Fencing (Anggar) Fencing is the art of sports culture that emphasizes agility with weapons on engineering skills such as cutting, stabbing or fending off an opponent with a weapon using skills in using hand agility. In more specific terms, the budget is one of the sports that are taught in schools European School in the past to train skills in using a sharp weapon that eventually became one of the official sport at the Olympics. 2. Swimming (Berenang) Swimming is movement when moving in the water. Swim usually done without artificial supplies. This activity can be used for recreation and sport. Swim wear while moving from one place to another in the water, fishing, bathing, or doing water sports. 3. Billiards (Biliar) Billiards is a sport that fall within the concentration sport, so it takes endurance and mental understanding of the right and must be supported by excellent physical abilities to be able to achieve higher and more stable. 4. Body building (Binaraga) Body building is an activity that involves intensive muscle hypertrophy. By doing weight training and a high protein diet regularly and intensively, one can increase muscle mass. Someone who pursue this activity is called a bodybuilder (male) or female bodybuilders (female). In addition to being a lifestyle to shape the body and maintain health, bodybuilding can also competed in various contests or as a sport that is often contested at the Games as the National Sports Week or Sea Games. 5. Baseball (Bisbol) Baseball, known as baseball is a sport played two teams. Thrower (pitcher) from the team that throws trying to throw a ball called a baseball, while players (batters) from the team that beat

Basketball (Bola Basket) Basketball is a ball sport in groups consisting of two teams each playing each other five people who score points by inserting the ball into the opponent's basket. FIVB Volleyball Sports shaded (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) [1] as the main international organizations. so it does not complicate the player when bouncing or throwing the ball. while in Indonesia in naungi by PBVSI (Volleyball Association All-Indonesia). 6. 8. When the second throw is no longer called a left pin spare. If the pin does not fall all at once then given one more chance to bring down the remaining pins. Bowling balls will be rolled into the pin numbering ten pieces which have been compiled into a triangular shape when viewed from above. The team that throws trying to catch a ball hit by a hit team that beat the team that turned into a throwing team. Bowling (Bowling) Bowling is a sport or a game played by rolling a [ball] by hand. There are also variations of the game of beach volleyball. If all the pins dropped in one performance (throw) then it is called a strike. Volleyball (Bola Volly) Volleyball is a sport game played by two opposing groups. If after the two remaining pins are still there then it is called an open frame (missed) all of which will determine the calculation of the numbers obtained in every game. Pin will return to normal prepared for the next frame. Basketball is perfect to watch because usually played in the gym closed and only requires a relatively small field. each group has only two players. 7. The team hit a figure by running counterclockwise hours to return to home plate after touching markers on the surface of a baseball field called the base.trying to hit the ball using a bat (bat). . basketball is easy to learn because it forms a large ball. Each group had six players. Additionally. Baseball is also referred to as hardball to distinguish it from softball.

10. [1] in the scoring system. South Africa." When . the game is known by many names. Pakistan. Unlike a football game in the other room. couronne. Futsal (Futsal) Futsal is a ball game played by two teams. The goal is to put the ball into the opponent's goal. This game originated in India and spread to other countries in the 1970's. each consisting of five people. In addition to the five main players. This martial art was first called "Tote" meaning like "China Hand. each team was also allowed to have a backup player. carum. Karum. not net or board. and a scoring system. Carrom (Carambol) Carrom is a game table that can be considered as a modification of a family billiards game. the system uses time as a barrier when the game and the team with the most number of players that still survives is the winner. and finger billiards ("pool finger"). shipwreck. Australia. especially in European countries. [1] In the elimination system. system time. [1] There are three different game systems to determine a winner. Karate (Karate) Karate is a martial art that originated in Japan. 11. 13. 12. and South Asia. The game is played by men and women in a number of countries in the world. is very prominent sport played by women. by manipulating the ball with the foot. [1] in the meantime. or artificial turf field. In this world. Dodgeball (Dodgeball) Dodgeball is a team sport that is played by throwing a rubber ball into the opponent. New Zealand. karom. calculating the value carried on the end of the game by looking at the number of players who were still in the field. Field hockey (Hoki Lapangan) Field hockey is a game of hockey is played using a ball on the ground or grass. In the United States and Canada.9. Karate martial arts brought to Japan through Okinawa. India. futsal restricted line. such as Carrum. the winning team is the first team successfully eliminate all members of the opposing team. the elimination system.

