_ERROR_DOMAINUSERABSENT=User does not exist in domain or computer: DNA_ERROR_DOWNGRADE=Downgrade of product not allowed. DNA_ERROR_DOWNGRADEREINSTALL=Downgrade/reinstall of product not allowed. DNA_ERROR_DRIVEDETECT=Cannot detect drive: DNA_ERROR_ENABLENETWORKCOMPLUS=Enable network COM+ access DNA_ERROR_ENABLENETWORKDTC=Enable network DTC access DNA_ERROR_FILECOPY=Cannot copy file: DNA_ERROR_FILECREATE=Cannot create file: DNA_ERROR_FILEDELETE=Cannot delete file: DNA_ERROR_FILEGREPFAIL=Unknown failure when invoking FileGrep in file: DNA_ERROR_FILELINEDELETE=Cannot delete line in file: DNA_ERROR_FILELINETOOLONG=Line is too long in file: DNA_ERROR_FILENOTFOUND=Cannot detect file: DNA_ERROR_FILEOPEN=Cannot open file: DNA_ERROR_FILEREAD=Cannot read file: DNA_ERROR_FILESYSTEM=Unable to detect type of file system. DNA_ERROR_FILESYSTEMNOTNTFS=File system must be NTFS. DNA_ERROR_FILEUPDATE=Cannot update file: DNA_ERROR_FOLDERCREATE=Cannot create folder: DNA_ERROR_FOLDERDETECT=Cannot detect folder: DNA_ERROR_FOLDERRENAME=Cannot rename folder: DNA_ERROR_GROUPMEMBERSHIPMISSING=The named user must have group membership: DNA_ERROR_GROUPPOLICY=Cannot validate Group Policy. DNA_ERROR_IEVERSION5ORHIGHER=Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or higher not detected. DNA_ERROR_IISSTOPPED=IIS is stopped. Please start IIS and re-run setup. DNA_ERROR_IISVERSIONTOOLOW=IIS must be at least version: DNA_ERROR_IISVERSIONUNKNOWN=Cannot determine version of IIS. DNA_ERROR_LANGUAGE=Please re-run setup after you change your regional settings t o: DNA_ERROR_LAUNCHFAIL=Cannot launch: DNA_ERROR_LISTADD=Cannot add string to list: DNA_ERROR_LISTCREATE=Cannot create list: DNA_ERROR_LISTREAD=Cannot read list: DNA_ERROR_NOTADMIN=You must be an administrator to install this product. DNA_ERROR_NOVALUE=No value found. DNA_ERROR_OASYSINFOVERSIONMATCH=OASySInfo.ini must be version: DNA_ERROR_OSDETECT=Unable to detect OS type. DNA_ERROR_OSLANGUAGESUPPORT=Setup does not support this Operating System languag e. DNA_ERROR_OSSUPPORT=Operating System not supported. DNA_ERROR_PATHCONVERT=Cannot convert folder from Long Path to Short Path: DNA_ERROR_PATHTOOLONG=System path is too long DNA_ERROR_PROCESSRUNNING=The following process is running: DNA_ERROR_PRODUCTMISSING=Failed to detect installation of: DNA_ERROR_QUERYPROJECTNAME=ADS query for machine's project failed. DNA_ERROR_QUERYSERVICENAME=ADS query for machine's service failed: DNA_ERROR_QUERYSYSTEMNAME=ADS query for machine's system failed. DNA_ERROR_RDBMSConfig1=This machine has not been identified to run an instance o f Microsoft SQL Server to support service: DNA_ERROR_RDBMSConfig2=Use the NMC to adjust the rdbmshostname for service: DNA_ERROR_REGISTERDLL=Register DLL failed: DNA_ERROR_REGKEYCREATE=Unable to create registry key: DNA_ERROR_REGKEYVALUE=Unable to set registry value: DNA_ERROR_REGQUERY=Registry query failed: DNA_ERROR_REGVALUETYPE=Unexpected type of registry value.

