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How To Be Happy

Happiness holds the key to lead a successful life. However, with busy schedules and the need to get to the top of the ladder, this basic element of life has lost its meaning. Today, it is much easier to find a frowning face than a smiling one. Most of you would agree that it feels good when you see someone smiling, while watching someone grimacing acts as dampener on your spirit as well. Do you want to know the secret of staying happy all the time? Happiness means different things to different people. You first need to figure out what happiness means to you and then, you can work out steps to seek the joy and bliss for yourself. If you want to get some more tips on being happy in life, go through the lines below. How To Be Happy

To be happy, you first need to find what is important in your life. There are certain things which take a prime concern in your life, like values, family, friends, music and your hobby, and bring a smile to your face. You need to realize what holds the key to your happiness.

Recollect old times, when you were very happy. Think of what made you happy was it the place you were in or the person you were with. What was the particular thinking or feeling that made you feel happy? Be with the person or visit the place again and experience the same emotions.

Make happiness your priority in life. You need to take time out of your busy schedules to do things which are important to you and make you feel elated. If you love ice creams, indulge in having one. If you were once a movie buff, it is the time to catch up with old pals on a movie date.

Start small and then, work your way ahead. It might not be possible to immediately start doing everything that makes you happy. Take 15 minutes off from the routine life and do things that make you smile, like going for a walk, talking to friends, reading a book, etc.

Be optimistic in life and shoo away any negativity. Think positive things about yourself, your partner and life in general. In no time, you would realize that you are

feeling happy all the time. If pessimistic thoughts creep easily into your mind, maintain a diary where you write all the good things. Read it often. It would help you get rid of the pessimism.

It is often noted that people who are of the complaining sorts are mostly unhappy. They criticize and grumble about everything which happens in life and fail to see what good things they have in life. Be appreciative of the main aspects of life, such as health, job, love life, friends, family, money, etc.

Lastly, smile always. It's easier to put up a smile on your face than to have a frown on. By smiling yourself, you can make others happy as well. Make it a habit and soon, you will see the people around you smiling as well.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is a process that involves the analytical evaluation of a situation. By thinking critically, you will be able to discriminate the different points of view associated with a situation. The skill will enable you to find every possible way of solving the problem. The aim is to derive the best possible solution for a particular problem, by weighing the substantial and insubstantial as well as concrete and abstract factors governing a situation. If you do not know much about developing critical thinking skill, the following lines will surely prove to be of help. How To Develop Critical Thinking Skills Process The Information While reading something, the best way to learn it and register it in mind is to process it first in your mind. After assimilating the information, try to comprehend the key points. Assess the arguments, evidences and assumptions present in the information. Compare And Construct An Idea It is very important to analyze the key components first and then compare each of them, to figure out their similarities and dissimilarities. Now, based on the facts that you have

compared, try to form an idea. To give shape and support to your idea, try to make logical connections between the facts. Analyze Text By analyzing a given text, you will be able to develop the critical thinking skills. Take a comprehensive passage, which unfolds few sequences of a story. After reading the passage carefully, create a logical link between the events of the story. To improve the analyzing skill further, try to assign a title for the passage. Answer Questions Disciplined questioning also promotes critical thinking. One of the most effective ways to develop critical thinking skill is to answer the questions based on a few hypothetical problems. Even if you fail to answer all the questions, you will be able to analyze the concepts. Moreover, you will be able to distinguish between the facts and the assumptions. Complicated and challenging though, it is an effective way to gain the skill of critical thinking. Solve Puzzles Solving a puzzle can help you learn how to develop critical thinking skills. This could be a simple exercise of connecting a number of dots in a predefined manner, to form an image. Apart from connecting the dots, this exercise will help you to think out of the box.

