Points of similarity between Bharath forge and Suzlon are as follows


Both Suzlon and Bharath Forge are domestic companies that went global: It’s clear that both the companies are basically from India itself. First they established the industry well in India only after that they went to global level. Both the companies were established to meet up the domestic needs due to expansion and due to changes in technology they were able to meet the global demand.

Both the companies converted muscle power into brain power : Since the companies were located in India they both were basically using major part human labor. When they started adapting the new technology for the production in case of Bharath forge they started to train employees as per the requirement of the technology, and also they started to recruit engineers in place of labors. In case of suzlon ,since they were new to the field they started getting required labor force from various parts of the country since their was a much need of the brain power that is engineers and technicians rather than labor force.

Mergers , acquisitions , joint ventures & partnership were the modes of entry into the global market:One of the common mode of entry used by the both the firms were mergers and mergers, acquisition, joint venture & partnership. Bharath forge used acquisition as a step to enter in the global market for the purpose of marketing their product at global level. They also invested large sum of amounts in companies through which they created the market required for their

Bharath forge was a automobile forging industry where it was well re known in the field of forging. They basically expanded their business from domestic market to the global or international market .product. Where in the suzlon companies is a different case first they were into the textile business due to the power problems faced by them they thought of an idea by which they could produce electricity to meet up the requirements of the textile factory. Bharath forge used expansion where as Suzlon used innovation : Bharth forge was a well established industry in the forging sector they were of the idea of expanding from domestic to global market. They invented a technology by which they were able to enter the field “in innovation” was the key to open up a new market. In case of suzlon their enter into the foreign market was restricted by the government of the particular country. They used merger as a basic tool to enter the particular market. This opened up a new field of business that is the field of wind energy. . Where as in case of the company suzlon basically it was a textile due to power problems they started the wind energy project which opened up a new market for the industry. Points of differentiation between Bharath forge and Suzlon are as follows: The first and major difference background of the industries: The one of the major differences between the industries is the background of the industries. Which helped them to have a easy access to the other market in the various parts of the world.S market. They also used joint venture to conquer the U.