DNA_ERROR_REMOVELASTSLASH=Unable to remove last slash: DNA_ERROR_REMOVEOLDPRODUCTS=Please uninstall any pre-OASyS DNA products before r e-running setup. DNA_ERROR_REMOVEPRODUCTS=Please uninstall this product using Add/Remove before r e-running setup. DNA_ERROR_REPAIRONEROLE=Cannot Repair One on roles. DNA_ERROR_RETURNVALUE=Unknown return value: DNA_ERROR_SECTIONMISSING=Parameter missing: DNA_ERROR_SECTIONVALUEMISSING=Value missing: DNA_UPDATEOASYSINFO=Please update OASySinfo.ini file. DNA_ERROR_SERVICEDETECT=Setup did not find any services defined for this machine in Active Directory. You must assign OASyS DNA services to this machine prior t o product installation. DNA_ERROR_SERVICEDETECT1=Setup did not find any services defined for this machin e in Active Directory.\n DNA_ERROR_SERVICEDETECT2=You must assign OASyS DNA services to this machine prio r to product installation.\n DNA_ERROR_SERVICEDETECTADAMSPECIFIC=ADAM shows this machine does not have the ri ght to run: DNA_ERROR_SERVICEDETECTSPECIFIC=ADS shows this machine does not have the right t o run: DNA_ERROR_SERVICEDETECTXOS=XOS is not defined for this machine in ADS. DNA_ERROR_SERVICEINSTALLED=Please refer to the Internals for service removal tec hniques; this service already exists: DNA_ERROR_SERVICEINSTALLFAIL=Failed to install service: DNA_ERROR_SERVICENOTFOUND=Cannot detect Service: DNA_ERROR_SERVICERUNNING=One or more OASyS DNA service(s) is still running. Clic k ok to review the list of running service(s). After reviewing, you MUST termina te the notepad session before proceeding. Shut down all running service(s) befor e re-running the uninstall. DNA_ERROR_SERVICERUNNING1=(unused string DNA_ERROR_SERVICERUNNING1, translation not required) DNA_ERROR_SERVICERUNNING2=(unused string DNA_ERROR_SERVICERUNNING2, translation not required) DNA_ERROR_SERVICERUNNING3=(unused string DNA_ERROR_SERVICERUNNING3, translation not required) DNA_ERROR_SERVICERUNNING4=(unused string DNA_ERROR_SERVICERUNNING4, translation not required) DNA_ERROR_SERVICEWONTRUN=This service will not start: DNA_ERROR_SETATTRIBUTE=Cannot set attribute: DNA_ERROR_SHAREABSENT=Share does not exist: DNA_ERROR_SHARECREATE=Cannot create share: DNA_ERROR_SHAREDELETE=Cannot delete share: DNA_ERROR_STRINGSUB=Unable to locate sub string: DNA_ERROR_SYBASEINSTALL=Please ensure that Sybase server is correctly installed before re-running setup. DNA_ERROR_TSAPPMODE=Installation cannot proceed while this machine is running Te rminal Services in Application Server mode. DNA_ERROR_TSUSERSONLINE=This machine is being used by more than one person, via Terminal Services. DNA_ERROR_UNKNOWN=Reason not anticipated. DNA_ERROR_UPDATEOSMISSING=Please run UpdateOS before installing this product. DNA_ERROR_USERMISSING=User account missing: DNA_ERROR_USERNOTDNAADMIN=The current user must be a member of this group: DNA_ERROR_VERSIONMATCH=Product must be version: DNA_ERROR_VERSIONTOOLOW=Product must be at least version: DNA_INFRA_BOP=Bottom of Period DNA_INFRA_HOUR=Hour: DNA_INFRA_MINUTE=Minute: DNA_INFRA_NOSPACE=(no spaces allowed)

DNA_INFRA_NOSYSTEM=Use the NMC on another machine to insert this machine into a system, then re-run setup. DNA_INFRA_SYSTEMNAME=System Name: DNA_INFRA_TODPREF=Customer Top-of-Day Preferences DNA_INFRA_TOP=Top of Period DNA_INFRA_TSPREF=Time Stamp Preference DNA_INSTALL_MANUAL=You may want to manually install the product(s) before re-run ning product installation. DNA_ISP_UITEXT_SERVICEINSTALL=Installing Service: OASyS DNA ISPS Service DNA_OPC_DOTNETMISSING=Setup did not detect the Microsoft .NET Framework. DNA_OPC_INSTALLDOTNET=Please install the .NET Framework or UpdateOS, then re-run the installation. DNA_OPC_NEED2PORTNUMBERS=You must enter 2 port numbers before proceeding. DNA_PRODUCT_ALWAYSINSTALLED=Product(s) Always Installed DNA_PRODUCT_FAILED1=Product installation failed. DNA_PRODUCT_FAILED2=One of the required package installations did not complete a s expected DNA_PRODUCT_NOTREQUIRED=Product(s) Not Required DNA_PRODUCT_SUCCESS1=Product installation completed successfully. DNA_PRODUCT_SUCCESS2=All