Game 2 groups was performed using a tennis ball as a tool to shoot opponents and rock piles to be spliced. [1] jump height achieved by a jumper depends on the ability and preparation of each of the competing athletes. with the pilot being in a harness hanging from the wing frame and exercising control by moving the body of the triangular frame is also attached to the main frame. Baseball (Kasti) Baseball or Gebokan is a kind of sport balls.karate to Japan. Anyone who managed to pile up stones quickly without the ball is hit to win the game. The group that became guardian should immediately catch the ball immediately after the pile of rocks collapsed by the group is pursued. meaning 'hand'. 16. so that the attitude of the body at the bar telengkup. Hanging (Laying Gantung) Hanging or Gantolle kite is one of the sports wind. 'te' 手. As for the style which straddle the three bodies over the bar quickly rotated or reversed. . and the second. 14. Japanese nationalism was at its peak. 15. which two kanji together mean "empty hand" 空手 (pinyin: kongshou).. At the beginning of the game. karate comprises of two kanji. then the group members moved the ball to guard a pile of stones. Cooperation among members of a group is needed as well as sports softball or baseball. the first is the 'Kara' 空 and means 'empty'. High Jump (Lompat Tinggi) High Jump is one of the skills to pass the bar on both poles. but using a much simpler aircraft which sometimes consists only of a framed fabric wing-metal. first determined which group would be the beginning and the guard who pursued the suit. so Sensei Gichin Funakoshi changed the kanji Okinawa (Tote: Hand China) in Japanese kanji a 'karate' (empty hand) to be more easily accepted by the people of Japan. If the ball had touched the opponent. [1] He is a recreational or competitive sports are closely related to gliding.

similar word in Old English was scatch [2]. [1] Ice skating done as a leisure or winter sports. 19. The word comes from the German skate Ancient schake meaning shin. 20. Malaysia. the southern Philippines and southern Thailand in accordance with the spread of ethnic Malay Archipelago. Brunei. Vietnam now also has a formidable fighterfighter. A team consists of six competing players and one goalkeeper. Sharp steel knife mounted on the bottom of the shoe. the goal counted one point. Ice skating (Seluncur Es) Ice skating or ice skating (popular as ice skating) is skating on the ice that people do with shoes skating (skate shoes). Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. People can skate skating as friction between the blade and the ice surface and melt the ice warms up creating a slippery coating. which is to score as much as possible. formed by Indonesia. Pencak Silat (Pencak Silat) Pencak Silat or Silat is a traditional martial art that originated from Indonesia. This martial art is widely known in Indonesia. The forms are supposedly evolved from exercises used by the ancient Greeks to up and down a horse and circus performances.17. floor exercises. Gymnastics (Senam) Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of movements that require strength. speed and compatibility of regular physical movement. wrestling. Dutch: schaats. Water polo (Polo Air) Water polo is a team water sport. The modern form of gymnastics are: Cross unbalanced. 18. Organizations that embody martial arts federations in many countries is the Guild Pencak Silat Between Nations (Persilat). . which can be considered as a combination of swimming. soccer and basketball. Parent organization in Indonesia Pencak Silat Pencak Silat is Indonesia (IPSI). Thanks to the role of the trainers from Indonesia. balance beam. and Singapore. Singapore. Purpose of the game resembles soccer.