How to Act Confident At Work

Confidence is an important aspect in everyday lives. Although not everyone is born with 'built-in' self- confidence, this quality is very much expected, when it comes to workplace. People with low level of confidence are often subjected to lack of appreciation for their talents and skills. They even find it hard to climb the ladder of success as easily as others, who exude confidence at workplace. Therefore, it becomes vital to know how to act confidently. Check out the tips for being confident at workplace in the following lines. Tips for Being Confident At Workplace

Focus On Your Skills There may be certain skills that you have developed on your own, or with time and experience. Focus on your skills and talents. This will boost up your confidence while at work. Know your drawbacks and work on them, but do not dwell on them. Record Youre Achievements You should appreciate all your achievements, whether small or big. An easy way to recall your accomplishments is to note them down in a diary. Take note of words of praise and encouragement from your boss or senior. Whenever you feel like loosing confidence at work, just flip through the pages and read the magical words. This will instantly boost your level of self-confidence. Set Realistic Goals You might have set goals that you want to achieve. Before going about achieving them, just take at look at them - whether they are realistic or not. People often set impractical targets for them and find themselves struggling hard to achieve them. This affects their morale and eventually, they loose confidence in doing even those things, which can be easily done by them. Therefore, set realistic goals for yourself. Positive Attitude Your outlook towards life will reflect in your work as well. You should maintain a positive attitude. Learn to accept your failures and appreciate your achievements. Eliminate all negative thinking and replace them with positive ones. You might have terrible experience at your last job. Forget all the negativities of the past and focus on your present. Enjoy Your Work To bring self-confidence to another level, enjoy your work. Enjoy accomplishing the task assigned to you. Focus on your targets and try to achieve them in the ways that are interesting to you. This will banish the monotony and escalate your interest in your work, which will in turn motivate you to achieve new things.

Communicate When you are feeling insecure or nervous, do not be aloof. Instead, go out and mingle with your colleagues. Share your problems with your friends at the workplace. Even though they may not solve your problems instantly, they will at least help you deviate yourself from the tensions that are haunting you. Help yourself to overcome uncertainty and shyness by communicating with them. This will boost your self-esteem and help you stay calm and focused on your work. Dress Nicely The way you present yourself will bring in a lot of change in your attitude and confidence level. If your attire is very dull, you may feel inferior, sometimes even out of the place. Dress nicely. Purchase clothes that fit you well and exude elegance. In the process, make sure that you do not overdo it. Dress appropriately, according to the atmosphere at your workplace. Take Care of Your Posture Sometimes, your body language can convey more than your words. Show your confidence by taking care of your posture. Stand straight and do not slouch. Be aware of your body language - it should convey that you are very confident about the way you are.

How to Be a Better Listener

Even though God has given us two ears and only one mouth, we speak a great deal and listen less. The problem is that everyone wants to be the center of attraction and get all the limelight. The speak up thing is etched in our mind so deeply that we directly correlate success with speech. It is true that you need to speak your mind to reach a certain level, true success can only be achieved by being a good listener. The most successful people in this world have always been good listeners, be it Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or even Barack Obama. Listening is an art and a necessary skill to climb the ladder of success. It helps you become a good human being, keeps you alert and updated and facilitates your success as well. To many people, listening abilities comes naturally. As to the others, they

can easily learn it, by keeping a few things in mind. Read on to know how you can be a good listener. Tips To Become a Good Listener Maintain Eye Contact Maintaining eye contact is one of the most important things you can do, to become a better listener. When someone is talking to you, keep your gaze fixed on him/ her. Averting your eyes towards the door or ceiling and even dropping it to the floor is an indication that you are not interested in the speaker. Maintain eye contact and observe your speaker as well as his/ her body language. Give Attention The golden rule of becoming a good listener is to give the attention to your speaker. When you give attention to a person, you give him/her respect and win a place in his/her heart. You also benefit by getting to know what is happening around you. Dont let your daydream take you somewhere else. If you find yourself losing interest, ask your speaker to repeat the sentence and shift the position. Keep the position such that your main focus falls on the speaker. No Interruption Dont interrupt your speaker by asking too many questions. It may put him/ her off speaking itself. Rather, listen carefully and speak only when necessary. Show that you are keenly listening to the speaker, but avoid breaking off the speech before the person is done talking. Let him/her finish and give advice only if asked for. Sometimes, people just want to be heard. Take a cue from your speaker and act accordingly. Avoid Fidgeting Fidgeting is a sign that you are getting bored and are not at all interested in what the speaker is saying. If you want to become a good listener, ensure that you make the speaker feel that you are genuinely interested in what he/ she is saying. Also, be kind and gentle

