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an insurance backed warranty with your new electrical installation

By choosing an ELECSA Part P Approved Contractor you’ve chosen a contractor certified to exacting standards for electrical work in dwellings. Having chosen an Approved Contractor, you now have the option to take out a costeffective warranty insurance on their work. The warranty insurance provides six years’ protection against defects. Please see the table right for a summary of the cover provided.
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Summary of cover
The Part P Warranty Policy is underwritten by the Electrical Contractors’ Insurance Company Limited. It is a non-renewable six-year contract covering electrical installation work performed and certified by Approved Contractors in accordance with the Building Regulations. The following table provides only a summary of the cover. For full details of the terms, conditions and exceptions that apply please refer to the Policy wording, a copy of which will be provided with your quotation or at any time on request.

Basis of Cover
Protection against the cost of rectifying an Approved Contractors electrical installation work should it fail to comply with the standards required by Building Regulations. Where a valid claim exists we will usually settle it by arranging for the defective aspects of the installation to be rectified at no further expense to you. The most we will pay to achieve this is the original cost of the electrical installation work up to a maximum of £30,000. These benefits transfer automatically if the dwelling is sold.

Period of Cover
Claims must be made within six-years of the date the work was completed.

Principal Exclusions
The Warranty does not cover:

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contracts where the value exceeds the limit declared to us or where the warranty was effected more than 60-days after the work was completed. claims caused by you unreasonably withholding money due to the Approved Installer. loss of use, reduction in value, inconvenience or other economic or consequential losses. alterations other than rectification or maintenance work performed by the Approved Installer. wear and tear or deterioration caused by neglect. any professional fees not previously agreed by us in writing. defects known to you at the time the warranty was effected or allowed for within the price paid for the dwelling by a subsequent owner. component failure or breakdown unless directly and solely attributable to the installation’s failure to comply with Building Regulations.


The warranty is available for installations within dwellings in England or Wales and must be taken out within 60-days of the completion date of the work.



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