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2012-­‐2013  Sponsorship  Packet    



  Welcome  to  Carolina  Cycling!  

  Dear  Potential  Sponsor:       Thank  you  for  your  interest  in  the  2012-­‐2013  University  of  North  Carolina  Cycling  Club.     Our  team  consists  of  a  diverse  group  of  road,  mountain,  and  cyclocross  riders  who  compete   in  the  Atlantic  Coast  Collegiate  Cycling  Conference  and  in  other  local  and  national  races.     We  also  have  a  strong  contingent  of  charity  riders  who  proudly  wear  UNC’s  colors  while   raising  money  for  various  non-­‐profits.  The  team  strives  to  make  a  positive  impact  on  the   local  cycling  community,  in  part  by  helping  to  organize  and  run  bike  skills  clinics,  by   volunteering  time  to  help  others  learn  about  bike  maintenance,  and  by  cleaning  up  local   roads  heavily  trafficked  by  our  lycra-­‐clad  brethren.  Though  performance  in  races  is   certainly  a  priority,  we  recognize  that  we  can  also  enrich  and  expand  the  already  wonderful   cycling  community  around  Chapel  Hill.  We  would  be  remiss  not  to  take  advantage  of  our   ability  to  give  back  and  to  spread  our  love  of  bikes.       In  order  to  realize  our  potential  as  a  top  collegiate  team,  we  need  enthusiastic  sponsors  like   you.    We  hope  that  reviewing  this  packet  will  help  you  learn  more  about  the  team,  our  past   successes,  and  our  future  goals.     Thank  you  for  your  time  and  interest.     Sincerely,   Suzanna  Dupee  and  Mollie  Brewer   Co-­‐Presidents,  Carolina  Cycling  Club  





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About  Collegiate  Bicycle  Racing  
The  racers  on  the  UNC  Cycling  Team  compete  in  the  Atlantic   Coast  Collegiate  Cycling  Conference  (ACCC),  which  is  the   third  largest  collegiate  conference  and  part  of  the  National   Collegiate  Cycling  Association  (NCCA)  sanctioned  by  the   United  States  Cycling  Federation.     The  NCCA  is  divided  into  Division  I,  which  is  comprised  of   larger  schools,  and  Division  II,  which  consists  of  smaller   institutions;  UNC  races  as  a  Division  I  team.  In  races,  both   Divisions  compete  together  but  are  scored  separately.      The   top  ranked  ACCC  teams  in  each  division  qualify  for  Nationals.     Thanks  in  large  part  to  our  sponsors  of  years  past,  Carolina   Cycling  has  previously  fielded  competitive  squads  at  the   Collegiate  National  Championships,  and  we  hope  to  return  to   this  level  of  competition  in  the  coming  year.     ACCC  mountain  bike  races  are  held  in  the  fall  and  are  followed  by  the  collegiate  cyclocross  season.   The  road  season  takes  place  in  the  spring.    National  championships  are  held  for  all  disciplines.  Due   in  no  small  part  to  a  shortage  of  nearby  velodromes,  the  UNC  Cycling  team  does  not  participate  in   track  cycling  competitions.     As  a  new  season  approaches,  we  are  excited  to  strive  for  success  in  all  facets  of  collegiate  racing.   Once  again  we  ask  for  your  support  for  Carolina  Cycling.  Our  team  is  comprised  of  both   undergraduate  and  graduate  students  from  many  of  UNC’s  highly  esteemed  academic  departments:   these  individuals  are  committed  to  cycling  for  the  love  of  the  sport  and  are  all  full-­‐time  students   who  benefit  tremendously  from  partnerships  with  and  contributions  from  our  sponsors.       There  is  a  natural  turnover  of  collegiate  clubs;  many  alumni  of  our  team  have  dispersed  across  the   globe  and  continue  to  contribute  to  their  communities  and  in  myriad  fields  including  law,  science,   and  medicine.  Also,  several  recent  graduates  are  trying  their  hands  at  careers  in  professional   cycling.  The  natural  flux  of  faces  has  placed  our  club  in  a  rebuilding  phase,  and  it  is  most  critical  that   we  now  lay  the  foundations  for  the  teams  that  are  to  become  the  future  of  Carolina  Cycling.  This   year  we  hope  to  raise  sufficient  support  to  encourage  all  riders  to  participate  in  events  consistently   throughout  the  season  without  considering  cost  as  a  factor.    Additionally,  we  will  be  hosting  a  race   weekend  for  the  first  time  in  many  years.  All  of  this,  however,  cannot  be  done  without  the   involvement  of  all  of  our  sponsors.  By  building  strong  relationships  in  the  local  community  and   undertaking  some  logistical  analysis,  we  are  taking  steps  towards  such  an  event.  Promotion  of  races   is  not  trivial,  but  by  making  continuous  progress  and  building  strong  partnerships  we  hope  to  bring   this  dream  to  fruition.  If  you  have  any  questions  with  regards  to  the  allocations  of  provided  funds  or   would  simply  like  more  information  on  the  team’s  involvement,  please  feel  free  to  contact  me  at  any   time  using  the  information  below.      