when you are listening. The speaker should know that you are truly interested and not listening just for the heck of it. Echo the Message If the talk is long, instead of keeping a long silence from the start to end, add a short talk after every pause. Ask your speaker some questions and reverberate the message that your speaker wants to give out. This will gives him/ her the satisfaction that you are listening and understanding properly. Work On Your Body Language You cannot become a good speaker overnight. However, you can practice becoming a good listener by working on your body language. Learn from the people who you think are good listeners. Through maintaining eye contact, leaning closer and nodding encouragingly, you give out the proper body language for listening. Analyze the Speakers Mood One of the most important traits of good listeners is that they are able to analyze the mood of the speaker and work in view of that. Put yourself in the speaker's shoes and ask how you would like to be treated if you were that person. When you know what you want from a person when you are talking, you would act accordingly when listening to others as well. Be Interested Very few people can fake interest and pull through it. So, if you want to be a good listener, you need to really be interested in what a person is saying. Show a genuine interest and empathy. It will show that you are not just a passive listener, but intensely participating in the conversation. Be Receptive You may be a good listener, but if people dont know it, the talent will go to waste. Therefore, be approachable. Keep a tab on the life of people around you. If a person seems

gloomy or depressed, ask him/ her about it, but dont press him/her for information. At the same time, be available for those around you.

How to Be Cool
Being stated cool is the hippest statement amongst guys and gals. A cool person is generally referred to as someone, who does things in his own distinct way and does not care much about the world. Cool people have a charismatic personality and are popular amongst their social community. Thus, it becomes a secret wish for everyone to be termed as cool. Though many people feel it is difficult to achieve the milestone, it should be noted that being cool just requires a bit of attitude change. Read on for some tips on how to be cool. Tips on Being Cool

Do not care about what people think of you. Most of us are always concerned about what other people think of us. Remember that its not possible to please everyone. So, it is better if you live your life the way you like, rather than bothering about the world.

Though you should be immune to other peoples opinion about you, you should keep a check on how they perceive you. This might sound contradictory, but carries significance. Being cool is all about learning how to perceive yourself better. With regard to physical appearance, beware of bad breath, body odor, etc. In terms of body language, stand/sit up straight, look and feel confident, smile generously, do not stare, etc.

Present yourself in the most comfortable and confident way. While interacting with people, make sure to maintain a good posture and look them in the eye. For acquiring the respect of others, you need to look and feel positive.

Find real friends and stay in their company. Real friends respect you for what you are and cherish the time spent with you, making you feel positive and happy. Do not shy away from being different, whether it means standing up for yourself, defending someone else or taking interest in something that no one else dares to do.

People who break against the tide and question the status quo are quite often regarded as the coolest.

Speak your mind. Cool people usually speak confidently and clearly, that too with a good pace. However, this does not mean chattering uselessly. Make sure you say what you mean and vice versa. Be confident about what you speak and don't bother if people disagree with your opinion. At times, it is good to be respected for what you believe in.

Cultivate the habit of laughing at yourself. Remember being cool essentially states finding humor in moments of clumsiness and discomfort. You will not only gain respect for it, but people will like you for being so earthly.

Another thing to be remembered is that for being cool, one should create his own identity. Find your talent in terms of sports, music, art and the like and pursue it with excellence. Being known for your passion is certainly deemed cool.

