Join us for a two-day experiential discovery of expansion, empowerment & Divinity in a way you’ve always known but could

never imagine.
“Beyond the resistance, I found myself so profoundly moved I recall a place where I was One with All That is. It is so much more than an experience. It is Truth.” ~ Melynnda Button

Unity Church of Winnipeg 300 Arlington Street, Manitoba R3G 1Y9
Transcending Meditation Friday, October 19 6:30 - 9:30 pm A transformative exercise in Stillness to move you into the deepest depths within & the highest reaches without. This is so much more than healing as you think you know it. This is for you and all those connected to you through all time. Love on Fire Saturday, October 20 12 - 4:00 pm There is nothing sedate about this experience! Two hours of ecstatic dance followed by hands-on healing and awakening touch. I ride booty-shakin’ rhythms through every aspect of your being for healing, growth, and catalytic shifts in consciousness.

Registration required:
Fee: Friday $60 Saturday $75 Both days: $120
“Of all the 'energy work' I've ever "What can I say? Words can not fully describe what I feel "If you haven't had a chance to share experienced, what she facilitates is the most and experience in one of these sessions. For me it is the experience that is her process, then palpable & 'fast' (for lack of a better word) always a very deep, spiritual and healing experience.” you're really missing something rare and imaginable.  It's all Love, there's nothing fun.” ambiguous about it.” “She's the real deal!  Pure love.  Lighthearted.  Powerful.  Amazing.”

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