required product installations completed as expected. DNA_RLT_UITEXT_ComPlusDeploy=RealTime DeployToComPlus occurring now DNA_RLT_UITEXT_DLLINSTALL=Registering RealTime DLLs DNA_RLT_UITEXT_SERVICEINSTALL=Installing Service: OASyS DNA RealTime Service DNA_RUNTIME_HIS_RECOVERYSTRING=Recovery complete DNA_RXC_UITEXT_DISPLAYREPOSITORYLOC=Display Repository machine name or IP addres s: DNA_RXC_UITEXT_TITLE=Please enter name or the IP address of the machine which ho uses the display repository. DNA_SUCCESS_INSTALLED=Products Successfully Installed DNA_TelventProduct_COMMENTS=Product is not removable as a single entity. DNA_TelventProduct_CONTACT=Telvent Customer Service Department DNA_TelventProduct_USERENTRYINFO=(unused string DNA_TelventProduct_USERENTRYINFO , translation not required) DNA_TelventProduct_USERENTRYINFO2=(unused string DNA_TelventProduct_USERENTRYINF O2, translation not required) DNA_TelventProduct_USERENTRYINFO3=(unused string DNA_TelventProduct_USERENTRYINF O3, translation not required) DNA_TelventProduct_USERINFO=(unused string DNA_TelventProduct_USERINFO, translat ion not required) DNA_TelventProduct_USERINFO1=Please enter details about your user account: DNA_TelventProduct_USERINFO2=This installation may automatically reboot the comp uter. DNA_TelventProduct_USERINFO3=To allow automated logins after reboots, you must s upply your domain, username, and password. DNA_TelventProduct_USERINFO4=This information will be removed from the machine a fter the installation is complete. DNA_TelventProduct_USERINFO5=Provide account information to support network reco nnection to the installation media on the remote machine: DNA_TelventProduct_USERINFO6=After automated reboots, this installation process needs to reconnect to the media on the remote machine. The account used for reco nnection may not be the same as the account used for local logons. DNA_TelventProduct_USERINFOTITLE=(unused string DNA_TelventProduct_USERINFOTITLE , translation not required) DNA_TEXT_ADMINISTRATORS=Administrators DNA_TEXT_CHINESE=Chinese. DNA_TEXT_ENGLISH=English. DNA_TEXT_EVERYONE=Everyone DNA_TEXT_SETUP=Setup DNA_TEXT_SPANISH=Spanish. DNA_TEXT_SYSTEM=System

DNA_TEXT_UPGRADE=Upgrade DNA_TEXT_UPGRADEMAJOR=Major ugprade DNA_TEXT_USERS=Users DNA_UITEXT_ABORT=Abort DNA_UITEXT_ADAMBOOTSTRAPMACHINE=If this is the first time installation of this E ngineering Station click YES. If this is a rebuild and ADAM exists on another ma chine, click NO. DNA_UITEXT_ADAMINSTALLING=Please wait while ADAM is being installed .... DNA_UITEXT_ADAMMACHINENAME=Machine Name: DNA_UITEXT_ADAMREPLICATEMACHINE=Please enter the name of the machine ADAM will b e replicating from DNA_UITEXT_ADAMSETUP=Adam setup DNA_UITEXT_ANALYZE=Running in analyze mode. DNA_UITEXT_BACK=Back DNA_UITEXT_BROWSE=Prepared File DNA_UITEXT_CANCEL=Cancel DNA_UITEXT_CANCELUSER=The installation was canceled by the user. DNA_UITEXT_CHILDINSTALLSNOTDONEBODY1=Sub-product installations have not been per formed for: DNA_UITEXT_CHILDINSTALLSNOTDONEBODY2=Click Next to proceed with the sub-product installations or Cancel to abort. DNA_UITEXT_CHILDINSTALLSNOTDONETITLE=Setup sub-product requirements. DNA_UITEXT_CHILDINSTALLSNOTFOUNDBODY=Setup files required for the following OASy S DNA sub-product installations were not found. You may proceed with the current installation. Please install the sub-products separately later. DNA_UITEXT_CHILDINSTALLSNOTFOUNDTITLE=WARNING!!! Setup image not found for: DNA_UITEXT_CONFIRMPASSWORD=Confirm user's password DNA_UITEXT_CREATEES=Setup detects that an Engineering Station installation has n ot been performed on your project system. If this is a first time installation o n an Engineering Station, you will want to continue with the current installatio n. If this is not the Engineering Station, please consult your System Administra tor before proceeding further. An Engineering Station Installation will be perfo rmed now. Do you wish to continue? DNA_UITEXT_CREATEES1=Setup detects that an Engineering Station installation has not been performed on your project