Being cool is all about staying relaxed and comfortable in any and every situation. If at times you do feel vulnerable, and end up losing your temper, bursting into tears or losing control, take a deep breath and mellow down. Don't be disruptive and annoying or have unpredictable mood changes. Your serenity and steadfastness shows your coolness.

Be friendly and social, but not excessively eager and clingy. Its good to be outgoing, but do not be overly excited. Do not force yourself on people. Smile and be genuine.

How to Be Fun
Have you ever looked at certain people and wondered why they are so much in demand? The answer is simple - they are fun and charming to be with. Most of us want to be amidst people, who are funny and witty. Such people create a light atmosphere and make living a truly blissful experience. They rarely find life boring or dull and always make people around them smile. Another important characteristic of such people is that they rarely complain about anyone, in particular, or life, in general. A fun person would manage to add hilarity to even the most serious of situations. After reading this, do you also want to be a fun person? If yes, then go through the following lines and learn how to be fun to be with.

How to Be Fun to Be Around

The foremost step would be to lend your ears to others. Listening forms an important part of every conversation and to be likeable and entertaining, you need to learn the skill of listening. Start a topic and let others give in their inputs. You can also ask others to start the conversation.

Laughter is the best medicine. So, just exploit it and be well assured that people would want to be around you. Remember, a smiling and laughing person always attracts crowd. People would think of you as an optimistic individual, who truly loves life and lives it king size. Have a smile on your face all the time and laugh heartily.

Maintaining eye contact with people, while talking to them, is vital, as it would make them feel important. They would think of you as someone who is trustworthy, honest, and open and sincerely interested in whatever is being communicated. So, give your undivided attention to the person you are with.

Being active and enthusiastic holds the key to be a fun person. Remember, lethargy does nothing other than giving negative vibes to the people around you. Be active and try to do the normal or usual things creatively. For instance, instead of just smiling when something good happens, do a little jig. It is sure to amuse others and keep you high on demand.

Try to be amiable and friendly all the time. Be sociable to people around you, even if they act mean. Praise them when they look good, cheer them up when they're down and rejoice with them on their victory. By doing all these things, you are surely going to be one of the most want-to-be-with people in your vicinity.

Spontaneity is another important characteristic of a fun person. When a particular thing has become prolonged, just change it up. Try something new and explore new places always. This way, you would have a lot of things to say to others and also be able to explore the fun quotient of life. Be wacky and innovative.

Do not shy away from people. Keep in mind that it does not matter what people say. All that matters is that you are meeting new people and making new friends.

Try to bring out the funny side of the people you meet. There are some, who find it difficult to come out of their shell. A fun person would ideally infuse his/her enthusiasm in others and convince the reserved ones to shake off their insecurities. Make sure you let the person explore his/her inborn unexploited humor and wit.

Tickle your goofy side often. This means that to be a fun person, you need to remove the somber and the judgmental side and explore the silly and childish nature more than rarely.

How to Be Popular
Everyone wants to be popular and win the praise and attention of all. As everybody does not acquire the talent of being popular, people often remain clueless on the topic, wondering how others do it. On the contrary, one of the basic things to remember here is that it is very necessary to be self confident to become popular. This is because if you do not believe in yourself, nothing will come easily to you. So, in case you belong to the category of people, who desperately wish to don the spotlight but do not how to become popular, here we are with some valuable tips to relive you off your worries. Tips on How to Be Popular

Be bold enough and step out of your comfort zone. Even if you are a shy and introvert person, you will have to come out of your shell in order to become popular. It is very necessary for you to interact with people to gain their attention.

Be friendly and social. Popular people are generally friendly with almost everyone around. To be precise, be in good enough terms so that you are able to hold a short, friendly conversation with anyone in the room.

Try to talk to everyone, who crosses your path. However, do not be a bugger, just smile and give greetings. If you receive a response, make a small conversation. Make it a habit to know people around you.