Once  again,  we  thank  you  for  your  continued  support  of  collegiate  cycling   at  the  University  of  North  Carolina  at  Chapel  Hill!  
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2012  Road  Notable  Results  &  Highlights  
    • • • • • • • • • •  

Women’s  Team  
4th  and  5th  place  overall  in  D1  Women’s  B   Category   1st  and  3rd  place  overall  in  D1  Women’s  C   Category   1st  Place,  Duke  University  Team  Time  Trial     1st  Place,  William  &  Mary  Road  Race,  B  &  C   Categories     1st  Place,  William  &  Mary  Individual  Time  Trial   1st  Place,  Navy  Road  Race  &  Criterium     2nd  Place,  Navy  ITT-­‐Prologue   2nd  Place,  Appalachian  State  Team  Time  Trial      3rd  Place,  William  &  Mary  Criterium   Over  a  dozen  top  five  finishes  in  all  categories   throughout  the  season  

Men’s  Team  
• • • • • Two  members  competed  at  Collegiate  Road   Nationals  in  Ogden,  Utah!   1st  Place,  North  Carolina  State  University  Road   Race     2nd  Place,  Duke  University  Criterium   2nd  and  3rd  Place,  William  &  Mary  Road  Race   Multiple  top  5  and  10  finishes  in  the  very   competitive  Men’s  A  field  

1)  Establish  a  competitive   collegiate  cyclocross  team   (male  and  female)  for  the  2012   fall/winter  season     2)  For  the  first  time  ever,  host  a   local  race  (road  race,  criterium,   time  trial)  in  Chapel  Hill  on   March  16-­‐17th,  2013     3)  Send  both  men  and  women   to  Collegiate  Road  Nationals  in   Ogden,  Utah  in  May  2013     4)  Continue  to  develop  our   women’s  team,  including  a  bid   for  a  D1  National  Championship   in  the  Team  Time  Trial   discipline  

2012-­‐2013  Goals:    



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  The  NCAA  does  not  recognize  cycling  as  a  sport,  which  means  the  University  of  North  Carolina  also   does  not  recognize  cycling  as  a  sport.    This  means  that  our  racers  must  pay  for  equipment,  tools,   gas,  races,  and  rooms  completely  out  of  their  own  pockets.    This  is  a  huge  monetary  commitment   for  full-­‐time  college  students.    The  more  the  club  can  help  supplement  racers’  fees,  the  more  racers   we  will  have.    With  more  racers,  we  can  score  more  points  as  a  team  and  have  an  even  more   successful  year!       In  previous  years,  we  have  raised  thousands  of  dollars  in   sponsorships.    These  funds  go  towards  compensation  for  travel   and  participation  in  races.    This  year  we  would  like  to  continue   to  pay  our  racers’  entry  fees  as  well  as  provide  additional   support  for  travel  costs,  but  we  have  an  even  bigger,  exciting   goal  this  year:  we  hope  to  host  an  amazing  race  weekend   with  a  road  race,  time  trial,  and  Franklin  Street  criterium!   We  are  very  much  in  need  of  your  support  to  accomplish  this.     This  past  summer,  we  sold  over  100  jerseys  to  alumni  and  UNC   Cycling  fans.    They  were  shipped  all  over  the  country  from   California  to  Florida.    All  sponsors  will  receive  placement  on  our   race  kit,  a  link  and  logo  on  our  website,  placement  on  our  team   T-­‐shirts,  and  their  company  logo  displayed  on  a  banner  at   conference  races.  Sponsors  will  also  receive  a  team  jersey  in   recognition  of  their  contribution.    All  sponsorship  money  and   donations  are  fully  tax-­‐deductible  and  will  be  placed  in  the   following  tiers.     Back  and  Front  of  Jersey  (Red):     Shoulder  Panel  (white):     Sleeve  of  Jersey  (Green):     Back  of  Jersey  Small  (orange):     Collar  of  Jersey  (Pink):                 $2,500-­‐$5,000   $1,000-­‐$2,500   $750   $500     $350        

