GENEALOGY OF A DEMOLITION Appendix one: Ujazdowsky Castle Ephemeral Constellations For the A.I.R. site-specific project I worked on three sculptural exercises, which point, at ephemeral constellations that remain from the construction, demolition, reconstruction and restoration of the Ujazdowski Castle and its surrounding areas. The first one is a direct intervention over a set of old stones that remain abandoned in the castle gardens with no specific propose or functionality. This stones exist in a strange boundary between being junk material or precious objects from an undefined past. My intervention intends to point at this absurd way of existence. The second exercise takes place inside the old cistern of the castle, which itself was reconstructed as a work of art by Tadashi Kawamata in the year 2000. The cistern appears, inside the context of the castle, as the typical romantic ruin that has being recovered from the past and shown as a monument in the present. It is difficult though to figure out what exactly this ruin commemorates. In the interior of this amazing site I place in balance a series of small sculptures made of find and abandoned bricks around the castle area, trying to follow the temporal ambiguity this place generates, this little pieces commemorate its simple existence and ruined state. The third exercise is a documentation of the so-called ephemeral constellations that I find all over the place, different kind of stones and bricks scattered in strange associations. These images were presented in a form of post cards for its free distribution to the public that visits the museum, the castle and its gardens. Javier Hinojosa July-August 2012

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