Catholic Health Insurance A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq., Coif © Copyright 2006 by Anthony J.


Insurance is all about pooling and allocating risk. Today, in America all sorts of people, including many men and women working full time jobs, do not have health insurance. It is terrible to think that what little savings you have could be eaten up in a health event, or, that one might go without medical treatment and have to endure the pain and suffering resulting from that situation. I would like to argue that Catholic Social Justice requires that the Catholic Church be involved in the provision of affordable, quality, health insurance. The best way this could be accomplished would be if each individual Catholic Diocese contracted with a private insurance company such as Blue Cross, to have the Diocese as a whole including all employees, priests, nuns, and willing laity, participate in a Diocesan wide health insurance Group Plan. The Group would be wide enough and large enough that a lower insurance rate could be obtained. Additionally, since it is a


Catholic Group Plan, coverage for abortion, for example, could be excluded. For upper middle class, affluent, and rich Catholics, the whole premium would be borne by the member. A sliding scale based on income could then be used to allocate a fair premium to everyone else, including the working poor, and the poor. A monthly collection in each parish could be taken up to help the Diocese pay the costs of the sliding fee scale plan. Lest you think that I am being overly sectarian here, I would also argue that this model could be used for other Christian churches, synagogues, etc.


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