system. \n\n DNA_UITEXT_CREATEES2=If this is a first time installation on an Engineering Stat ion, you will want to continue with the current installation. \n DNA_UITEXT_CREATEES3=If this is not the Engineering Station, please consult your System Administrator before proceeding further. \n\n DNA_UITEXT_CREATEES4=An Engineering Station Installation will be performed now. Do you wish to continue? DNA_UITEXT_CREATEINITSYSTEMBODY=Please enter required information for your first OASyS DNA system. Subsequent OASyS DNA systems must be created via the Network Management Console. DNA_UITEXT_CREATEINITSYSTEMTITLE=OASyS DNA Create Initial System DNA_UITEXT_DISPLAYING=Displaying: DNA_UITEXT_DNAAPPPASSWORD=User password: DNA_UITEXT_DNAAPPUSERNAME=User name: DNA_UITEXT_DNAPROCESSDETECT=Please wait while setup detects running DNA processe s. DNA_UITEXT_EDITBOXCOMPLETE=All 3 edit boxes must be completed before proceeding. DNA_UITEXT_EDITBOXWARNING=Both the User and Domain name edit boxes must be compl eted before proceeding. DNA_UITEXT_FAILED=Failed. DNA_UITEXT_EXECUTE=Execute DNA_UITEXT_FOLDERCREATE=Folder does not exist. Create it? DNA_UITEXT_FOLDERLOCATE=The folder you entered is not a folder on your local dis k. Please change the target location to a different disk. DNA_UITEXT_HELP=Help DNA_UITEXT_HIERARCHY=Installation Hierarchy

DNA_UITEXT_HOTFIXNOWBUTTON=Hotfix DNA_UITEXT_IISRESET=Please wait while setup resets the IIS server... DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLBUTTON=Install DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLCOMPLETE1=Finished installing: DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLCOMPLETE2=Click Finish to exit setup for: DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLCOMPLETETITLE=Setup complete for: DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLDETAILS=Please provide installation details. DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLING=Installing DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLINTRO1=Setup will install: DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLINTRO2=To proceed, click Install Now. DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLNOWBUTTON=Install Now DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLNOWEXPLANATION=Install selected item. DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLRESUMING=Resuming setup for product: DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLUPGRADEDETAIL1=This button will install the selected product i f it is not already installed. DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLUPGRADEDETAIL2=If the selected product is already installed bu t has a version which is lower than the one on the media, an upgrade of that pro duct is performed. DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLUPGRADEDETAIL3=An upgrade automatically removes the installed product, and then the newer version is installed from the media. Any required lo wer-level products which are missing will be installed from the media. DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLUPGRADEDETAIL4=Lower-level products will not be upgraded, but they will be installed if they are missing. DNA_UITEXT_INSTALLUPGRADEDETAIL5=If the selected product already exists on the m achine, and is the same version or a newer version than the one on the media, th e installer will abort. DNA_UITEXT_LOGOFF=Setup will now logoff the session ... DNA_UITEXT_LOGOFFQUESTION=To complete this installation, you must perform a logo ff. Do you wish to logoff now? DNA_UITEXT_NETWORKINFODESCRIBE=To allow automated logins after rebooting, you mu st supply the domain, name, and password of a user who can authenticate connecti ons to the remote machine's share. DNA_UITEXT_NETWORKINFOENTER=Please enter the details of a user who can authentic ate connections to the remote machine's share: DNA_UITEXT_NETWORKSHARENAME=Network share: DNA_UITEXT_NETWORKUSERDOMAIN=Network reconnection user's domain: DNA_UITEXT_NETWORKUSERNAME=Network reconnection user's name: DNA_UITEXT_NETWORKUSERPASSWORD=Network reconnection user's