Brooklyn Nets Project Proposal

DL Production Inc.
Project Title: Hello Brooklyn! We welcome the first ever NBA franchise to the vaunted
mythical borough. Basketball will never be the same in New York City again.
Project No. : Geographical Area: New York City Thematic Category: Sports Start Date: September 19, 2012 End Date: October 15, 2012 Beneficiaries: Brooklyn Nets, NBA Project Managers Name: DL Production [D.L, J.D., K.E.] Email: Phone: 1-(404)-447-5411 Website:

1. Executive Summary

The overall goal of this project is to heighten the anticipation of the Nets coming to Brooklyn. With the first professional sports franchise to come to the borough since the Dodgers, we want to capture the excitement of people and show the public that this is an event bigger than we think. For the basketball enthusiasts of New York, this reality was a fantasy. Now that this is happening, the number of emotions of people around the city can’t be counted. With images, video, audio, we want to seize the magic before it starts to simmer down. With our resources and access to the city we look to take advantage of the unlimited stories and visuals that will represent what the Nets mean for Brooklyn.

2. Background and Justifications

We aim to take advantage of the environment. The Barclays Center lies at the heart of the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn. We feel the everyday shopper and commuter will provide us with unique personal insight on what the coming of the Nets mean to them, especially basketball fans. We also want to venture out to Manhattan and get people coming out of the subway, bus drivers, and basically your everyday average New Yorker. Our public officials will play a key role in introducing the Nets to the basketball world as well as all of New York. We are planning to contact various officials and political figures ranging from the highest office to our districts. From Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Brooklyn Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs, we will get their take on how this historic moment will not only impact Brooklyn sports but the community as a whole. The entertainment sector in New York will also provide a great outlook on this event. People are familiar with legendary artist Jay-Z and his influence on bringing the Nets to his hometown. We will delve further into the hip-hop/pop music community and get their take as well. TV and radio personalities not excluded, the project will focus on getting views from prominent sports journalists. We have contacts in VIBE Magazine and The New York Times and hope to have access to Nets personnel if possible. Nonetheless, this video project/documentary will certainly draw more positive attention to the team and likely add to the already incredible lure of the franchise’s new home. Moreover, we want the Nets to be the first team to have such a project devoted to their opening season in a very long time. We have the necessary resources to execute this project without burdening you with any cost so high financial expenses will not determine the desired outcome of this project. 3. Project Objectives

1. To reach out to the community in support of the Brooklyn Nets 2. To further market the franchise throughout New York City through our documentary 3. To introduce a desired form of sports marketing and promotion via movie/documentary formats annually. 4. Hopefully present the Nets as a trendsetter in this form of franchise presentation creating a domino effect that will translate to other NBA franchises.

4. Project Output

1. At least (four) major locations including Barclays Center, Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center subway Station, Time Square, and Jamaica Queens among others. 2. Our head staff will comprise of about 5 members who will oversee and manage the project 3. We have three primary heads of our video, editing, writing, and marketing department. They will administer the editing and shooting of the project and will also set up promotional targets such as venues, housing projects, and colleges. 4. We also have someone in charge of distribution throughout the social networks and have already begun preliminary promotions.

5. Assumptions and Risks    

Access to Nets facilities and Public officials may delay process by a few days Request to feature marquee players in documentary may have to go through different channels Time allocated to other events whether prior to proposal or future events overlapping finished project Other media outlets, especially more well-known networks, may have precedent over our independent project in terms of access to the Nets organization.

6. Implementation Modalities

6.1 Timeline  The completion of the project will take 1 month 6.2 Budget  The landscape of this project doesn’t require funding but it is welcomed if greater ventures want to be sought out.

6.2 Framework  This is an opportunity for the Nets organization to reach a hidden audience of people who make up the soul of this borough. The edginess, the brashness, and the cockiness are accompanied by the confidence, fearlessness, and appreciation for greatness that make Brooklyn what it is today. The Nets, without fully understanding, are now a symbol for that and we want the basketball world to see what it truly means to be from Brooklyn.


“From Marcy to Madison-Square to Barclays Center”
Brooklyn has come full circle so what better way to celebrate the coming of the first ever NBA franchise to Brooklyn than with a man that fully represents this journey better than anyone else. Jay-Z was strong enough to carry Biggie Smalls on his back and the whole Brooklyn, now it’s our time to share in this experience. Jiggaman, with mic in hand and Nets snapback fitted tipped low, will rock the house on Friday September 28, 2012 at 8:00 pm. We will look to get access backstage to film the energy of the artist, representatives, organization heads, and especially the fans. We hopefully anticipate that Nets players will play a huge role during the 8-day concert event. We will get the players’ take on what they think of Jay-Z as a rapper and businessman. Leading up to the concert, we want to catch the anticipation of the whole community including the businesses and vendors around the area. There are sure to be parties and after parties all through the week and we will document it. We will go to the Ebbets Field Housing projects, the place that was the site of Brooklyn’s last professional sports team. We will visit the basketball courts and the playgrounds outside the building. We want ask them what it feels to have a professional sports team back in Brooklyn. We will also visit Marcy Projects. We’ll follow a group of fans from Marcy as they get ready to go to the concert. We hope to do this opening night, but because of time constraints we will probably do it on any of the other nights. They will be documented throughout the concert. We plan to get a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge to close out this episode. As the train exits from Manhattan we will flash key moments from the concert and when the train finally enters Brooklyn we will have a shot of the train coming into the Atlantic-Avenue Barclays Center station and fade in shots of the Barclays Center with the matching graphic featuring Jay-Z, the Nets logo, and other aspects of the concert.

Episode 2

“Roll Out the Black Carpet” – As the players get introduced to their new home, they will try
to get accustomed to Brooklyn’s flavor. Where to eat? Where to shop? We want to interview each player on what Brooklyn means to them and to the organization. We also want a regular fan that is familiar with Brooklyn to take one of the Nets’ players on a quick tour/ride around.

Episode 3

“The City is Mine” – As the ordained leader of this team, Deron Williams will be the first ever
athlete in over 50 years to represent Brooklyn in major American sports. How is he handling it and what is he expecting this season. We also want to quiz him on his knowledge of the borough and if he answers the questions a lucky fan will get a chance to meet him in practice.

Episode 4

“Training Camp” – The work begins as the players and the coaching staff gets ready for the
season. We want to get healthy eating tips from the players. What foods do they eat to stay in optimum shape? We’ll look for any weird training or eating regiments. We will also talk to the coaches about strategy, the competition, and their expectations.

Episode 5

“Ain’t No Shook hands…” – It’s been in the air whether we ignore it through all of this. The
Knicks will own a boatload of the bragging rights when these inner city rivals meet for the first ever NBA game at Barclays Center. We want to get reactions and footage of what Knick players think about the rivalry. The NYC community will be hyped for this game and we of course want to get a healthy dose of Knick/Nets trash talk. We will also include a little segment of two experienced NBA 2k players playing against each other on NBA 2K13 using the Knicks and the Nets. Jay-Z being the executive producer of NBA 2K13 puts a lot of pressure on whoever picks the Nets. It should be fun. We will then document the game and summarize it through video with a more hard knocks street vibe narration.

Episode 6

“Politics As usual” – The Nets don’t have a game scheduled for tonight, but there’s another
competition taking place at a much larger stage with more at stake. Washington D.C. The road to the presidency ends on this night and the fate of the country begins. We want to talk specifically to the Nets front office personnel about this day and what it would mean for the Nets if either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney took office. What are the political implications for the borough if any? If any players plan to go and vote, we would like to document that at the player’s or organization’s discretion.