Keep your attitude casual, restraining from any sort of controversy. In effect, make sure you just attempt a small talk with people you are not well aware of. Also make sure you choose light and safe topics to talk about.

Be polite and respectful towards people's privacy. Don't be nosy and clingy. Try to decipher people's body language to understand their signals. In effect, don't invite yourself anywhere, don't brag, don't interrupt and most importantly, don't be annoying.

Stop thinking too much about yourself. Empathy is a virtue you cannot do without if you want to be popular. Try to relate to people around you and be interested in them. Talk to them on common grounds so that they find you compatible.

Whenever possible, try to lend out a helping hand. For popular people, it's not only necessary to know everyone but also equally important to be in good terms with them. One of the easiest ways of building rapport is by listening to people, when they talk and offer to help somehow. Tell them that you wish the best for them.

Not to forget, be yourself. Though it might sound clich, it is the most important prerequisite for being popular. Though it's not necessary to be attractive and talented to be popular, instilling the above qualities certainly is. You can definitely mould these as per the situation you are in, to make things work for you.

How to Be Positive
Thoughts good or bad are a dominant factor in building your outlook about life and establishing your mental process. So your main concern should be to keep them positive for leading a happy and balanced life. A lot can be achieved, if you remove negative thoughts from your life and start viewing things with a positive prospect. A positive state of mind is something that can be achieved with a simple method of self-analysis and you can prevent negative thoughts from cluttering your life. Here are some tips that will help you to develop positive thoughts and keep negative ones at bay. How to Think Positively

Cultivate Positive Thoughts - Switch over to more positives thoughts. Seeing a cup as half-full not half-empty is a nice example of positive thinking. Instead of looking at the negative aspect of a situation, focus on its brighter and lighter side. It will boost up your confidence in yourself and relieve you of negativism. We have no control over how things happen, but we, with some efforts can minimize its gravity and control our inner self. Self Confidence - People who use I cant more than I can become more vulnerable to such negativism. Build up confidence in yourself, it will give you strength to overcome a negative line of thinking and make you confident enough to rise above any difficulties. It is our mental status that determines that what will defeat us and what will not. If you choose to overcome a bad situation, you certainly can. If you wish to be a positive person, look at the brighter side of yourself and acknowledge the qualities what makes you a better person than any other. Recognize What You Have - Always acknowledge what you have, not what you dont. If you wish for more success in your professional life, think of the ways in which you are already successful. Likewise, if you long for more love and care, think of the people who really love you and care for you. It will give you happiness in long term and make you feel that life is worthy. Helping people who are less fortunate than you in any way will make you realize that how lucky you are to have a little of that happiness. Distance Yourself From Negativity - Surrounding yourself with joyous, focused and positive people is the best thing you can do for yourself. They will uplift your confidence in yourself and inspire you to do great things. Stay away from the people frequently complaining about their life and bad experiences, it will only bring more negativity in your life.

Love You - There is a thin line between what we want and what we get. If you want to get the best, expect the best of everything as long as it does not hurt anyone in the process. Remind yourself that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to. Be honest to

yourself and dont do things that you will later regret or make you feel little. It will make you think positively of yourself and make you capable to struggle in tough situations.

How to Be Smart
Everybody wants to become smart in todays world as it does not remain that easy to survive any more. From kids in school to adults in corporate world, being smart is the need of the hour, to fight and sustain in the rat race of the contemporary world. Though some people are born with such qualities, it should not be considered a norm. Everyone can become smart by acquiring the required skills. For this, one has to follow some simple tips, which will bring about a change in his/her lifestyle and personality, eventually making them smart enough. To know how to become smart, read the tips given below. Tips to Become Smart

To become smart set important goals for yourself once a week. Make sure you do the important things first. Try to improve your vocabulary by reading good books. This will make your language rich, enhancing your skills. You can even read one word at a time in the dictionary and grow intellectually gradually.

