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24th September, Monday. Vol-2.


The mind that is anxious about future events is miserable. -Seneca Top Headlines: Nine foreigners killed in Manaslu avalanche. Five survivors airlifted to Kathmandu. (Source: The Himalayan Times) Employee of the Himlayan Bank Limited, Anil Bhakta Suwal, has been found involved in fraud totaling Rs.56.7 million while settling Visa and Master Card accounts receivable. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) NRB holds up auction process of Krishi Premuras property. Central Bank expects the collateral could sell for a higher price than what they would get at auction. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Premium income of life insurance companies went up by 26.8 percent in the last fiscal year, as rural markets continued to generate new business for life insurers. (Source: Republica) Less than half listed companies have paid annual listing renewal fees at NEPSE for this fiscal year. (Source: The Himalayan Times) Country loses one third of budget due to bandhs. Country has lost Rs.120 billion one third of the budget which stood at Rs.384.90 billion for the last fiscal year- in the last one year with 80 days of bandhs. (Source: The Himalayan Times) Fast track project in jeopardy from government decision. (Source: Republica) Government amends telecom policy; paves way for scheme execution. Programme aims to connect all 75 districts with optical fiber with resources of the rural telecommunication development fund. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Birgunj customs officials involved in fake invoices. (Source: The Himalayan Times) Nepali workers protest Malaysian companies arbitrary action. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Nepal Food Corporations plans to sell 3200 he-goats during Dashain. (Source: The Himalayan Times) International Business: India may not meet $300 billion export target. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Made in USA more attractive to manufacturers. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Twitter CEO promises interactive tweets, defends curbs. (Source: Republica)

As of 7th Ashwin, 2069 Index NEPSE Sensitive Float Sen. Float NEPSE Sub-Indices Banking Hotels Dev. Bank HydroPower Finance Insurance Others Current Points Change %Change

415.17 106.6 31.08 27.35

-5.27 -1.45 -0.356 -0.281

Current Points Change

-1.25 % -1.34 % -1.13 % -1.02 %


360.51 -5.91 582.11 249.88 257.88 662.02 0 -0.5 1.06 3.22

-1.61 % 0% -0.2 % -0.57 % 0.41 % 0.48 % -2 %

831.32 -4.76

690.82 -14.1

Market Summary
Total Turnover Rs: Total Traded Shares Total Transactions Total Scrips Traded

126,351,295 291,676 1563 93

Total Market Capitalization Rs: 392,887.10 Millions

Floated Market Capitalization Rs:

72,540.75 Millions

Hallmark Gold
Rs. 60,501/Tola

Tejabi Gold
Rs. 60,250/Tola

Rs. 1,200/Tola

General News: Clean Energy Development Bank has announced five new loan schemes at an attractive 10 percent interest rate. (Source: The Kathmandu Post) Nepal Bank Limited has reinstated its branch in Palung of Makwanpur district. (Source: Republica) Shangri-la Bikas Bank Limited has started its micro finance service from its Amarapuri branch, Nawalparasi. (Source: Karobar Daily) Nepal Rastra Bank has published a notice regarding declaration of crisisridden of Cristal Finance Limited. (Source: Gorkhapatra) Cash Dividend/ Bonus Share: Swabalamban Bikas Bank Limited is distributing 4.87 percent bonus share certificate to its shareholders from 8th Ashwin 2069. (Source: Karobar Daily)

Source: As of 7th Ashwin, 2069

Current and Upcoming IPOs:

Bright Development Bank Limited

Open Date
14th Bhadra, 2069

Close Date
18th Bhadr a, 2069 10th Aswin, 2069

Close Date (Max)

15th Aswin, 2069

Issue Manager
Growmore Merchant Banker Ltd NCM Merchant Banking Ltd and CIT Growmore Merchant Banker NCM Merchant and CIT

Reliance Finance Limited

7th Aswin, 2069

21st Aswin, 2069

Kakrebihar Bikas Bank Limited International Development Bank

11th Aswin 2069 14th Aswin 2069

15th Aswin 2069 17th Aswin 2069

25th Aswin 2069 28th Aswin 2069

Innovative Development Bank Limited

11th Aswin, 2069

15th Aswin, 2069

25th Aswin, 2069

NMB Capital Limited

Business Cycle:
The term business cycle (or economic cycle) refers to economywide fluctuations in production or economic activity over several months or years. These fluctuations occur around a long-term growth trend, and typically involve shifts over time between periods of relatively rapid economic growth (an expansion or boom), and periods of relative stagnation or decline (a contraction or recession).