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This page is maintained by Organizers. [u][b]NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project:[/b][/u] (Tons of Information!) [url=]Official Website[/url] [u][b]SuperTherm:[/b][/u] [url=http://www.supertherm.

net/]Link to Company Website[/url] [url=]Demonstration[/u rl] [u][b]List of Codes and Ordinances in Austin:[/b][/u] [url= ntexas?f=templates$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:austin_tx$anc=]Listing here[/u rl] [u][b]Gardening in Austin:[/b][/u] [url=]The Dirt on Austin So il[/url] [url=]Tips for Herbs[/url] [u][b]Soil:[/b][/u] [url=]Soil Revitalisati on.ppt[/url] [url=]Sheet Mulching[/url] [url=]Nutrients and Deficiencies[/url] [url=]Soil Texture (Great We bsite for General Gardening Questions)[/url] [url=]D etermining Soil Texture by the Feel Method[/url] [url=]One Method of Amending Clay Soil[/url] [url=]Amending Clay Video (Wait to see the soil near the end...AMAZING)[/url] [url=]Growing in Sandy Soil[/url] [url=]Fixing pH[/url] [u][b]Soil Life:[/b][/u] (Beneficial Creatures for the Garden) [url= ]Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Garden[/url] [url=]Plants That Attract Benefi cial Insects[/url] [u][b]Plant Database:[/b][/u] []Plants for a Future[/url] [u][b]Companion Planting:[/b][/u] (To prevent pests, strengthen plants) [url=]List of Plants and Ch ar. (Wikipedia)[/url] [u][b]Sources of Non-GMO and Heirloom Seeds:[/b][/u] (Have a near infinite sourc e of clean, natural seeds) [url=]Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds[/url] [url=]Heirloom Seeds[/url] [url=]How to Harvest Your Seeds[/url] [url=]Local Heirloom Seeds [/url] Let's also share amongst ourselves... [u][b]Plant Propagation:[/u][/b]

[url=]Propagation from Seeds[/ url] [url=]How to Plant Seeds in a Basic Seed Tray[/url] [url=]Mixing Your Own Soils[/ url] [u][b]Cheap PVC Greenhouse:[/b][/u] [url=]Plans for Tunnel Style[/url] [url=]Plans for Traditional Style[/url] [url=]Tips fo r Cooling Your Greenhouse[/url] [url=]Plastic Greenhouse Fi lms, Choosing the Right Covering[/url] [url= e=1]AKA the Polytunnel[/url] [u][b]Cover Crops and Green Manure:[/b][/u] [url= ax_subject=293&topic_id=1402]A Bunch of Different Sources All-in-one[/url] [u][b]Composting:[/b][/u] (Revitalize dead soil) [url=]Good Intro/How-to [/url] [url=]What is compost?[/url] (Text) [url=]How to make your own[/url] [url=]Compost Guru (Video)[/url] [url=]Compost Tea 1of4 [/url] [url=]Compost Tea 2of4 [/url] [url=]Compost Tea 3of4 [/url] [url=]Compost Tea 4of4 [/url] [url=]Free ebook on Compost Teas by ATTRA[/url] [url= ost_-_organic.pdf]Coarse Compost (For amending clay soil or mulching)[/url] [url= m]Compost Calculator[/url] [u][b]Bell Siphons:[/b][/u] (The Auto Siphon of choice for most AP systems) [url=]Free PDF detailing c onstruction[/url] [u][b]Barrelponics:[/b][/u] (A cheaper flavor of aquaponics, find the barrels on craigslist) [url=]Gr eat book with step by step instructions[/url] [u][b]IBC Aquaponics:[/b][/u] (Urban Farming: Fast growth rates, low water usage , small space, fish for protein) [url=]Brief Video Intro to AP[/url] [url= Aquaponics/]A Brief Intro to Aquaponics[/url] [url=]Free e-book o n aquaponics principles and also IBC systems[/url] [url=]Build your own basic AP system f rom IBCs (Video)[/url]

[u][b]Container Gardens:[/b][/u] (Apartment dwellers with a patio, did you know you're throwing away gold?) [url=]Feeding People in the Sl ums of Mexico[/url] [u][b]Wicking Beds:[/b][/u] (Raised beds that minimize water loss to heat and ev aporation. Great for Texas!) [url=]Basics[/url] [url=]Building Principles[/url] [url=]Video[/url] [u][b]Self Watering Containers:[/b][/u] (Plastic Container-Based Wicking Gardens ) [url=]Global Buckets[/url] [url=]DIY SWCs (aka Earthboxes)[/ur l] [url= M%29%20Planting%20Guide%20-%20PDF]Earthbox Instructions[/url] [u][b]Terra Preta (Biochar):[/b][/u] [url=]Wikipedia[/url] [url= ur-Soil.aspx]MotherEarthNews Intro[/url] [url=]Making Biochar for Small Farms[/ url] [url=]Plans for a TLUD Gas sifier[/url] [u][b]Zeer Pots:[/b][/u] (Refrigeration without electricity) [url=]Zeer Pots on Scientfic Tuesdays[/url] [u][b]DIY Water Filters:[/b][/u] (Make dirty water drinkable in an emergency) [url=]DIY Biosand Wate r Filter[/url] [u][b]Plastic Bag Crocheting:[/b]/[u] [url=]The Basics[/url] [url=]Lady Sells Plast ic Bag Bags (Purses, beach bags, etc.)[/url] [u][b]Rocket Stoves:[/b][/u] [url=]Wikipedia[/url] [url=]Building Principles[/url] [url=]Video[/url]