Excel in your education by getting good grades. Excellence in your educational field gives you confidence as well as knowledge. Watch news and be aware about the recent events taking place around the world. This will increase your general knowledge and current affairs. Grab more information on subjects like interesting facts, funny and inspiring quotations, good books and movies, scientific studies and interesting inventions. This will give you information to help you in interacting with other people and sound interesting and intelligent.

Be organized and plan each day. For remembering your schedule, keep a notebook or small digital planner and maintain a record of the due dates for important events. A weekly planner or a monthly calendar can also be used, wherein you can note down birthdays and big events.

Being a good listener is very important, when it comes to being smart. Listen carefully to others' opinions on controversial things or otherwise. Its not necessary to agree with them but try to extract the maximum knowledge from others. Keep an open mind and socialize freely.

Be nice to people around and show genuine care towards their well being. It is a sign of maturity, class and intelligence, which will make people to look up to you. Its a good way to feel confident.

Be friendly with people you find smart and who follow the above practices. It will help you in following the path with determination. Exercise your brain by solving puzzles. This will make you sharp and your reflexes quick. Practice math sums mentally to increase your speed. Learn varied tricks for doing complicated things to keep you ahead of others. Try as much as possible to feel in control of your life. Be happy for others on their achievement and encourage them by congratulating.

How to Become Successful

All of us want to be successful. It doesn't matter whether you succeed in business, career, studies or overall life, being successful always fetches happiness. However, we can find most of the people wondering how to become successful? You should know that apart from your positive attitude, your strong determination and focus on your goal are things that would help you achieve the desired results. Go through the article and get our expert tips that will help you for being successful. How to Become Successful Set Realistic Goals All your goals, whether short term or long time, should be realistic. Do not target those things that are not within your potential. Never concentrate on the tasks that you think are not feasible for you to accomplish. A very important aspect of setting the goals is setting a timeframe for achieving it. Set an appropriate time limit for yourself. Ensure that the time

you decide doesnt make you sloppy, nor does it forces you to work under pressure, becoming a source of stress. Write Down Your Tasks Make a note of your priorities - what you really want to achieve in your life. Once you write down your tasks, just concentrate on them. Do not deviate youre your mission. This way, your thoughts and mission will be cemented on your mind. Steer clear of any negative thoughts, like the possible hindrances that might creep in on your way to success. Dont Be Afraid Of Failures Remember, failure is the stepping stone to success. You never know, a failure may open up a new horizon for you! So, do not get demoralized when you fail, nor should you be afraid of failures. There will be times when you might get a taste of defeat. Do not loose your temper in such situations. Just stay relaxed. You should also remember that successful people are the ones who continue to chase their dreams, even in the face of obstacles, while others quit. Think Positive Successful people see the glass as half filled, not half empty. They perceive obstacles as their stepping stones. Thinking positive not only helps you keep going, but also eases you from unwanted stress. Believe in yourself and develop a positive attitude. When life seems to be a series of set backs, just repeat the golden phrase in your mind - Think positive, be optimistic! Accept Changes Do not resist changes, rather accept them. Never feel that a change will disorder all your routines. Instead, consider it as a possibility of better opportunities. Adapting and embracing the changing circumstances is the sign of successful people. Compete In A Healthy Way Competition is very essential, if you want to climb the ladders of success. Healthy

competition will assist you in pushing for more. However, the impact of competition should not be so much that you tend to deviate from the focus.

