Dear Sir, Madam, With this letter, I sollicit your attention to inform you of my serious concern over a program

that is currently underway at the European level : FP7 (of which INDECT is a component). Indeed, this project goes too far and threatens our fundamental liberties. Taking refuge behind the pretext of security, this program means to set up a system of espionage, the structure of which would render technically possible to : - Identify and censor all forms of citizens' gatherings in accordance to criteria over which we, the citizens, have to this day had virtually no control or oversight, - The control of citizens' peronal data, not only referring to their personal situation, but also referring to their social relationships, - The automatised crosschecking of data, aimed at sounding alarms in the information chain that deny the presumption of innocence, a fundamental right of every European citizen. A system based on surveillance hinders any healthy political debate. How can software determine if people's behaviour is « abnormal » without this being incurred by espionage ? How can one program a computer to detect via videosurveillance abnormal behaviour, Man being naturally unpredictable ? Who are the dangerous individuals ? On what grounds ? Furthermore, this program, the cost of which amounts to 54 billion euros, is developed by private companies, universities or consortiums, without the Europoean citizens' having been consulted. At a time of economic crisis when all are encouraged to be spendthrift, such ostentatious expenditures seem indecent to me, while many fellow citizens barely have enough to feed themselves. Erstwhile, I must remind you that videosurveillance does not increase the statistics on crime resolution and does not stop petty larcenies. For your information, since videoprotection has been installed in Nice (France), there has been an increase of 0.34 delinquants' arrests, per annum. What is the budgetary impact on public finances for such a result ? Furthermore, the majority of crimes taking place in people's private areas, how can these crimes be reduced by videosurveillance of the public areas. France has fought for its freedom, we wish to keep it. Dear Sir, Madam, Member of Parliament, I therefore wish that you carry my words to express the discontent of part of the population about this matter, but first, would be happy if this e-mail could make you realise the negative and freedom-killing aspects of such a project. Every citizen, like you or me, has the right to know the risks that threaten his private life. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely yours, A citizen who counts on his elected representatives

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