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Registration Rumble Information Guide Fall 2012

Registration Rumble 2012: Information Guide

In this Guide:
The Registration Ruble point system Rules for submitting information Prizes A guide to registering voters in Massachusetts Tips for registering voters. Frequently asked questions

Registration Rumble: What is it??

Registration Rumble is CDM's annual voter registration colleges. It is designed to encourage Massachusetts college students to become more active in the political process. There are two different parts of Registration Rumble: 1) voter registration on college campuses and 2) volunteering for Democratic candidates. As an incentive, CDM offers monetary grants to chapters who register the most voters or volunteer the most hours for Democratic candidates. Each school will record the information of voters they register. They their volunteer information including the names of those who volunteered, the information/description for the event, and the amount of time they volunteering for a Democratic candidate.

Point System and Breakdown:

1. Voters Registered: Raw number of voters registered = total points (for example, if a school registers 400 voters, they get 400 points). Awards: Two awards are given out for voters registered: One is based off of the raw number voters registered The other is based off the number of students registered as a percent of the school's undergraduate population. Volunteering (totals added together): Regular - Number of volunteers X number of hours spent volunteering = number of points (example: 5 volunteers X canvassing for 3 hours = 15 points) GOTV volunteering - Number of volunteers X number of hours spent volunteer X 2 (example: 5 volunteers X 3 hours canvassing for Warren X 2 = 30 points)


Prizes: Cash Prizes will be given in the following categories

Most students registered (raw #) Most students registered (percent of undergrad population): Most volunteer hours:

Tracking Numbers and Progress

Registered Voters: Each chapter will submit a spreadsheet with the name, address, and state of each voter they register. Volunteer hours: Each chapter will submit a spreadsheet with the following information - 1)the name of the volunteer, 2) the event at which they were volunteering (candidates name as well), 3) the date of the event, and 4) the number of hours spent volunteering. ***All ***All Spreadsheets (Voter Registration and Volunteer Data) are Due on Wednesday, November 21st (15 days after election)***

Registering Voters in MA:

Who can register? Only a person who is: a US citizen a resident of Massachusetts/ is attending school in MA 18 years old on or before election day Due Dates: Your registration form is due by 8 p.m. on the 20th day before the election the 2012 Election Day is Tuesday, November 6 so the last day to register is Wednesday October 17th. It can either be received at the registrars office or postmarked by that day.[1] You can request a registration form online at the Elections Divisions Website. You may register to vote if you will be 18 by the next preliminary, primary, special or general election but you do not have to be 18 at the time you register to vote Identification: If you are registering (by mail) to vote for the first time in Massachusetts, you will be required to show identification when you vote for the first time in a federal election. Or you can send in a copy of your identification with your voter registration form.

Steps for Registering Voters


1. Get your supplies ready. 1. Forms: The best way to register students to vote in MA is through a MA voter registration form: You can also pick up forms for free from your city hall/town clerk or call 617-727-2828 or 1-800-462-VOTE and forms will be sent to you in the mail. If you are registering voters out of state, it might be best to use Rock the Vote. You will need to have a printer and a computer(s) handy. Students can fill out there info online and then print it for mailing. 2. Mail supplies: You will need envelopes and postage stamps. Since registering voters is a non-partisan activity some schools will provide you with mail supplies. It doesnt hurt to ask. If your chapter cant afford them and your school wont pay for them, ask College Democrats! You can also save on postage by dropping the forms off in person at your city hall/town clerks office. 2. Decide how you want to register people: Some campuses allow you to go door-to-door in dorms to register people. Check with your school to see if this is an option. Aim for times when students will be in their rooms, but not sleeping! Another option - set up a table (with permission of course) at a central location such as a student center or a cafeteria. Put out a sign and encourage people to come register to vote. 3. Recruit volunteers: Once youve set your date, recruit members of your College Democrats chapter to help register. Also consider partnering up with other civic groups on campus! One thing to consider is how long you want to register for. Some people cant sit in the student center for 3 hours, but you can split up 3 hours of voter registration into 1hour shifts instead.

FAQ about registering voters on a college campus

1. Can I refuse to register someone if they are not a Democrat?
No! It is illegal to selectively choose who you wish to register. You can however, identify who you are representing.

2. Can I give out campaign literature when I am registering voters?

Yes, you are allowed to offer campaign literature as long as you arent pressuring voters to take them or selectively choosing who you register.

3. What if I am already registered in another state?

You can only vote in one state. Should you choose to register in Massachusetts, you will not be able to vote in your home state (you can choose to re-register there at another time).

4. How long do I need to have lived in Massachusetts in order to register?

You need to reside in Massachusetts for 30 full days before you are eligible to register to vote.

5. Do I register at my dorm address or at a central campus address such address as mail services?
You will need to register at your dorm address. This means that if you change dorms next year you will need to change the address at which you are registered. When registering, please indicate you are registering at a college or university (e.g. 123 College Dorm, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts 02215).

6. What if my campus is split between two cities (this applies particularly to Boston College and Tufts University): Tufts
Make sure that you register in the right city with the correct zip code. For example, if you live on the Somerville side of Tufts, use your dorm address and correct Somerville zip code. Dont use the name of the city your school is officially located in unless you actually live on that part of campus!

Common voter registration form mistakes:

Sometimes voter registration forms can be confusing. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the registration form before you begin. Its always better to catch mistakes while the voter is still there rather than having to track them down or not register them. Please note that it is illegal to alter a voter registration form that is not yours. 1. Forgetting to check the over 18 and US Citizen boxes. 2. Putting the address at which they wish to register in the previous registration address area. 3. Using their student ID number instead of a drivers license or social security number (in the ID box). 4. Forgetting to sign and date at the bottom of the form.