Technically, ball joints are part of car suspension arm component .

A ball joint resides at the edge of the subordinate arm structure, which consist s of rubber bush, arm steel and joint. This solid joint is also the main structure that controls the flexibility of whe el movements: steering the wheels to the left and right and contributes to 20% w hen turning at the corners. Like any other suspension component, ball joints eventually will wear out and be come loose. There are two recognized methods in order to replace a ball joint. The methods a re: Method 1: Removing completely the lower arm components Method 2: Removing the ball joint Method 1: Removing completely the lower arm components The first method is to remove the entire component connected to the lower arm co mponents: rubber bush, middle handle and the joint. The steps are as below: 1. Loosen the three nuts attached to rubber bush and joint 2. Take out the joint pin 3. Use the car jack to make the arm stand still while you loosen up the screws 4. Take out the ball joint bolt 5. Use a 1 kg hammer to knock the ball joint from wheel component 6. Take out the 2 rubber bush bolt 7. Remove the bolt together with the lower arm 8. Use the hydraulic pump to remove the ball joint 9. Replace the rubber bush, middle connection bush and joint with new units 10. Use a small hammer to install the lower arm 11. Tighten up the connection nut and pin The advantage of using the above method is the reduction in hours taken to remov e and replace the arm components. However, there are disadvantages in using this method. You will need two main to ols to complete the process of changing the arm components: a hydraulic pump and small car jacks. These items can only be found at a car garage or workshops. It takes hard work and a huge amount of cash to complete the DIY process. Noted that the above method is much more recommended for those who deals with au tomotive on regular and consistent basis (example: foreman or a professional mec hanic). Method 2: Removing the ball joint The second method is easier but it requires physical strength and extra focus th roughout the whole process. Basically, there are nine major steps that need to be followed in order to achie ve the desired result. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Loosen up the three connection nut Remove the joint pin Use the small car jack to hold the lower arm body Push down the lower arm body Put a smooth rubber in between the small jack and the lower arm Use a heavy hammer to knock down the joint

7) Replace the ball joint 8) Tighten the nut while pushing slowly the jack up 9) Complete the process with a slight shaking movement (for checking purposes) As a precaution, there are four extra steps that you would need to take: 1. Ensure that the surface of the workplace is free from debris, grease and any small moveable material. 2. Ensure that a reasonable small sized car jack is used with full strength. 3. Ensure that all safety instructions are followed to avoid injury while knocki ng the ball joint out. 4. Ensure that a good stretchable rubber cube is inserted in the between the low er arm and the car jack

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