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Gujarat Board Physics Sample Paper

Gujarat Board Physics Sample Paper

Q.1 We know that electric field is discontinuous across the surface of a charged conductor. Is electric potential also discontinuous there? Q.2 How does the magnetic induction of a paramagnetic material vary with temperature? Q.3 Why a thick metal plate oscillating about a horizontal axis stops when a strong magnetic field is applied on the plate? Q.4 Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum is used in operating a RADAR? Q.5 Draw a sketch showing the incident, reflected and transmitted rays when light is incident at the polarising angle on a glass slab. Q.6 How will the photoelectric current change on decreasing the wavelength of incident radiation for a given photosensitive material ? Q.7 Draw the graph showing the distribution of kinetic energy of electrons emitted during beta decay. Know More About :- Gujarat Board Science Sample Paper

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Q.8 The a.c. current gain of a transistor is 120 . What is the change in the collector current in the transistor whose base current changes by 100 A ? Q.9 Two charges, of 5 nC and 2 nC , are placed at points (5 cm, 0, 0) and (23 cm, 0, 0) in a region of space where there is no other external field. Calculate the electrostatic potential energy of this charge system. Q.10 Explain ,with the help of a graph, the variation of resistivity with temperature for a metallic conductor. Q.11 A large circular coil , of radius R , and a small circular coil of radius , are put in vicinity of each other. If the coefficient of mutual induction, for this pair , equals 1 mH, what would be the flux linked with the larger coil when a current of 0.5 A flows through the smaller coil? Q.12 A concave lens has the same radii of curvature for both sides and has a refractive index 1.6 in air . In the second case, it is immersed in a liquid of refractive index 1.3. Calculate the ratio of the focal lengths of the lens in the two cases. Q.13 State two characteristics of nuclear force . Why does the binding energy per nucleon decrease with increase in mass number for heavy nuclei like . Q.14 What is amplitude modulation . Draw a block diagram of generation of amplitude modulated wave from a baseband signal. Q.15 One of the two slits in Youngs double slit experiment is so painted that it transmits half the intensity of the other. What is the effect on interference fringes?

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