DATE: 06/07/2012

Howard Schultz brought back the café late. Through tradition. 1 . Within this nation. customers become loyal to a Starbucks Nation. This was gourmet coffee introduced to America. They also want to minimize the waiting time for the regular customers and take the customer and employee relationship to next level. advancement. Starbucks also follows a unique strategy wherein the employees have the power to take decision without taking up the issue to his/her manager. if a customer wants to know the steps to prepare it the barista should explain them step by step. they are able to input their own ideas on the Starbucks website. With the potential to capture customers. or surfing the web. growth of demand for gourmet coffee. Starbucks customers are also allowed to enjoy its natural-looking habitat. Starbucks make sure that the employees are aware of the drinks and the preparation of the drink so that. If customers have suggestions to improve Starbucks. To increase customer satisfaction. rhetoric of advertising. customers are able to spend as much time as they want.STARBUCKS CUSTOMER SERVICE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Starbucks captures people who are on the go into a slow and relaxing European lifestyle. the company is debating a plan that would increase the amount of labour in the stores and theoretically increase speedof-service. either reading a paper.

By creating positive customer service. If the employee does not take pride in his/her work. they must have the best front line workers. “employees should be fully versed in how to make drinks and how to market them as well.” (Serwer. but “Starbucks wants you to use your best judgment to create satisfied customers. Starbucks likes to see the employee fix the problem instead of running to the manager for assistance. We are in the people business serving coffee. Starbucks has found that in order to accomplish this. especially if it’s part of the job description. owner of Starbucks stated. Some people might be apprehensive to this. Starbucks wants to encourage purpose. They have accomplished this through superb products and priding themselves on customer service. serving people. 1995) 2 . “We aren’t in the coffee business. and enthusiasm among employees. it will be reflected in their service to the customer.” By giving front line employees this control. (Filipczak & Bob. Mr Schultz. spell the item correctly on a chalkboard or a menu. and Starbucks will stand behind the decision you make. They should be able to describe contents and.” The employee’s positive attitude is reflected on their work and relationships with customers. 2004) Directly alongside product quality is customer satisfaction. Strategy of Starbucks Customer Service: Authority to take decisions: Employees are encouraged to make their own rational decisions when dealing with customer problems. the employees feel more like their own manager instead of just a “worker bee. Creating strong customer service begins with the employee. commitment.STARBUCKS CUSTOMER SERVICE BODY: Key Findings: Starbucks is the leader in coffee shop retailing. One of Starbucks key concepts is. Starbucks has created a large base of loyal customers.

“It was on extension of people’s front porch. 1995) Employees are more knowledgeable: Being knowledgeable. Place to feel safe.” (Filipczak & Bob. If the product desired is not exactly on the menu. Most of the customers ask baristas how to make their favourite drink at home. This also helps with lines in the morning when everyone wants coffee before work. when a regular customer pulls up. they begin making the drink and have it ready by the time the customer has parked and reached the counter.STARBUCKS CUSTOMER SERVICE Minimizing the gap between Customer and Employee: Starbucks wants employees and customers to interact on a personal level. These concepts would not be attainable if the employees didn’t truly love their job. 3 . Also by knowing the entire menu inside and out. he has accomplished a high level of comfort with customers. 1995) By providing these strategies Starbucks has a competitive advantage compared with its competitors. “Starbucks is a place to feel comfort. Every barista asked has always taken the time to thoroughly describe the process and has never said. I’m too busy. (Filipczak & Bob. Consider ways in which your brand can learn from your customers. it will be altered to the customers’ preference. drinks can be produced at a very fast rate leaving customers standing for a short time.” (Starbucks) He goes on to say when speaking of a foreign café he experienced. Starbucks does a great job of listening and interacting with its people. This goes a long way in customer satisfaction. “Sorry. Facebook and Twitter. Starbucks solicits customer feedback and creates one-to-one and oneto-many relationships. Schultz stated. Place to feel like you belong. In some stores. These strategies also create a positive atmosphere and customers are immediately drawn in. It was an emotional experience. employees can point customers in the direction of the perfect” Schultz wanted this feeling in his own stores and through proper employee training. Through MyStarbuckIdea.

but that is only part of the picture. Starbucks has focused on various aspects in order to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. Unlike many companies who claim that good customer relations is priority-one but often fail to prove it. Customer service is the key to Starbucks being recognized as the industry leader in gourmet coffee and coffee drinks for years to come. the research found that a large number of customers emphasize that they are treated as a valuable customer. Starbucks continually lives up to this claim. they might face with the brain drain which might create more rivals later on because they have chance to learn the firm core competence betray them later. Due to an increase in number of Starbucks customers and highly customized drink demand. Well. that and good coffee. Moreover. The key factor that they need to recognize is that they need to realize how they are serving their customer. Starbucks does have other factors that it ranks high in. and more stress on baristas. 4 . Limitations of Starbucks Customer Service: From training the staff. That is why they are successful. the workload per worker is very high. friendly staff and fast service are the most important factors in creating customer satisfaction. This fact results in a decrease in service time and conversation between Starbucks baristas and the customer.STARBUCKS CUSTOMER SERVICE Starbucks obviously values great customer relations.

Survey offered to the customer must be completed before the expiration date or else the valuable Survey receipt will go waste. Risks of entering a scam Starbucks survey is there if the customers don’t get into it through the official site. They must work in this so that. (Lockyer & Sarah. 5 . They must give the survey to everyone so that. (2004) Starbucks have the feature for the customer to provide the feedback about the service. However. and improving productivity. the customer is provided with some considerable time to complete the survey. keep consistency in drinks. they have more ideas from the customer to look into it. Starbucks should also set up an internal strategic marketing team. To keep labour cost at reasonable level. This is important for every Starbucks customer to know since it would be then wasting time in completing a survey questionnaire which will eventually get them nothing.STARBUCKS CUSTOMER SERVICE RECOMMENDATIONS: They must increase labour hours per store in order to solve the problem with the quality of service. Starbucks should reduce waste in making drinks. This will allow Starbucks to have a proactive feedback of customer satisfaction and hence faster improvement. every Starbucks customer does not get a survey completion receipt upon purchase. It’s rare and occasional. We also noticed that labour cost is high for Starbucks North American operations.

The “soft skills” were a way to teach the employees on how to connect with the customer. 6 . This equal emphasis on the “hard” and “soft” skills further highlighted Starbucks strategy to make the experience pleasant for the customer. and get free coffee! All Starbucks' employees are well trained. In addition to that there was also the “Just Say Yes” policy for which the employees went beyond company rules in order to satisfy the customers. and brand image is vital to the future success of the expanding company. and even part-time employees are eligible to receive health-care. Starbucks employees are referred to as partners. and resource. such as believing in the product they sell. by establishing eye contact. Employees are trained on both “hard skills” and “soft skills” when hired to work for a Starbucks retail store.STARBUCKS CUSTOMER SERVICE REFLECTIVE COMMENTS: Starbucks' employees share common goals. These again created a friendly environment for customers who felt special and in combination with the two points mentioned above increased their customer satisfaction. owning stock in the company. as Starbucks has a far lesser turnaround than the industry average. Employees should continue to be Starbucks' most important asset. smiling and greeting them with their names when the customers were regulars. The investment in training obviously pays off. The extremely low turnover rate of employee has contributed to the development of Starbucks' image.

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