How to Become a Motivational Speaker

While a good speaker 'just' conveys his/her intended message, a better speaker 'moves' the audience through his words. Motivating people through speech is not as easy as it seems. It requires special skills, which can be acquired only after practice. A motivational speech includes all the elements that can create impact on the people listening to it. Apart from being interesting, it makes the audience 'think' for a positive change. Learning to become a motivational speaker is a systematic process. Explore the tips given in this article to know how to excel in motivational speaking. Motivational Speaking Tips Practice To motivate people with your speech you need to practice a lot. Rehearse your speech with your friend, family member or a colleague, before presenting it in front of the audience. While doing this, give stress to the voice modulation. Being well prepared before the speech reduces the stage fear as well. Research You must have the thorough knowledge of the subject that you are going to address. Study the subject well, before formulating the speech. Be certain about what you have to say, because lack of research will be reflected in the speech. Mind Your Body Language A good speaker is identified with the way he/she presents himself/herself on the stage. You should exude confidence through your body language. Maintain good eye-contact with the audience during the speech. Do not hide your hands inside your pocket, while speaking. Make use of gestures to emphasize your point. Maintain equanimity in your speech. This will make the session even more interactive.

Know the Audience Know how your audience needs to be motivated. A prior knowledge about the people will help you with the purpose. Consider the taste of the audience, while preparing the speech. Learn about their age group, their education, cultural background and lifestyle, because the choice of words depends a lot upon the mental level of the people listening to the speech. Generate Interest Apart from being motivating, your speech should be interesting as well, if you want to create the maximum impact on the audience. Make use of metaphors, analogies and anecdotes to make the speech interesting. Create interest in your audience by making the speech interactive. You may ask questions to them in between the speech. Conversing with the audience will also help make the speech an interesting one. Give a Good Conclusion you should summarize your speech in the most convincing way. A good conclusion will always leave an impact on the audience. They should feel satisfied after listening to your speech. You should bring about a positive change in them, with an effective conclusion.

How to Believe In Yourself

When you feel that you are not able to achieve your goals, when everything seems to be a hindrance in your path towards success, you may wonder about the key to accomplishing all your tasks and finding happiness. The key is truly intrinsic - within you. The key to all the problems is your attitude itself; your mind-set of believing in yourself. The mere lack of your belief in yourself, the cause of many failures, results in lack of confidence or self esteem. If you are wondering, how to change this attitude, go through this article. We are here with some tips to help you start believing in yourself. How to Believe In Yourself Do Not Give Up

Indulge in those tasks you think you cannot achieve. Since you have a tendency of not believing in yourself, this process may take some time and many efforts. Give your best at any and every opportunity that you come across. Pledge to yourself that you wont give up trying, no matter what the outcome is. Remember, any effort to improve yourself, in order to accomplish your tasks, will not be a mere waste of time. Steer Clear Self-Defeating Assumptions Take yourself out of all those assumptions that lead you to situations where you stop believing in yourself. This will, in turn, make you fail even before you have given a try. It is very important for you to banish all the thoughts that demoralize you. Instead, think the other way around. Prioritize your self-esteem. It will fetch you good results! Have Faith in Yourself Have faith in yourself and believe that you will achieve your goal. It is very important to have confidence in the things you do. In the process of achieving your goals, it is important to first start believing in yourself completely, before having trust on anybody else.

Focus On Your Strengths Focus on your strengths, rather than on your weaknesses. Concentrate on the areas where you have proved your capability. However, you should also keep a check on your weaknesses and work on them. In this process, the focus, however, should be still on your strengths. Acknowledge Your Successes Congratulate yourself for all your successes, whether small or big. This will, in turn, increase your motivation and help you work on your strengths. Be In a Positive Environment

Be surrounded by people you admire. It will be very easy for you to start believing in yourself when you are surrounded by people who have set their goals and achieved it. This is a nice way to bring out ideas about how to accomplish your goal. Love Yourself It is very important to love yourself before loving others. This is the key to establishing self-esteem, self-motivation and everything else, which helps you believe in yourself.

How to Communicate With People

Communication is the essence of living. No person can live in isolation and needs to communicate with the people around him. Not only does it relieve us of an isolated life, communication also helps to widen our horizons of thinking. A person always indulges in some kind of conversation, whether it's with a single person, a group of people or even mass communication. However, communication becomes useful only when it is effective in nature. For many people, starting a conversation is a big task. In case you are one of those. Make use of the information on ways of effective communication, provided in the lines below. How to Communicate with People

Confidence is very important for effective communication. People who have confidence in them can socialize in a much better way than people those who lack confidence.