password: DNA_UITEXT_NEXT=Next DNA_UITEXT_PASSWORDMISMATCH=Passwords entered in the Confirm and Password edit b oxes do not match. DNA_UITEXT_PRECHECKING=Checking: DNA_UITEXT_PREVIOUSINSTALL=Setup has detected a previous OASyS DNA Installation destination. It is recommended that you accept the detected destination for this installation. If you choose an installation location different from previous in stalls, you will have to re-install the balance of any OASyS DNA products to the new location. DNA_UITEXT_PREVIOUSINSTALL1=Setup has detected a previous installation of the OA SyS product in the\n DNA_UITEXT_PREVIOUSINSTALL2=registry. It is crucial that the obsolete registry e ntries be removed to\n DNA_UITEXT_PREVIOUSINSTALL3=prevent conflict with the new installation.\n\n DNA_UITEXT_PREVIOUSINSTALL4=Would you like setup to remove the obsolete registry entries? DNA_UITEXT_PROCESSING=Processing: DNA_UITEXT_REBOOT=Setup will now reboot the machine... DNA_UITEXT_REBOOTPROMPT=To complete this installation, you must reboot this mach ine. Do you wish to reboot now? DNA_UITEXT_REBOOTQUESTION=To complete this installation, you must perform a rebo ot. Do you wish to reboot now?

DNA_UITEXT_RECORDNOW=Record Now DNA_UITEXT_REMOVEPRODUCT=Please shut down all DNA services before removing this product. Are you sure you want to remove this product? DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRALLBUTTON=Repair DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRALLDETAIL1=Using this button is suitable for cases where it is desired to overwrite all products of an existing installation to make the instal lation match the media. This button will force the installation of the selected product and all lower-level products. DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRALLDETAIL2=In order to proceed, the selected product must alrea dy exist on the machine. The version of the selected product on the machine must be the same as or lower than the version on the media. DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRALLDETAIL3=All lower-level products will have forced installati ons without regard to their version numbers; they might be reinstalled with vers ion numbers which are the same as, higher than, or lower than the original ones. DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRALLDETAIL4=This does not perform upgrades because it does not r emove the currently-installed products, it forces the installations from the med ia. Therefore, it is possible that inappropriate files or configuration settings may reside on the machine after this action. DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRALLEXPLANATION=Repair selection plus all dependencies. DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRONEBUTTON=Repair One DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRONEEXPLANATION=Repair selection but not dependencies. DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRONEDETAIL1=Using this button is suitable for cases where it is desired to overwrite an existing installation or for cases where the existing in stallation's product removal fails. DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRONEDETAIL2=This button will force the installation of the selec ted product. The selected product must already exist on the machine. The version of the selected product on the machine must be the same as or lower than the ve rsion on the media. DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRONEDETAIL3=This does not perform an upgrade because it does not remove the currently-installed product. It is possible that inappropriate files or configuration settings may reside on the machine after this action. DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRONEDETAIL4=Using the Install button is preferred as it does a c lean removal of an existing product prior to installing the new version. DNA_UITEXT_REPAIRONEDETAIL5=If the selected product already exists on the machin e, and is the same version or a newer version than the one on the media, the ins taller will