I.LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end of 20-minute discussion the students will be able to A. identify the classes of propositions involved in the given examples. B. differentiate the two propositions presented in class; and C. give more examples of each propositions presented 11. LEARNING CONTENT Two Classes of Propositions: Proposition of fact and Proposition of policy The Art of Argumentation and Debate Material: Laptop with sample of propositions III.LEARNING EXPERIENCES (Deductive method) Teachers Activity A.Statement of the Problem How did we define propositions lastmeeting? Will you define it for us caroline? You have a sharp memory, Caroline Proposition are an expression inwords of an act of judgment. B.Statement of Generalization For today we are going to talk about two classes of proposition. These areProposition of fact and Proposition of policy. Have you heard these? Okey. Proposition of fact is one that is concerned with the truth or falsity of an act of judgment. It aims at belief. It settles the question: “Is this assertion true?” While,Proposition of policy is one that is concerned with the wisdom o

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