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Rahul Dravid the famous Indian Batsman is known for his slow and defensive play, same is Dr.

Manmohan Singh, Our P.M. is known i.e. for his silence and oppression by others. The nation respected him for his honesty but now after the recent Coal Block Scams even he has lost his honest fame not only in India but also at International Level, the recent reports in world famous newspapers like Time Magazine and Washington Post has hit his image badly all over the world. Congress and UPA are already suffering from a number of viruses like 2G scam, Common wealth Scam, Coal Block Scam and other Scams, Price Rise, Lokpal Bill, Anna and Ramdev. Due to this Congress has lost its credibility throughout the nation, even Congress leaders realize this. In spite of all these issues our Silent PM and Suffering Government has came Forward and attacked with huge nuclear type explosions which include the hike in price of Diesel by 12%, limiting the number of Cylinders to 6, then approving FDI in Retail up to 51 %, 49% in Domestic Airlines , 74% in DTH Cable Services. They are giving these decisions names of Reforms and that too much needed reforms and are posing P.M. as a rescuer for our economy as he was posed in 1991 when he was heading finance. Now what these decisions have led to is a billion dollar question that is government betting itself? Like they did on Nuclear Deal issue. What gives rise to this question is TMCs past behavior on FDI and Fuel Hike issue along with BJPs going on protest, yet along with the deteriorated situation of the government and PM. As expected both TMC and BJP has openly opposed these decisions and are demanding a rollback. Mamta Bnaerjee has given 72 hours ultimatum to the government, and BJP is calling for a Nation Wide protest. Many other leaders from various parties are also opposing these but not that openly. So the danger for Government basically lies from Mamta Banerjee . Now let us have look at what the numbers says, the magical number to form the government is 272. Congress has 205, Samajwadi Party 22, BSP 21, DMK 18, NCP 9. All these five parties make up 275 more than the magical number. Although it must be mentioned here that BSP and SP are not Congress Allies. On the other side BJP has 114, TMC 19, JDU 20, Shiv Sena 11, SAD 4, CPI(m) 14 , CPI4, AIADMK 9, if all these come together then they hardly reach 200. The crux is Government is only seriously endangered if BSP and SP oppose it strongly. Although we had seen a bit of Mulayam and Mamta nexus during Kalams candidature but it didnt lasted more than 24 hours. BSP keeps warning Congress here and there but hasnt openly opposed it in Lok Sabha rather has directly or indirectly helped it out. There are few reasons why political thinkers think that BSP and SP would not oppose the government these are first that they would never like to help BJP on any cost, second some believe that Mayawait and Mulayam are threatened by the Central Govt. by speeding up there corruption cases being investigated by CBI. So the analysis is that the government played safe as they already knew that Mamta would oppose it and if they would have felt any serious danger from her they would have not taken so many bold decisions together. Now what the nation got out of this a price rise in all commodities due to the huge rise in diesel, the common man s meal is also endangered due to limiting of Gas cylinders. They say petrol companies are suffering heavy losses, now somebody ask PM if you doesnt see the losses which CAG talks about then why you see the losses of Petrol Companies. FDI was an issue of great debate but only the cabinet knows why such an important decision was taken in such rashness. One can conclude on this that this hike in diesel and FDI approval has weakened the position og Government which was already suffering, although the government might be safe for there

this term at present but they cant even imagine what they might had to suffer in 2014 as its not far away.
Face and Follow Jatin Ordeal for lokpal"

Welcome to India; yes, we are unsanitary, poor and have bad living conditions and yes, musicals are the only movies we make here and yes, our TV shows have known to last one whole childhood and yes, sometimes little kids get stuck in deep holes in the ground and yes we telecast the misery on national TV and yes we know that you have probably been told by someone at some point of time in your life that it isn't safe to venture into our boundaries and your doctor discourages you to visit us and yes we still have polio eradication drives here and yes most of us are crazy for a game bestowed upon us by people who exploited us for close to 200 years and yes, we worship a little man who plays that game for God, a little man who got a free ticket into our House Of Lords and he accepted it, while we cherished and yes, he is a high school dropout and yes he has just played cricket all his life and yes, he has no experience in politics but its okay i guess, we are a country of more than a billion and our population grows every year by a number equal to the entire population of Australia; we may be a little cramped for space, but well live, we always have; we have an ocean named to ourselves, two countries currently want a piece of us, one of our cities is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, we have the world's biggest market and manpower resources; our government is a little messed up right now and our social activists for some reason seem to be ending up in politics but things are looking up coz' we are happy, merry, dont give a damn kind of a bunch.