*Spots  on  the  jersey  may  be  negotiated  including  spots  already  filled  in  the  diagram.  

We  also  accept  donations  (tax-­‐deductible)  to  keep  UNC  Cycling  running!  

Please  contact  Suzanna  Dupee  (  or  Mollie  Brewer  (  to   discuss  sponsorship  options  or  if  you  have  any  questions  about  sponsoring  the  club.    

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Sponsorship  Benefits  


1.  Marketing  
Your  company  logo  will  be  prominently  displayed  on  our  team  clothing  throughout  our  2013  race   season,  visible  to  hundreds  of  local  and  regional  community  members  and  business  customers.   Collegiate  cycling  races  bring  in  numerous  spectators,  and  many  of  our  team  members  also   participate  in  open  USA  Cycling  races  in  the  wider  cycling  community.       This  year  especially,  your  brand  will  be  prominently  displayed  in  the  marketing  and  presentation  of   UNC’s  2013  race  weekend  in  Chapel  Hill  on  March  16-­‐17th.  This  is  an  invaluable  opportunity  for   local  businesses  in  the  Chapel  Hill  area.       You  will  also  see  your  logo  on  all  published  materials,  social  networks,  and  on  our  website,  including  a  hyperlink  to  your  company’s  website.      

2.  Product  Sponsorship:  Exposure,  Feedback,  and   Testimonials  
If  applicable,  all  team  members  will  represent  your  company   through  use  of  your  provided  products  while  training  and  racing.   Our  team  members  will  gladly  provide  product  feedback   throughout  the  year,  including  personal  testimonials  regarding   the  benefits  we  have  experienced  while  using  your  product.  As   athletes,  we  will  encourage  the  use  of  your  product  in  the   community  through  word  of  mouth  advertising  and  modeling.       3.  Social  Media  Promotion   As  college  students  in  an  age  of  technology,  we  pride  ourselves   on  our  abilities  to  communicate  effectively  and  constructively   using  social  media.  We  will  actively  promote  your  brand  on   Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram,  and  other  popular  platforms.         4.  Photographs  and  Product  Promotion   Our  library  of  action  photographs  and  team  shots  are  available  to   all  our  sponsors  for  use  with  your  company’s  publications.   Additionally,  the  team  is  available  for  photo-­‐specific  shoots   highlighting  your  sponsorship  product  on  request.         5.  Team  Updates  &  Events   Receive  periodic  updates  of  our  team’s  races  and  community  involvement  via  email,  and  gain  access   to  special  team  rides  and  events  throughout  the  year.           Carolina  Cycling  Club      |      |  



We  Look  Forward  to  Working  with  You!  
  Please  contact  Suzanna  Dupee  (  or  Mollie  Brewer  (  to   discuss  sponsorship  options  or  if  you  have  any  questions!    

2012-­‐2013  Leadership:  
  Co-­‐Presidents:  Mollie  Brewer  and  Suzanna  Dupee     Treasurer:  Austin  Black     Secretary:  Jordan  Reeves     Women's  Coordinator:  Rebecca  Goodwin     Road  Coordinator:  Adam  Balfour     Coaches:  Nate  Berry  and  Sarah  Fader     Faculty  Advisor:  Keith  Gerarden        



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