24. the gymnastic movements performed on a floor mat or rug repose. Gymnastics floor often also called a free gymnastics. Snow Skiing (Ski) Snow skiing is a sport that players down the snow using two skis mounted on the foot and hand-held wand to help balance us. the sport has been played by over 250 million people in 200 countries. jump spinning in the air. as well as amazing field action. Gymnastics floor with an area measuring 12 X 12 m. on grass or artificial turf. because at the time the motion did not carry tools or using tools. . hard knocks. Gymnastics floor (Senam Lantai) Gymnastics floor (English: floor exercise) is one part of the gymnastics family. Football is played in a rectangular field. bearing with two hands or feet to maintain poise in time to skip forward or backward. and can be added to the mat around 1 meter wide area to provide security for the new gymnast or range of motion exercises. Football (Sepak Bola) Football is a sport using a ball that is played by two teams. The rest. In accordance with its terms. Entering the 21st century. each consisting of 11 (eleven) persons. 23. Area used in the game is more or less the size of a basketball court with 4 springbeds each placed on the ground about 10 feet the size of a basketball. 22. In this game there are two teams (4 people per team) will be played in 20 minutes (4 x 5 min). combined with American football and gymnastics. This sport was created by Mason Gordon by combining the action of high-flying. form the sons and daughters training is basically the same. Forms of movement is basic gymnastics movements tooling. The elements of the movement consists roll. football aims to score as much as possible with using a leather ball into the opposing goal. Slamball (Slambal) Slamball is a basketball sports modification which. just to put the elements princess ballet movements. making it the most popular sport in the world. the field is surrounded by a 12 foot plexiglass walls that keep the ball remain in the area of games as the game progresses.21.

Taekwondo in Indonesia increasingly popular since being promoted on a large scale by Daxon Joetandi Saseong Nim (VII Dan Kukkiwon). Sumo (Sumo) Sumo is a sport shoving between the two wrestlers who are obese until one is pushed out of the circle or fall with the body other than the feet touch the ground on the inside of the circle. Wrestler (Rikishi) need big and fat from the fat of a sumo wrestler. the greater the chances of winning.5 inches in diameter at this time. Each team competed to collect points (run) way around the three series of markers (base) runners to reach the final marking home plate. Softballs from 28 to 30. the combatants (called boxers) avoid their opponent's punches while trying to land their own blows to his opponent. It is a martial art of the most widely played in the world [citation needed] and also competed in the Olympics. the batter using a bat (bat). was invented by George Hancock in the city of Chicago in 1887. Boxing (Tinju) Boxing is a sport and a martial art which features two participants of similar weight fight each other using their fists in a series of games or three minutes berinterval one called "rounds". Softball (Sofbol) Softball or softball is a sport known for its football team consisting of two teams.25. a professional banker known as the youngest black belt in Indonesia since the age of 7 years. Softball is the development of a type of sport that is baseball or hardball. There is a team that just (defensive) and teams are hitting the (offensive). ball thrown by a pitcher (pitcher) and subjected to an opposing player. 27. Both in the Olympics or professional sports. this sport is also the national sport of Korea. 26. Softball game was born in the United States. Taekwon-Do) is a Korean martial arts are also popular in Indonesia. . 28. Taekwondo Taekwondo (also spelled Tae Kwon Do.

The two teams are separated by hitting the volleyball net using the arm or hand. and must prevent the ball falling in their own area. This is a more correct term than the better-known term but one uses kung fu. The Wushu martial arts that have been developed by ethnic Chinese living in Southeast Asia (especially Indonesia) is often referred to as Kuntao. Beach Volleyball (Voli Pantai) Beach volleyball is a variation of volleyball. hard and soft can be called Wushu. Wushu (Wushu) Wushu literally means "the art of fighting / martial". . Palm Bagua. 30. which means "expert" in a particular field. The players try to hit the ball over the net in order to enter melawati floor area of the opponent. Including soft Wushu Taiji boxing. All categories Chinese martial art of traditional. Hsing Yi and boxing. which is played on sand.29. it is not only limited in self-defense. Wushu hardware including boxing and boxing south Nanquan Changquan length.