Eye contact is also very necessary for communication. It not only lends credibility to what you say, but also makes other people feel that you are interested in what they are saying.

The next important thing is to show interest in communication. If you go on blabbering about yourself, no one would bother and the communication levels would dip. Being an attentive listener is the key to communicate with people. If you

show keen interest in listening to the person you are communicating with, he would also listen to you when you speak.

Open-ended questions act as an ice breaker and make interaction possible. Ask questions that require a person to elaborate. This depends a lot on how you phrase what you want to ask.

Speak on topics of lighter weightage, as they would give you a scope to widen communication. Make sure you do not ask questions that require a straight yes/no as well, as they discourage communication.

It is always advisable to listen twice as much as you say. Focus yourself on the topic of conversation and give undivided attention to it. Speak in between, to show your interest and add to the conversation, if you know the issue discussed well.

For communication to take place, knowledge is very essential. You must have ample knowledge and information, in general, to indulge in intelligent communication. People who keep track of current affairs and indulge in a lot of reading and traveling are a delight to talk to.

Self worth is also an essential factor of communication. Most of us are scared of rejection and thus, do not initiate communication. After rejection, we do feel not worthy of ourselves. No not let yourself be bogged by rejection, rather take it as a challenge that you have to overcome.

Start with small conversations, at places of social interest. A good place to practice these new people skills is the office or in the store. After it becomes easier for you to speak with peers, try talking to people in higher positions of power, such as managers.

How to Control Anger

One of the worst feelings of a human being, which can incur the most damage in context of personal relationships, is anger. Not only does it pull you away from your loves ones, but also ends up hurting your loved ones. It is fact that none of us can remain completely calm and relaxed throughout our life. Each and every person gets angry sometime or the other, the only difference lies in the way people deal with their anger.

Some of the people start yelling on others, while others prefer to stay quiet at the moment and deal with the issue later, with a calm mind. If you are one of the former types, it is very necessary for you to know how to control your anger. Otherwise, you might end up creating a wedge in all your personal relationship. If you need some help in dealing with you anger, make use of the tips provided in the following lines. Anger Management Techniques

Start doing meditation on a regular basis. It will keep you mind at ease and help you in dealing with anger. Use the technique of transference. It involves transferring your anger to inanimate objects like a punching bag, stress ball, etc. It will help you cool off your steam. However, please dont start banging the walls.

Try to ascertain the reason for your anger. It might be that you have a deep-lying frustration, as a result of which you get angry at the slightest of provocation. If the case is true, try to solve the underlying cause first.

Whenever you feel that you are getting too angry, try indulging in some exercise. It will not only help you take your mind off the cause of your anger, but also burn off those extra calories.

Anger is often the result of a hurtful action of a loved one. In such a case, try to communicate with that person and resolve the issue. We get angry because we are not able to accept the mistake of others. Remember that to err is human. Nobody is perfect and you have to accept people with their virtues as well as vices.

One of the best ways to control your anger is to forgive the person with whom you are angry. Forgiveness goes a long way towards building a happy and fulfilling life. People often get angry when others are not able to meet their expectations. Remember and accept that what actually happens, cannot always be in tune with our expectations. At the same time, never ever expect too much from anyone.

Our situations in life can often lead us to become angry with ourselves, the people around us or the world in general. Accept what is. There will always be things and people beyond your control and its no use getting angry over them.

Many-a-times, our anger is justified, but the way we take it out is not. Find positive ways of taking it out, other than hitting or yelling at someone. If you desperately need to take out your anger to let off the steam, write it down on paper and then tear it apart. It will help you cool down your mind and even save you from hurting anyone else.

If nothing else seems to work, it is the best to go for anger management therapy or join anger management group and classes. As you see other people getting control over their anger, you will be inspired to do the same.