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Strategies Brand image by supplying quality products Pace with changing market Explored new market Replicating the standard operating structure ===================================== Indian retail industry strategies
Right Positioning The effectiveness of the mall developer's communication of the offering to the target customers determines how well the mall gets positioned in their minds. Effective Visual Communication Retailer has to give more emphasis on display visual merchandising, lighting, signages and specialized props. Strong Supply Chain Critical components of supply chain planning applications can help manufacturers meet retailers' service levels and maintain profit margins. Changing the Perception Retailers benefit only if consumers perceive their store brands to have consistent and comparable quality and availability in relation to branded products.

Reliance Strategies
Reliance Strategies is a group of independent business intermediaries, financial planners, and financial services professionals working together to help business owners, business buyers, and investors. At Reliance we bring a team of dedicated professionals from multiple disciplines to develop a strategy to accomplish each clients objectives. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. The team implements and manages that strategy across

all plan phases until success is achieved. If you are considering the sale of your business, Reliance works with you to develop a plan to maximize your sale value, and facilitate the transaction in an expeditious and confidential manner. Our valuation experts and marketing professionals apply time proven methods to affect the best transaction scenario possible. If you are considering buying or investing in a business, Reliance professionals conduct searches on your behalf to find suitable businesses that are not listed for sale. You have exclusive privileges to propose the price and terms that make sense for you. Your team of Reliance professionals works with you every step of the way.

Tata steel strategies

The company intends to raise its capacity to 35 MTPA over the next 10-15 years.The capacity at Jamshedpur is expected to manufacture 10 MTPA, while the balance capacity will be built or acquired elsewhere in India and overseas, at an expected capital investment of US$ 23 billion.The company has announced a 6 MTPA steel plant in Kalinganagar, Orissa, a 5 MTPA plant in Chattisgarh, a 17 MTPA in Jharkhand and a 2.4 MTPA facility in Bangladesh.The funding will be done mainly through internal accruals and partially through debt funding.