abort. DNA_UITEXT_SETLOCALESENVIRONMENT=Enabling multi-language support ... please wait . DNA_UITEXT_SETUPCOMPLETE=Setup Complete DNA_UITEXT_SETUPCOMPLETEINSTALLING=Setup has completed installing DNA_UITEXT_SETUPCOMPLETEPROCESSING=Setup has completed processing DNA_UITEXT_SETUPEXIT=Click Finish to exit DNA_UITEXT_SETUPINIT=Initializing setup for: DNA_UITEXT_SHOWALLBUTTON=Show products only DNA_UITEXT_SHOWALLEXPLANATION=Show all installable components. DNA_UITEXT_SHOWHIGHLEVELBUTTON=Show machine roles only DNA_UITEXT_SHOWHIGHLEVELEXPLANATION=Show only high-level installable components. DNA_UITEXT_SHOWTOGGLEDETAIL1=This button toggles between two different views of the available installations on the media. DNA_UITEXT_SHOWTOGGLEDETAIL2=One view allows you to see just the highest-level i nstalled products. This view is applicable for most installation tasks. DNA_UITEXT_SHOWTOGGLEDETAIL3=The alternate view shows all the lower-level produc ts in addition to the highest-level ones. This view is typically used when perfo rming incremental installs, upgrades, or repairs. DNA_UITEXT_SYSTEMNAMESPACE=The System Name cannot contain any spaces. DNA_UITEXT_TELVENTFOLDERNOTFOUND= Last folder of destination path must have the name Telvent DNA_UITEXT_UNINSTALLABORT=Uninstall Aborted. DNA_UITEXT_UNINSTALLPROCESSING=Uninstalling: DNA_UITEXT_UPGRADEALLBUTTON=Upgrade All

DNA_UITEXT_UPGRADEALLEXPLANATION=Upgrade selection plus all dependencies. DNA_UITEXT_UPGRADEALLDETAIL1=An upgrade automatically removes an installed produ ct, and then the newer version is installed from the media. DNA_UITEXT_UPGRADEALLDETAIL2=This button will upgrade the selected product and a ny lower-level products as is appropriate. Any required lower-level products whi ch are missing will be installed from the media. DNA_UITEXT_UPGRADEALLDETAIL3=The selected product must already be installed on t he machine, or else the installer will abort. If the selected product already ex ists on the machine, and is the same version or a newer version than the one on the media, the installer will abort. DNA_UITEXT_UPGRADEALLDETAIL4=If the selected product is already installed but ha s a version which is lower than the one on the media, an upgrade of that product is performed. Lower-level products which already exist on the machine and have the same version or a newer version than the one on the media will not be affect ed. DNA_UITEXT_UPGRADEMAJOR=Please wait while setup prepares to run the upgrade DNA_UITEXT_UPGRADEONEBUTTON=Upgrade One DNA_UITEXT_UPGRADEPROMPT=Setup will perform an upgrade now. Do you wish to conti nue? DNA_UITEXT_USERDOMAIN=Auto-login user's domain: DNA_UITEXT_USERNAME=Auto-login user's name: DNA_UITEXT_USERPASSTITLE=Click the button Prepared File to browse into the folde r containing the file OASySInfo.ini DNA_UITEXT_USERPASSWORD=Auto-login user's password: DNA_UITEXT_WAIT=Please wait.... DNA_UITEXT_WELCOME=Click Next to start the installation. DNA_UITEXT_WELCOMEINTRO=Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for DNA_UNSUCCESSFUL_INSTALLS=Unsuccessful Product Installations DNA_UPD_COMMENTS=(unused string DNA_UPD_COMMENTS, translation not required) DNA_UPD_CONTACT=(unused string DNA_UPD_CONTACT, translation not required) DNA_UPD_USERENTRYINFO=(unused string DNA_UPD_USERENTRYINFO, translation not requ ired) DNA_UPD_USERENTRYINFO2=(unused string DNA_UPD_USERENTRYINFO2, translation not re quired) DNA_UPD_USERENTRYINFO3=(unused string DNA_UPD_USERENTRYINFO3, translation not re quired) DNA_UPD_USERINFO=(unused string DNA_UPD_USERINFO, translation not required) DNA_UPD_USERINFOTITLE=(unused string DNA_UPD_USERINFOTITLE, translation not requ ired) DNA_XOS_UITEXT_DLLINSTALL=Registering XOS DLLs DNA_XOS_UITEXT_FOLDERCREATE=Creating XOS custom folders DNA_XOS_UITEXT_SECURITYCONFIG=Setup is now configuring directory security permis sions. IDPROP_ARPCOMMENTS=Please refer to the OASyS DNA Home Page for more information and latest updates. IDPROP_ARPCONTACT=Telvent Customer Service IDPROP_ARPHELPLINK= IDPROP_ARPHELPTELEPHONE=1-403-253-8848 IDPROP_ARPURLINFOABOUT= IDPROP_ARPURLUPDATEINFO=