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AMORC Open Discussion Group, September 24th (6 7pm)

---------Open with poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox S.R.C.--------An Introduction to the Rosicrucian Order

AMORC is a philosophical and initiatic tradition As students progress, they are initiated into the next level of teachings Students are men and women around the world who study the laws of nature in order to live in harmony with them. Individuals study the lessons in their own homes in a well-balanced manner Ancient truths incorporated into practical time-tested techniques you can begin to use immediately Subjects covered: The nature of the soul, Developing Intuition, Classical Greek Philosophy, Energy Centers in the Body, Self-healing Techniques Encourages each student to discover the wisdom, compassion, strength and peace that already resides within each of us.

Is the Rosicrucian order, AMORC, a religion?

No. AMORC, which stands for Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, is not a religion and does not require a specific

code of belief or conduct. Students come from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds You are not required to leave a church, join a church or change your religious beliefs in any way Students tend to find, through the teachings, a greater appreciation of the mystical principles underlying their individual religious and philosophical beliefs

AMORC is a non-profit, educational charitable organization, classified by the United States Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3). Progression of the Teachings

The Rosicrucian system does not promise instant enlightenment The basic program from the introductory courses through the end of the Ninth degree takes approximately five years. Teachings continue past the Ninth Degree for many years, supplementing the basic lessons and continuing to stimulate further development Each degree covers and important step you need in order to benefit from the following Degree Each exercise supports, reinforces, and builds upon the preceding, leading to balanced, full development

The Rosicrucian Home Study Lessons

The teaching are presented in booklets called monographs Lessons are divided into two main sections, the Neophyte and the Temple sections

---------Over-view of the Study Lessons---------