Essay about the taming of the shrew The play the taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare is considered

a classic like almost every work of Shakespeare. It’s full of interesting and funny character each one after their own ambitions. Some aspects fro it could still be applied in modern society. Although it has a main plot it still has some subplots based on their characters ambitions. The main plot of the taming of the shrew is the problem that Baptista has with his older daughter Katherina that is known in the city for being a shrew and won’t marry. So he won’t let her younger daughter Bianca marry until the older one does, the problem with that is that she does has a lot suitors that want to marry her but they can’t until the shrew that is Katherina finds a lover and that is seen as an impossible task. Later trouble starts to erupt when Petruchio a man who comes to town just to get rich by ,marring wealthy women is presented as a possible lover for Katherina to Baptista. Also a lot of men star to get close to Bianca when her father says his looking for school master to teach Baianca. When that happens Hortensio a man that has been loking to get Bianca passes as a school master so does a new young men in town named Lucentio he also passes as a school master named Cambio his servant Tranio will pass as Lucentio to speak with Baptista and put offers to gain the hand of her in marriage. With all that happening a lot of problems start to come up when they start to clash one another in order to obtain Bianca, even thou it may seem that the story revolves with the lover of Bianca it does not the main plot is the contrast and clashes of the personalities of katherian a strong women who fights against the male superiority, and Petruchio a man with a good way with words that is very convincing and example of that could be when he speaks for the first time with Baptista with his good choice of words and very convincing that Gremio indiscreetly tells him to shut up by saying “Saving your tell, Petruchio, I pray, let us, that are poor petitioners speak to Baccare! You are marvelous forward”(Shakespeare). The im portance for the play to be inside the story of Christopher Sly is that the play in the majority of the play is of people living lies and pretending to be other people,wich is just wath they are doing to Sly having him belive he is a Lord. The tone in the play is humoristic and funny that is reflected in the actions and lines of the characters. It’s what now days could be a romantic comedy since by definition they are stories, with the main character being a man and a women, that when they meet each other with their attitudes they start to collide and problems start to erupt with the end result of finding love at the end(Halas). That just what you get in the story of Shakespeare, with the eventual relationship betwen Katherina and Petruchio. At the beginning it was all a big figth with their strong personalities but at the end she falls to the will of Petruchio which could be define as love or just following orders. Other themes found thru out the play are marriage as a financial institution meaning that people get married only if its economically viable. That was the only reason Petruchio went to all the trouble with Kathrian and the purpose of his visit. That still happens now days you don’t see many people marrying outside their social classes. (Pon la en contrast ya que eso si pasa en pretty women con mujer pobre y hombre rico). The appearance of people and good vocabulary is also a

A lot of modern stories and movies have a lot in common with it that what makes it a true classic. That at the end of everything in the wedding of Bianca and Lucentio during the bet between the men of which one would be more obedient Petruchio was the one that won which reflects a completely new Katherina. The irony’s of the play are 3 big ones dispite Katherina and Petruchio may seem to be two very selfish persons that could only care for each other they still cared and loved each other. Other important themes are the one of a women’s place in the society of the time which is something that Katherina isn’t happy about. because he always said that people shouldn bee judge because of what they wear.)(Shakespeare). Symbols in the paly are the dress Petruchio ruined and the clothes he weaned to the wedding. Both those symbols have the meaning to represent the power of Petruchio on Katherina. The story is one of battle of the sexes with the confrontations between Katherina and Petruchio. With a lot of extra subplots that are related to the main story. That’s what make it berry funny play because it a theme that is always good to have a laugh about. The strong hate she poetries about men when she is inside a very loving and caring person. sir. The power of social clases is and other Theme as Baptista only allows men from good families enter his house some example are when Baptista ask Petruchio( really Tranio) from where he is. The setting of the play is a very important factor to consider when reading it not much for the place but for the time period it is in. . The clothes of the wedding whore to ridicule her in front of all the people. The style is very fast paced with a lot of inside jokes. The physical setting is the city of Pauda in Italy during the XVI century. and when he says from pisa son of vicento he replies ( A mighty man from pisa by report I know him very well you are very welcome.theme that is mentioned in the play as that how Petruchio acts thru all the play he uses good words to always convince people.. When you know the time is that you realize al the meanings of the play and why it will cause some emotion when people saw it at the time.

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